On the differences between "consecutive interpreting" and "translating", see:



Nugent's latest lie is that he cannot work as an interpreter because "the Federal government does not hire Nazis"!
He shows you photographs of deer supposedly grazing in his back yard, and he says, "Maybe the Federal government will pay me 800 dollars a day to translate German"!

Nugent is exploiting people's ignorance of the translation/intepretation industry.

First, the Federal government has nothing to do with it, and second, we are not speaking of translating, rather, we are speaking of consecutive interpreting, which pays at least 5 times as much. Nugent has the skills. He has the diplomas. He could earn 5 times what I did, maybe more.

I translated from a rural area -- just like where Nugent lives -- for well over 20 years -- about 25 years, in actual fact.

I used to go out walking in the woods, with my dog, late at night -- 2, 4 in the morning -- look at the moon, the stars, listen to the birds, owls, wild animals, etc., after finishing my work: if they say "9 o'clock Monday morning", they mean "9 o'clock Monday morning": otherwise it's a violation of contract.

You can translate no matter where you live, as long as you have the Internet (or fax, in the old days): Patagonia, South Pole, China, anywhere. Makes no difference.

Second, to hear Nugent tell it, I'm a bigger "Nazi" than he is; after all, he's the one who professes his great love of Negroes (although he simultaneously claims to be the "reincarnation of Hitler" -- I think he is sexually attracted to them, a common problem among white liberals), and I did all right; so how did I do it?

girlie nug -- ooh! for me?

Third, probably 99% of all translation and interpreting work is done through agencies.

Anyone who has been "around" a bit can tell you that a very great percentage of all governmental and corporate activity is sheer pretentiousness: people rushing around like busy bees, pretending to be busy just to justify their jobs, pretending to be important, to get a bigger budget, pushing people around, etc. etc.

It's always the same story. No matter who you are, if you approach the clients directly, they act like their ass is made out of gold, and who the hell are you?
They couldn't possibly trust you to sweep the front steps! The nerve!

Then they farm the same work out to an agency, and they don't know or care who the hell does it!

Not only do they not care, they are probably prohibited by contract from trying to find out who you are. It's called "enticement". The translator is certainly prohibited by contract from contacting the client directly: it's called a "violation of confidentiality", or, possibly, "violation of an agreement not to compete".

All the agencies are terrified that the "clients" and "service providers" might "cut out the middleman" and "deal directly with each other", but in actual fact, a good agency really earns its money. That is, unless you want to waste 8 hours a day haggling, negotiating, quibbling, listening to all their complaints (which are usually very stupid -- such as: "which is better: 'style of Louis XIV' or 'Louis XIV style'?), not to mention all their endless discussions of "what's in the mind of the artist", etc. etc.), and all the rest of it. What's more, they usually have your work re-read by another translator, in case you screw up.

The agency keeps people from pestering you. I would never deal with people directly. They're not worth it. And I would never sub-contract. That's a disaster, too.

I translated for the European Commission, the European Court of Justice, the Supreme Court of Italy, the National Bank of Angola, hundreds of top law firms, manufacturers, world-famous outfits-- including (now that you mention it) the US Embassy in Brussels, for months, in the 1990s; they never asked me one single question, and they knew my name! They never even asked me whether I was a US citizen or not!

I was recommended by an agency, they had some work to do, they called me, and gave me the work -- something called the "Federal Bureau of Information Services", translating news articles. After about 3 months, I got a very nice letter from an official named "Michael Manta" complementing me on my work, and offering me a job (which I declined).

Hiring an intepreter is like hiring a bar pianist. The client trusts the agency to send them somebody good, and if he shows up and can do the job, they don't know or care who the hell he is.

You think the National Bank of Angola, the Supreme Court of Italy, knew who I was? You've got to be joking.
They wouldn't give me a job cleaning toilets.

About 10 years ago, I did all the contracts, specification sheets, technical specifications, for public transport systems, in about 5 big Italian cities -- buses, trains, smart cards, ticket vending machines, ticket cancellation machines, etc.

I've done texts on brain surgery, veterinary surgery, steel-making, electronics, lab reports, police reports -- you think they knew who I was?

Do I look like a doctor? A lawyer, an engineer? You've got to be joking. I don't know what an "axial cable" is, and I don't care; to me, it's just a word.
If I can find the words in the dictionary, I can translate almost anything.

They call you and say, "We've got 30 pages for next Thursday, do you think you can do it?" You look at it and say yes or no.
As simple as that.

I screwed up for one agency, so they told me I was incompetent, I should find another job, but I ended up working for them anyway, because they farmed a lot of their work out to other agencies! (It was some goofy text on "Judaism", right after doing a text on "Islam" for the same agency -- I was doing all the religions).

That's really the way it works -- "in the dark", as a translator from the Commission once told me.

A translator has time. If it takes you 2 days to translate 2 pages, that's OK. If it takes you an hour to understand one paragraph, or even one sentence, that's all right. Nobody cares.

An interpreter can't do that. He's got no time. It has to be improvised on the spot. It can be very approximate, but it's got to be immediate. He can tell the guy to slow down, to speak more clearly, but he can't tell the guy to go get some different accent, sorry, I don't understand a damn thing he says. You'll get thrown out.

Fourth, Nugent's diplomas are made out in the name of "John Nugent", a very common name.

The "de" is simply a recent legal name change (dated April Fool's Day, 2004) reflecting Nugent's ridiculous aristocratic pretentions. His real name is "John Henry Nugent".

["Outraged at Bush policies and French-bashing, John Henry Nugent (birth name) changed his name legally in Smithfield, Rhode Island probate court on April 1, 2004 from the anglicized version ('Nugent') back to the original Norman-French name of his ancestors, 'de Nugent'"

He also reproduced a photocopy of the amended birth certificate showing the name change.
The same article even shows ANOTHER picture of him with these same two dogs! So they are dead and alive, alternately and simultaneously, as it suits him.

Dog-killer Nugent in yet another fake photo-op.
What kind of sick bastard kills his own dogs over a few bucks and then openly exploits it to try to guilt-trip people into sending more money?
What kind of con artist continues to solicit funds
to "run for Sheriff of Armstrong County" 12 months after the August 1st 2013 cutoff date for filing his papers (which he never even filed) and nearly 9 months after the November 5, 2013 elections? With a picture of these same two dogs -- dogs he shot years before?
And now he's trying the "President" trick all over again! Really, what can you say?
- C.P., 1 August 2014
(to be updated regularly -- let's see how many months Nugent keeps up this "Sheriff" lark)

So (to sum up): all Nugent has to do is send a CV or business card to every translation agency within driving distance in Pennsylvania, and he's all set up.

Let's say a German company wants to buy a factory or bank or company in Pittsburgh. They've got to go and look at the place, and they've got to negotiate with the local management. The management calls 5 or 10 agencies and says "We need a consecutive interpreter for a 5-day conference next week, and we need him on call for perhaps 2 weeks more. How much do you charge?" The agency makes an offer, the company either accepts or refuses, and, if they accept, they send the agency some documentation so the interepreter knows the lingo being used and what they're talking about, the interpreter shows up, submits an invoice to the agency (not usually the end client) and gets paid. $500-800 per day, including all expenses, and that means everything: travel, lodgings, meals, drinks, telephone calls, everything.

This happens all the time. It's called "globalization". Interpreters make a fortune. The only problem from Nugent's point of view is that they have to get off their asses and actually go out and work. It is very high-pressure. If they show up and work 15 minutes, they bill for a whole day. This is standard procedure.

(Of course, if he gets out there and starts talking about how he was "homosexually raped by his mother" and all that other incoherent crap, that will be the end of his career with that agency, and, eventually, his career, period. If you look and act normal, and do the work, nobody cares what you think politically.
But no one will entrust crucial business negotiations to a lunatic.)

In short, Nugent could be highly successful as a consecutive translator, if he could only manage to act "sane" for just one day at a time.

He would not be successful as a translator, because he lacks the patience, the perfectionism, the attention to detail, the reliability, required for good work.

I don't think he'd last ONE MONTH as a translator, but I don't recommend it anyway: it pays maybe a fifth or a tenth as much, and the translation industry has collapsed anyway. Nobody who has what it takes to be successful at translation work would post all those crappy "google translations" -- least of all, a "political autobiography" of himself for five years -- instead of doing a new translation himself. A real translator would be itching to re-write the goddamn horrid things. But not Nugent. He's lazy -- incredibly lazy -- and slow. It's all right to be slow. But you can't be lazy.

I translated contracts and legal pleadings worth hundreds of millions of euros -- the record was 400 million from the plaintiff, with the defendant demanding 500 million as security for costs -- and when I got done, I was earning about 10-20 euros an hour.

But interpreters are still making fortunes.

There is no need to comment on any of Nugent's other recent lies, which simply reinforce the truth of what I am saying.
Anybody can tell who's nuts and who isn't.
Anybody can tell who scrounges for money and who doesn't.
Anybody can tell who refuses to work and who doesn't.
Anybody can tell who's a con artist and who isn't.

For example: Nugent claims he paid $2,000 to Holappa's lawyer. Holappa says he stole it.
All Nugent has to do is produce the receipt. If he's lost it, why not ask the lawyer to issue a duplicate? Where is it?
Come on, John, put up or shut up.

Another example: Nugent's latest excuse for never registering as a candidate for Sheriff of Armstrong County is that the local officials told him that, to be on the safe side, he really ought to get a few extra signatures -- instead of 379 signatures, he should really get about 450, or 500, in case something went wrong.

Nugent considerered this an insuperable obstacle, so he never bothered to get any!
He thinks this is entirely logical and quite acceptable. And for this, he solicited money for 18 months, telling people "John de Nugent is YOUR candidate", "This is a winnable race", and other bold, mendacious, even terrifying, claims, when he never even filed his papers and was never a candidate!

Another excuse is that his supporters never donated enough money to buy him a car. He claims he had no car between February and September 2013; he did all his shopping by bicycle! Even if you believe that -- I don't -- all he needed was one volunteer to take him to the county seat every day for a week to get his signatures.

Either his candidacy was a "winnable race" or it was not. If it was, surely he could recruit one volunteer.
If it was not, and he knew it, then he is a liar and a con artist.
Plus car loans are easy to get. Every wetback has a car, but not Nugent.

It surprises me that Nugent has never applied his diplomas and language skills -- which are quite literally worth a million dollars -- to the obvious problem of earning a living. There is something the matter with his brain.

Then he says, "What was I supposed to do? Go door to door?"
Yes, John, if you solicit money to "run for Sheriff" for 15 months, then, yes, that is exactly what you were supposed to do.

Nugent had 2 cars, here they are. Of course, I don't know when they were bought or sold.

13 November 2012

16 March 2014

He brags about how he got "50 signatures in a single day in a hot parking lot in Tennessee" in the 1990s, but he couldn't be bothered to get even 400 signatures -- at that rate, just eight days work -- in his great "Sheriff's race scam" in 2013.

He is STILL soliciting money -- to "run for Sheriff" of Armstrong County!

If that doesn't make him a psychopath and a con man, what does?

Again: anybody can tell who's a police informant and who isn't.
His speciality is trying to get people jailed for violating "hate laws" and other garbage as soon as they criticize "John Henry Nugent".
He calls that "karma".
Well, my idea of "karma" is when Nugent comes back as a tapeworm.

Wouldn't it be funny if somebody filed a fraud complaint against Nugent in his own "Armstrong Country, Pennsylvania"?
Why not? Instant karma.

"Oi veh, vy do dey poissecute me so?" -- John Henry Nugent

P.S. Robert D. Hare, in his book on psychopaths, says that psychopaths are sometimes considered desirable candidates for extremely dangerous jobs, like fighter pilot, bomb disposal expert, etc., because they lack the physiological responses to fear: they know what danger is, but only intellectually. They feel nothing.

Experience shows, however, that they also lack -- as I say -- the "patience, the perfectionism, the attention to detail", required to do good work. A few of them become heroes, but most of them are weeded out during training and the others are killed very quickly. They are careless. Sloppy. They want instant results.

That's Nugent to a "T".

I read an article on psychopaths written by a police officer who said that psychopaths have no conscience, no remorse, no empathy; but that it is a mistake to think that they have no emotions. On the contrary: they have tremendous emotional problems related to ego: whenever they are thwarted, they go berserk.

Again, that's Nugent to a "T".

Being called a "psychopath" by Nugent is like possessing a certificate of sound mental health issued by a normal person.

I ought to frame it.
- C.Porter.
26 March 2014

"If talking was criminal, you'd lead a life of crime,
If silence was golden, you couldn't raise a dime,
Because your mind is on vacation
And your mouth is working overtime."

- Mose Allison

Maybe you missed your vocation, John -- here's a job you could do


Out of a sense of fairness, or perhaps just completeness and exactitude, it might be noted that Nugent's 5 or 6-month sojourn in a mental hospital in France resulted, not from "mental illness", but rather, if you make the distinction, from a number of suicide attempts, the last of which, like everything else Nugent does, was "almost successful".

"...de Nugent attempted suicide twice, the second time nearly successfully, and sought voluntary hospitalization at a clinic in Aix-en-Provence, France, covered by his then-wife’s medical insurance policy as a French citizen. He stayed there for three further months, also voluntarily, because he was by that time, although stabilized and making new friends on daily visits to the city of Aix, absolutely destitute."
-- p. 77, Nugent's own Wikipedia article, size 10 Times New Roman print

The same person -- who has never held public office in his life and who brags of a lifetime of failure caused by "self-defeating behavior syndrome", aka "self-defeating personality disorder", despite a "near-genius I.Q." -- wants to have his finger on the nuclear trigger!

Of course, now that he is "running for President" again -- not to mention "Sheriff of Armstrong County" at the same time, as of this writing-- his "new Aryan religion" will, of course, be forgotten, along with all his other projects.


The worst thing is that he is a typical New England nigger-loving liberal disguised as as "racial nationalist": a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Nugent would love absolutely nothing better than to achieve total power over some hapless white nation and hand the country over to his beloved niggers, like Ian Smith of Rhodesia or F.W. De Clercq of South Africa, basking in the glow of his imagined "magnanimity" and "greatness", Jewish style.

These people always imagine that they can control things. But when you renounce power, you renounce power. You have no power left.
I've seen it all before, over and over again. There are still ex-Rhodesians who imagine that everything would have been different if they had been able to hand over to Nkomo instead of Mugabe. But when they handed over to their now-forgotten "good nigger", Canaan Banana (nomen omen), it was all over. Banana lasted about 6 months (although officially he was in power for 7 years), then they got Mugabe and the country was destroyed. It never works.

In the USA, the niggers will hand the country over to the Mexicans, who will promptly hand the country over to the Chinese, whom Nugent passionately hates. Nugent is too stupid to see this. The niggers will put a burning tire around his neck, or, if not, the Mexicans will put him in the enchiladas and/or tamales, after which the Chinese will put the niggers, Mexicans and surviving white liberals in the chop suey, all of them.

If the sun were in the process of becoming a Black Dwarf, that would be something inevitable. It would mean the end of all life on Earth as we know it.
But there is nothing inevitable about America, the UK, and and all White Civilization sinking beneath the waves of a tsunami of scum immigrants from foreign countries.
It is not a natural catastrophe. On the contrary: it is something engineered, something quite artificial, something quite unnatural, something in violation of all human psychology, something unprececented in history.
It is a question of will: the will to power. It is a question of knowledge, of right thinking.

In any case, America is not Rhodesia -- or never would have been without people like Nugent.
Nugent is a Kennedy admirer. Understand the Kennedys, and you understand Nugent.

Nugent thinks he can make a deal. He is a typical white liberal: a traitor. The kind of person who always thinks he can avoid the burning tire by telling the enemy how much he loves them. It never works.

Nugent pretends it is all inevitable. Nugent is the New Moses, the Prophet who is to lead us into the Promised Land, liberal style -- a Rhodesia/South Africa situation American-style. Death on the Nugent Plan.

That Nugent is also a lunatic, a con artist, a hypocrite and a liar, is something almost beside the point, something quite secondary, in actual fact.

Lastly, I don't go by Holappa. I go by what I see.
And from what I see, Holappa was 100% right when he called Nugent
"...a psychopath who will never accomplish anything, no matter how much people are giving money."

- C.P.
9 March 2014

Update: 21 June 2014:
It is becoming increasingly obvious that Nugent intends to continue pretending to "run for Sheriff" for as long as he lives.
"Like no one in your lifetime", as he describes himself.
Unfortunately, that is the truth. But not in a very positive way.
One hallmark of a psychopath is that they absolutely don't care whether people know they're lying or not. It doesn't bother them one bit.
Robert D. Hare, in his book, describes a psychopath who caused Hare nothing but trouble when Hare was employed in a prison.
Later, this same psychopath got out of prison and enrolled in a university class which Hare was teaching!
And here he was, bragging to all of Hare's other students, right in front of him, about how he had been Hare's assistant in prison, how he helped him with all his research, what a big shot he was, how valuable he was in helping Hare, etc. etc. etc.,
That's typical psychopathic behavior. And that's Nugent to a "T".


UPDATE: 17 August 2014
At some time in the past two weeks, Nugent withdrew his mendacious claim to be running for sheriff, and now claims to be running for Mayor of Apollo PA, a village of 1,647 people according to the 2010 census. Let's see whether there is really an election going on and whether he actually does anything to get elected.

Unfortunately, they just had an election for Mayor in Apollo, PA, in November 2013.
The new Mayor is Mr. Jeff Held. His term of office is 4 years. Nugent claims to be preparing to run for office in 2015.
There will be no election for Mayor of Apollo in 2015.
The next election for the office of Mayor of Apollo will be held in November 2017.
To check, please contact:
Jeff Held - Mayor
P.O. Box 306
Apollo PA 15613
Office: 724-478-4967
Borough Manager:
Cynthia McDermott - Borough Manager
P.O. Box 306 Apollo PA 15613
Office: 724-478-4201 x1 
Fax: 724.478.4923 
E-mail: boroughmanager@apollopa.org

* * *

Update 1 December 2014:
After 2 1/2 months of yet another fraudulent "electoral race" (for mayor of the local Kuhdorf, this time) in which, again, he was never even a registered candidate, Nugent then claimed, in the first week of November 2014, that he had been "misinformed" about the date of the next election (which merely proves that he never even tried to register), after which he skedaddled out of the state with suspicious haste to the frozen wastes of the "Michigan Peninsula", one of the remotest areas in the country, right up there with the Eskimos, penguins and polar bears (well, almost), an area of declining populations where the only people with any money are the local Indian tribes with their gambling casinos! Maybe they'll be interested in "Eternal Solutreanism"!
Nugent claims that this area "has the potential to become independent of the rest of Michigan and go it alone".
Thus will the White Race "survive and prosper" in the "White Safety Zones" prospected by our fearless leader, the immortal John Henry "de" Nugent!
QUESTION: What about your "black-white alliance", John? There are no niggers in your Michigan Peninsula!
Come on, John, you're the big liberal, the JFK imitator, the Negro-worshipper, why not move to Flint or Detroit, where you can be with your beloved niggers?
Why not put your money where your mouth is?
Why are liberals always such hypocrites?

* * *

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