Documentary Proof that Nugent is a Lunatic and a Con Artist

Chi pensa male, pecca -- ma ci azzecca.

[If you think evil, you sin -- but you'll be right.]
- Italian proverb
Just an example of the meaninglessness of all these grandiose titles Nugent keeps inventing for himself.
What is an “Eternal Solutrean Agency”?
Is he “President” or “CEO”? Or both? Is there one agency, or two?
An agency puts service providers and clients in touch with each other.
If you want a cook or a butler, you contact a domestic services agency.
If you want a juggler or a bar pianist, you contact an entertainment agency.
If you want a translator, you contact a translation agency.
So what is an “Eternal Solutrean Agency”?
Which noun is modified by the adjective “Eternal”?
Is it an “Eternal Agency” which finds “Solutreans” for people who require them?
Or is it an agency which finds “Eternal Solutreans”?
What is an “Eternal Solutrean”?
Is the agency a corporation?
How can a corporation be eternal?
What does “Solutrean” mean?
It doesn't mean “White” (see below).
What is meant by “Solutrea Arise”?
Does that mean like a cake, or a soufflé? What does any of his bullshit mean?
He's got a linked-in page about himself and you'd think he was a millionaire, instead of an old, broke, has-been bum with delusions of grandeur.
A typical psychopath on his way to the gutter.
Latest excuse to demand money:
“I need your financial help to write my sacred Aryan scripture for us and our times.”
Nugent, 5 September 2013

What about the book and DVD and 18 “God videos” he never finished two and half years ago?

What about the “Sheriff's Race” where he never even filed as a candidate?
What about the video "Solutrea Arise!" which was never produced?
Solar General has 8 of his God videos, and 6 of them are less than 15 minutes long. They are not on his site. Why not? They represent two and half years of work. The longest one is Nugent and Niggerbridge pontificating about the opium wars. is this a vital issue?
Are African immigrants going to help us stamp out drugs? In Europe they deal in them.
Another obvious lie:

“Jason and I walked the dogs the other day in Harrison Hills park and there was a white, unmarked van parked — the only other vehicle in the parking lot. a guy just sitting there, who stared hard at both of us. Something like this happened to me a year ago at Buffalo Creek. I returned from walking the dogs at night and there, in the pitch dark, was a guy sitting all alone, in a darkened pickup truck, in a darkened cab, parked next to my car. As I approached, suddenly he turned the pickup truck on and sped off.”
Nugent, 13 April 2011

A few months later he claimed he had to shoot these same two dogs because he couldn't afford $ 130 for a screen door, and this was all our fault!
But those laser-sighted guns he waves around cost $ 300-400 each.
Plus he rooked some guy out of a $ 1500 movie camera. Why didn't he hock something? Those dogs were vital to his security.
The whole story is an obvious lie. And he claims to have been a Marine interrogator!
Santa's workshop, with elves:
Left: white trailer trash wn;
Center: Nugent in fake-Hitler-heroic "pose of the day" No. 87,332,440;
Right: pretty boy Arab-African immigrant Aryan pet nigger.

A new heaven and a new earth.
The following is a typical Nugent insult tantrum against white nationalists, date unknown. Probably this year.
For Nugent, no insult is too filthy to run down white nationalists, skinheads and neo-Nazis. But the blacks are wonderful. If he loves immigrants, blacks, and “tea party” people so much, let them send him money.

“...trailer-park, meth-cooking white trasher whose daughter is pregnant with a black baby...”
Nugent, date unknown, probably this year
And how's this for a total lack of pride? He puts out huge appeals saying there's no milk in the house, he's living off church charities, now it's razor blades.
Right after he got kicked out of his house in Sarver PA, in mid-2011, he claimed he was living in a hostel and he complained about female nurses staring at him while he was naked from the waist down, urinating into some receptacle. He's got no pride.

A million dollar diploma and the skills to go with it, but he won't work. He could work just a few days a month and earn enough to pay the rent and probably half his bills.
A beggar and a braggart, simultaneously.
Give us this day our daily internet begging bowl, prayer wheel and slot machine, all rolled up into one.
Not only is he a scrounger, he's obnoxious.
Here’s the big cry-baby routine about the razor blades:

“Just this morning, I was shaving myself with a dollar-store razor blade, five for one dollar, made in India. cheap blades. I cut myself on both of my rather sharp cheekbones, which are a downside of looking Nordic, I guess.
“I looked at my bleeding face and asked my little
[sic] [!] self:
“Why do I stand here bleeding — literally! – from these cheap Hindi-an razors, because my readers send no money?
“Why do I pretend they are my friends and I theirs? I loathe them!

“My friends are those who send concrete forms of help.
“You are not my friend if you just send links you toss off in your keyboard-pecking to judeological websites. you are an empty talker.
[COMMENT: Nugent is the only empty talker I see. –C.P.] just go away. I had to kill my own dogs [!!!] and I am standing here with a bleeding face, and am behind in the rent and with all my utility bills, because you prefer to suck your thumb and read about the jews rather than help the Aryans.
“I find you talkers pathetic, sickening and nauseating. And btw, the Europeans, Canadians, kiwis, white South Africans (among them the designer of this website) and Australians are my biggest backers, not blob-brained Americans. They actually have lives besides watching teevee and clicking on websites while getting fat, worrying, jerking off and biting their nails.
“I hope I have offended you."

- Nugent, 12 June 2011

[COMMENT: Maybe the blob-brains know a con artist when they see one, John. Ever think of that?
As a card-carrying so-called "white racist" since 1968, I take personal umbrage at your remarks directed at so-called "White Nationalists".
I've been married 41 years to the same woman, I've got 4 adult children who associate with me and treat me with respect, I earn my own living in a respectable profession without begging from anyone, and what have you got?
The injunction "Get a Life" might well be directed elsewhere.
How about the mirror, John?
Since you spend half your time admiring yourself. -C.P.]
Awww, iddy biddy baby hurt hisself, wet's aww kwy for de big kwy-baby...
More Nugent bullshit immediately contradicted by something else:
[Quotation from somebody else, with credit given, which is unusual for Nugent]:

“Principle #1: The majority population in a territory will ultimately determine the nature of that society, regardless of who was there first.
[graphic]: Mandela destroys his pass book
“Therefore, unless you American whites wish to suffer the same fate, you need to demand that your us borders be closed, that your soldiers be brought back home and put on your border. The only legitimate function of government is to protect the borders of its country.
’They’re breaking the law because they’re coming in illegally’ be damned; it doesn’t matter if they come in legally or illegally: it’s a matter of demographics. Inless you repel this conquest through immigration, you will become extinct in your own country. Your skin is your uniform.”

Article written by Deirdre fields, 23 April 2011

So Nugent says "we must advance to the future" by giving the country away to the immigrants as long as he can give himself a lot of grandiose titles that mean nothing. Whoopee!

“The spiritual video series, Brackenridge and Numec form part of the Solutrea Arise audiovisual book, soon to be completed if I get money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [sic] then I will launch a worldwide movement, the solutrean agency, hoping there are still some whites who are not yet morally, intellectually and spiritually dead, blobs of fat white tissue.”

Nugent, 13 April 2011

So where is all this crap?
What the hell happened to all these projects that are always “almost finished” after “years of work”?

Nugent never actually finishes anything. This was two and a half years ago:

“My book (actually an audiovisual work with text, videos and photos) is just about to come out. I am eager to reach out to good African-American people.”

Nugent, 5 March 2011

What about "reaching out" to whites? No, blacks are always more important. What do we need them for?
More about the non-existent magnum opus:

“Speaking of the book, it is mostly going to be in the form of a DVD or two. it will be mostly audio and video along with only an equivalent 25 pages of text since many people in this country have add (and refuse to read anything long). There will be a videos [sic] such as his presidential address, his spiritual video, and all other material to wake people up. The idea is to distribute this dvd as much and as fast as we can. we are getting very close to launching the book.”
- Niggerbridge, 5 March 2011.
He's got five websites. So where is all this junk?
Typical Nugent excuse for doing nothing:

“But a nanoscopic 1/4 of 1% of my readers sent donations. So WNs like being raped and killed by blacks.  it is infinitely better than sending me $5.  For four months I laid out my political resumé and prospects on this blog and sometimes in great detail.”
Nugent, mid-August 2013

Sorry, john-john, there are some things in this life you have to do for yourself.
All the internet suckers in the world can't get you one signature or one vote from one registered voter in Armstrong County PA. For that, you've got to leave the house and do something yourself.
In 6 months, you never left the house and never got one signature. But you're still soliciting money, aren't you? You've got a whole site soliciting money to run for sheriff.
What happened to the money you took in? There is no indication that you spent it campaigning.
Where are the 18 “God videos” and “book with video DVD” that were "ready to launch" 2 and 1/2 years ago?
Also what "political resumé" do you mean? The one in unintelligible French? (see below)

Update 17 August 2014
At some time in the past two weeks, Nugent withdrew his mendacious claim to be running for sheriff, and now claims to be running for Mayor of Apollo PA, a village of 1,647 people according to the 2010 census. Let's see whether there is really an election going on and whether he actually does anything to get elected.

Unfortunately, they just had an election for Mayor in Apollo, PA, in November 2013.
The new Mayor is Mr. Jeff Held. His term of office is 4 years. Nugent claims to be preparing to run for office in 2015.
There will be no election for Mayor of Apollo in 2015.
The next election for the office of Mayor of Apollo will be held in November 2017.
To check, please contact:
Jeff Held - Mayor
P.O. Box 306
Apollo PA 15613
Office: 724-478-4967
Borough Manager:
Cynthia McDermott - Borough Manager
P.O. Box 306 Apollo PA 15613
Office: 724-478-4201 x1 
Fax: 724.478.4923 

Typical Nugent bullshit tough-guy talk:

The world will someday say that hitler’s greatest crime was ‘he did not get them all.’
we need another Hitler now who is not a liberal, but merciless.”

John de Nugent, 30 May 2013
That's when he's pandering to white nationalists.

When he's pandering to Jews and Blacks, he's telling you how many Jewish, black and "gay" friends he has, how America is now "firmly multi-racial", and all the rest of that liberal crap, using Hebrew words and pretending to be filled with admiration and respect for Jews.

Will the real John de Nugent please stand up?

For example:

“Today, I have jewish, black, gay and Japanese friends — I did grow up in the sixties, after all – and America is now firmly multiracial.”
- Nugent, 10 July 2009 (from his ADL “reach-out page”)

(How about a couple of "camel-fucking asshole" Arabs and "gook" Chinese to complete the mix? Then it'll be a real Noah's ark.
Question: how can a white nationalist have Jewish, black and "gay" friends?
Jews are conceited, over-intellectual and obsessed with making money.
Blacks and "gays" can only talk about how great it is to be black/"gay"; all the problems of being black/"gay"; how whites/straights just don't understand, etc. etc.
It never stops. What could you find to talk to them about? What could you have in common with them? - C.P.)

Nugent is always talking about how everybody but Nazis "wuss out", but Nugent is the biggest "wusser" in the history of the world. He must be the reincarnation of Benedict Arnold.
Admission that Clark Niggerbridge is only there to prove that Nugent is not a “hater”:


Nugent, 5 March 2011, caps in original

"The liberals are wild about my rent-a-Negro plan."
Dick Gregory, 1965.
Nugent claims Niggerbridge is “noble”.
OK. Is Nugent “noble”? Is Nugent a gentleman?

Does a gentleman write the following about a lady with whom he has been living without benefit of wedlock?

“Had WNs who read my blog avidly (up to 4,000 a day) responded to my hundred urgent appeals for funding, I would have ended the relationship with Margaret, who is on four psychiatric meds, years ago. I needed her practically for the simple necessity of paying the rent, [Why not pimp her out, John? She's not that bad looking. - C.P.] and solely because wns sat (and sit) on their wallets. They are not really white nationalists, because they are not interested in creating a sound white nation with renewed values and spirituality– they just hate n–rs, jews, queers and hispanics. There is nothing Aryan, that is, noble, about disliking people who are harming you. Every lower animal wishes to bite back if it is bitten.”
John de Nugent, date unknown -- immediately before he left the Sarver house in mid-2011

First, how many "meds" is Nugent on?
Second, I take this as an admission that the blacks, Mexicans, queers and immigrants really are hurting us, in which case:
a) Why can't we do something about it?
b) Why can't we hate them? Nugent admits that hate is a natural emotion, he even says so, so why not? it is often the prerequisite for successful action.

Did we love the Viet Cong when we were fighting them during the war? Did we even love the Vietnamese generally?
Do Nugent and his pal John King love the Arabs and Chinese? if so, why does King call Arabs “camel fucking assholes” and why does Nugent call the Chinese “gooks”?

[Many similar questions could be raised. for example, does a gentleman tell the world that his daughter was on drugs for a while?
Does a gentleman post a copy of her birth certificate on the internet in the delusion that this will prove that he is not bisexual (something nobody can prove anyway, although he does give a very good imitation of being homosexually attracted to negroes [three different "handsome, well-featured" niggers on a single day on or about 25 July 2013])?
Her birth certificate and past life are her business. How would you like to have a father like Nugent? -C.P.]


Nugent is a psychopath. Robert D Hare, author of without conscience, a book about psychopaths recommended by Nugent himself, says:

p. 125 ...there is something else about the speech of psychopaths that is equally puzzling: their frequent use of contradictory and logically inconsistent statements...

p. 126 ...not only lies but several contradictory statements in the same breath... it is as if psychopaths sometimes have difficulty in monitoring their own speech, and they let loose with a convoluted barrage of poorly connected words and thoughts... this raises the interesting possibility that, like much of their behavior, the mental processes of psychopaths are poorly regulated and not bound by conventional rules.

p. 136 Although psychopaths lie a lot, they are not the skilled liars we often make them out to be. As I discussed earlier, their speech is full of inconsistent or contradictory statements.

More quotes from Robert D. Hare. This is pure Nugent.

p 208 ... Many people find it difficult to deal with the intense, emotionless, or “predatory” stare of the psychopath... clinical anecdotes about the “empty” eyes of the psychopaths abound, but it is true crime books that offer the most vivid descriptions of how unsettling their glare can sometimes be... ‘His stare was riveting, unsettling, with a malign intensity.... those cold, hard eyes...

[Another psychopath] had brooding blue eyes... his gaze was so intense it could transfix, so his blue eyes were variously described as ‘poetic’, ‘icy’, or ‘hypnotic’,  depending on his moods... ‘He’d intimidate you with those piercing blue eyes...’

Another quote. Again, this is pure Nugent.

p. 138 ...The communications pathways of psychopaths sometimes are subtly odd and part of a general tendency to “go off track” [19]. That is, they frequently change topics, go off on irrelevant tangents, and fail to connect phrases and sentences in a straightforward manner... Psychopaths are notorious for not answering the question posed them or for answering in a way that is unresponsive to the question...
More Nugent bullshit contradicted only 10 lines below.

Here they claim that Niggerbridge is just an "Aryan" with a "sun tan" right after saying that "race is everything".
Let's put a Finnish or Swedish couple down in the Atacama desert, or the Mojave, or the Sahara, or the Kalahari, for 5 years, then let the woman get pregnant, and we'll see whether their kid looks like Niggerbridge or not.

But no, "race is everything".

“In the end, the only thing that can save the white world is a fiery proclamation of a new racial creed, making men and women ready to live, breathe and die for their race’s survival and glory.
“Moderates and their moderate talk (look at the nature and the effect of the David Duke videos) are good but they do not set the world on fire. people want to see a fireball of energy or instinctively they will say, and they will recognize: that is not going to stop the jews. it does not set me on fire and it will not set anyone else on fire.
“You must speak to excitement, feeling, passion and to the soul, to the search for meaning.
“Why am I here?
“I want to live, not just exist!
“And the greatest gift is to awaken in people what they agreed with their angels to do before they incarnated, their dharmic memory, their deep feeling that 'this is what I agreed to accomplish'.
“This is smirti in Sanskrit, the memory of your mission here on earth.
“This is the banner for the new website about to open, the Ahnenerbe, a think tank that is an adjunct to the Eternal Solutreans. who are we as Aryans, and what is our souls’s  mission?
You are somebody only if you make your race everything."

Nugent, 7 February 2011

“===============Comment over on the mirrorsite (on
“A Zak wrote:
“To the man who called Clark a 'nigger', I hope you do read this.
“Clark may be from a 'colored' heritage
[COMMENT: his heritage is white because he lives in America. His race is Hamitic Negro. -C.P.], and may not be white, but let me assure you that Clark works hard for this movement day-in and day-out.
“He had the balls, courage, faith, and trust to move here from California to help John with this movement and also John’s day-to-day tasks. I have met him.
“He helps not only with computers but also around the house, humbling himself to do anything that is asked of him, and only taking what is given to him.
“To call him a 'nigger', you might as well look yourself in the mirror and call yourself a nigger, better yet, white trash! It’s about time you get out of your 1960s KKK attitude and realize that a 'nigger' can be white or black.
[COMMENT: it is true that there are "white niggers", but the term is used figuratively. - C.P.] You took money from John and spent it on women! You are the 'nigger'.
'Aryan' means noble, and in that sense Clark is a tan Aryan."

Nugent, followed by “zak”, 7 February 2011

COMMENT: Niggerbridge may be “noble”, no dispute, but he is not white. He is an African. He isn't even a half-caste American Negro – I repeat: he is an African.
Since at least 3 members of his family are here legally already, that means they have the right to bring over 30 or 40 relatives in the next 20 years, from Eritrea, Egypt, Ethiopia, the Sudan, or wherever the hell else they live.
Wonderful! When America is run by Eritreans, then life in America will resemble life in Eritrea -- a nigger hell hole like every other African country. This is right after they tell us that "race is everything". -C.P.

[The great one in all his glory. Nugent posted six of these in two days, all full length. Why not naked, John?
Your "gay friends" will love it!
The one... the only...]

John Henry “de” (“Bring ‘em Back Alive”) Nugent
and the Never-Ending Quest for “One Good Negro”
-- The Holy Grail of Modern Liberalism --
(but will it breed in captivity?)
JdN, mid-August 2014
"So WNs like being raped and killed by Blacks..."
JdN, mid-August 2013


girlie nug -- ooh! for me?

* * *

Update 1 December 2014:
After 2 1/2 months of yet another fraudulent "electoral race" (for mayor of the local Kuhdorf, this time) in which, again, he was never even a registered candidate, Nugent then claimed, in the first week of November 2014, that he had been "misinformed" about the date of the next election (which merely proves that he never even tried to register), after which he skedaddled out of the state with suspicious haste to the frozen wastes of the "Michigan Peninsula", one of the remotest areas in the country, right up there with the Eskimos, penguins and polar bears (well, almost), an area of declining populations where the only people with any money are the local Indian tribes with their gambling casinos! Maybe they'll be interested in "Eternal Solutreanism"!
Nugent claims that this area "has the potential to become independent of the rest of Michigan and go it alone".
Thus will the White Race "survive and prosper" in the "White Safety Zones" prospected by our fearless leader, the immortal John Henry "de" Nugent!
QUESTION: What about your "black-white alliance", John? There are no niggers in your Michigan Peninsula!
Come on, John, you're the big liberal, the JFK imitator, the Negro-worshipper, why not move to Flint or Detroit, where you can be with your beloved niggers?
Why not put your money where your mouth is?
Why are liberals always such hypocrites?

* * *

Comic relief - interlude:

I know this is a bit silly, but when they claim that Niggerbridge is “noble”, and thus Niggerbridge is an “Aryan”, they are guilty of a number of logical fallacies.
First, it is not correct to confuse the etymological derivation of a word in Sanskrit with its common English meaning among ordinary people.  “Aryan” was a linguistic term referring to a group of languages spoken by related nations of people in the Caucasus, but in common usage, particularly among national socialists, it came to refer to a racial group, i.e., Caucausians, i.e., whites.    
In other words, they are switching definitions in the middle of a syllogism (this is called "equivocation").
Secondly, they are committing either the fallacy of two particular premises ("Some whites are noble, some non-whites are also noble”, in which case no conclusion follows), or they are committing the fallacy of the undistributed middle (which consists of arguing that "All a is b, therefore all b is a"):
"All horses are animals, therefore all animals are horses."

All watermelons are fruit.
Fruit = homosexual (definition switch)
Therefore, all watermelons are homosexual (all a is b)
Therefore, all homosexuals are watermelons (therefore, all b is a)
(Fallacy of the undistributed middle).
The Emperor of China was noble; therefore he was Aryan, therefore he was
King Kalakua of the Cannibal islands was a noble old soul, a noble old
soul was he, therefore he was Aryan, therefore he was white.
Question: Above, Nugent speaks of “setting the world on fire”. He says Duke’s videos don’t do this.
OK. Does it "set the world on fire" to write a whole article with pictures about Moslem immigrants raping white girls in norway and then show a gigantic photograph of Clark Niggerbridge with the comment "All races are good, all diversity is good?" (Nugent actually did this in April or May 2011)

I think people like Nugent account for the apathy and depression of the white race. It’s because our leaders are always setting us on fire, then throwing cold water on us until we quit in disgust. I’ve seen this over and over again.
Just as you're ready to take to the streets, our leaders start saying, "Now boys and girls, don't be nathty about the immigwanths, thumb immigwants are vewwy nithe".
Is this what it means when they say “Tell it to the Marines”?

“Wemember, boyth and girlth, thumb gookth [gooks], japth [japs] and jewwies [jerries] are vewwy  nithe”?

It is time to recognize that the Klan groups of the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s were 100% in the right. We ought to fall down on our knees and beg forgiveness for defaming and destroying the South three times.
We should build a monument in the nation’s capital “To the unknown Klansman”.
Proof Nugent knows what he is doing:

I repeat: in April or may 2011, Nugent did a whole page about moslem immigrants raping Norwegian girls. It was enough to make your blood boil.
At the end of the page, on the very same page, he had a huge close-up portrait photograph of Clark Niggerbridge, and Nugent said, "All races are good. all diversity is good"!

What is this supposed to mean? What is the logical message conveyed by this contradiction? 
The effect of this tactic is disorientation, confusion and despondency.
This is the old “good cop/bad cop” routine. It's brainwashing, intended to produce weakness, despair and despondency.

Nugent’s comment on Alex Jones: 

“Jones puts out some excellent material, as in this video about gmos. but he never offers any solutions. Thus he spreads depression, panic, anxiety and hopelessness, which is what the NWO that Jones purports to attack actually wants.
“He ends this beauty with ‘you have been warned.’ Well, a leader does not just warn; he organizes resistance fighters to take action!”

Nugent, 26 March 2012

Question: Nugent spreads depression panic, anxiety and hopelessness himself, and which Nugent actually and obviously wants.

Moving to "white safety zones" is just "fleeing to the suburbs", which we've been doing since WWII.

Whom, pray tell, are to fight against, and what form is this "fighting" to take? No answer, ever.
What precisely does Nugent propose to do? Reverse non-white immigration? No.
Abolish discriminatory anti-white "Civil Rights" laws? No.
Reintroduce and enforce segregation? No.
Defy the Federal government? no.
Overthrow the Federal government? No.
Fight the Federal government? No.
Fight the white liberals, run them out of our territories? No.
Deport illegal immigrants? No. Just talk about God and reincarnation.
So why doesn't he start his own church? Answer: He's too lazy. Actually, he did, and it lasted one day.
This is where Nugent admits to owing $45,000 to a friend which he's never paid off. He could earn 800 dollars a day working. Why doesn't he work?

“John de Nugent’s second spouse, the French citizen he had met online and where the marriage was annulled, disputes de Nugent’s claim of having been molested and accuses him of violent threats against her. A former cruise ship director, her 2004 project of buying a small ski hotel in the French alps and making it into a year-round affair failed to find sufficient backing in France from several banks, and a $100,000 loan that de Nugent obtained for her project from a friend of his could not, as of 2010, be more than half repaid by either party. This hotel project failure occasioned much acrimony between the couple and also criticism of de Nugent by friends over the wife’s project failing and the non-repayment of $45,000 of the $100,000 loan.
“After the acrimonious breakup of the hotel deal and of his marriage in December 2004, and additionally feeling rejected by his racially “liberal” family, de Nugent attempted suicide twice, the second time nearly successfully, and sought voluntary hospitalization at a clinic in aix-en-provence, France, covered by his then-wife’s medical insurance policy as a French citizen. He stayed there for three further months
[So how many months in total? –C.P.], also voluntarily, because he was by that time, although stabilized and making new friends on daily visits to the city of Aix, absolutely destitute.”

pp. 68-69 of Nugent's Wikipedia article, repeatedly posted on Nugent's own site, 10 point type, Times New Roman, with pics; see also below
Everything Nugent does is a fake.

His "French-Language Autobiography", which he has posted on the internet for five years, is a "computer translation" from German, full of mistakes.
Many paragraphs make no sense. Who does Nugent think will be impressed by this shit? No French person would ever read it.
The reaction of a French person would be derision, contempt and anger.

Show this to somebody who reads French. It's an insult to the French language. Go on. Try it.

"Depuis l’assassinat Rockwells NSWPP 1967, était sous la direction de l’Koehl Matt origine allemande, également un ancien marine, de ce parti dans un culte quasi religieux, philosophique et unique hitler sous l’ordre nouveau nom - été converti en. [sic]
"Peu de temps après la réunion, où il s’est entretenu avec de Nugent, a quitté Matthews-violente soi alliance nationale et fondée en 1984, après un grand succès 3,6 millions de dollars vol d’un camion de transport blindé, «l’ordre» de l’organisation militante pour préparer une révolution et finanziern voulu fendre la banque. (Blanc groupes non-violente doit alors obtenir de l’argent de lui, de sorte qu’ils recruter de nouveaux membres, et en retour, l’ordre recommander durs, d’élite, les partisans révolution activées.)
"Whole six cents agents du FBI suivi, mais après, lui et ses camarades, l’ordre a alors volé sur une analyse en laboratoire après un vol à une arme à feu a été perdu."

More fantasies. There is no proof of this, as I shall explain:

“How can American blacks forgive white slave owners taking away their sisters and daughters for forced sex, and whipping those men who objected, and just keeping even one black person as a slave? (it is irrelevant that there was also slavery in black Africa; the issue Is how should Aryans behave?)”
Nugent, 5 March 2011

How's that for logic? We might just as well say that the fact that slavery existed in America is "irrelevant", because it also existed in Africa for thousands of years and exists today. The one depended on the other.
Nugent is the personification of what Thomas Dilorenzo called "the myth of the morally superior Yankee". You can just imagine all those puritanical hypocrites wanking themselves half to death at the thought of all those wicked Southern racists getting all the nigger nookie they want, while the horny New England hypocrites worry about going to hell because playing-cards and musical instruments are the “Devil's playthings”.
One might as well also say that it is "irrelevant" that slavery existed in the South, because the New Englanders made almost all the money off it!
Nugent's own home town, Providence Rhode Island, was the biggest slave port in the country, followed by Boston and New York. Charleston and New Orleans were almost insignificant by comparison.
When they abolished slavery in their own states, they just sold their niggers down South and invested the cash in the factory system, where the workers were allowed to starve when there was no work and profits were far higher. This is typical New England hypocrisy.
The myth of interracial sex on the plantations was effectively destroyed by Fogel in "time on the cross".
If you consider that if you go back ten generations you have over one thousand grandparents in a direct line, and that slavery has existed in Africa for thousands of years and still exists now, that the African slave trade was always controlled by Arabs or Islamized African tribes, and that Providence Rhode Island was the biggest slave port in the United States for two hundred years, then there were probably more slave traders and slave holders among Niggerbridge's and Nugent's own ancestors than in the family tree of almost any southern family in America.

In Eritrea, slavery was only abolished by the Italians under Mussolini. How's that for hypocrisy?
The following is from Nugent's Wikipedia article, which he repeatedly posted on his site himself, i.e., he endorses everything it says.
He recently admitted that he can't even remember all these child molesting experiences. his psychiatrist convinced him of it. He's got three families that want nothing to do with him, and we're supposed to trust him?
Nugent is a lunatic whose mother was a lunatic

“His mother, Constance Colwell,[42] was cared for in the 1960s by a Providence psychiatrist, Louis Sorrentino IV, M.D.,[43] and was interned for violent and psychotic actions at Butler psychiatric hospital[44] in Providence at her husband’s request several times in that decade and before their 1970 divorce.
“De Nugent has written posts online[45] about violent nightmares, running away from home, post-traumatic stress syndrome and self-defeating behavior relating to incest and molestation, blaming his late mother and her theater world ‘friends.’ (see childhood photo, summer 1962.)[46]”

p. 43, 10 point type Times New Roman of the same article
Does Nugent really think the Americans want a "President" with his finger on the atomic trigger who suffered from "bedroom-destroying nightmares” until he was 48 years old?

“Adults who were incestuously victimized by adults in their childhood often suffer from low self-esteem, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, and sexual dysfunction, and are at an extremely high risk of many mental disorders, including depression, anxiety, phobic avoidance reactions, somatoform disorder, substance abuse, borderline personality disorder, and complex post-traumatic stress disorder. de Nugent has repeatedly written that however reluctant he was for decades to seek counseling or discuss his childhood, he cannot now possibly explain his life adequately, and its failures, without reference to years of abuse.[47]
p. 44 ibid ditto

COMMENT: We are not interested in “understanding” Nugent and his lifetime of mental illness and failure.
We want to save America and the white race. -C.P. 
For a "Marine interrogator", Nugent has a very hard time keeping his stories straight. for example, he claims to have been a victim of "child abuse", variously described as "incestuous" or "homosexual", sometimes one, sometimes the other, sometimes both.

Then he blames his "mother" and her "friends" in the theater! Does that make sense to you?

We are dealing with very specific accusations.
A few years ago, he featured a large number of quotes from a large book entitled "NO ESCAPE: Male Rape in American Prisons", in which former prison inmates describe being orally and anally sodomized.

Nugent kept butting in, saying "That happened to me! That happened to me!"
Then, just a few months ago, he admitted that he can't remember any of it!
He claims he had "violent nightmares" up to the age of 48, then he went to a shrink (probably a Russian Jew named Rubenstein, whom Nugent repeatedly describes as a "friend" and a wonderful person [10 June 2010] ) who helped him "remember" it for three years!

Now he claims it was all an "MK-Ultra" plot by the government!

So the story now is, 50 years ago, or actually a bit more, see, under the presidency of our wonderful JFK -- "Prince Jack of Camelot", whom Nugent admires so much -- his father looked like him, his father was often mistaken for him, etc. etc. blah blah blah -- the government realized that this wonderful hotshot Nugent kid was going to be this great "White Nationalist" leader (or white "Nationist" in Nugent's weird jargon), see, so they recruited some male member of the Nugent family to fuck him in the ass and in the mouth for years and screw up his mind!

Now, which male member of the family could that have been?
It couldn't have been his brother, Todd, whom he almost never mentions. The government couldn't have put pressure on him, because he was a just a child.
So it had to have been his father, whom he otherwise constantly hero-worships.
So is Nugent bisexual? Is he homosexually attracted to Negroes?

I don't know, and frankly, at this point, I don't care.
But I do know this: you can't get any crazier than what Nugent is. It's impossible.
Does Nugent have any idea how ridiculous he makes himself look with all these meaningless and pretentious titles?
Is Nugent really delusional enough to imagine that the American people select their Presidents based on their fake aristocratic background and fairy tale castles and estates in Ireland and France?
With all the French imagery, why doesn't he just dress up like Napoleon and call himself the "Emperor of the French"?
It would be more logical.

If you were out hitch hiking and some big tough-looking guy pulled up in a car and said, "Hi. My name's John. I'm a big rough, tough Marine. My daddy was a big rough, tough Marine, too. He fucked me in the ass and in the mouth hundreds of times. I hate homosexuals. You want a ride?", would you get in that car?
Would you spend a night in the same house with that guy?
Would you vote for that same person for President?


I went to school with a guy who claimed that at age 13 he was forced to blow a guy. He was only 14 then.
I thought, "Why does he tell people that?!" Well, turns out, it was to put an idea in your mind that was never there before. He liked it. He'd blow anybody who'd let him.
So what's Nugent's excuse for all these child molesting stories?
That people need to learn that other people "live in denial"?
Nobody needs to be told that. Just talk to a liberal for five minutes.

Robert D. Hare provides another possible explanation. under a section entitled, "Therapy may make things worse", he says,
"Unfortunately, programs of this sort [therapy] merely provide the psychopath with better ways of manipulating, deceiving and using people. As one psychopath put it, “These programs are like a finishing school. They teach you how to put the squeeze on people”
They are also a rich source of facile excuses for the psychopath’s behaviour:  “I was an abused child”...
p. 199.

Nugent is a pathological liar. By this I mean that he lies when he doesn't have to, that his lies serve no purpose, and that he lies even when you know what the truth is.
A pathological liar will look you straight in the eye and tell you some outrageous falsehood, even when he knows perfectly well that you know the truth. He does this to assert his domination over you.
If you don't object, he's won. He dominates you.
If you object and say, "Look, that's a load of crap and you know it", you get some huge dispute and fifty million more lies, all so complicated that you can't understand them, so in the end you keep your trap shut and pretend to believe him.
So he's won again. He's asserted his domination over you.

For example, Nugent has been bragging of his "three million google hits" for about five years now.
If you've seen this once, you've seen it two hundred times.

Now, anybody who knows anything about the Internet knows that this figure includes everybody named "John", everybody named "Nugent", and every text containing the word "de", one of the commonest words in half the languages in Europe.

So if a nigger says "Fuck de white man", that counts as a "hit" for "John de Nugent".
Similarly, if you look up "John de Nugent bullshit", you get almost 6 million hits!
If you look up "Carlos Porter", you get 28 million "hits"!
Why? Because these are very common words and names.

(Plus, every time they fiddle with their algorithms, their totals go zooming up and down hundreds of percent.
All their numbers are completely meaningless).

[EXAMPLE: A search for the words “Alternative Kennedy” will show between 69 and 72 million “hits” in each case, with one, and sometimes two, of my own articles in near-top place on the first page! 70 million hits! You think, “Wow! Millions of people must have seen those articles!” But in fact, no more than a few hundred people have ever even read them! Google statistics are complete garbage. Nobody knows how they are compiled. They appear to be random numbers generated simply to impress the public. -C.P.]
Now he says he has 600,000 "hits" referring to him specifically, in quotes, "John de Nugent".

That is correct. These do refer to the real "John de Nugent". But most of them were generated by Nugent's association with James von Brunn, probably the only person in America whose brains were as scrambled as Nugent's own.
It doesn't mean that 600,000 people want Nugent for president, dog catcher or anything else.
So when he pretended to "run for sheriff", he claimed he had these "600,000 hits", see, but he couldn't get 379 signatures -- or even one signature -- in six months?

He'd better be careful waving those guns around. There might be some law against mentally ill people possessing firearms in the state of Pennsylvania.
Proof that Nugent intends to let the niggers, Mexicans and chinks take over the country:

On page 11 of his wikipedia article, Nugent actually has the shamelessness and chutzpah to refer to these "white safety and heritage zones,” as being "not unlike the concept of Indian reservations..."

Page 11, Nugent's own Wikipedia article, posted and endorsed by himself; see above

COMMENT: The Indians have the right to exclude whites and other tribes from even setting foot on their lands without written permission if they so choose. They are exempt from many federal and state laws. Will we have that right? Will we have that status? Nugent doesn't even ask for it. On the contrary, he expressly excludes and rejects it, since we must not "rule over others"! Everything must be 100% "voluntary", i.e., the non-whites and liberals will be free to come and "enrich" us whenever they wish, to say nothing of invasion by brute force.
When has that ever worked?
What country ever existed on that basis?

"After the November 2008 election he announced that he intended to be a candidate in 2012 on the regular ballot for president, and that he intended to become recognized over time as the ‘president of the Americans’ — his definition for the future white American minority within a majority non-white united states.”
p. 11, ibid ditto

That's like saying that Eugene Terre Blanche was "President of South Africa" when he was killed.
Does a bucket of shit smell any different just because you "recognize" it as a bouquet of red roses?

More voluntarism - the psychopaths
"He believes that many of the political, economic and even religious elites are also full or borderline psychopaths,[22], that all major leaders across the board in society should be expected to voluntarily submit to a brain scan to prevent further social havoc..."

p. 11 ibid ditto

COMMENT: If it's voluntary, that means they don't have to do it. What's the point of that?

The irony is that if Nugent gets his way and we abandon all racial distinctions and start worrying about psychopaths and Neanderthals, we will be right back where we started: "Oh, you can't generalize about pyschopaths and Neanderthals, some of them are very nice".

More national and race suicide:

“And look it up online: Eisenhower rounded up 500,000 illegal Mexicans and sent them packing back to mexico! And he called it proudly, openly and defiantly: ‘Operation Wetback’!

He obeyed his oath as president and enforced the rule of law and the principles of the founding fathers of America! …namely, a white republic consisting of white people from our mother continent, white Europe!
“Now I certainly have no desire to turn the clock all the way back at all, because all was not perfect back then.
Nugent, 21 April 2012

[How's this for an excuse for doing nothing? If this is what the “oath of President” means, then Nugent proposes to violate it when he becomes President.
According to this logic, everything that’s not “perfect” according to some standard that has never existed must be destroyed.
The Venus de Milo isn’t perfect, it’s missing both arms, so we may as well grind it up into marble dust for the building industry.
This is Arthur Kemp’s logic with the White Bantustan delusion. -C.P.]
Back to Nugent:

We must advance to the future[What kind of bullshit is that? -C.P], “to the urgent establishment of white safety and heritage zones now, where our encircled people can survive and thrive anew in our own areas of this, our country..”

Nugent, 21 April 2012

Try that in South Africa. In fact, just try it in America!
Nugent forgets that voluntary segregation has been illegal for 45 years. 
What about our industry? What are going to do in our wonderful Kurdistan?
How do we defend ourselves when the Mexicans and Chinese take over America, including the police, courts, national arsenals and armed forces?
How are we going to “survive and thrive” then?

 “I ask you to stop throwing away your vote, stop voting for the lesser of two evils, because that is why we have evil –you elect it.”
Nugent, 21 April 2012
Conclusion: Nugent is a traitor, a psychopath, a lunatic, a swindler and a liberal, and I intend to continue saying so.
The above is intended to prove it with quotes from Nugent himself.
Somebody has to say these things. Nobody who's ever had anything to do with Nugent ever wants anything more to do with him.
He needs new people all the time. It's like a Ponzi scheme.
I don't know anybody that doesn't agree with me, but most people are afraid to say anything.
Nugent is an enemy. He fools you into thinking he's going to prevent the same fate befalling us that befell the South African whites, but on the contrary, it's what he wants.
He is also a police informant, as correctly stated by Henrik Holappa.
Nugent admitted this on his own site.
He bragged that he was cooperating with the Department of Homeland Security and Interpol to prosecute Holappa for "harboring terrorists"; I saw this myself.
(Nugent forgets that if Holappa is a terrorist, then Nugent can be prosecuted for the same reason).

The fact is that Nugent wants us to become a minority like the whites in South Africa, because he is a liberal.
All this Hitler crap, all this macho he-man Marine tough-guy talk, is just an act -- all lies.
If we're going to do absolutely nothing and just lie down and accept defeat, then what do we need Nugent for?
Why should people send him gold coins and hundred dollar bills from all over the world?
Why should you send him anything?
Why do you think everything he writes disappears after a day? It's because he doesn't want people documenting his contradictions, plagiarisms and lies.
I asked him about this, and why he posts all those crappy google translations instead of translating things properly, and he said, "The blog doesn't bring in much money"!
What kind of an attitude is that?
Nugent places no value on anything he does.
So instead of leaving articles up there to inspire people (whether plagiarized or not), he recycles the same junk every six months and then it disappears again, which is a lot of work.
Then he complains he's got to "blog" every day to make money!
- C.P.
12 December 2013

Vachement original, ça, il faut vraiment l'admettre...

- More to come -
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(by email of 16 April 2014 )


Every time I form an estimate of just how crazy Nugent is, he gets crazier:
for some more examples, see:

Many thanks to the archives of the wayback machine.
Since the archives do not consider Nugent important enough to "crawl" his multitudinous sites every day, many pearls of Nugentian wisdom have undoubtedly been lost forever. Oh, well, for every one you remember but can't find, you find 10 more.

The time: the future
The place: the violent ward
- Time to take your temperature, Mr. President.
- Thank you, nurse. The Secretary of State will be here shortly. Will you show him right in, please?
- Yes, Mr. President.
Actually, that sounds saner that any of the junk Nugent talks about today.


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