MANY people today are keenly interested to know what the Jewish Talmud really teaches about Christians, and for an accurate, authentic treatise on this subject, there is no need to go further than the scholarly work of the Rev. Father B. Pranaitis, an able Roman Catholic theologist and Hebraist, formerly on the staff of the Roman Catholic college of the Imperial Academy in old St. Petersburg. His work is in Hebrew and Latin and bears the imprimatur of his ecclesiastical superior.

This is an accurate translation of Father Pranaitis' Latin text, and it is felt that it will be appreciated by those who are interested to know what this great scholar wrote on this important subject from original Talmudic sources. Father Pranaitis was one of those "liquidated"* by the Cheka during the Bolshevist revolution in Russia.

Many readers will recall that we published a book in 1934 entitled, "Are These Things So?" said by many to reveal many things theretofore unknown. No reader with an open mind could answer that title-question in the negative. We believe that this present work supplies a sequel to our previous book, and that it proves that such things "Are So." This work has been carefully translated and edited and will stand the test of scholarship, and therefore win the respect of the American people. The Intelligence Department of the defense forces of every country must supply accurate information if defeat is to be avoided.

This book is sent forth by one who has dared to turn on the light of publicity in other publications. We shall watch with interest the reactions that will follow its appearance, and venture to suggest that critics be as careful to document their evidence as has been done with the facts presented herein.




* The reader is directed to the epilogue, page 87, with the suggestion that it be read at this time.E.N.S.




In order to requite in some measure your very great kindness towards me, evidences of which I have experienced so often and in so many ways, I have undertaken to dedicate this little book to you. It is small in size but has been prepared with great care and labor, and I am led by the hope that you will not spurn it; for it is the first fruits of the labor of one whom you were once so kindly pleased to style the first fruits of your labors as Rector of this Academy. I therefore beg your Excellency to bless this work which I have recently completed, so that it may fulfill the purpose for which it was written. Bless me also that I may soon accomplish greater works for the glory of God and for the honor and advancement of our Alma Mater, over which you have ruled for eight years, and of which you are its greatest ornament.


May these pages be to Your Excellency the proof of my perpetual and sincere love and gratitude.

Your Excellency's devoted disciple,