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...When whites ran the country, they could have done what Kemp says, i.e., gradually eliminate the need for black labour. Now it's impossible. Instead of admitting this, he suggests, as an alternative to a very imperfect reality, an utterly impossible substitute.

In other words, tear down what half-way works in exchange for yet another Jew dream, a "white homeland" of racial equality, but without blacks and without "discrimination" and without anybody to do the necessary work, when there is no money for machinery. 

Under apartheid, cutting back on black labour was part of the original idea. "Look, kaffir, you have your homeland, you come and work for us for a while, but basically you are citizens of your bantustan. When they are sufficiently well developed, you can stay there".

Kemp is anti-apartheid. Especially anti-"Immorality Act". Oh, absolutely disgraceful not to allow white idiots to marry black prize fighters and breed a Master Race of Super-Niggers with almost as much muscle and a lot more brains. So what should they do now, according to him? "Oh, we musn't be dependent on black labour". Agreed.

So, the Afrikaners are all supposed to go trekking off someplace to find a whole wad of -- now get this -- newly discovered, uninhabited land, which nobody wants, but which is suitable for farming, which doesn't already belong to somebody and -- an important condition -- doesn't already form part of some country, including South Africa, then they set them selves up in farming, after abandoning the farms they have now, and fleeing penniless, then they're supposed to purchase all sorts of modern mechanical junk, replacing, say, 300 kaffirs with several million dollars worth of huge machines. No more kaffir "boys" for us! Wonderful.

Question: If it is disgraceful to "discriminate", if apartheid is wrong, if it is shameful and degrading to prohibit black-white marriage, then on what basis are you going to prohibit black immigration into your great new White Bantustan? 

If you can't put a “Whites Only” sign on a park bench, how are you going to keep them out of your genius-brain new country???
The blacks are to be excluded without telling them they are not wanted. How is that to be done?

They are to be excluded without actually excluding them, and without even admitting that they are being excluded. This is hypocritical. Not only is this hypocritical, it's impossible. It's like talking about a "square circle". This is always justified on the grounds of expediency. Well, expediency is fine, but only if it will work.

Why doesn't he draw us a map? I'd love to see where he would locate this New Jerusalem. Of course, they'll need a modern army and air force with atomic weapons to defend themselves against whatever country they steal this land from, plus to prevent the rest of the world from bombing them to bits for "discriminating" against black immigration.

Also, since the kaffirs will sneak in illegally, they will have to be expelled, as mercilessly as possible, to deter more from trying the same thing, etc. etc. etc.
So we will be right back where Rhodesia was, but infinitely worse, and even more impossible.

The solution, in American terms, is "Segregation Today, "Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever", and "Never, Nigger, Never".

I agree about the idiocy of trying to raise the kaffirs up in Christian beliefs and civilize them and so on, which everyone else seems to pretend is quite possible.

OK, you may say, my solution is as impossible as his. But at least my solution had the merit of having existed at one time -- quite recently, in fact -- and for hundreds or even thousands of years, and could have been implemented, yet once again, on a continuing basis.

But not with people like Arthur Kemp on your team, weakening and demoralizing people. The Kemp solution of utter perfection -- defined as no "discrimination" -- has never existed and never will, not in the modern world. All you get is discrimination the other way around.

All people like Kemp ever do is cause confusion. The fact is, whether we like or not, is, that no matter how imperfect a system, people have to agree to defend it, against all comers, come what may.

But no, the new mantra is, "If it's not perfect, we're going to tear it down".

A new heaven and a new earth! Kemp is a dreamer...

So delusional is Kemp that he claims that there is "no discrimination in China because there are only Chinese"! What Kemp knows about China would fit up an ant's ass. There are at least 56 recognized national minorities in China; there is fierce discrimination. Bruce Lee could not get any of the top teachers to accept him as a student because he was half-white! I know a Chinese restaurant with a very interesting mural showing Mao Tse Dung in the centre with all the national minorities standing around him in their ethnic costumes, symbol of the unification of China: Mongels, Moslems, Tatars, Tibetans, Uzbeks and dozens of others, in turbans and other weird accoutrements. Everybody knows the Chinese hate all foreigners, even related Orientals.

Page 435 of Spaight's WAR RIGHTS ON LAND (1911) informs us that, "in the [Sino-Japanese] war of 1894-95, the [Chinese] inhabitants were known to refuse a glass of water to their grievously wounded, thirst-parched compatriots, simply because they were natives of another province." How's that for "non-discrimination"?
Now Kemp says that to survive as a race we should imitate Israel! The first thing we should do is form a limited company....

At this point I quit reading.

Kemp advocated the abolition of apartheid. The abolition of apartheid destroyed the country. How can anyone be so wrong and continue to publish? A typical South African English liberal.

The March of the Titans is a good book, but he should have quit writing then and there, from what I''ve seen.


INTERNET INTERLOCUTOR: My blood pressure can't handle all of these people talking about "secession" and "white safety zones." Even if it was possible I would rather DIE than retreat to a "white safety zone." Do we not have a responsibility to stop OUR governments from doing all kinds of horrible shit throughout the world? How could we ever survive if we don't take back our armies? Are they going to let us a build up an army? LOL! Will we just hope they won't attack us? How could a people survive with no army to protect it? How long would a "Whites-Only Safety Zone" last -- even if it was allowed -- before it was attacked and destroyed by the rest of the world, that hates us and outnumbers us 1,000,000 to 1, and wants to live at our expense? 50 years? 100 years?

ME: I’d guess five years, maybe ten. Probably just a few months. Look at the Confederacy. Look at Rhodesia and South Africa. Look at the segregated South. Look at Germany. Look at Japan. Look at Iraq.

Plus an army wouldn't be enough, you'd need an air force with nuclear weapons, the whole spiel. Like China or Russia.

We'd be like those Confederates that went to Brazil after 1865. Our grandchildren would be mulattoes but we could still be proud of our "Confederate heritage". Barbecues with rebel flags attended by loads of mulattoes -- our descendents. There are videos of this on youtube.

The Feds will never allow us to do a damn thing. We've got NO FREEDOM AND WE NEVER WILL HAVE UNTIL THE FEDS ARE DESTROYED. There was a family business in Virginia, a lunch counter, one day, the Feds decided, hey, you're not serving enough niggers. They had complied with integration, but they didn't have enough nigger customers. They were REQUIRED to SEEK OUT NIGGER CUSTOMERS for their lunch counter, and they were supposed to SUBMIT A LIST OF ALL THESE NIGGER CUSTOMERS, with name, address and signature, and SEND IT IN TO WASHINGTON EVERY WEEK. This was in the 80s.

One woman had a hair dressing salon for sale in Arkansas. Some nigger wanted to buy it. She said, “Look, all my customers are white, I can't cut nigger hair, you need special combs, it's an entirely different business, this is a white business”. The Feds made her GIVE THE NIGGER THE BUSINESS FOR FREE. The white woman was destitute and had to give up her plans to retire.

I knew a guy who had a house for rent. A nigger woman showed up, wanted to rent it. They went over there together, to see the house. The current occupants had wrecked the property. The nigger wanted to rent it. The guy was so angry at the renters he said, “No, goddamn it, I want to sell it”. She took him to court for “discrimination” and he had to give her SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS.  The Feds will send spies around to test your “compliance”, you know. Nigger/queer shows up, you say "No" with some excuse, or even a damn good reason, then the spy shows up, nice white couple, you say "Yes", presto! Big Federal case: “Discrimination”. No jury trial, of course. Just Star Chamber proceedings.

And we think they're going to allow us a "white homeland". THE WHOLE COUNTRY WAS A WHITE HOMELAND. All they've got to do is have a Federal judge issue an "integration order", and that's the end of your "Homeland".

How could anyone imagine that secession could ever work after the last fiasco (1860-65)? The Feds will never allow us ANYTHING. How blind can people get? They can build a nigger housing project in the middle of any lovely white suburb at any time.  They're certainly never going to allow us to say, “Sorry, we don't rent or sell to blacks”. “Sorry, No Non-Whites?” “Whites only?” They'd invade us just like they did Iraq. Whites will go to their graves refusing to face the obvious.


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