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a1007 7 October 2000

As race-mixing increases and the population gets darker, more and more people are calling themselves "White". If you want to see what is passing for White these days, got to your Post Office and look at the Wanted posters. It seems to be a blightwing vision defect -- if it ain't jet Black, then it's White. If you don't know what a non-White or even a jew looks like, then it's time you stopped talking about things you cannot recognize.
Somewhere, I've been told, there's a Yuriy Kirienko look-alike in the photo album about the jews under Stalin. His name is Frenkel and it's on the Rimland - Zündel something or the other page. Yuriy, if you'll remember, is the lad who says only Russians are Aryans and that all of the Nazis were jews. My childhood Odessa sweetheart Ina -- all through my wild days, my mad existence -- is now operating out of the state of Tennessee. I'd give you her address if I had it since you might be interested in buying some of her books.
Such are some of the T-shirts displayed in  the July 29, 2000 issue of Saturday Night magazine. It apparently is faddish in the German branch of the Juden Reich for young people to take the position of "it's cool to be jewish". As Eric warned, the hebes would saturate the German population with "holocaust" guilt propaganda until they could no longer tell up from down. Some of this "I wanna be a jew" nonsense is pure psychological reaction to falsehoods perceived as truth, but there is a far more dangerous reaction waiting in the future. That will be when the world of the European wakes up and finds that they were made into a batch of suckers. I wouldn't want to be a jew when that day arrives -- and make no mistake, it will. (We all know what a wigger is and the webe is the jew parallel.)  Any intelligent farm hand knows that if you manage to warp the natural inclinations of the animals, you create a very dangerous cocktail which will someday blow up in your face. This is the cause of much violent behavior on the part of Blacks in our society. They have been lied to relative to their abilities and expectations and when these fail to materialize, they lash out. The jew, while pretending to be a helping hand to the Black people, is only using them as a battering ram against the people they historically hate with a perverted passion -- White people. Many Black Muslims know this properly, but they also realize that, for the present, they can do nothing. The silly young Germans -- most of them female accompanied by males with lace drawers -- will soon learn that "enough about the past" will not happen. The "holocaust" propaganda intensifies on a weekly basis -- it's 50 years old! -- with each episode more ludicrous than the last. Sooner or later, even the mentally retarded will see what is going on. Jews, never really able to to catch on to the real world -- their mixed blood having destroyed natural instinct -- will be "coming out of the closet" at an ever increasing pace little realizing that all of the goyim behavior they induced with their propaganda, is only skin deep for BLOOD WILL TELL in the next great battle. Just as Blacks have been trained, and bribed, into acting like White people, so have White people been trained to view jews as something special, something forever persecuted. Like the monkeys trained to smoke cigars and ride bicycles, the whole act collapses once peanuts and bananas are tossed upon the stage. When that time comes, Nature will provide a robust and intelligent young man who will serve as the standard bearer of the new White people. At present, one is foolish indeed if he believes that any of the book-sellers, copyright loons, alarmists, "true jews", criminal sects, "I am your leader" types and slogan peddlers of the present "blightwing" will be left standing, for they did not belong to the past, are misfits in the present and they certainly do not belong to the future.

After being arrested, Dashawn Thomas -- species not mentioned -- was asked why he took a bus for 16 miles to seek out a girl to rape. The missing link replied, "Doze white uns, deys sweeta and dey squeel mo." Gotta give him credit for good taste.
During the phony oil crisis of 1973, the professional gougers took the opportunity to TRIPLE the natural fuel gas price in the northeast. Now, OPEC is being blamed for the anticipated 30 percent increase in the natural gas price for this coming winter. It all makes sense to me. If carrots get scarce, simply raise the price of turnips. If He didn't want them sheared, He wouldn't have made them sheep.
The "Russian mafia" is about as Russian as Clint Eastwood is Chinese.

This handsome but dangerous specimen of race-mixing was called Karl Radek. He was one of the hundreds of jews behind Stalin. His eyes apparently wander independently as do those of a chameleon. Notice the chicken-like eyelids which come from Asiatic genes. The frizzy hair shows the Negro admixture as do the fat lips. One need not profile the nose. This my friends, is the sort of biped God "chose" to be a "special people". Maybe at the time of choosing He was high on angel dust.

"In regard to Mr. Charles, the jury found him guilty; I sentenced him; and he was well hung"
"That may be well and good, your Honor, but was he executed?"
In order to do algebra, one must understand the fundamentals of arithmetic. In order to understand today's politics, one must also have an understanding of basics.

In the main, there are 3 classes of Americans: (A) The rich ruling class, (B) the productive working middle class and (C) the underclass of parasites and dead beats. The class A modus operandi consists of taxing class B, directly or indirectly, to support their extravagant life styles and to subsidize class C which is useful to the extent that their votes keep class A in power. Class B supports the whole shebang.

Class A has two names: (1) Republican and (2) Democrat. They are both self-serving. Most people align themselves with one of those parties. Republicans prefer to be fleeced where the greater part of their wool goes to class A, while Democrats prefer most of their mutton to go to class C. In either case, class A makes sure its pantries are full due to the efforts of class B. Class B is composed of a strange set of ducks. Although professing the opposite, they enjoy having their hard earned money squandered on the blood-suckers, whether in class A or in class C. They call it "being American" or "doing God's work" but Karl Marx called it something else.

Class A exists in all lands and their greed does not stop at some geographical boundary. They smile and nod at each other while agreeing to cooperate when dividing up the spoils. The fact is that each secretly plots to have the whole Golden Goose to himself. In America, and most of Europe, the Anglo types work hand in hand with the jewish types to secure this end. Once success is achieved, each of the two will attempt to eliminate the other. Their plans will come to naught since they are overlooking a couple of weighty factors: (1) class B cannot be looted forever and (2) class C is growing faster than maggots on a decaying carcass. Sooner or later, class A will recognize that it will have to turn to class B in order to survive, that is,  in the manner of  kings. Class B, by this time, will have caught on to where all of their hard-earned money is going. Class C will point the finger at class A and class A will point the finger at class C. Class C will lose of course since most people associate parasites with disease -- a justifiable surmise. Class A will then seek all of its votes from class B and necessarily cater to them. At the present time, class B splits their votes thus effectively neutralizing themselves and thereby, de facto, allowing class C to call the shots as to what we shall call class A -- Republican or Democrat.

Class B could be easily used to stop the invasion from Mexico. No additional border guards or expensive surveillance would be necessary. A simple public announcement that $5,000 would be paid for every mestizo scalp, lifted from one caught crossing the border, which is Priority Mailed to Hillary's P.O. Box 69. Genghis Khan had the right idea: "Join me or die."

In the meantime, class B won't bother to think about things very much. His type has demonstrated this throughout the ages. He'll plod along day by day stealing a little from his employer and cheating a little on his spouse. Although never experiencing life in another time or other country, he rests unsoundly assured that his mediocre can in planted in "the best country on earth".

Since burning the American flag is considered an expression of 'free speech', couldn't we include the Commander in Chief, and the entire Congress, to be in the same category?
I support the NRA with as much money as I can safely part with. Here's why. I own no firearms. Never did. They are nothing I have a use for, at least for the present. I don't go hunting and I had all of the target practice I ever needed while in the Army. I was a consistent, on the '200', sharpshooter and recently at the Civilian's Police Academy, I scored second highest in a pistol match (only one round landed outside the bull's eye) even though I haven't fired a weapon in over 40 years and never fired a handgun previously.

If you want to possess firearms, then I support that. I believe it to be very Constitutional. I dislike the yoyos who get delight in laying waste to critters unfortunate enough to be in their sights. Using gophers, horses, stray cows, dogs, cougars, etc. just for target practice, upsets me to a great degree. But all societies have their share of callous nitwits. It's also sad when some deranged pisspot goes to a Burger King, or his school, and uses others for his target practice. I do not view this as the fault of the inanimate object called a "gun", but of an undisciplined brat who would have benefited by a good ass warming early in his life. My dad kept an unlocked gun cabinet containing boxes of ammunition , 1 revolver, 1 shotgun and 2 rifles. At times, dad would let us squeeze off a few rounds from the semi-automatic rifle. My brother loved to shoot the 45-70 Civil War rifle but when I saw how far his shoulder moved when he pulled the trigger, I usually chickened out.

As kids, we often peeked through the glass door of the cabinet, but the thought of opening it and touching what we were admonished not to, never entered our minds. Neither did we call our mother a "stupid bitch" as many, many kids do today. We requested things from our parents. We never demanded them or felt that we had some God-given right to do as we damned well pleased -- something which is usually supported today, especially in the "one parent" non-home. Parents, teachers, and adults in general, were always people to be heeded -- and they cooperated and supported each other. A teacher's request found a backup in the person of my father. Alas, this is no longer a society run by men, much less White men. 

"We" have a huge budget surplus, so the political liars tell us. We have a huge national debt, the same liars yodel. My question is this: If both are true, then how can we claim to be prosperous? Suppose my rich aunt Bessie dies and leaves me $10,000 which I hide in the pot under my bed. Hurrah! Hurrah! I have a SURPLUS of $10,000. Ain't life grand? In my supposed K-Mart desk, I have a book record of the $28,132.16 which I owe on credit cards -- too many dates with Irene. The bottom line is that I am IN DEBT to the tune of $18,132.16 so how in hell is that anything to celebrate?

Suppose that each week I take my $216 paycheck and put it into the bank. Suppose that I pay all of my bills with a credit card. At the end of the year I have $11,232 in the bank. Whoopee -- I am rich! I have a SURPLUS. I am prosperous. Also at the end of the year, I owe $16,172 on my credit card (national) debt. I am in the hole $4,940 but yet feel rich and prosperous because of the balance in my bank account. What kind of a brain comes up with this conclusion?

This small rented apartment has 4 rooms. Living room, kitchen, bedroom and a catch-all room. I owe no money on the 1990 Ford which I drive. I own a canoe and a genuine Hop-Along Cassidy cereal bowl. I have about $300 cash in the desk and about $2200 in a checking account. I have NO credit card debt or any other kind of debt. I am sad sack poor.

Across the street from where I used to live, is put-out Katie. She has a $89,000 balance on her mortgage. She makes payments on her shack-up partner's boat AND trailer. She makes payments on her 1998 BMW. The two often take credit card financed excursions in the Caribbean. Recently, they just 'purchased' a snow mobile to store along side of their financed high-powered water sled. Now, they are discussing the 'purchase' of a $185,000 in a 'better' part of town. Katie and Bruce are rich and prosperous. Just look at the proof! I buy my $10 pants at Haband. Bruce buys his $90 pants at Franci's. I pay cash. Bruce adds to his credit card debt.

It's like the girl on the TV ad who exclaims, "I not only have a new Chevy, but I also have credit!" Sorry babe. You now drive a new Chevy and have debt. With this odd logic of prosperity, it's no wonder "progress" seems to be getting us nowhere.

A liar always knows where the truth is hidden. A hypocrite soon begins to believe his lies.
       Hic niger es; hunc tu, Romane, caveto.
   (He is black, beware of him, Roman.)
The debate between Dr. Mathis and Mr. Thomson will end with a final response from Dr. Mathis.
It takes intelligence to recognize when a situation is serious by not hopeless.

It takes wisdom to recognize when a situation is hopeless but not serious.
White people ARE a minority in this country. Anyone who disagrees with this has an odd definition of what "White" means. The real problems for Whitey will begin when his status is announced officially.
As crowding increases so will the shortages of basic necessities. With crowding comes disease. TB is on the rise; syphilis is endemic and the mestizos are enlarging the AIDS pool. 'Immigrants' are adding more and more exotic diseases to the mix and there will never be any "health care" pie-in-the-sky to make things better. The Law of Mass Action insures that all of our problems will increase at a faster rate. 
I've known Eric Thomson
for years and have never seen him angry about anything.. Always mild mannered, he finds much humor in our decaying social circus. We both find humor in many things. For instance, I am currently reviewing the 1914 book, Elementary Plane Geometry by Baker -- a course designed for those who intend to terminate their education at grade 8. As I turn each tired page, I laugh aloud since the material seems to be written for our "college" students.

It's been down, down, down since the forced integration of the Negro species which started steam rolling in the late 1950s. Algebra, which was supposed to be a generalized arithmetic utilizing its own brand of symbols, is apparently not taught anymore without being "relevant" to calorie counting and super market discounts. Arithmetic becomes a variety of key pressing and many graduate engineers still believe that Pi is 22/7. No one wanted niggers to fail so standards had to be lowered -- penguins cannot fly -- which resulted in average White "C" students getting "A"s. This, with the encouragement of airhead moms all believing that their Jennys and Jerrys were beautiful, talented geniuses, led to a remarkable phenomenon -- arrogant ignorance. The age of the know nothing ego maniac had arrived.

The greater disaster in education is placing people in courses for which they are inadequately prepared or for which they have no ability to fathom. No one objects to the fact that dwarfs do not end up on basketball teams, or the blind becoming airline pilots. They do object to banning the poorly talented from courses which they THINK they can handle and/or are interested in. Mommy doesn't want to say "no" to her twerp and daddy cannot tolerate an insult to his genes. At bottom, education has been reduced to a belief that memory alone will carry the day and that the more one pays for seat time, the "better" the education is.

When this country was a country and not a picnic grounds for parasites and criminals, the education system operated mainly on merit, as did the military where officers had IQs above 118. Merit and nigwogs are not compatible. To make a stone age people of a different species appear to be White people with melanin problems, you have to trash merit. When merit goes it carries much with it and the current clamor for "merit" is yet that -- clamor -- political hot air pollution. It's far more important to make every piece of useless humanity happy than it is to make things work properly. Hitler tried to put a people into overdrive and the hordes descended with all of their pent-up rage and sewer hate. 

I often point out the fundamental, and unalterable, difference between the feminine and masculine point of view. When a sheep herder finds the den of the wolf pack which has been feasting upon his sheep, he hesitates not when it comes to killing the pups. A woman is horrified at this prospect and if given the power, she'll put a stop to it. Women are notoriously short-sighted in all aspects. In far too many of our "families", the role of the male is little other than the bread provider. Mom runs the show and the kids run mom. If a man objects forcibly, he is accused of "abuse". If he objects in a polite manner, mom simply wanders off and spreads her knees elsewhere. After all, nooky always goes to the highest bidder.
The Jethro Gazette, Yakima, WA, September 2000

After a very careful examination of the past several years of our Federal Government, I think this is a very good time to declare a temporary moratorium on the office of the Presidency of the United States.

I say this not with a political bias or position, but as a citizen who has looked at our last few Presidents and the candidates presently milling around the country. I think we have a problem and need a respite to take a long look at the office.

Let's just leave the office of the President and Vice President vacant for the next four years and take a deep breath. The Congress of the United States can muddle along for four years without the inspired(?) leadership(?) of the Executive Office. Let's take a look at the advantages....

First, of course, we do away with the Presidential veto. All the veto does is irritate the hell out of a number of people, cause the Congress to go back into session and waste more time, translated into spending vast amounts of taxpayer's dollars, attempting to overturn the veto. And then there is the time element of the Congress going through all the voting motions, etc., originally just to have the President veto whatever they passed to begin with. I hear a money toilet flushing off in the distance.

The White House can then be used exclusively for it's main purpose, which is as a motel for heavy party donators. There is already a plan to change the name of the Lincoln bedroom to the Mao Tse Tung Room. All that has to be done is to hire a concierge, put in a little desk with a bell for the "boy", and the White House B&B is in business. I'm sure the present staff will appreciate the increase in pay as reflected in potential tips. For darn sure they'll be dealing with a better class of people.

Then we have maintenance and staffing of all the Air Force One aircraft. This includes a number of aircraft, fixed wing and helicopter, that could be used to bolster up the sad state of airline travel in this country. Major bucks saved here.

And, consider the Secret Service. No longer do we have the need for a Presidential security detail. Not only do we save a lot of money on unnecessary security, but those same people could be put into a profit making mode by writing parking tickets around Washington D.C. I know there's a lot of Secret Service men and women who would get a deep thrill out of having Washington Press Pool vehicles towed into the impound yard.

Which brings up the point of giving Sam Donaldson, Roberts, Russert, and the rest of the Washington reporters something constructive to do .... like reporting on the weather in Illinois. Meaningful stuff for a change.

The White House Travel Office would be closed down since there would be no need for travel arrangements to be made for people who aren't there. And it would save the new First Lady the onerous chore of firing them all and the taxpayers paying for the subsequent investigation.

Which moves me right to the next big savings ... the office of the Investigative Counsel. This appointment and investigation normally starts the same time as the swearing in ceremony for the new President. We're talking very deep pockets here. Lots of Washington lawyer employment. Billable hours peg out the taxpayer meter here. What would happen if we just called it quits for four years? Well, I think we would find that the Federal Government would be just as screwed up, but at a far cheaper rate. We would antagonize just as many foreign countries, but without the fancy dinners at the White House and the expense paid vacations at Camp David.

Which brings up one last point..all the fancy uniformed military at the White House would go back to their original employment concept or move into civilian jobs as doormen at high priced hotels.

I see nothing but benefits from some Presidential breathing space. In fact, after a four year look of running this country without a President we just might start looking at some other freeloaders who have both feet in the public trough.

Who knows, the idea might just catch on. You know, the original concept was that the government was supposed to work for us.

Terence Sexton

"Woah, woahh what a hoss race, what a hoss race!" "Split decision." "Closest race in 40 years."

And people actually believed the above headlines today, too. I watched the Great Oktober Lie Fest (more or less forced to) since my son had an assignment.

Yeah, what a "close horse race". I guess virtually everyone has forgotten how the party elites selected these candidates in smoke- free Perrier filled rooms far ahead of the "primary season". When the remnant thinking section of America went agape, two false front opponents suddenly appeared in the persons of Bradley and McCain. Both came equipped with self-destruct devices timed to detonate after one month.

But we gotta sell those newspapers and advertising. And God forbid anyone look around and listen to outsiders like Harry Browne, Buchanan, or Nader, each of whom separately has more going on upstairs than the Bore Brothers do put together. What a two party system.

It's the Big Oil South American Cocaine Party versus the International Finance Monopoly Opium Party. Still, there is room for an upset by a third force. That's Hillary's Lesbian Mafia. With her lead in New York increasing, Hillary and her buddies will probably resume their hobby of tossing banana peels in front of Al Gore, as they did all Spring and early Summer. The obvious cui bono is to give Senator Hillary a clear field in 2004. That's the real "Third Party" at work this year dividing the vote, this time in Skull & Bones Bush's favor. The Zionists are neutralized since no matter who wins, they do. Consequently the 'balancing power' has passed into other hands. What are Hillary's many friends doing to subtlety sabotage Al? Here's a sampling:

--- Take Al Gore's 'Environmental River Canoe Ride Photo Op'. A day later word 'leaked' out of Carolyn Browner's EPA that Nature Boy paddled down Ole Man River on several hundred million gallons of specially released reservoir water.

--- Fomer Gore manager Tony Coelho's Diplomatic Financial Scandals, courtesy of Madeline Albright and the State Department.

--- "Alien" in Miami, courtesy of the Department of Justice, Carol Meissner (INS) and Uncle Janet Reno herself.

--- Midwest Battleground States' Summer Fuel Price Spike. It subsequently emerged the $2.50 gas in the Midwest in June and July was the result of EPA gasohol requirements specially formulated for the key Midwest States by Carolyn Browner.

--- Representative Sanchez schedules the Playboy Mansion for a Democrack fundraiser during the Democratic Convention. One listened for and failed to hear Squawk One from the old Feminist hens.

--- Chinese Fund Raising Water Torture. Not a week passes without a reminder from a Department of Justice task force that Gore is in the pay of Chinese spymasters. None of these probes ever go anywhere except Page One, but that's the whole point. Law Giver Reno at work again.

--- Then there was the unique spectacle of a Democratic administration and appointees practicing racism against a non-white race, i.e. Scientist Wen Ho Lee. Lesbo Reno strikes once more at yet another critical constituency in Gore's mud puddle coalition of yellows, browns and blacks.

--- Last A.M.. the Dope Smoker In Chief himself damned Gore with faint praise, saying Bush also put in a credible performance.

What next? There's so many possibilities but I feel strangely confident the Lesbian Mafia has a spectacle prepared centering around Gore's negro campaign manager Donna Brazille and "latent black anti-Semitism". There'll also be something to put Gore in bad odor among the perfumed and cologned set of South Beach and San Francisco's Castro District. With a GOP V-P (and former SecDef) parading a sodomite daughter ready to take charge of the Department of Unnatural Affairs, what need for Gore/Lieberman?

Best regards, Gilbert W., M.S.

Women should forthwith be banned from teaching positions beyond the 4th grade. Reasons abound. Women do far more assisting than they do teaching. Teaching means letting the waifs and future scoundrels think on their own. Women want to "help", that is, nurse their subjects and make life easy so that their precious feelings won't be hurt. That's why women are the first to lower standards and give credit where it isn't due so that weeping Willie can have his tears go away. Women get bent sideways at the thought that SOMEONE WILL ALWAYS BE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL. To women, this is intolerable and so they intervene thus destroying the social order, that is, if there are no men around to insure that the ship stays on course. In a disaster, a man feels that something worthwhile was accomplished when 98 out of 100 people were saved. A woman bawls her eyes out at the thought that 2 were not. A woman will sacrifice all for the benefit of one and this mentality is pervasive throughout our society. Marxism RELIES upon female emotions and mentality and this could never come to the fore unless men relinquished their responsibilities as men. We have turned our affairs over to the immature and feminine among us from the Madelines to the Hillarys but when the house burns down, all will come running to daddy to put Humpty back together again.

The White male fails to recognize his own power. Imagine this country totally run by Blacks. Imagine this country being totally run by women. How long do you think it would remain stable? What great technical strides would be taken? If the White males all went on strike, the country would effectively collapse. If all the Blacks suddenly vanished, do you think anything would happen other than a lowering of the crime rate and a lesser need for high taxes? If all the women vanished, what would be lost beyond the very foundation of family? Perhaps this is a reason why White males appear to do nothing about the continual crumbling of their society where they allow women, children, perverts, criminals and such, to run hog wild in the play pen of democracy. Meanwhile, nicht ärgern, nur wundern.

It goes this way: Our masters have decided that Hillary will be the first red bitch witch to wear the kosher krown here in the good ol' jew ass oi vey. This cannot happen if the Chinese drug candidate Gore wins the election. He'd be in place for a second shot in 2004 which would effectively block the commie's chances. The solution is for the South American drug candidate Bush to win the election thus providing the part time lesbo support from her kosher party when 2004 (the digits add up to 6) rolls around. This is the reason why the third party candidates, Browne, Nader, Buchanan, et al, have been blocked from TV exposure since anyone of them will draw mainly Republican votes. The Republican Party is not as infested with mongrels, parasites, and degenerates as are the Democrats. In any event, the American worker will get it shoved up his behind but since we live in the Age of Sodomy, all will -- as the jews say -- "enjoy". Whitey is either on his knees or bending over.
If the jews surrounding Gore were quills, he'd look like a porcupine. Too bad his mother wasn't "pro choice". Hillary the Red, although herself "pro choice", apparently had a mother who wasn't. What a shame. What a shame. This has to be part of Hitler's revenge.

From a clipping sent to me: A Dr. Seltzer has "proven" that food is a narcotic. The body develops a strong dependency upon it and the withdrawal symptoms are severe. Moreover food is the cause of obesity. Food also causes old age. Those who don't eat never seem to get much older. As for myself, I am hung out on air. I tried to withdraw from it with little success.
Small crooks rob banks. Big crooks start one. ******A gypsy is a jew who never started a bank.
The difference between a banker and a counterfeiter:

A banker does not print money. A counterfeiter does not charge interest.
The Bore and Gush debate! Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Only niggerball fans would stay awake during that crap! (I watched for about 10 minutes which was sufficient to demonstrate that my presumption was correct -- not a brain between the two of them and nothing significant discussed.) These two rich dodos are what the brain-dead public wants. Buchanan and Nader -- fellows who REALLY had something to debate about -- were EXCLUDED. Why? Both fat-cat Zionists were terrified that real issues might be presented and snap a few voters out of their jew-daze. It's b.s. business as usual.

Article 19 Human Rights Charter, United Nations:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government." --- James Madison.
The immortal and inspiring Horst Wessel Lied -- Play it.
When the Brit Army pressed into fuzzy wuzzy land the fuzzy wuzzys went fuzzy wuzzy when they heard the bagpipes. Play it.
Das Lied der Deutschen -- Deutschland über Alles. (Josef Haydn 1797). The jews are fond of doing our thinking for us. They claim that the translation (Germany above all) meant that they wanted to rule the world. Rubbish! Germany -- esteemed above everything in the world. That was it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Play it.
When the Yellow man finds an oasis in the desert, he maintains it.
When the Black man encounters an oasis, he turns it into a desert.
When a White man finds a desert, he turns it into an oasis.

If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved.
If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.

From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races;
from the confusion of races, the loss of memory;
from the loss of memory, all understanding;
and from this -- all evil.
(ancient Aryan proverb)
White people invent and forget.
Yellow people copy and remember.
Black people do neither.


Opinions are neither right nor wrong and any opinion expressed on this page should not be construed as fact. I often do not agree with what appears here but I do agree that people have a right to this expression. RF.
Miscegenation always destroys the races which engage in it.
Race mixing is genocide.

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