Henrik Holappa Exposes The Real John De Nugent

Introduction by C. Porter

As far as I can tell, Holappa's book does not contain these allegations. Since Holappa has said the same or similar things elsewhere, including in emails to myself, I assume that these statements are authentic but were later deleted from the book, not because they were untrue, but because Holappa hates "infighting" and conflict.
In other words, privately, Holappa stands by what he said.
What's more, the truth of what he says is there for anyone to see.
Nugent is a psychopathological braggart, liar and con artist.
For example, he spent most of 2013 soliciting funds to "run for sheriff" of Armstrong County, PA; but he never qualified as a candidate, never made the slightest effort to become a candidate, and never even filed his papers! Then, when he "dropped out of the race" (on Internet radio, so nobody would notice), he blamed his supporters for failing to send him enough money to buy a car!
In the same breath, he said he didn't want a car because he'd be assassinated!
Nugent's got a car. Would you like to see a picture of it?

He lives in a very rural area. The whole county is rural. He couldn't live where he does without a car.
Would you like to see where he lives?
He lives in the house behind the tree on the right. The property extends to some considerable distance on both sides of the road.
Whose vehicle is that parked opposite? Whoever parks there would need his permission.
The property is listed as "car dependent".
The property is about 2-3 miles from a town with a total population of 1600 people, the last house on the road.
The county seat only has 4400 people.

Nugent is still soliciting funds to "run for sheriff" of Armstrong County!
Why don't you contact the sheriff's office in Armstrong County PA and ask whether he ever filed as a candidate?
Candidacy for public office is a public record.
I wonder if this constitutes fraud under the laws of the state of Pennsylvania?
Since it is far too late to file his papers (the cutoff date was August 1st)
, my answer is... well, you tell me.
You want to buy the house? It's for sale. Click here.
The house has been for sale for some considerable time; who knows? Maybe the sole purpose of the "sheriff's race" was to produce the deposit for his next house.
For 6 months he claimed he needed 379 signatures to file his papers. In 6 months, this figure never changed, i.e., he never left the house and never got one single signature. Then, in July, he made up the lie that he needed 600 signatures!

There is nothing on the Internet indicating that anyone in Pennsylvania even knows who Nugent is.

He is also a lunatic whose mother was repeatedly institutionalized for "violent psychotic episodes", as he himself readily admits, and who spent between 3 and 6 months in a nut house himself -- again, as he himself readily admits.
This same person calls himself "President of the Americans" (or "All the Americans", sometimes modified as "Provisional President") and brags of a lifetime of mental illness and failure as if they constituted some special qualification!
Nugent is not a White Nationalist. He openly despises WNs and has repeatedly and openly repudiated our support.
Nugent is a typical hypocritical, negro-loving, immigrant-loving, New England liberal from a radical race-mixing New England family, who believes in racial integration and for whom limitless immigration is a sacred cow, who proposes to do NOTHING about our immigration, crime and demographic problems, except be "recognized" as our President -- whether he is or not.
How many Presidents are we going to have? 2? 3? Who does he think he is? John C. Calhoun? Jefferson Davis?
Of course, he will never have any authority and will never be elected to anything.
Nugent couldn't get elected dog-catcher in a Biblical plague of dogs.
Everything Nugent does is fantasy, self-delusion, deception.
But his failures are always our fault. The solution is always money. More money.
The odd thing is that he is a very highly qualified linguist who could easily earn up to 800 dollars per day as a consecutive interpreter, English-German, working both ways, plus all expenses -- everything. There is no reason for him to be broke.
So why won't he work? Because anything he earns over a certain minimum will be seized by bailiffs. In addition to the debts mentioned by Holappa, he owes $45,000 to a "friend" for a failed ski resort in France, something he also readily admits.
If you owed $45,000 dollars to a friend and could earn $800 a day, would you work to pay it off, or would you live by begging, scrounging and whining on the Internet?
Then when he is broke, it is always our fault!
Is this "conduct becoming an officer and a gentleman?"
I predict that Nugent will end up in an insane asylum actually believing that he is President of the United States.
I also believe that he is an agent of the enemy.
Nugent's message, examined closely, is, in fact, identical to that of Alex Jonestein: "The Nazis are coming!"
Nugentstein/Jonestein raves about "Nazis on the dark side of the moon", "Nazis tunnelling all over the world in glass-lined tunnels" linking "huge underground cities equipped with nuclear weapons", whence they shall forthwith emerge to judge the quick and dead, along with a hodge-podge of "hollow-earth theories", Nordic space aliens, UFOs, reincarnation (Nugent is the reincarnation of Hitler, in case you didn't know it), the 1000-year intergalactic war, and other bizarre and incoherent topics.
He knows exactly what he is doing, because he accuses Ron Paul, Nick Griffin and Alex Jones of doing exactly the same things.
Everything he says will be contradicted by something else he says, sometimes only a few lines down on the same page.
Four years ago, he said he was going to write a "great book" to "save the White Race". It was never written.
Then he said "we live in an audio-visual age"; people don't need books any more! They need "God videos", "spiritual videos".
He claimed to have produced 18 of them. Where are they?
A few years ago, he started his own church. It lasted one day.
Then he demanded money to "run for sheriff of Armstrong County". He never filed his papers.
Now he demands money to invent a "new religion"!
The Bible, the Vedas, the Sagas, the Baghavad-Gita, the Dhammapada, the Upanishads, are not enough.
We need a new religion invented by Nugent.
It will never be produced.
All hail, Sheriff of Nothingham!
- C.P.

(Incidentally, for what it's worth, the election is over. It was held on Tuesday, 5 November 2013. Let's see how many months Nugent continues to pretend he's still running!)

I will update this article at later point with more information. The recent news tells that John de Nugent has been cooperating with the Department of Homeland Security as well as with the European police authorities when ratting about me personally and several other people that he considers to be threats. John de Nugent's tactic seems to be giving false information to the security authorities. More about this subject in a couple of days.

In his written email he admits he cooperates with the police authorities - he uses terms (like the enemy does) such as: terrorist, white supremacist, Nazi, war criminal etc...

John de Nugent's confession that he cooperates with the police authorities does only enforce my earlier suspicion that John de Nugent was the one who was responsible about my arrest in America March 9, 2009. John de Nugent has refused to answer the questions I raised regarding my arrest.

So, therefore I urge all and everybody to boycott John de Nugent financially, politically and in any other possible way, because de Nugent is a rat for the government - as his long time associate and friend Glenn Miller from whom John de Nugent has "received very important information" and that "all the information Glenn Miller has given to me [John de Nugent] has been useful".


I am Henrik Holappa, a Finnish activist and author for our European heritage and freedom. I am writing from Oulu, Finland. John de Nugent still promotes his supposed support for me on his blog. He uses me as a claim to fame of his own dedication to our people.

In fact it is all a big lie.

I have stayed silent on this far because I can’t stand division among supposed fighters for European Heritage, but I have been so appalled by John de Nugents evil, Jewish-lies, and his base attacks on Don Black and David Duke, Willis Carto and others, that I have to disassociate myself from this person who I truly believe is a paranoid Schizophrenic, a bipolar (which he himself has claimed), mentally ill person who is now doing exactly what the ADL wants – an attack on some of the hardest working and best leaders for our people in the world.

John De Nugent puts my name on the front page of his blog and promotes himself as someone who helped me when I was in America, when the true fact is that John De Nugent used me to advance his own agenda, he collected money from patriots for my defense fund when my lawyers and I did not receive a penny, He extracted from me what little money I had and actually tried to convince my sister to get my bank account Internet access information and passwords so he steal money from my accounts.

I have never met anyone like him before in my life because I have never been in close contact with a Schizophrenic, bipolar mentally ill person before. He can sound very reasonable and intelligent one minute and then be a raving lunatic the next. This is my story with John de Nugent…

In the recent days (starting on Sunday, 27th March) John de Nugent has launched a dirt-filled, campaign of rehashing Jewish lies against a well known and prominent white activist Dr. David Duke and Don Black. In his emails to several of his current correspondents and in his blog posts John de Nugent has viciously attacked Dr. Duke who has in the recent four decades proven himself to be a major voice for the cause of white movement. Dr. Duke’s incredible body of work, his books, his fantastic videos, his thousands of articles, speeches, activities for our people speak for themselves. I dare say no one in the Twenty-first century has done more to wake up and motivate our people than has Dr. David Duke.

I can tell you he is an inspiration to all our activists in Finland and to hundreds of thousands of our best people across Europe, and in traveling around America, I know how much he has inspired young Americans with the truth.

To show you how crazy and sick John de Nugent is he says that HE IS THE MOST HATED MAN IN THE WORLD BY THE (JEWS). Just take a look at the attacks on Duke for years by the ADL, the SPLC, the Jewish Media. Why because Dr. Duke is such a wonderful, effective voice for our people. They know that when a man inspires and teaches like Dr. Duke does, the most powerful thing they can do is heap slander and derision upon him. Look at the real life that David Irving biographies compared to the Jewish slanders of him. The most effective people will be the most slandered. And the truth is obviously, it is not John de Nugent who has had the slanders and attention of the AKD and SPLC, but Dr. David Duke.

The claims about Dr. Duke by John de Nugent are work of a jealous and insecure man who believes that HE is the “leader” of the race, and its holy savior. But look at his body of work or LACK OF IT, compared to incredible work of David Duke and Don Black.

Here is some of the history of John de Nugent

* Moved to Europe and lived in Austria and France till the year 2005. In France De Nugent attempted suicide and spent time at a mental hospital. De Nugent later admitted that even after his return to the United States of America he attempted suicide several times.

* De Nugent started to work for Willis Carto in Washington D.C for The Barnes Review. De Nugent claims that because of his effort in the Barnes Review the magazine’s sales rose 90 %. In March 2007 John de Nugent composed his best known article about his favorite subject; the psychopaths. The article was published in the Barnes Review by Willis Carto. Later John de Nugent related to me that the article is based on three persons that he considers psychopaths and he named them to be: Dr. Duke, Willis Carto and Manfred Roeder of Germany. Read on and perhaps you can understand his fascination with psychopaths, for no one I have ever met more fits the description than John Nugent.

* De Nugent moved to Sarver, Pennsylvania, together with his girlfriend Margaret He then declared to establish the world-wide Solutrean movement and compose a book that will change the world.

Experiences with John de Nugent – Everyone is Psychopathic but him!

My story with de Nugent starts from July 2006 when I started an email correspondence with him, later it developed to that point when I met him in Germany in March 2007. De Nugent had his European tour when he met several nationalists in Europe, including Manfred Roeder (Germany). De Nugent’s theme of his speech circled around the subject of psychopaths he had discovered to be world’s biggest problem. According to John de Nugent the psychopath theory explains his own experiences as sexually abused child. He claims that both his mother and his father sexually abused him repeatedly, and how he felt the psychopaths had ruined his life.

My story with de Nugent starts from July 2006 when I started an email correspondence with him, later it developed to that point when I met him in Germany in March 2007. De Nugent had his European tour when he met several nationalists in Europe, including Manfred Roeder (Germany). De Nugent’s theme of his speech circled around the subject of psychopaths he had discovered to be world’s biggest problem. According to John de Nugent the psychopath theory explains his own experiences as sexually abused child. He claims that both his mother and his father sexually abused him repeatedly, and how he felt the psychopaths had ruined his life.

While being in Germany John de Nugent had suggested to Manfred Roeder to pass the “Reich’s leadership” that Manfred Roeder received (symbolically) by Great Admiral Karl Dönitz in the 1970’s to him. He later explained how Manfred Roeder had become hostile toward him when John de Nugent had expressed Roeder he has no following or heirs and therefore Roeder should appoint him to be – officially – the “Führer”. A year earlier John de Nugent had made a contact with Manfred Roeder who invited John de Nugent to deliver a speech at his summer gathering, but after Nugent’s weird behavior Manfred Roeder didn’t want anything to do with John De Nugent. Nugent then considered Manfred Roeder to be a psychopath.

When I got in legal troubles in Finland for discussing the horrible immigrant crime in my country, in May 2008, John de Nugent suggested me to come and work for him in America. De Nugent then said he is running a symbolic campaign in US Presidential election. De Nugent clarified that he has a movement – in which I could help him – and that his book will be out within two weeks from our conversation in May 22nd 2008. I then decided to explore America, and left for America in July 2008.

A day before my arrival, while being in Hamburg, Germany, John de Nugent – in spite of his promise to pick me up from JFK airport in NYC – tells me that he is unable to pick me up from the airport and I should find my way to Pittsburgh by myself. However, another American friend of mine picked me up from the airport and I spent the first week of my stay in America with him. After a week of my arrival, I finally found myself in Pittsburgh, and the disappointment and John de Nugent’s situation totally took me over. Against his words that he had told me in May, no movement did exist either he had no work for me to offer in his so called movement that only did exist in his own mind. When I honestly thought I would be doing something important, I ended up cleaning John de Nugent’s car, keeping up the household, walking the dogs and listening to John de Nugent’s visions of World and politics.

Bad Mouthing Every Leader in White Movement and then Acting Like He is Their Friend!

At that time I arrived there, John de Nugent was preparing to be the next president of America. I was shocked by his self-aggrandized image and his callousness toward others. Whatever physical work John de Nugent had to do, he always said bitterly; “This is not what American President should be doing!” He talked on and on, how he will change America when he will become the president. He even often cruelly criticized Margaret’s looks by saying she does not look “presidential enough” and not suitable woman for being president’s wife.On our way to Memphis’ EURO conference he chanted about David Duke and how he has failed in so many issues, and hoped Duke to withdraw from the movement.

Now imagine this backstabber telling me this as we rode to Memphis so he coattail off of Duke’s efforts. By the way, the hotel was cancelled by Jewish threats and David Duke and James Edwards worked around the clock to make sure the conference was not stopped. It was a great victory. After the EURO conference he had nothing much good to say about it except that the Solutrean movement will make a lot more better meetings, and he was expressing his disappointment on that David Duke “stole his show”. He comes to David Duke’s conference, David Duke politely lets him say a few words though not on the program and then he bad mouths Duke.

John de Nugent Did Not Defend Me – He Stole From me and from those trying to help me!

When I arrived to John de Nugent’s place he was always scrounging for money, and as soon as I arrived, he persuaded me to give him $ 2000 in cash even though I had little more money for the trip. Although the agreement was that I came there to help him, and he was very well aware about my financial situation. Our common agreement said: I help John de Nugent, and for that I get a roof over my head and food – or more in De Nugent’s words; “Food for work”. But I ended up paying him to work for him!

John de Nugent claimed he paid $ 2000 for my immigration lawyer in Pittsburgh,

It is a baldfaced lie.

In fact, the first small costs were all paid by Margaret in October 2008. Later when I was incarcerated John de Nugent collected thousands in donations where he was supposed to send it to me in prison or pay my lawyers.

It was fraud pure and simple. – He never paid a penny to my lawyers who, by the way, was so kind to me that he did most all the work pro bono! And John knew this as he made a appeals for me that he pocketed!

Nugent Steals My Property!

After my deportation from America some of my property was still left at John de Nugent’s house, such as; Acer laptop (660 USD), watch and several other personal belongings such as clothing, including a rare gift of historical post stamps from a close friend of mine (value of those post stamps are around 1500 USD).

John de Nugent stole my property and said he would take it for his quote, expenses. When of course the truth is that he criminally used my plight to raise money for himself and only himself. For years De Nugent bragged that he had used student loans from different universities (10,000 USD / year) to cover his expenses, but in reality not actually taking any university lessons although he had signed in online university classes. As soon as the student loan had been paid in his account, the money was spent. By the university classes and the loans John de Nugent had stolen 50 000 USD.

Nugent Tries to Get Hold of My Bank Account!

When I was arrested by the ICE in March 9 2009, I had given in that morning to John $ 660 as a “donation”. My bank card still had over 3000€ for the rest of my trip and when I made a phone call from the FBI building to John de Nugent before I was removed to the local county jail, John de Nugent’s first question was if it was possible for me to send him my bank card that still had 3000€. Later when I was incarcerated, John de Nugent had several times asked from my sister if my mother in Finland could send him my online bank account information so that he would have an access to my account – so to say that John de Nugent could “help” me while I am incarcerated and using the money to cover my legal expenses.

Of course, I already had an attorney who had volunteered to take my case as “free-bono” and John de Nugent knew this perfectly well. My sister, however, got a warning from a German friend who said not to give any access to John de Nugent to my money as he had also experienced that John de Nugent is not to be trusted when it comes to money issues.

Thank God my sister did not give him my bank password and access code.

So this is the man accusing Don Black and David Duke of financial improprieties? Sick, isn’t it.

However, while I was living at John de Nugent’s, not only that he was unable to take care of his economy, he was obviously unable to take care of the household. He expected to be served by all others and express him his righteousness toward anything he said – whether it was about history, politics or people’s behavior. For John de Nugent it was all about “me, me, me, and I John de Nugent”. When you are an immigrant in a strange country while not having any ties or family that country you tend to “agree” with a lot of things that your host is claiming to be true, such as reincarnation.

Claims He is the Reincarnation of Hitler

John de Nugent was then and is still certain about the fact that he is reincarnated from Adolf Hitler. One we had a walk he told me that how he felt the pain of losing the 2nd World War and how he still can remember the April 30th 1945 inside the Führerbunker. John de Nugent claimed that he remembers how he did hold the pistol before “he” (Adolf Hitler) finished his days among the living. John de Nugent could not bear any counter-statements about the possibility of Hitler’s escape from the bunker. John de Nugent had composed an article for the Barnes Review where he explains the last moments of Adolf Hitler. John de Nugent also kept the fact alive that he was Adolf Hitler in his last life by his facial structure and the matching eye color – deep blue eyes. However, John de Nugent used blue contact lenses while his real eye color is blue-green. Before publishing any close-up pictures of himself where his eyes were exposed, he made certain to color his eyes in dark blue.

Quotation by John de Nugent from his email: "The next Hitler will be Kalki. And I am not the same nice guy. I will be attacked in my character by the greatest flow of sewage since what Hiit [sic] Hitler in 1920, and now continues. If you or Duke do so, it will just be more of the same. I am not the same person".

Some of the Sunday hobbies of John de Nugent were to take photographs of him that is supposed to in the style of Adolf Hitler. He often said, also several other people hearing it, that it must be shown to the Jews that Adolf Hitler is back!

John de Nugent felt that all the pain he had gone through in his childhood sexual abuse was the karma of losing the 2nd World War and causing the deaths of 55 million people. As it is being mentioned, John de Nugent believed and believes that the psychopaths are running the world and basically everyone who even disagrees with him slightly are psychopaths. Most of John de Nugent’s partners, colleagues and coworkers were psychopaths and therefore to be eliminated once he has been successful of creating a mass movement of 100 000 members. He felt that the other leaders or influential people were failures; such as Duke, Carto, Pierce, Roeder, the Order members and so forth. John de Nugent had a view of himself as a savior and new-born Jesus who sacrifices himself for the race and cause.

I witnessed Nugent Beating Margaret and Abusing Animals!

I witnessed John Nugent’s physical abuse of Margaret and of animals. However, John de Nugent’s behavior was unpredictable. Some times he could smile and talk calmly, and suddenly he could get very serious, almost furious and during my stay in Sarver, so it happened and Margaret had to feel John de Nugent’s rage – even in a smallest issue in the house. Once I testified, and so did four other people who were living at the house, when Margaret had been shopping and using the car with her female associate and being late, John de Nugent raised hell as soon as Margaret came home. He first hit her in her face when she came home and while demanding an answer why Margaret came late home. He literally threw Margaret on the bed and continued beating her. When Margaret then stood up from the bed, John de Nugent grabbed her by her hair and took her to the hallway where he severely assaulted her and hit her all over the body, finally throwing her on the side of the door where Margaret hit her head and face. The assault lasted at least 15 minutes, and there were 4 people at the house testifying the assault, but to my shame not one of use dared to do anything.

John de Nugent assaulted Margaret two other times too between the times of December 2008 and March 2009. These assaults on Margaret, however, were not severe as the one I testified in October 2008. The March 3rd 2009 assault started when Margaret had, in John de Nugent’s opinion, wasted household paper too much. He hit her in the face, took the paper holder and hit her in her body multiple times chasing Margaret into her room where she remained rest of the day. John de Nugent’s physical abuse did not only concern Margaret, but also the two dogs John de Nugent was taking care of. Often during the walks, De Nugent hung the dogs from the leashes, and brutally kicked and hit them. Once a person living at John de Nugent’s house related me information that a neighbor had seen De Nugent physically mistreating the dogs. John de Nugent bragged about enjoying watching the dogs chase rabbits and kill them watch them eat the rabbits alive. It is true that I never saw John de Nugent have violent behavior on the family’s children who were living at the basement apartment. He often yelled and screamed at them that they were lazy and undisciplined, although the children were between the ages of 7 and 12.

While John de Nugent and I having a strong dispute about his recent writings of David Duke, which I as so many others admire, John de Nugent wrote to me that; "How useful were to you TO ME? Friendship and some driving. You could not cook or do advanced computer work. You waxed my car once, a good job".

I, however, seemed to be very useful for John de Nugent, especially after my capture by the Immigration people & FBI in March 9th 2009. John de Nugent literally used me and my case to promote himself, and not daring even to visit me in prison as he feared he would get shot in the federal prison.

John de Nugent – a Paranoid Coward!

When I wrote him yesterday and said I wanted to disassociate myself from him after his Jewish-style attacks, he told me he didn’t come visit me during my three months in Jail because: “Were you expecting me to walk unarmed into a federal prison”.

That has got be the height of a paranoid, sick person. He is not going to visit a prisoner because the Feds are going to murder him in the visiting area.

All this time he is touting how he is helping me, building himself up because he is helping me but he is too much of a coward to even visit me for 15 minutes in prison. However, he was comfortable enough to send Margaret, a young female friend of mine, and another one of his associates to visit me there. Visitors obviously do not get shot in the federal prisons; none of those people who did visit me in the prison got murdered. John de Nugent became extremely paranoid after he purchased two automatic pistols. He feared for his life and being convinced the US government is out there to take him out – for good. The paranoia he got eventually put him into the situation where he imagined that the Department of Homeland Security specifically stopped a nationalist meeting in Boston in end of March 2009 because of him and they were out there to assassinate him. The DHS possibly could not be there because of Paul Fromm, Billy Roper and other speakers…

John de Nugent guy is such a coward. And he attacks David Duke who has been in numerous situations where has been in real danger. I can think of a number right off hand. In Sweden the police found a bomb at his speaking venue. In Barcelona he came to speak at Pedro Valera’s Bookstore where thousands of violent communists came, rioted, broke into the store with lead pipes, hospitalized policemen and caused millions of dollars of damages to whole shops and streets. These events are facts, not the paranoid types of fantasy of John de Nugent.

If anyone is in danger for his life it is David Duke, you can see the Jewish hatred and threats drip from the guest comments on his videos. The Jewish extremists watch his videos and go into rage I am sure because they are so powerful.

John de Nugent also stated, in the presence of my friend in July 19th 2008, how he will use my case and will “help” me to be “popular”, a high profile, in which my friend disagreed and told De Nugent it was a wrong approach in my case. Surely and certainly De Nugent took every possible advantage in me – personally – and about my case. When I was incarcerated he had emailed to my sister that “I will make Henrik to be a martyr”… but then in his official writings he stated; “I as a General do not have time to waste my time on one soldier”. Other things that he told my sister was for example; “It doesn’t matter if Henrik will be incarcerated the next 10 years, he will still be a young man when he will get released.”

More Nugent Schizophrenic Lies

John de Nugent makes the absurd claim that David Duke could have prevented my arrest by giving his daughter Erica as my wife. I understood already then that it would put us both in a difficult situation, and in the other hand, I had a loving Ukrainian girlfriend, and I could not imagine myself to get married with any woman. The choice of not having a girlfriend in America was my own personal choice. John de Nugent also claims David Duke prevented me even talking with Erica, but again, that is not true. I did talk in several occasions with her in Memphis in November 2008 and we both agreed the craziness of John de Nugent’s idea for us to get married.

De Nugent is a pathological liar!

In other words, John de Nugent expected everyone to go the “all the way”, but he himself wimped out just before even reaching the whole way. No visits to prison, and as he likes to claim he wrote me several letters a week, is somewhat true, but the letters John de Nugent wrote had nothing personal, except a few lines, and the rest of the letters were printed copies of his blog he had written in that certain day. Besides all of this, John de Nugent likes to present himself as a man who 1) saved me from conviction in Finland and 2) make people to write letters to me.

However, John de Nugent is not at all the person he claims he is. He is a mentally ill person, and he has admitted it many times before saying he is BiPolar and that he had Post traumatic Stress conditions. This ill person considers it is his mission to expose them as frauds. John de Nugent himself told me that “most dangerous thing is when you let someone to come into your house and truly let him know you”. In his case it is certainly true.

Trying to Help the Jews of the SPLC Slander Don Black!

John de Nugent has come in public in his emails about his connections to the Southern Poverty Law Center. He openly admits he has been in contact with Heidi Beirich, the director of the SPLC in his “necessary mission” to expose Don Black and his wife. He writes: she and I had some barbed correspondence on Facebook on another topic, and on the Fanujuls.

This article’s purpose is not to defame anyone or make character attacks on anyone, but to set the record straight. John uses me and my case to build himself up. But I am sure all that will be down after he reads this, what he knows to be true. But maybe he is psychopathic enough to really believe his lies. I hate to get involved in any conflicts, but I felt a deep responsibility to set the record straight on John de Nugent and my relationship with him. I will not let him use me anymore to promote his narcissism, and mental illness to harm the Movement.

This article about John de Nugent is based on my own experiences, and there are people who are still my close associates and friends and who will confirm everything in this article to be true. When a so called leader attacks another one in a movement, my loyalties are always and first for the movement and for those who are doing great job and endangering themselves by doing the job others can not do.


It is true that John de Nugent can talk for 5 minutes and sound perfectly rational, but just read closely his blog over the last two years, look at the pictures he uses, read what he says about himself. By the way, John always wants to say people accuse him of being a homosexual. I certainly don’t say that, but he definitely has real deep psychological problems. A perfect example is when he made a public statement about running for President and then took the first few minutes to speak about how his mother and father repeatedly sexually abused and tortured him.

I don’t hate John, in fact, I really feel sorry for him, I am convinced he is dangerously mentally ill.

[Update --
The Strange Saga of Nugent's Fraudulent Marriage to a French Liberal Woman while Pretending to Be an "Anti-Racist" involved in the "Struggle against Anti-Semitism" - C.P., 1 September 2016]

As long as he goes off on his tangents on aspects of the fight for White rights it’s not a problem. But, when he attacks the best leaders our people have right now, those who have done the most for our cause, he has gone over the line and I simply had to step forward and expose this sick person. Because sick or not, whatever his motivation he is doing the work of the enemy!

With Dedication to White Unity and Victory!

Henrik Holappa

John de Nugent Interviews Clark Niggerbridge (with introduction by C. Porter)
All Hail, Sheriff of Nothingham!
Documentary proof that John de Nugent is a lunatic and con artist by C. Porter WITHOUT ALL CAPS
(Since many people are annoyed by the extensive use of capital letters, I have also posted this almost entirely in lower case. - C.P.)

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(by email of 16 April 2014 )

Update 17 August 2014
At some time in the past two weeks, Nugent withdrew his mendacious claim to be running for sheriff, and now claims to be running for Mayor of Apollo PA, a village of 1,647 people according to the 2010 census. Let's see whether there is really an election going on and whether he actually does anything to get elected.

Unfortunately, they just had an election for Mayor in Apollo, PA, in November 2013.
The new Mayor is Mr. Jeff Held. His term of office is 4 years. Nugent claims to be preparing to run for office in 2015.
There will be no election for Mayor of Apollo in 2015.
The next election for the office of Mayor of Apollo will be held in November 2017.
To check, please contact:
Jeff Held - Mayor
P.O. Box 306
Apollo PA 15613
Office: 724-478-4967
Borough Manager:
Cynthia McDermott - Borough Manager
P.O. Box 306 Apollo PA 15613
Office: 724-478-4201 x1 
Fax: 724.478.4923 
E-mail: boroughmanager@apollopa.org