T    r    a    n    s    l    a    t    o    r    '   s           P    r    e    f    a    c    e

J   e   w   i   s   h      R   i   t   u   a   l    -    M   u   r   d   e   r
a   H i s t o r i c a l   I n v e s t i g a t i o n

I was first approached nearly a year ago by researcher Mark Farrell, with a request for help in translating Hellmut Schramm's book, Der jüdische Ritualmord : Eine historische Untersuchung [Jewish Ritual-Murder : a Historical Investigation]. I agreed to translate one chapter into English, with the possibility of my making a deeper commitment should I deem the book worth such an investment of my time and energy. To my great surprise, I not only found Schramm's work to be worth translating, but I became determined to perform the entire translation myself and see it made available in English.

Perhaps this is the place for me to state my own educational/political background and my approach to this topic. I have a bachelor's degree in Mathematics, but I also took a heavy course concentration in European History, particularly of the period prior to 1600, and I have fluency in reading German. In high school -- this was before the long slow slide of the educational system into its present lobotomized condition -- I took four years of Latin and have periodically refreshed my Latin skills. Aside from formal course work, I've maintained a life-long interest in History and consider myself well-read (for a lay person) in the subject. I do not hold any advanced degrees; nor can I point to a long list of credentials which might imbue my writing with the aura or status which attends the opinions of 'experts.' Therefore, as you read my comments -- and as you read Schramm -- it is your own intelligence, common sense, and life experience which must be the final arbiter of the validity or invalidity of the phenomenon of Jewish ritual-murder (JRM).

I believe that it is becoming increasingly clear -- and even to those disinclined to think or analyze events around them -- that Jewish/Zionist control of what I term the 'Propasphere' * is very real; in Germany, Austria, France, and other European countries, to voice mere doubts about the so-called 'Holocaust' -- the number of Jewish dead and/or the cause of their deaths -- is punishable as a felony-level crime, and there have been literally thousands who have been imprisoned for writing forensic analyses and/or carefully reasoned and well-documented articles which contest the 'party line' on such issues. 'Israel' -- occupied Palestine -- directs the foreign policy of the United States and other countries, and billions in foreign aid, military help, grants (outright gifts), loans, 'reparations' for supposed crimes, have flowed in one direction -- toward Israel -- ever since the end of the Second World War. The actual circumstances involved in the creation of the Soviet state, of the Third Reich, and the truth as opposed to the propaganda about the 'Jewish Question,' are finally emerging after years of distortion. Many who are reading this are already well aware of the scholarly work of Kevin MacDonald -- as well as the honest writing of such Jews as Shahak and Freedman. The essence of what they have to say was succinctly captured by Nietzsche, when he wrote:

         The two sets of valuations, good/bad and good/evil, have waged a terrible battle on
         this earth, lasting many millennia; and just as surely as the second set has for a long time
         now been in the ascendant, so surely are there still places where the battle goes on and
         the issue remains in suspension... The watchwords of the battle, written in characters which
         have remained legible throughout human history, read: "Rome vs. Israel, Israel vs. Rome."
         No battle has ever been more momentous than this one.

That deep and abiding antipathy felt by Jews (whether religious or not) toward non-Jews and in particular toward Aryans, runs like a poisonous theme throughout the Talmud, and has been explicitly expressed by many prominent Jews -- rabbis, politicians, financiers, writers, etc. -- in unmistakably clear words. Jewish boasting about the degree of control which Jews now have in all facets of the media, banking, and government has been well documented and the sources for all of this are widely available through the Internet and in any large library; it is not my purpose to rehearse them here, but only to make it quite clear that that control and that marrow-deep animosity are factors which I took as a given from the very beginning of the project of translation.

But it is important that I also make it clear that, in regard to the subject of JRM, I was totally skeptical at the beginning; had I been asked to make a wager, I certainly would have bet that JRM was not a real phenomenon. I suspected that, like a lot of mythical material, it expressed a metaphysical truth: that it was a metaphor for the essence of the relationship between the various Jewish communities in the Diaspora and their host populations in Europe and elsewhere over the centuries. At most, I thought that perhaps a sporadic case or two of Jewish murderers killing children, or the like, had taken on lurid overtones in the retelling. After all -- whenever this topic is encountered in print or is spoken of anywhere in the Propasphere, is it not always referred to as the "blood-libel"? And isn't an entire package of images contained in this term? What comes to mind is a scene from Frankenstein, with a mob of peasants, carrying torches and howling, about to set upon some hapless victim of its ignorance and superstition. The substitution of such images in lieu of a genuine neutrality toward the question is a rather fine example of how insidious the media, particularly television, have been in transposing such issues to a pre-set frame of reference which guarantees how discourse will occur and how it will terminate. The official 'party line' on JRM is that all such incidents were crimes which ignorant and superstitious peasants blamed on innocent Jews during the Middle Ages. The truth, however, is different: these accusations predate both the Middle Ages and the start of the Christian era. Reports from a range of sources, varying widely in chronology and geographical setting, show remarkable consistency, and learned, conscientious investigators were often involved in ascertaining what actually occurred. In many cases -- such as the Damascus double murders -- men of known rectitude, intelligence and of wide experience in the world, such as Sir Richard Burton, confirmed its existence.

The position I have come to after translating this work, is that the accusation of JRM has always been based upon a real and not an imaginary, phenomenon, a historical reality. I believe that, for all practical purposes, and for a variety of reasons, genuine cases of JRM were beginning to peter out at around the turn of the 20th century. I believe that they were perpetrated by what are usually referred to as the "ultra-Orthodox" Jews; after the mid 17th century, that means the Hasidim in particular; that up until the late 19th century, the existence of JRM was more generally known to exist by the Jews themselves, although its practice was anything but universal among them. I believe that today, very few Jews know its history and most of them do indeed honestly regard it as a "libel." What has convinced me of it as historical reality are the following:

1. Descriptions of the various incidents go back in the historical record to around 170 B.C., and then occur over the next approximately 2000 years wherever a Jewish community of any size has lived;
2. The details of the cases -- what today would be called the "signature" and the modus operandi of these crimes are remarkably consistent, especially considering the lack of communication over widely separated geographical locations during much of that millennium-and-a-half.
3. Contrary to the way it is always portrayed, JRM is not just an hysterical collection of horror stories originating in ignorant peasant minds, but has been considered genuine by educated persons who actually had opportunity to investigate the crimes committed, and who left detailed documentation in the form of trial protocols, etc.
4. There have been rare but genuine defections by Jews who left Judaism voluntarily and not in an attempt to gain leniency or favors, and who wrote about this practice.
5. Even assuming confessions were gained by torture, in several cases the judicial authorities saw to it that witnesses and accused were questioned separately, with no opportunity to compare notes. In some of these cases, physical evidence was found which corroborated the statements of the accused in such a way as to establish their guilt beyond question. In other cases, Jews were actually caught in the act.
6. As with other phenomena associated with the Jews, this one has been associated with no other "minority group" world-wide -- rather odd if it were just the result of some sort of myth-creating tendency, or something analogous to it.
7. The details of purported cases of JRM, separated by more than 500 years, show the same patterns, the same confessional features, and so forth.
8. There are highly suggestive passages even in Jewish sacred writings which indicate that this practice was not only condoned but prescribed. References to the use of sacrificial human blood appear in various religious Jewish works, and in the writings of well-known Jewish luminaries, as Schramm delineates; according to the tractates of the Jewish philosopher Maimonides, blood obtained by the piercing of the body is a curative beverage -- the blood of animals is not what is meant. In a very rare and little-known book by Rabbi Chaim Wital, Ets-Chaim (XVII Century), we read that "the murder of goys and the drinking of their blood increases the holiness of Israel for the Jews."

What must be appreciated is the nature of Judaism itself. As many have begun to perceive, Judaism has a sort of Siamese twin relationship with 'anti-Semitism,' and it is the kind of Siamese twinship in which the two entities are conjoined at vital organs -- which renders their separation an impossibility, which, if it were performed, would doom them both. As a culture, the Jewish people have not produced any science, technology, art, or writing (aside from the Talmud, the Jewish scriptures, and other religious works). They have performed well -- sometimes brilliantly -- in the arts and sciences of Aryan culture, but the Jewish race itself -- and it is a race or sub-race/taxon -- has never created a specifically Jewish art or science of any kind. This, indeed, makes it unique. Its own sense of identity is so bound up with a sense of being chosen, of being not only superior to all other peoples, but a different order of being entirely. Not only this, but the central meaning of human (i.e. Jewish only) life and even of the Universe itself is inseparably related to the existence of the Jews and of their enemies, the goyim. In 1994, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the 'Lubavitcher Rebbe,' and leader of the Chabad sect of Hasidim, died. This man -- who had received countless honors, testimonials, etc. from heads of state and who had followers throughout the world, who had enormous influence in 'Israel,' and who was regarded as the Messiah by his disciples and as a paragon of humanitarianism by many in the Gentile world -- had this to say about why non-Jews are allowed to exist:

         [...] the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of
         [members] of all nations of the world.... A non-Jew’s entire reality is only vanity. It
         is written, ‘And the strangers shall guard and feed your flocks’ (Isaiah 61:5). The entire
[of a non-Jew] exists only for the sake of the Jews...
         [Excerpt from Allan C. Brownfeld's review of Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky, Jewish
         Fundamentalism in Israel
, Pluto Press, London, 1999.].

As readers will discover, this Schneerson was a member of a famous dynasty of Jews, each of which succeeded in turn to the position of Zaddik -- holy man -- of the Chabad Hasidim. The Propasphere face of the Hasidim -- that presented to the public -- is that of a group of 'fools for God,' who sing and pray their way through the day and eschew worldly pleasures. The reality is very different. Several prominent Hasidim have been convicted of large swindles (of course, by Talmudic logic, Jews are only required to deal uprightly with other Jews); the ultra-Orthodox/Orthodox Jews enjoy what amounts to control of the world diamond market -- hardly an 'unworldly' endeavor. In addition, no fewer than three of Schneerson's direct forebears were implicated in various ritual-murders, including the Beilis case (1911).

Another feature of the religion is that there are degrees of access to knowledge; for a long time before the Talmud was written down, its core existed as oral law; in Judaism, the oral law is at least co-equal to the written law, and is sometimes viewed as superior to it. Beyond the Talmud itself, there is the Cabbala, which is really a system of magic, with esoteric rituals, many of which exist only as oral tradition and which have never been committed to writing.

Schramm completed his book in 1941. The future must have seemed hopeful due to the early military victories of Germany, and before Britain proved to be intransigent and America became involved in the war. Schramm writes as one utterly convinced of the truth of what he is saying, and he makes no pretense at 'objectivity' -- for him, the case for JRM has been proved beyond doubt.

After having read the entire work, I find that I disagree in some minor points with Schramm's views:

1. I believe that some (although fewer than one might think!) cases of alleged JRM were garden-variety 'regular' murders -- although not any of the cases which Schramm chose to explore at chapter length.
2. I do not believe that the practice of JRM was quite as common as Schramm believes it to have been. But we must also keep in mind that the situation in Europe and Asia Minor vis-a-vis the Jews was radically different during the first decades of the 20th century. Jewish communities were unimaginably more insular and more traditional than is the case today for any but the most ultra-Orthodox Jews.
3. I believe that the practice of JRM was waning even during the last decade or so of the 19th century, that it continued to do so after the turn of the century, and that, if it still exists today, it exists as a very rare phenomenon.

I believe that, as concerns JRM, there has been a process of forgetting, deliberate only in the sense that it is purposeful and not in the sense of having been consciously invoked, by Jewry. This mechanism, I think, is not so very different from the process of creation of the gas chamber/ 6-million-died myth of the 'Holocaust' -- it's a rearrangement and distortion of what actually happened in the (perceived) interests of Jewry.

In the final analysis, the reason why I have performed this translation is that I see a 1984-like surgery being performed on History; this is, of course, not restricted to the topic of the 'Holocaust' and related subjects, but is interposing a distorting lens between the present and the past -- a lens which skews and warps one people and one people only: non-Jewish Whites. In fact, something much more profound than a simple distortion is taking place. The historical sense itself is being destroyed. This is, in part, a result of the notions of Modernism and Progress, which sees all that came before the present as prelude, which views the past of any era as if it were a Hollywood costume drama -- in other words, a way of seeing the world (for the past is an inescapable part of the world) as a fashion statement, no more, no less. The real tragedy of our times, concurrent with and connected to the threat to White racial survival, is this robbing of life of its depth and contact with Nature, and its reduction to an entirely derivative and artificial experience of the lowest common denominator.

Acknowledgements . . .

I would like to thank researcher Mark Farrell for assisting me in this difficult project. His help has been invaluable in finding other pertinent information regarding this subject.

It seems that this topic has again resurfaced, thanks to Dr. Schramm's book now having been translated, and other efforts as well. In particular, among these efforts to renew the research into the topic of Jewish occult murder is a new and highly controversial video tape about Jewish ritual murder by Worldwide Revisionist News & Views, entitled Human Sacrifice among the Fanatical Hasidic Jews and Other Cults from Ancient Times to the Present.

Many people have praised this video effort. Dr. Ed Fields of the newspaper The Truth at Last has called this video "a real breakthrough." Harrell Rhome, M.Div., Ph.D., said that "this fast-paced documentary," which is nearly 2 hours long, is "virtually irrefutable, and is most educational." Rev. Dr. Matthew F. Hale (J.D.) says that "this is an excellent video demonstrating without question that the accusation of Jewish ritual-murder is indeed true."

This video is available from the following address for $25.00 including shipping and handling:

Eagle Publications
POB 6303
Corpus Christi TX 78466-6303.

There are other recent efforts to stop this cruel and extremely vicious act from occurring by revealing its nature as well. For instance, Michael Hoffman wrote about this in an article that appeared in one of his newsletters. Syrian Defense minister, attorney, and Dr. (of History) Moustafa Tlass has published a book in English called The Matzo of Zion [*], which may be available shortly. The book Blood Ritual, another investigative study into this matter by Philip DeVier, Ph.D., has recently been published, and is available through the National Alliance.

In the Russian language, linguist Vladimir Dal's book Notes about the Ritual Murders, has recently been republished, which may be available soon in English. Also in Russian, Yuri Vorobyevsky's Path to the Apocalypse, Vol. III, has an interesting chapter about ritual murder as well. A new Web site -- http://www.RitualMurder.org [] -- also describes many such incidents. In short, efforts to reveal this phenomenon and stop this terribly vicious act from occurring are taking place more every day across the globe.

R. Belser
December, 2001

[* Available at http://www.jrbooksonline.com/jgei.htm#moz. - JR, 4/19/06.]

[ No longer active.  See gentileworld.com.  - JR, 4/14/04.  Also not active; see  - JR, 4/19/06.]

To Jewish Ritual-Murder : a Historical Investigation


* The Propasphere is every facet of public life -- educational institutions, the media, government, churches, entertainment -- as a complete and seamless system of propaganda, with each part reinforcing the message of the others. As such, the great and profound effectiveness of this sphere of deception lies in the fact that it is perceived as reality itself. It is a world of surfaces only - of verbal and non-verbal cues, of inferences, innuendos, and it makes use of one of the key behavioral levers in the psychology of most people: the fear of the contempt or disapproval of others. For example, the 'correct' attitude toward: interracial dating (trendy and 'cool'); the Jews and 'Israel' (innocent victims always and to be supported unequivocally and without limit); toward the White race (the 'cancer of the human race') -- is conveyed continually and relentlessly by television. The context in which these messages appear may run the gamut from situation comedy, dramatic series, talk show, or even a sporting event; whatever the venue, the globalist, NWO, anti-White, pro-Zionist ethos is omnipresent as the 'default setting' like a carrier wave.

Because of its masquerade as reality in the public sphere, it is simultaneously incorporated into private life. Television, by its property of literally bringing public life into the center of private life (i.e., the living room, bedroom, or kitchen), by the fact that it is present almost universally in every home and actually provides a sort of 'white noise' background for daily life -- and by the fact that it is a highly visual medium, has an innate tendency to atrophy the active mental processes -- analysis, synthesis, and imagination and to supply a homogeneous Weltanschauung. To an astonishing degree, the images which accompany thought are the images provided by television; the catch- words, rationales, etc. -- even the conversational exchanges of daily life -- follow a furrow already pre-plowed by those presented on television. In essence, an alarming percentage of the population is living a second-hand life within the parameters set by television.

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