A Counter-blast to the Masonic Teaching of Universal Brotherhood



THE SUPREME POLITICAL FACT is that Civilisation was established by people of Aryan Race and only by them can it be maintained at its high level.


THE SUPREME POLITICAL OBJECT is therefore to maintain the strength of this Aryan stock on which the hope of the world depends.


The whole strength of the Semitic Money Power is exerted to suppress the truth of the Supreme Political Fact and to render impossible the Supreme Political Object.






THE real Nature of the Aryan or Nordic Race is in its instincts, which result from the experience of its ancestors handed down as an hereditary memory, and may very truly be said to be the highest form of knowledge. In Britain, the in­stincts which have given us a world‑wide reputation for personal honesty are due to the essential nobility of our ancestors, and we have a right to be proud of them and to turn aside from a self‑renunciatory attitude in world affairs which will, if allowed much scope, destroy what may never be built up again. It is utterly fatal for a Race with noble instincts to allow itself to mix on an equality with a people whose instincts are ignoble; and still more suicidal is it to allow such people to dominate the Aryan by an artificial Money Power. That is why the Imperial Fascist League works to rid this country of Jews.




THE great racial divisions of White people in Europe are—


(1) THE ARYAN OR NORDIC, long‑headed, of tall stature, with fair skin, and hair tending to a golden tinge, with blue or grey eyes and a well proportioned body; the temperament steady, stable, courageous, inquisitive; highly intelligent and with an instinctive respect for fair dealing.


(2) THE MEDITERRANEAN, also long‑headed, dark‑skinned, dark eyed, dark haired, short in stature and slender in build; impulsive, excitable, artistic, superficial, with strong attachments to the family, and highly individualistic.


(3) THE ALPINE, broad‑headed and broad‑faced, coarse in feature, short and stocky in build, with short neck and short limbs; the eyes, hair and skin are of a colour generally intermediate between the Aryan and the Mediterranean; stolid, unimaginative, without initi­ative, sticking to the soil and amenable to discipline.


No amount of mixture has been able to destroy these true race‑types. There are in reality, two other broad‑headed white races native to Europe, viz.: the Dinaric and the East Baltic Races, but as these do not immediately affect Britain, we leave their study to those who wish to go further than is possible in a pamphlet.


The Aryan people in Europe are chiefly to be found in Britain and in Germany, where they comprise about 65 per cent. of the population. In Britain the remaining 35 per cent. are composed of about 25 per cent. Mediterranean (the aboriginal population of these island were their ancestors, and they are frequently mis­called “Celts,” which is not a Racial term at all) and about 10 per cent. Alpine. In Germany, the remaining 35 per cent. are Alpine and other broad‑headed races, which accounts for the differences between British and German character viewed nationally. The sparsely populated countries of Norway, Sweden and Iceland are from 80 to 95 per cent. Aryan in Race. France is Alpine and Mediterranean, with a 15 per cent. Aryan strain, the remnant of what was once an Aryan country. Italy is similar, with only 10 per cent. Aryan. The Baltic States and Finland have a strong Aryan strain on the coast, but the East Baltic Race predominates. The Balkan states are Alpine and Dinaric with Mediterranean and Asiatic Armenoid mixtures. Austria contains all the white races; and so does Hungary, with Asiatic Magyar blood; Czecho‑Slovakia is mainly Alpine and broad‑headed with Aryan elements fairly strong in the West. Holland and Denmark might be described as Aryan, greatly mixed with Alpine, whilst Belgium is Alpine, plus Aryan. Spain is Mediterranean with some Aryan in the upper classes.


In all these countries, there is now an extensive Jewish con­tamination, introducing Asiatic and African “coloured” blood alien to the European continent.




THE aboriginal population of Britain was Mediterranean in type, favoured in these northern latitudes by the Gulf Stream. These people, of whom the Picts were examples, have left their descendants with us to the extent of about 25 per cent. of our present population, particularly in the mountainous parts of Wales and Scotland, and in the South of Ireland.


The first‑known invasion of Nordics (Aryans) was made by the great Aryan Phœnician Nation of the third Millenium B.C., and again in 1103 B.C. under the Phœnician Chief, Brutus, when the Aryan language and letters were established here together with Sunworship and Aryan culture. The Aryan Phœnicians lived at first apart from the Mediterranean natives, much as our fellow-countrymen now live in India. Then came the successive Roman, Saxon, Danish, Viking, and Norman onslaughts which, with the exception of alien elements from the Empire of Rome, were all invasions by people of the Aryan Race.


Internationalists are fond of pointing out what they think is the hopelessly mixed race which is the British Nation. It is they who are hopelessly mixed; for our invaders were predominantly of the one great race. In the ranks of many of our Nordic con­querors came the 10 per cent. Alpine mixture which, true to type, seldom rises above the average in the cultural sense. There are, however, few British people, whatever the predominating race-type they show, who have not an Aryan strain.





THE first civilisation is generally recognised to have been that which is now called Sumerian, and it was from these Aryan people that it spread to India and to Egypt and Crete. These Sumerians were a branch of the old Aryan “Catti,” the ruling race of Asia Minor and Syro‑Phœnicia, which first carried civilisa­tion to Britain. As long as the Catti remained a racial aristocracy reigning over nations of less gifted races, civilisation went forward—never backward. These Catti called themselves “Ari,” meaning the “noble ones,” whence has evolved the term “Aryan” as also our British word Aristocratic. The Semitic Money Power causes its subsidised “scientists” to try and make out that the word “Aryan” refers to languages alone and not to Race; but there are many Races of men who speak the Aryan tongue imposed upon them without having any claim to Nordic blood.


The terms “Aryan” and “Nordic” refer to the same race—that which originated the name “Ari.”


The great Persian Nation was predominately Aryan until the end of the 7th Century B.C. The Greek and Roman civilisa­tions were also Aryan. Yet all these civilisations are now dead. The collapse of Aryan civilisation has always been due to one cause and one only—the mixture of Aryan blood with that of non‑Aryan peoples until the resulting mixture has been unable to keep up Aryan standards. The present‑day populations of Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, Persia, Greece and Rome are non-Aryan; and they are incapable of leadership or of maintaining the standards of their old Aryan aristocracies.


Perhaps the most striking illustration of the fatal effects of blood‑mixture is the condition of the United States of America to‑day. Civilisation began in that vast country by the invasion of men almost exclusively Aryan in strain—an almost self‑suffi­cing Continent was in their power. But they forgot their Race and accepted the poisonous Jewish Masonic doctrine of Universal Brotherhood (“Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”) and opened their doors to the wholesale immigration of people from nations with little or no Aryan blood. The result is a sink of corruption, materialism and vulgarity of which the chief value is that of a warning to the Aryan people of the earth that Race is the basis of all true politics. There is no hope for a Cosmopolitan community unless its Aryan constituents actually dominate it.


Compare this with Iceland, where men of Aryan Race have lived since the Tenth Century in a hard inhospitable land without amenities, but also without considerable race‑mixture. Yet man for man, there are few people as cultured and none so free from crime.


It has often been asserted that Usury has been the cause of the decline of great civilisations of the past; this is a half‑truth. Usury only takes complete charge of a nation when the Aryan constituents have allowed the non‑Aryan to apply his destructive methods to its affairs. RACE COMES FIRST, both in Politics and in Economics and MONETARY REFORMERS should not forget this fact.


There has been no instance of an Aryan Nation letting Civilisation down as long as that Nation remained Aryan. A high level of culture, good faith and virility is the Aryan's natural standard, and his essentially noble instincts keep him up to it. It is significant that when Britain came under the Jewish Money rule, she was nicknamed “Perfidious Albion”; and when the originally Aryan Phœnicians became semitised, the name of Carthage became a by‑word for treachery and bad faith.




IT will now readily be seen that Nationality itself is of secondary importance in politics to Race, and that the true Internationalism, and the only form of it which has any Reality, is the instinctive respect of one Aryan Nation for another. So complete is the ignorance of race in modern political circles that the Home Secre­tary, Sir John Gilmour announced in 1933 in the House of Com­mons that the “law did not contemplate any discrimination against aliens on grounds of racial origin!” This means that the Government regards a Chinaman and a Scandinavian as equally desirable immigrants into these islands! And as if that was not enough, Mr. Ormsby‑Gore, speaking at Geneva later in the year as a representative of the United Kingdom, told his foreign audience that “the cardinal principle of the British Empire was that no person could be debarred from holding office under the Crown by reason of race, colour or creed.” In other words it has been accepted by our democratic Government that the teachings of history are to be ignored and that the Supreme Political Fact means nothing to it and that the Supreme Political Object does not interest it.


At the Versailles Conference, it was actually proposed that no restriction should in future be placed upon international move­ments on account of Race. The only opposition to this outrageous proposal for mongrelising the world into a universal khaki-skinned mob, came from Mr. W. M. Hughes, Prime Minister of Australia, who intimated that the six and a half million people of that country were ready to defend themselves against the whole world rather than submit to Race‑mixture.


So successful has been the Semitic Money Power in forcing Britons from their earliest years to absorb Jewish‑Masonic catch-cries about Universal Brotherhood and “Race‑prejudice,” that the average Englishman, who may be able to identify most of the breeds of dogs, has no knowledge whatever of the race to which he himself belongs! He knows he is a white man; and that is all.


Since Hitler's success in Germany, the Jews and their “Gentile fronts,” often Masons, have let loose a veritable spate of literature decrying distinctions of race among men, and have even gone to the extreme of denying that there is or ever was an Aryan Race at all!


For this reason we now quote the great Thomas Huxley in “The Aryan Question,” published in the Nineteenth Century Magazine, 1890, page 766:—


“There was, and is, an Aryan Race, that is to say, the characteristic modes of speech, termed Aryan, were developed among the Blond Longheads alone, however much some of them may have been modified by the importation of non‑Aryan elements.”


It is a grandson of Thomas Huxley who to‑day takes the lead in destroying the Aryan's protective racial instinct by constant propaganda in favour of race‑mixture.




THE Racially Asiatic invasions of Europe, such as that of the Huns, the Arabs, the Mongols of Jenghiz Khan and the Turks were all beaten back by men of the Great Aryan Race. The modern Asiatic onslaught, that of the Jews, is of a different kind from all these. The Jew Money Power works from behind the Gentile lines, and uses one Gentile Power to destroy the other.


It is significant that although Mussolini has barred the way to Jewish Bolshevism in the raw, it is clearly not he, but the Nordic nations, that will fight this Asiatic invasion to a finish.


One of the greatest errors that anyone can make with reference to the Jew Menace, is that the Jews are either a religion or a race. They are neither of these—but are a nation without domicile. They come from many diverse races, Oriental, Mongol, Negroid, East Baltic, Alpine and Armenoid (“Hither Asiatic”); but it is the latter which gives them what is regarded as a “Semitic” appearance, characterised by the fleshy nose. It is important to realise that the ancestors of nine‑tenths of the present‑day Jews were never in Palestine; this majority is descended from Asiatic and East European converts to the religion of Judah about 730 A.D., during the time of the Khazar Empire in the South of Russia. It is the instincts of the Asiatic races, particularly of the Armenoid Race, which gave the Jews a sadistic religion which appeals to them; whatever religion a Jew may profess, his in­stincts remain the same. This may be seen in the case of Bol­shevism in Russia, where the Jewish Government professes no religion, but yet acts Jewishly, always destroying and never constructing.


The Jewish Money Power acts DESTRUCTIVELY just as the spiritual power of the Aryan acts CONSTRUCTIVELY ­and in both cases it is the result of instinct.


The worst race‑mixture which could be introduced into Britain is in the Jewish nation; it is the same race‑mixture which de­stroyed the old Empires and which is destroying the United States to‑day. Our reputed “aristocracy,” whose function is to defend the people, has utterly failed either to warn us about it or to defend us from it. It has been first in the competition for racial degeneration, and there are few titled families left which are not in some way contaminated with this blood of alien races, the counterpart of which in Kennel or Stable would cause many of them to be put away at birth. The well recognised failure of the aristocracy is Racial, because it is no longer Aryan enough to feel the instinct of the aristocrat—the instinct of the Aryan race—that of “noblesse oblige,” which makes that race the political aristocracy of the world. The real aristocracy of Britain is Racial and it is now to be found in all classes, because it would never sink to the low standards of the Jew—the standards which rule Britain to‑day.




TO show what an excellent guide to politics is to be found in racial knowledge and the extent to which it can arm one with foresight in this field, we quote the following, published in The Fascist for October 1931, from which it is manifest that we of the I.F.L. knew for certain that Bolshevism would not succeed either in Germany or in Spain:—


“If one were to make a map of Europe showing the areas in which the Alpine and East Baltic types of white men pre­dominate or in which they form a considerable proportion in the population, that map would show the regions in Europe in which Communism is an active widespread feature.


“The Alpine race, short, stocky, clumsily‑built and square-headed is slow in intellect, mistrustful, patient and un­enterprising. The Alpine man's outlook is narrow; he is interested only in what lies near at hand and he sticks to the land. Individuality is foreign to his nature, aid his sense of humour is lacking; he dislikes instinctively those who rise above his own low average and he makes as much as he can of the democratic theory of equality, hating the great­ness of the Nordic and the artistry of the Mediterranean Race which he cannot emulate.


“The East Baltic Race, with similar physical characters, but with a decided “Mongolian” caste of features, with a heavy and massive lower jaw combined with a weak chin, is, like the Alpine slow and distrustful of change, but the East Baltic Man is also a dreamer with real imaginative power. But he is devoid of resolution and consequently of creative pourer.


“Both these races are easily led by strong persuasive leaders; their political instincts are poorly developed, and anything which promises them relief in competition with their betters makes its appeal to them. When under privation and suffering, they are an easy prey to the Jewish intellectual destroyer.


“The Alpine Race predominates in Central Europe, particularly in Central France, South‑cast Germany, Switzer­land, Northern Italy and Galicia and it is strongly represented in Poland, Russia and the Balkans. In England, not more than to per cent. are estimated to be of Alpine Race, and even that is too large a proportion for our national well-being.


“The East Baltic Race predominates in Russia, East Germany, the interior of Finland and Poland. Britain is practically free from it.


“Few members of either of these two races have done anything worthy of note for the advancement of humanity. It would be an overstatement to suggest that they were born to be slaves, but certainly they are not equipped as leaders of humanity.


“In Scandinavia, which is so strongly Nordic, Com­munism will appeal only as a means to an end; a Nordic man, with intelligence below the normal of his race, may be induced to snatch at Communism as a fighting chance, but when the fight is won, his Communism would fade away. The same with Britain, where Communism only comes naturally to the Jew, the Alpine minority and the less gifted individuals of the Nordic and Mediterranean elements. It can cause an upheaval, because of the weakness of the universal franchise as a political institution, but it cannot last. Spain, with its almost purely Mediterranean population, is now threatened with Communist upheaval; but although Communism may possibly take charge for a short time, it will be of short duration because the national spirit of that country is almost boundless in its individualism, which, with the strength of the family tie and the artistic appreciation which go with the Mediterranean racial type, will prevent absolutely the perpetuation of Communism in their country. In France, the danger from Communism would be great if it were not for the absence of acute trade depression, because the Alpine man probably outnumbers the other racial elements of modern France; but it would be a town product, for the tenacity with which the Frenchman clings to the soil that he owns is well‑known. In Germany, the Communists will suffer certain defeat at the hands of the superior Nordic and Dinaric Germans, but, meanwhile, their Jew‑run Republicans will try to bluff Europe into concessions by the threat of German Bolshevism. In Russia, no one is left alive capable of restoring the country to decency; whether the remnants of the old upper and middle classes now refugees in Western Europe could do it, is doubtful; probably not, without help from foreigners.


“Italy has had her dose of Communism; she defeated it, but the germ will remain with her as long as her racial make­up includes large numbers of Alpines. And, in the Balkans, the Alpine Communist and the Dinaric Constitutionalist will no doubt keep one another busy for many years in futile strife.”




THERE are few races which have not contributed something to true progress, but the contributions of some have been almost negligible. Many races are capable of imitating Aryan civilisa­tion. The Japanese are doing it now, but there is no reason to think that they could keep it up without contemporary Aryan example. The Chinaman and the Peruvian each had a civilisa­tion which could only be kept up in isolation, and crumbled quickly in contact with the competition of the Aryan : and there are good reasons for thinking that the Chinese and the pre‑Inca Peruvian civilisations were initiated by Aryan influence. What little the East Baltic and Alpine Whites have done for Civilisa­tion is generally accountable to some Aryan strain in them.


The Mediterranean Race has to its credit a full share in the Arts, although nor a greater share than the Nordic; but, viewed politically, the Mediterranean without Aryan guidance and dominance shows a lackadaisical tendency, a superficiality and instability which his many splendid qualities do not counter­balance, even under the stimulus of an exacting religious discipline. Good as he is, he cannot keep up Aryan standards by himself.




THE object of Jewish Politics is World Control. Incapable of conquest by ordinary methods, the Jew works underground, and his weapon is the broadcasting, by every means, of False Ideas. Consequently, his efforts are concentrated upon and against race‑consciousness, for it is only by persuading the Gen­tiles that race‑consciousness is race‑prejudice, and something to be ashamed of, that he can break down the Protective Instinct which causes the Gentile to shun him as something outlandish. Religion, Masonry, Theosophy, the League of Nations, University Professorships, Politicians (such as the ones we have already quoted in this pamphlet) are all brought into play to render impossible what should be the Supreme Political Object, preservation of Aryan standards in the Nation and Empire; whilst the Press, Broadcasting, Cinemas, and Education generally, have all been dominated by Jewish Money influence for the same vile purpose.




The old Aryan's conception of Royalty (or Reality, which to them meant the same thing) was the Power which would distin­guish good from bad; and which would draw the dividing line between them. The Aryan King had to root out all evil, and this idea has so continuously been upheld in Aryan symbolism that it has come down to us in the familiar representation of our Patron Saint, St. George, the Aryan, destroying the Dragon of barbarism. Right back to the most ancient historic times this theme of an Aryan Chief quelling the Beast has had a Racial significance. It has always represented the Aryan defeat of a non‑Aryan savagery and the responsibility of the Aryan for establishing and main­taining civilisation.


We have the whole framework of a regenerate nation under our very hands. The one thing needful is that all who feel the call of Aryan blood should answer, and that the attitude of apathy and the tendency to regard newness as progress whether or not it is in moral accordance with tradition, must be rooted out. Whosoever is of the Great Race, upon him this duty falls:—


In all political thought and action, let Race be the guide of his allegiance!