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Race and Reason - A Yankee View

by Carleton Putnam

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Race and Reality - A Search for Solutions

by Carleton Putnam

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Carleton Putnam


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Race and Reason

by Carleton Putnam

Whole book on PDF.


Race and Reality

by Carleton Putnam


This is the complete text as published in Cape Canaveral, Florida by Howard Allen, 1980.  Copyright 1967 by Carleton Putnam.  This is the sequel to Race and Reason.  Access PDF of whole book at bottom.

It's one of the best books about race ever written for everyday people.  To continue with building your knowledge, also see Race by Dr. John R. Baker, Race, Evolution and Behavior by Dr. J. Philippe Rushton and The Bell Curve by Murray & Herrnstein.


Introductory material

Midnight in Maine

The Fantasy

The Facts

The Day in Court

Decisions—On and Off the Record

Point Counter-Point

Vista at Daybreak



Whole book on PDF.


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