To me, the most bizarre -- almost macabre -- thing about the "Great John de Nugent Sheriff's Race Scam" is the second photograph used in his John de Nugent for Sheriff page,

These are the dogs he claims he shot 2 and a half years ago, in mid-summer 2011, because he couldn't afford 130 dollars [!] for a screen door. What is this photograph supposed to prove?

Nugent's quandary is obvious. Most candidates attempt to depict themselves as family men. Since none of Nugent's three (3) (count them) families want anything more to do with him (just as nobody else that has ever had anything to do with him wants anything more to do with him), he has only one choice left:
to portray himself as a "dog lover"!

So he exploits a photograph of dogs he killed in mid-2011 to show the voters of Armstrong County how kind and gentle he is, in 2013-- wearing one of the several expensive guns he could have hocked to pay for the screen door!

"Aww... isn't that cute, he's a dog lover, he must have a heart of gold."

At the time, he was bragging about shooting his dogs, because it showed how cold and ruthless he could be.

So, one minute it's Nugent lighting up his pipe and puffing away like a Dutch uncle -- how kind! how loveable! what a gentle person! -- saying "We don't want to rule over others", to please the Tea Party people, then he's posting WWII photographs of traitors being hanged to please the "neo-Nazi crowd"!

If you don't want to "rule over others", John, on what basis do you propose to hang "traitors", eh, John?

For further proof of Nugent's extraordinary vindictiveness, see below.

You really can't read Nugent's site for more than one day without finding more lies, more contradictions, more plagiarisms, and more lunacy.
For example, on 15-16 January 21014, forgetting his lies that he was broke and living off church charities and there was no milk in the house and he had to shoot these same 2 dogs, he reproduced a Skype conversation with Henrik Holappa in which he, Nugent, bragged that he took in 1000 dollars in a single week, and was averaging 500 dollars a week, about 3 years ago, about the same time he claimed he was forced to shoot these same 2 dogs!

Forgetting his Internet radio lie of 26 July 2013 that he didn't want a car because he'd be assassinated like Rolling Stones reporter reporter Michael Jones, because he's a "whistle blower", and how he had to drop out of the Armstrong Country sheriff's race (a race he was never in), because his supporters didn't contribute enough funds to buy him a car (he has 2 cars), and forgetting his lies about how he is in danger of being assassinated by Federal agents at any time (compete with photo of John de Nugent firing a pistol through a hole in the wall, like in the Old West), he posted several photographs of one of his cars, claiming that the Feds had installed a tracking device on his car and were sneaking out every night to let the air out of his tires! Most likely they leak, John. At least one of the hubcaps is missing and the car is 15 years old. If they really want to get you, John, they'll fire bomb the house, or bomb the car, but they're not going to let the air out of your tires every night.

St. John the Eternal Martyr. "Others are making sacrifices, how about you?"

"Others are making sacrifices".
"Hey, mister, got any spare change? Hundred dollar bills? 50 Euro notes? Foreign currency? Gold coins? Gold graduation rings?, etc etc"
Others are making sacrifices, to be sure, but what's Nugent doing?
- -

In what follows, it is important to understand that Nugent is not from Pensylvania. He's from Providence, Rhode Island. As far as I can tell, he never set foot in Pennsylvania until some time after his release from a mental hospital [!] in France in 2005, "totally destitute", according to him, which is normal, since he won't work.
He could earn up to 800 dollars a day, or any part of a day, as a consecutive interpreter, sometimes in cash, but he won't work.
He could form an out-of-state corporation and be paid out of state. He could make a fortune. But he won't work.
He could work one day a month and practically pay his rent. But he won't work.
So if he's broke now, he's had a lot of practice at it. Better a tin cup and a cardboard box than actually work like a normal person.
He only moved from Sarver, in Butler County, to Apollo, in Armstrong County, in the summer of 2011.

Nuget was never a candidate in Armstrong County. He was a carpet-bagger. He only had a year and half's residency in the county, he had no background in law enforcement, he had no roots in Armstrong County or anywhere else in the state; he has never held public office at any time in his life, and he knows nothing about police work. He "ran" -- if you can call it that - against 3 other, very strong, candidates, professional law enforcement officers, men with roots in the county, men who talked about what they had done for Armstrong County in the past and what they planned to do for Armstrong County in the future -- active candidates, men who left the house, campaigned, held spaghetti dinners and other fund-raising events, made speeches, and related to the voting population of the county. And what did Nugent do? Nothing. What did he talk about? Airy-fairy crap that nobody could relate to -- and all on the Internet, at that! Nobody in the county even knew who he was. It was all a fraud.

He took in the money, but he never once posted one photograph of even one poster, one advertisement, one leaflet, one bumper sticker, one suporter holding a sign saying "We Proudly Support John de Nugent for Sheriff", NOTHING. His claim that he needed 379 signatures implies the existence of a petition. He never once told anybody where it was, where they could go to sign it, NOTHING. No photos of John de Nugent smurflets in John de Nugent T-shirts rushing about soliciting signatures for his petition, NOTHING. This went on for 6 months. And he is STILL soliciting money for a race he was never in, for which he never even filed his papers. The cutoff date for filing his papers was 1 August; the election was on 5 November 2013.

The scam that keeps on scamming.

Nugent is remarkable for making accusations against others which can just as easily be turned around against him. For example, he accuses David Duke of being a police spy because he lived in Austria for 14 years and was never arrested, and yet Nugent spent 14 years in Austria, too, and never says what he was doing there. He constantly implies that anyone who has never been arrested is a police spy, so why hasn't Nugent been arrested?
At the same time, anybody who HAS been arrested has been "turned", so what does that prove? Nugent's the guy who brags about it.

Note the Freudian projection onto Holappa of Nugent's own paranoid homosexual delusions:

"Holappa said to me he does not care if they arrest him, and even said he would come to America and rape me in prison, which I found comical, since he weighs 130 and I weigh 200, mostly muscle."

How's he going to get to you, John, in a dream? What kind of nut case writes something like this?

Nugent claims to be "The Man the Jews Fear the Most", but I think they're laughing their heads off.

- C.W. Porter, 11 February 2014

More to come.




One of Holappa's principal accusations against Nugent was that Nugent raised $2,000 for Holappa's legal defense and simply pocketed the money. Until the present time, it has been merely a question of Nugent's word against Holappa's.

All Nugent has to do to prove that Holappa is a liar is produce a copy of the receipt issued by the lawyer. No lawyer will accept $2,000 without issuing a receipt.

Note, however, that, here, Nugent, with the perversion of logic typical of all psychopaths, expects us simply to take Nugent's word for it that Nugent gave the lawyer the money, and, instead of Nugent producing a receipt, Holappa is expected to prove that he paid it back!

It wasn't Nugent's money. It was money raised from third parties for Holappa's legal expenses. Why should Holappa pay it back to Nugent? Let Nugent produce the receipt.

Note as well, that after swindling him out of thousands of dollars, Nugent expects Holappa to be "grateful" for their "delicious meals"!

Until the present time, it was difficult to prove that Nugent is a police informant. Here, he officially admits it, for the whole world to see.

Thanks for making it official, John. In what follows, "Anthony O'Neill" is apparently Nugent writing under a pseudonym: note the confusion of "him" with "me" (note, in fact, the confusion between first and third person throughout).
"O'Neill" then quotes an email by Nugent himself.

The "fugitive" was a revisionist named Gerhard Ittner, guilty of no "crime" except the non-violent expression of opinion. For this "crime", Ittner was extradited from Portugal, where he had lived legally for seven years.


Anthony O'Neill says:

December 18, 2013 at 9:19 pm

I think it is time to end this, with two points:


De Nugent and Holappa in 2008 in Pittsburgh

At no time does Holappa ever thank John de Nugent and Margaret Huffstickler, even for the appearance of balance, for the eight months he was privileged to spend in THEIR HOME; the $2,000 which they spent in October 2008 on his lawyer, Valerie May (for which he has not and cannot provide evidence of any remuneration to them); the nine-hour drive they made to Philadelphia in December 2008 for his subsequent political-asylum hearing; the four-hour drive to Washington DC for another asylum hearing (and then they went on to Arlington Cemetery to visit the grave of a Finnish Waffen-SS officer who was buried there after dying in combat in Vietnam while serving in the US Army, one Lauri Törni).

Nor does he deign to mention the delicious food Margaret prepared for him for months; the clothes he was given (he was in fact wearing a beautiful gray fleece Mont Royal sweater from Quebec when arrested); the three letters a week he received from de Nugent and/or Huffstickler (usually five pages in length, the prison maximum, and including WN news items as well as personal things); the use of their one car, an aging Honda Prelude, so he could go out with friends or to a WN rock concert 150 miles away;

and the two girlfriends in Europe that John de Nugent found for him after he was sent back, in both France and in Sweden.
And let the record note that the Swedish girlfriend is now the mother of his daughter, so it was John de Nugent who set him up in the most significant relationship that he has ever had – by warmly recommending him to that woman in phone calls and emails.

Just clicking on this link will show the over fifteen positive blogs from 2008 through 2011 that dealt heavily with Henrik Holappa and were written by John de Nugent, who treated him like a son:

Here are four radio shows that de Nugent did with or about Holappa (two of them on helping him after his arrest in March 2009):
(Scroll down 80% here at eNationalist or to Voice of Reason radio: the “eNat” links appear dead at this writing, but each show has a written summary. The site eNat has fallen on hard times since its admin was arrested by the feds in 2010.)

2) INSTANT KARMA. Yes, after repeated and urgent warnings by de Nugent to Holappa, who laughed them off with “Go ahead, old man,” John de Nugent did indeed contact the Finnish authorities with evidence of Holappa’s illegal acts for Gerd Ittner (though, toward that brave German comrade, they were indeed very good acts).

Once a “friend” betrays you, then he cannot whine when he suffers retaliation after being warned clearly what would ensue.

If ever a “friend” who has enjoyed living in your home and enjoying every proof of your true friendship, goes out and publishes things online designed to utterly annihilate the career and even the life of his benefactor (and WNs or whistleblowers who never had, or lost their following, live the most dangerous lives of all; they are murdered by faked “suicide,” “car accident” or “heart attack” by the FBI), and then he reveals things said among friends in confidence, and attacks his benefactor even more with lies, half truths, distortions and omissions, this individual cannot possibly complain when his own secrets are revealed as just punishment.
Payback for ratting out a friend is indeed bitter, and the jailbird Holappa should know that.

And Holappa was fully warned of this possible payback in fair warning to him, and he scoffed at it.

De Nugent further warned him that IF the Finnish authorities did NOT arrest him, this would provide proof back to de Nugent AND THE WHOLE WORLD that Holappa had a HOSTILE BUT USEFUL DEAL with the Finnish authorities, showing he was under their protection in order to attack John de Nugent and be “on call” for them.

Regarding the Finnish legal situation, de Nugent wrote in January 2013 to a Finnish comrade:


Please research for me the criminal penalty under Finnish law (how many months or years in prison) for harboring a fugitive in one’s home, helping him evade the police, and lying to the police about it.

After Holappa attacked me on Stormfront in June 2011, I wrote him that he seemed to have forgotten that he had told me that he harbored a German political fugitive, Gerd Ittner, in his apartment in Oulu in 2007, that he had lied to the Finnish police about it, and that he (and another person……whom I will not involve) had helped him escape down the back stairs when the police were running up the front stairs.

I warned Holappa to either retract his slanders against me or I would report him to the Finnish police, SUPO.

He replied on Skype:

“Go ahead, old man. Take your best shot, Johnny boy.”

I noted how strangely serene he seemed……

So again, comrade, would you please do research online and then tell me how long one normally would go to prison in Finland for 1) harboring a fugitive, 2) aiding him to evade recapture, and 3) lying to the police. I am sure all this is in the Finnish code of criminal law somewhere.

I would appreciate having from you the exact number of each law, such as “Finnish Criminal Code, Section 1, Article 2.”

What provokes me to this question is that comrade Gottfried Küssel in Austria (whose website was hosted by the same webhost we had) just got nine years in prison, one of his assistants got seven years, and another assistant got four years behind bars.

Yet Holappa is forgiven six things. What did he agree to do for the Jews in exchange?

I am so tired of helping young people, for months on end, who either attack me online to save their own skin or steal from me (McMaster) — in both cases seeking to to not go back to jail.

It is all very harmful to me and my efforts to progress and start a vibrant WN movement where today there is none! The Holappa attack was in fact both the most ungrateful but also the most damaging betrayal I have ever suffered.

Thanks, comrade.


The answer:

Hello John,

Harboring a fugitive in Finland is punishable by fines or up to one year in jail under the Finnish Criminal Code, Section 15, Article 11, found at

I hope this helps, John, and good luck.

I rest my case.

Holappa “earned” in 2009, while in US federal detention, where he was turned, 1) the dropping of all prior hate-speech-related charges (by agreement between Obama and the Finns), and then 2) all fugitive-helping violations that I reported in 2011.

The deal was to continue, to this very day, to seek by defamation to destroy the one man in America who would take in a Finn (from a country few have heard of), just because he said he was a persecuted WN. David Duke has a big house in Mandeville, Lousiana, and Holappa was even translating one of his books into Finnish, but “Dr. Duke” never offered Holappa to stay in his home or anything else. Just go to jail, Henrik….

While others go to prison, Holappa seeks (and for how long will this succeed for him?) to avoid jail by attacking the one comrade in the entire world who did the most for him.

Of course, as I warned Holappa last July (2012), in my final attempt at reconciliation, once I pursue my attack along the lines that he is free from prison only because he attacks me, “they” may lock him up both to 1) spite me and 2) to give his accusations seemingly some new “cred.” Holappa said to me he does not care if they arrest him, and even said he would come to America and rape me in prison, which I found comical, since he weighs 130 and I weigh 200, mostly muscle.

[Note the sick sexual hallucination so typical of Nugent. - C.P.]

In reality, Holappa is now in a bad spot. “They” may now jail him just to pretend they have no deal with him.

In that case, as with Duke, who spent exactly one day in Prague in jail and one measly day in Cologne, Germany, they briefly put their asset in the jug so the totally naive among his supporters get impressed with what a persecuted hero the asset is, and how much the Jews fear him ;-)……

But the fact is that the real heroes get one, two, three, six or even nine years. The charges are never dropped for hardcore WN activists who cause lots of trouble.
In fact, such men get the max, and no parole either for good behavior. Shaun Walker of the National Alliance got six years in federal prison for a barfight — with no injuries, and the Mexican involved never pressed charges himself; the Jews went to him two years later! Six years for a bar fight!
Holappa — all charges dropped.

Of course, in the John de Nugent case the reason why he [!] gets no time is because he has vowed publicly and repeatedly to fight to the death if they ever dare to try to arrest me [!]. And that vow stands today.

As we have often seen, strange changes happen in federal prison. The sad truth about the Order in the 1980s is that all the militants except Robert Mathews surrendered, though heavily armed, and almost all “gave each other up” to federal authorities (testified/”ratted”) to reduce or eliminate their prison time.
What we have seen with Holappa is all too common — an idealist who was corrupted. Did it involve prison rape or the threat of rape? Did it involve tampered food? Did it involve a small-scale use of some brainwave technology? “The Washington Post” of January 2007 says the government has devices that can change moods sad even create voices inside one’s head.

Mind Games

New on the Internet: a community of people who believe the government is beaming voices into their minds. They may be crazy — but the Pentagon HAS pursued a weapon that can do just that.

By Sharon Weinberger
Sunday, January 14, 2007

And Holappa fears justifiably that if he does not continue his attacks, they will haul him away again.

Anything that can besmirch John de Nugent will be tried. In 2010 his name got over three million hits on Google and so now they even put it down to 300,000 artificially.

Holappa is one of many means to a larger end, that the white race should have no leader in its agony. Infighting should devour our Cause while the Jews devour our race.

John de Nugent has never attacked anyone; he has only counter-attacked so as to defend a lifetime of his work and sacrifice, and his continuing ability to serve our people. He began making sacrifices in 1978, seven years before Holappa was born. Enduring this abuse and fighting back is part of the painful duty any leader must fulfill.


Henrik Holappa says:

December 18, 2013 at 1:52 pm

Yes, I can confirm that I am Henrik Holappa, and I am writing this message from Sweden. If I do comment on this specific website, I do that by my real name, not under any pseudonyms.

My email is – not That address has been deactivated more than a year ago, therefore it is possible that someone else has taken that address in use and is pretending to be me or is sending messages as me. I don’t think it is completely unheard of that people do change their email addresses? One other reason why I did deactivate the address is that Mr de Nugent sent several emails and other irrelevant messages.
I have only commented the allegations and claims written about me by Mr de Nugent, Mr O’Neill and Mrs Huffstickler.

What comes to my criminal prosecution and charges between the years of 2007-2009, some are true and some are completely made up by Mr de Nugent.
Here are the charges that Mr O’Neill presented above:

1) copyright violation – Yes, I was charged with this crime in May 2008. It expired in April, 3, 2009. The supposed violation had been committed on December, 5, 2007. I had confessed to this violation, because there was enough evidence to support the fact that I had indeed emailed a picture from a newspaper site to an American associate.

2) defaming the African community in Finland – Incorrect charge. I was charged, in May 2008, with gross defamation. This supposed crime had been committed on December, 5, 2007. I did not confess to this crime because there was no evidence whatsoever to support the fact that I had moderated a discussion board (a website like this) that specifically targeted African immigrants. The police investigators did confiscate my computer for three days and could not find any evidence that from that computer I would have been moderating and keeping up an American website, and fully in English. Therefore the state prosecutor could not take this to the court because of the lack of evidence. And I could have asked compensations after a such court where I have been charged falsely.

3) inciting racial hatred – Yes, I was charged with this crime in May, 2008. This supposed crime had been committed on December, 5, 2007. This charge was related to the charge mentioned above. The police investigated and claimed I had moderated and kept up a racist website that spread hatred towards the African immigrants.

Again, this could not be proven, because the police could not prove, after checking thoroughly my computer, that I had moderated any kind of websites. I was also able prove myself that I do not have enough computer skills to keep up a website and update it regularly. This and the charge above were dismissed on April, 3, 2009, on the basis of lack of evidence. And Mr de Nugent himself does know that I have no computer skills, so how could I have kept up a racist website?

4) lying to police – Incorrect charge, and has never been charged with this crime. In fact it isn’t even a crime. According to the Finnish laws it is not illegal to lie to the police during an interrogation. There is no law stating that one as a suspect would have an obligation to speak the truth, and therefore to testify against oneself. One must remind that it is the duty of the police to present the evidence and lead the investigation. A suspect has no legal obligations to speak or say a word in an interrogation. However, it is ILLEGAL to lie under an oath in a court room. That is a punishable crime. To verify this all, please visit this official legal help website (in Finnish) and just google-translate it:

5) harboring a fugitive – I was never charged with this crime. Yes, I was questioned about Ittner’s visit in Finland on August, 8, 2006, but I was never charged with this made-up charge. Had we met in Germany and had he been there at my house, then yes, I would have committed a crime of harboring a fugitive.

6) aiding a fugitive to escape (Ittner) – Same as above. Mr Ittner was not, under the laws of Finland, a fugitive because he had not escaped from a Finnish jail or prison. Mr Ittner was never officially arrested or taken into custody in Finland, and therefore he could not have become a fugitive. The police officers who met and talked with him on August, 8, 2006 did not officially arrest him (i.e. reading his rights). Therefore he was not a fugitive. He would have become a fugitive had he been arrested in Finland and then escaped his jailers. Had I at that moment helped him to escape, knowing, that he had been arrested by the police in Finland and had he been able to escape, then yes, I would have been guilty of aiding a fugitive to escape. Must remind that running away from the police is not a crime if you have not been placed under an arrest and at any point was Mr Ittner placed under an arrest in Finland. This is not my or Ittner’s fault or blame, it is the fault and blame of the police.

What I found hilarious, proving the same time that Mr de Nugent is lacking some sense of reality, is that he emailed and phone called several police officers in Sweden and Finland (including the Finnish and Swedish secret services) and demanded my arrest based on those bogus charges above. Here is the email he sent to the police and me:

From: John de Nugent
To: *****>

Sent: Monday, June 20, 2011 8:00 AM

Subject: Henrik Holappa

“I know that you know the case of Henrik Holappa. I invited Henrik Holappa into my home for eight months, July 2008 to March 2009, because he was seeking political asylum in the United States. I thought at the time that he was a very fine young man.”

[...] “But he treacherously turned against me, and is publicly and actively spreading lies, serious lies, designed to end my effectiveness in the white cause and my political career as a leader. He has become an asset of the former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, who, as I recently discovered with several hard proofs, is waging an active campaign behind-the-scenes to destroy me.” [...]

“And now a fact that may interest you:

The key thing of interest to you is this: [...]SUPO was seeking a Gerhard Ittner, a German leader active in the white cause, convicted in Germany of what you, not I, call “hate speech” and what you, not I, call “neo-Nazi activities.” He went underground in Finland. As Henrik Holappa told me himself on July 30, 2008, it was he who was sheltering Ittner in an apartment he and his sister were using, in Oulu. The Finnish police raided his apartment, but he helped Ittner to run down the back stairs. I do not know where he is now, or if he is alive. When Holappa was here, at my home in the Pittsburgh area, he told me he had had no more communications with Ittner for many months. And if I did know, ma’am, I definitely would tell you.”[...] “If you arrest him and give him a long sentence, I will benefit by his activities against my mission being reduced,[...] every other prominent white nationalist in Europe goes to prison. Especially those who write books glorifying the Order and Richard Scutari.”[...]

Respectfully, [...] John de Nugent.

What else there is in the list? Swedish money. Mr Lund of NRM was a leader for VAM in early 1990s and he was sentenced to prison and did his time of various alleged crimes, and he was also sentenced of bank robberies. Mr Lund has not been in prison since 2004. VAM doesn’t exist anymore and certainly no banks are being robbed. I told Mr de Nugent that at some point Mr Lund had “an interesting way to ‘loan money’”, and by those words I referred to those times when VAM existed in early 1990s. What is Swedish money? Certainly not any illegal activity, but rather a bookstore:

How about then in Finland? See it yourself:

Sometimes we see that the truth is more incredible than the fiction.


Return to:

Henrik Holappa on John de Nugent

Documentary proof that John de Nugent is a lunatic and a con artist

John de Nugent Interviews Clark Niggerbridge (with introduction by C. Porter)
Henrik Holappa on John de Nugent
All Hail, Sheriff of Nothingham!
Documentary proof that John de Nugent is a lunatic and con artist by C. Porter WITHOUT ALL CAPS
(Since many people are annoyed by the extensive use of capital letters, I have also posted this almost entirely in lower case. - C.P.)

(by email of 16 April 2014 )

Do you agree with me about John Henry "de" Nugent?
Let me know:

C. Porter
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Update 17 August 2014
At some time in the past two weeks, Nugent withdrew his mendacious claim to be running for sheriff, and now claims to be running for Mayor of Apollo PA, a village of 1,647 people according to the 2010 census. Let's see whether there is really an election going on and whether he actually does anything to get elected.

Unfortunately, they just had an election for Mayor in Apollo, PA, in November 2013.
The new Mayor is Mr. Jeff Held. His term of office is 4 years. Nugent claims to be preparing to run for office in 2015.
There will be no election for Mayor of Apollo in 2015.
The next election for the office of Mayor of Apollo will be held in November 2017.
To check, please contact:
Jeff Held - Mayor
P.O. Box 306
Apollo PA 15613
Office: 724-478-4967
Borough Manager:
Cynthia McDermott - Borough Manager
P.O. Box 306 Apollo PA 15613
Office: 724-478-4201 x1 
Fax: 724.478.4923