Who Owned Hitler?

At the current time this question functions like a game of "Pass The Bad Penny".  The answer always depends very little on what really WAS.  The thesis is a function of who the author in question currently wishes to smear by means of implied guilt by association.  When evidence is lacking, as it almost always is, hearsay is freely introduced to fill the void.  This is usually accompanied by recycled early SWATKWP propaganda written in New York in the late 1930s-1940s under OSS and Jewish sponsorship.  Failing all else, theorists will invite their readers to assume Hitler shared identical beliefs with one or another of his subordinates who can be proven to profess the requisite heresy.

Once we examine this question from all sides we see the truth of the proverb, "Victory has a thousand fathers.  Defeat is an orphan."  What follows is a short survey of the range of Hitler Theological Positions that have been offered up over the decades.  Those interested in adhering to one or more of these Theologies of Hitler's Theology can search out the internet.

1.  Hitler was an orthodox Catholic.  This is a favorite modern theme of Rapture Cult Zionists and especially televitz Zionists masquerading as Christians.  The Babylonian Talmudists have also found great sport with this more recently.  Possibly they sense a big future payoff from the Pope's portfolio.

2.  Hitler was a rapid anti-Catholic and anti-clerical.  Martin Borman, who did think that way, is known to have worked hard trying and failed to obtain the Führer's imprimatur on such policies.

3.  Hitler was ferocious persecutor of all forms of Christianity.  This was the former Judeo-Communist line in 1945 at Nuremberg, where they were busy indicting Hitler and the Nazis for being ferocious anti-Christian persecutors.  It is now enshrined for all time in the proceedings of the International Military Tribunal.   Holocaustian Jews who now accuse Hitler of being a Catholic are themselves indulging in some Holocaust Denial according to the IMT verdicts.  To accomplish this indictment OSS Chief William Donovan brought back some atheist Jewish Marxists of the Frankfurt School.  At that time the Frankfurt School was mostly still in exile in New York where it was actively subverting American public morals and the nuclear family.

4.  Hitler was a New Age Pagan and occultist.   This is another favorite theme of  Fundamentali$t groups and some Babylonian Talmudists of the more Cabbalistic schools.    The major evidence offered up for this is Heinrich Himmler, certain elements of the S.S. and their traffic in Nordicist mysticism.  Himmler's New Age theosophist nurse wife and her dabblings in homeopathic medicine at least provide a patina of solid fact to clothe this theory.

5.  Hitler was a former homosexual prostitute in his Vienna days.  A Mr. Scott Lively, ostensible Christian and fellow traveler with anti-Christ Babylonian Talmudists, has popularized this view in his book 'The Pink Triangle'.  Ernst Rohm's known homosexuality is always brought out in support of this concept.

6.  Hitler was a Secret Jew probably fathered by a Rothschild.  This is highly popular with many groups, usually as a syncretist addition to other main propositions.

7.  Hitler was an atheist, evolutionist and Darwinist.  Creationists frequently hurl this charge.

8.  Hitler was a Creationist.  Evolutionists have sometimes made this accusation since Hitler said, "I truly believe I am defending the handiwork of the Lord...", outlawed abortion and pornography and generally pursued pro-German family social and economic policies.

9.  A less well known theme to the general public is Hitler as Odinist.  Despite the vacuum of evidence for this proposition it is a favorite among would-be white imitators of Moses and Mohammed.  We have also had Savitri Devi's parallel post-war view (available here on humble FAEM) of Hitler as a manifestation of the Hindu godhead.

What many, and probably most, people see in Adolf Hitler is what they choose to see.  Prior to SWATKWP many of these same theories were in vogue although they were often advocated by opposite groups from the ones who espouse them now.  Hitler was certainly a successful politician.  This means he didn't give needless offense by offering up gratuitous opinions on topics he considered unessential to his main mission.  In this line he operated similarly to George Washington, who as President also returned polite valedictory messages to the many opposite religious groups who wrote in to him seeking blessings, benedictions or public subsidies.


From FAEM.com, 12 March 2002