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"Which Way Am I Spinning?" --

Debunking the Nazi "Backwards Swastika" Myth



By                       JR's Rare Books and Commentary           





1.  From The Migration of Symbols [and their Relations to Beliefs and Customs] by Donald A. MacKenzie, Alfred A. Knopf, NY, 1926, p. 3:






2.  From The Migration of Symbols by the Count Goblet d'Alviella, University Books, NY, 1956; facsimile reprint of the edition published at Westminster, 1894, p. 60 (facing):






Also from (2.), after p. xxiii.  Note that introduction contributor George Birdwood expressly describes a non-Nazi swastika as "sinister" = left-hand.  As a  consequence, the opposite (Nazi) type must be dextroverse = right-hand.  He also calls the left-hand suwastika at bottom "inauspicious", i.e., unfavorable:






Also from (2.), p. 32.  On p. 40, d'Alviella says, "In India it [the gammadion] bears the name of swastika, when its arms are bent towards the right (Fig. 14a)":