("You've come a long way, baby!" - Phillip Morris advertising slogan, 1968-86)

Most revisionists are technicians who discuss the lie of the gas chambers as if they were plumbers installing septic tanks, or heating technicians discussing the relative benefits of different types of water softeners. The enemies of revisionism are more correct in viewing it as a moral and religious problem: the lie of the Hoaxoco$t is a religion.


Unlike most religions, the religion of the Hoaxoco$t offers, instead of salvation or enlightenment, limitless freedom to sin: since the National Socialists have sinned in certain respects (which is undeniable), we are free to do as we like! Not only that, but we are entirely justified in doing exactly the same things which we have accused the National Socialists of doing for 60 years! This is Phariseeism. It is obvious that the Pharisee religion of the Hoaxoco$t serves a profound psychological need, and that this is the principal reason for the survival of the lie. 


Julius Streicher was hanged at Nuremberg for comparing Jews to bedbugs and locusts, implying that Jews are less than human. He had nothing to do with the concentration camps, and nothing to do with the war. He spent the war (1940-45) under house arrest on his farm, under constant supervision by the Gestapo, although he was permitted to continue publishing a newspaper which very few Germans still bothered to read. For this he was hanged.