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Jews Must Live


Now and Forever

by Samuel Roth


It's tough being a Jew!




Rear cover blurb:

Samuel Roth (1893–1974) was a decades-long publisher of erotic materials and a plaintiff in Roth v. United States (1957), a key Supreme Court ruling on freedom of sexual expression. The minority opinion of that case, regarding redeeming social value as a criterion in obscenity prosecutions, became a template for the liberalizing First Amendment decisions in the 1960s. He was sued by James Joyce, tangled with T.S. Eliot and Ezra Pound, and was involved in the Alger Hiss embroglio.

Two books by Samuel Roth are presented here.

Jews Must Live: in full text and with all original illustrations (in contrast with a previous 1964 edition which had only half the book). Roth’s narrative forms a candid exposé of Jewish machinations, one that only results when a Jew has been sufficiently mistreated by others of his own kind. This testimony has now been given new life in the present publication.

Now and Forever: also in full text. In this strange little book, Roth discusses the state of Jewry with Israel Zangwill. Zangwill was a playwright who coined the phrase "melting pot" (it was the title of one of his plays). In the course of this dialogue, Zangwill admits to "600,000 Arabs" living in Palestine, who he said "must be expropriated, or, at least, submerged".

Also included are three related essays: one by Martin H. Glynn and two by Marcus Eli Ravage.

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On p. 176 of the new edition may be found the following quotation:  "I fancy that in Germany today many a Jew like him [a businessman] is paying heavily for just such experiments in the administration of the human spirits."  Stated in 1934. YES INDEED, MR. ROTH, YES INDEED!


Unlike certain other versions which can be found on Amazon and elsewhere, this version has all typos corrected, full-size illustrations and another whole book, Now and Forever, also included in full text.

This version from JR comes from the fellow who originally scanned the whole book (and Now and Forever) and made it available on the Web. Others "Web harvested" it from me.


Free files. These were the files "harvested" to produce the bogus printed version being hawked today:

Jews Must Live

Originally published in 1934 (New York: The Golden Hind Press, Inc.), 319 pp.  First reprinted in 1964, but with 5 chapters mysteriously taken out and with further abridgment of text in chapter IV.  I'm not aware of a full reprint ever being done.  As far as I know, the version presented below, proofread from an original 1st edition, is the only complete and accurate version of Jews Must Live available on the Web.  -JR 7/9/05











Facsimile graphic of original T.o.C.

Frontispiece Illus.

I.      PROLOGUE: THE GENESIS OF JEW-HATRED                          11   
II.     THE JEW-HATRED OF GENESIS   [DOC version]                    25    Illus.
IV.     JEW-HATRED AS A NATURAL INSTINCT                             55 Illus.
V.      LEOLOM TICKACH: ALWAYS TAKE                                  69    Illus.
VI.     THE BRINGING-UP OF THE LITTLE JEW                            85    Illus.
VIII.   THE JEW IN BUSINESS                                         111    Illus.
IX.     JUDAISM IS NOT A MISFORTUNE TO THE JEWS ALONE               127    Illus.
X.      THE JEW AS A LAWYER                                         143    Illus.
XI.     THE JEW AS A PHYSICIAN                                      161    Illus.
XII.    THE JEW AND THE LAND                                        175    Illus.
XIII.   THE LIFE AND DEATH OF WILLIAM FARO   [DOC version]          189    Illus.
XIV.    THE JEWS, THE THEATRE AND THE WOMAN MARKET                  223    Illus.
XVI.    FAREWELL TO JUDAS   [DOC version]                           255    Illus.
[DOC version]      289    Illus.

BOLD RED - Chapters completely missing from the 1964 "re-published" edition.
* Features restored text (6 pages worth, in blue in the file).


We can only speculate as to why these chapters were taken out.  The first two may have been "offensive" to "traditional" Christians (to include the text missing from ch. IV), but the rest remains a mystery.  "The Life and Death of William Faro" gets to the whole purpose of the book: that fellow Jews had cheated Roth, who wrote the book (exposing Jewish practices) in retaliation.  "Farewell to Judas" is an interesting account of his adventures aboard a cruise ship, during which Roth found his true self, while the Appendix includes two rare literary works:  "The Jew", originally an article in Voltaire's Dictionnaire Philosophique but expurgated from most editions, and a full English translation of Heinrich Heine's "Disputation".  Incidentally, "Disputation" is referred to in "Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin", f/n 67 (f/n 70, 1999 ed.).


Note:  The expurgation of Roth's book is mentioned by Dr. Revilo P. Oliver in his essay "The Enemy of Our Enemies", Part II, f/n 29 and 70.  See LINKS.



              A Roth "mug shot"                                          Testifying before a Senate subcommittee


"The next time you read about a particularly bloody pogrom and pause to wonder how Christians, dedicated to a religion of mercy, can exercise so much brutality against the Jews, remember that the Jew wheedles all the mercy out of his neighbors in the ordinary course of business. He lies and cheats until he is caught. When caught, instead of accepting punishment, he moans and tears his hair, invokes the sores of ancestors in their graves and living relations at the point of death in hospitals, until the wronged gentile, nauseated, lets him go. Then, thumbing his nose at the gentile behind his back, the Jew goes about his business the same way, lying and cheating now doubly to make up for lost time. A pogrom is usually the climax of years of such relentless goading. Do you wonder that when the final reckoning comes the gentile is absolutely merciless?"

            --  Samuel Roth, Jews Must Live, Ch. 13, p. 206, f/n 31 [expurgated chapter]


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Now and Forever A Conversation with Israel Zangwill (New York: Robert M. McBride & Co., 1925), 156 pp.  Another "by Jews, for Jews" special, from the Memory Hole.  The tone of works such as this is quite different from what is presented in the media for general (i.e., "gentile") consumption.

A strange little book I picked up.  Samuel Roth discusses the state of Jewry with Israel Zangwill.  Zangwill was a playwright who coined the phrase "melting pot" (it was the title of one of his plays) and who wrote a standard "refutation" of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  It deals with how Jews see themselves -- and how they think others see them.  It's amusing to see two Jews pretending to be "against" one another in a debate ("an imaginary conversation", says Roth in Jews Must Live, near the beginning of ch. I) -- like two ants from the same anthill.  All the extreme arrogance and subjectivity of Jews is displayed here.  Jews are distinctive in the world in raising such things to near hallucinogenic levels.  Compare with Hosmer and Marcus Eli Ravage.  Some of the most incredible (or oddly candid) statements I highlighted in red as I went thru' the text.  Jews say "we're special because we remember" -- their way of saying they institutionalize trans-generational ethnic hatred as a way of separating themselves from the rest of human society.

My favorite part -- Roth compares St. Paul with Trotsky!  He further says that Jews are the only real Christians, and that "Jesus preached of Jews and for Jews".  He says that Jesus despised the world (when he really just despised Jews -- but Jews are "the world", according to them:  all others are "not of Adam").  But we mustn't forget that this Problem is primarily an ethnic, and not a religious, one.

Note in the Preface, near the end of Part III, is that infamous "six million" figure again.  Now, remember The American Hebrew, October 31, 1919, article "The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!" by Martin Glynn, former Governor of New York State?  It promulgated the "holocaust" of "six million", with the phrase "six million" used no fewer than seven times.

Zangwill also admits to "600,000 Arabs" living in Palestine, who he said "must be expropriated, or, at least, submerged"; also, ". . . the fact that Palestine was not unoccupied", etc. in many places.  All this was being said in 1925!  My oh my, what these old books reveal . . . And just what was "expropriated" and "submerged" intended to mean?  One is reminded of the arguments over whether the German ausrottung (prominent in various National-Socialist documents of the '30s and '40s) means "uprooting" or "extermination" -- following the analysis of the exterminationists, one could just as easily claim that Zangwill meant that all the Arabs in Palestine should be exterminated!


Part 1.  Preface thru' Ch. 4

Part 2.  Ch. 5 to 9

Part 3.  Ch. 10 to 14

Part 4.  Ch. 15 to Conclusion


   "Zangwill--But surely there are homelier peoples than the Jews?

     Roth--Yes, Poles, Ukrainians, and Hungarians, but since they pretend to nothing, aspire to nothing, the world lets them go by without a word.  With us who have always the word beauty on our tongue it is different, for beauty is expected of us."  (p. 62)

    I'll leave it to psychologists to think that one thru'.  [Note:  for Americans, "homelier" means "uglier"].

Israel Zangwill

"Why are you so eager to count our losses, and so reluctant to count the losses of the enemy? Have not the Europeans suffered as much from the war as we have? While they pogrommed us did they not butcher one another? We lost lives, but they lost wealth which is not so easily replaced. Our gains in this war, I tell you, were greater and our losses proportionately smaller than those of the gentiles.

*    *    *    *    *

"In the meantime we Jews have gained freedom and a beautiful revenge. Oh, it was worth being pogrommed for. The government which strangled us writhes hopelessly in the dust of oblivion, the new government does not dare invoke the old anathemas. Where we were once the humbly persecuted we are to-day the majestic and relentless persecutors. They have not yet admitted us to the League of Nations? What would we do there--the only people on earth without a war-debt?"

            -- Samuel Roth, long before his Jews Must Live days.  (Now and Forever, Ch. 2)  The scales really drop from your eyes reading this stuff.  The Jews' performance after WW II was simply a continuation of what they did after WW I -- clear to those with eyes to see.

Along these lines see The First Holocaust: Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War One (2003) by Don Heddesheimer.  Quoting from a review of the book by Yancy Ames, "Heddesheimer establishes that despite much hand ringing over the real and alleged suffering that the bulk of the money for Jewish relief actually went to 'constructive undertakings' -- meaning such things as establishing cooperative banks in Poland, financing tradesmen and artisans and in particular -- promoting Jewish agricultural settlements. . . . many of these Jewish agricultural colonies were Zionist in nature and were intended as training centers for eventual transfer to Palestine."  So there you have it.  Also, "All of the post World War Two charges of virtual annihilation of Eastern Jewry are presented in the past World War One claims of the impending starvation of 'six million'.  The only significant distinction is the addition of the 'gassing claims' 25 years later."  Yes, but even that came from WW I propaganda: During the war, the claim was that the evil Austrians and Bulgarians (with German help) had "gassed 700,000 Serbs" (ref.  the London Daily Telegraph, March 22, 1916, page 7).  This was transferred to WW II via the London Daily Telegraph, June 25, 1942, page 5, where "Serbs" was simply changed to "Jews", then subsequently to the 1944 U.S. "War Refugee Board Report", after briefly appearing then disappearing from the records of the British Foreign Office in August 1943.  (David Irving, in his introduction to The Leuchter Report: The First Forensic Examination of Auschwitz, states that reports of gassings were broadcast by the BBC starting in June 1942 due to the machinations of the Psychological Warfare Executive.  This was in the very same month as the Daily Telegraph article noted above.)

Propaganda is an amazing thing.  It's just used then casually thrown away, to be forgotten, like old newsprint that's performed its duty catching bird droppings.  Once safely in the background, it may then be recycled.


For the 6,000,000 cult -- The 1898 best-selling novel, War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells, mentioned that "six-million" "human beings" were "gassed to death" by the evil Martians. The novel was made into a 1938 radio broadcast by the famous actor Orson Welles. The New Jersey "UFO landing" as announced, scared millions of New Jersey residents out of their skins.  -- faem.com, 3/28/00, typos corrected



"Fanny Brice cut off her nose to spite her race." -- Dorothy


"Idiocy and imbecility are found comparatively more often among Jews than among non-Jews... The Mongolian type of idiocy is also very frequently observed among Jews... Among the Jews the proportion of insane has been observed to be very large... Jews are more liable to acute psychoses of early age than are non-Jews." (The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. VI, (1904), pp. 556, 603-04).

"The Jews are more subject to diseases of the nervous system than the other races and peoples among which they dwell. Hysteria and neurasthenia appear to be most frequent. Some physicians of large experience among the Jews have even gone so far as to state that most of them are neurasthenic and hysterical." (The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. IX, (1905), p. 225).

Robertsez -- This is not surprising as race-mixing always produces flotsam and jetsam. The nice thing is that most of the wacky jews are never confined to asylums. They become psychiatrists who view sanity as a form of dementia and charge the goyim big bucks to be told they are looney. Others get elected, and appointed, to high positions in the government. If you can handle that tidbit, then you'll be able to see the direction of this failed Republic.

The bottom question is, who are the more crazy? The jews or the morons who allow them to direct their lives?

From faem.com, 13 May 2003