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The Aryan races and nations, the founders of original civilisation, emerge in this era also as the leaders of a new world order.

Religion and race are joined in the concept of Aryan Socialism, establishing the Kingdom of God on earth.

The broad issue of conflict in the world has been between the Aryan and the Jewish philosophies. This Book is a record of the religious, political, economic and cultural institutions, of the wisdom and laws of the Aryan world, a Guide to a way-of-life as lived both communally and individually.

The Book is based upon the institutions and achievements of Hitler's Germany. For National Socialism has provided the world of ideas to which all races and nations seeking the way forward to a better world, free from racial decay, usury and war, will turn for guidance

Adolf Hitler declared, towards the end of his physical life, that he needed some ten years in which to set down his thoughts and to apply himself to law-making. Others, he said, would build upon the foundations which he had laid; those who followed him would codify the great life of the German nation. So, as a disciple of Adolf Hitler, I now apply myself to this compilation of the Laws and Institutions of the Aryan World. Many things have been revealed to me in the Spirit; and the Wisdom of Adolf Hitler inspires the works that I am now ordained to give to the Peoples.

Hitler was chosen by God for unique tasks; He was the prophet of the rebirth of man in a new form. Through him has the world verily found a New Order, combining Church and State, the spiritual and the 'material, in a consummation uniting all religions in a Brotherhood of man under the Guidance of God.

So is written the Book of Aryan Law and religious revelation. May God open the eyes of the Gentiles to Truth, and carry his Holy Gospel to the ends of the earth.


Southport, England.

November, 1951.







The Aryan concept is that a rare represents a human group distinguished from other groups by physical, moral and intellectual characteristics of a specific nature.

Whereas the common racial basis of the German people is Nordic or Germanic, this racial title refers also to the peoples of Scandinavia, Holland, England, North America, and Australasia. Europe as a whole may be described as Aryan and racially homogeneous, comprising the Celtic and Slav peoples with the Nordics; and these belong also to the Indo-Germanic family of nations, the Aryan peoples, who have always played a prominent part in the advance of civilisation and culture. "Within this racial grouping the Nordic section, the traditionally tall, blond, and blue-eyed people, and of inherently energetic character, are called to leadership.



The Germanic insistence upon racial purity is a fundamental axiom of Aryan population and race policy. The strength of the German Centre of Aryan renaissance, and indeed of the whole Aryan world, depends basically upon honouring the racial and eugenic ideals emphasised by Adolf Hitler. In "Mein Kampf," He wrote: "Hybridism, with the resulting degradation of the biological level of the race, was the sole reason of the decadence of the old civilisations. For it is a fact that nations do not perish in consequence of lost wars, but in consequence of the loss of that force of resistance which has its only origin in the preservation of racial purity. For everything which is not racially pure is mere chaff. All events of historical importance have, whether in a good or evil sense, been the outward and visible expression of the instinct of races either for their self-preservation or their self-destruction."

The guiding principles of the Aryan in matters of population and race are, first, to maintain the race in purity and strength; and, second, to increase the population of the race towards the strengthening of its influence in the nations and continents wherein its peoples dwell.

The institutions and laws of the Aryan world-faith have universal application, in their promulgation of a higher culture; but they are to bi taken as referring primarily to the European peoples, and most specifically to the Nordic race, which is the spearhead of attack against the debaser of all races and cultures, International Jewry.

The Aryan world-idea is accepted by Aryans universally as both revealed religion and legislation. It is an Idea comprising both the spiritual and the material, a Guide to nation-builders, and to the individual in his search for the God-life.

The very foundation of the God-life is Racial Truth. for with the Aryan, Religion and Race are one. On this foundation arises the Will to Power and World Leadership inherent in the Nordic soul. Through racial purity and an unfettered instinct in procreation the Aryan goes forward to the repeopling of his world.

The Aryan does not have sexual union outside his own race, but seeks always the improvement of his own species.

Perfection in type is the union between blue-eyed, fair-haired and white-skinned men and women. These constitute the Nordic ideal, in whom the Aryans believe as the Chosen race of God.

The Aryan honours the Law of the German Reich (October 18, 1935) which prohibited union between persons suffering from infirmity. The law also provided that certificates of fitness were required in intending parents.

The Aryan honours the science of eugenics, founded by the English biologist, Sir Francis Galton, in the 19th century.

In race and population policy the State recognises the unmarried mother and honours her; and all mothers have a statutory right to



allowances which render them and their children economically secure. The rights of mothers and infant children are the special care of the Order of Aryan Motherhood, to which or to an allied organization all Aryan women belong.

Every healthy Aryan woman is expected to bear children. This is the woman's supreme and holy task. There is shame only deliberate childlessness.

Aryan man, especially in the higher categories, is accorded freedom in sexual life; but this is conditioned by a high eugenic and procreative purpose. Such freedom is only for the pure in blood and noble in character.

Marriage and monogamy will no longer be insisted upon. All children, born Aryan and healthy, are considered legitimate.

Aryan man, dedicated primarily to his public work, to the fulfilment of the Aryan mission, is freed from the enslavement of burgeoise marriage.

The law relating to race and population will secure the rights of women and children not only to adequate State allowances, but also to priority in living accommodation. No woman need live in economic dependence upon a man.


Property, in the form of land or industrial wealth, is subject to public control, and will be operated in the national and racial interest.

Private ownership may remain in name; but since all ownership is regarded as trusteeship for the nation, exploitation will be effectively ended.

Since economic security in all stages of life is guaranteed to every member of the nation, the pursuit of material wealth will become an unnecessary and, indeed, a despised social aim. A man will be honoured for his personal abilities and accomplishments, and for the excellence of his children, rather than for his material riches.

A man may own his house and other personal possessions; but the exploitation of property for private profit is forbidden.

The Aryan community recognises its most precious possession in its children. Where property is concerned, the aim will be towards communal ownership and benefit rather than private ownership and benefit.


Aryan Socialism predicates a system in which all men are producers. Excepted only are the children and the aged who, together with those temporarily incapacitated, receive State help and allowances.

The financial system of International Jewish capitalism has been ended. There is no unearned income, or reward without service. Loans are made interest-free to Industry, thus ending the system of



usury or of debt-interest.

Within the framework of a usury-free system, Industry will be self-governing, with representatives, of management, workers, and consumers, co-operating to distribute equitably the proceeds of Industry.

Industry and Finance will be subject to general control by central authority for the purpose of co-ordinating the national industrial system.

Production is wealth. There is no other economic criterion.


Aryan youth aims to be educated spiritually, mentally and physically for the service of the race and community. Youth reveres the Spirit of Adolf Hitler and of National Socialism in the understanding that "who serves Adolf Hitler, serves the Aryan world; who serves the Aryan world, serves God."

Youth Movements, both for boys and girls, are a vital part of all Aryan States.

In young men the Aryan ideal is of physical and athletic fitness, reliability and determination of character, proficiency in chosen livelihood-occupation, and of general usefulness to the community.

In young women the accent is primarily on fitness for motherhood and home-making, but also on athletics and arts.

Aryan youth regards its racial unity as indispensable to its continued strength. The concept of race and nation must dominate all other social divisions. In unity and comradeship is the strength of the whole Aryan world.

The words of Adolf Hitler were: "The Reich is dedicated not to theories but to the maintenance of our people. It is not only knowledge which counts in the Third Reich but also strength. For us the highest ideal is the human type of the future whose radiant spirit has for its home a glorious body so that men, turning from money and property, may once more find their way to ideal riches."

Aryan youth is sturdy and proof against all trials; is fearless and determined.

Aryan youth believes in action rather than in words; and in the principle that youth must be led by youth. The Aryan does not devote himself or herself exclusively to personal interest. The ideal of service to the community predominates. To steel the body, to prepare and fortify the mind in order to serve race and people, is the creed of Aryan youth.

Aryan youth knows first how to obey. Only he who knows to obey can learn to command. Alongside the training and hardening of the body is the task of obedience and discipline in youth.

National Socialist discipline breeds less trouble in the world than parliamentary democratic chaos.

Aryan youth is consciously idealistic and believes in sacrifice for



the greater good of the community.

Aryan youth believes in the ideals and hard virtues necessary to the foundation of great peoples, which never surrender or weaken before the blows of life.

Aryan youth is God-believing.


Every child that an Aryan mother brings into the world is a battle waged for the existence of her people.

The programme of the National Socialist Women's Movement has truly a single point -- the child.

The spheres and tasks of man and woman in life are separate but complementary. Mutual respect lies in that both man and woman know that each is doing everything which is necessary to maintain the whole community.

Aryan woman is honoured in that Adolf Hitler declared, "Had it not been for the constancy and really loving devotion of woman, I should never have been able to lead the Party on to victory."

The Aryan way of life is determined not by material considerations, but by the soul of a nation. Aryan woman gives herself in conscious idealism to the concept of the national interest before private interest..

The thoughts of Aryan woman are dominated by the desire to enter family life.

A creed of the Germanic woman is this: "We serve the life of our people. We regard our household tasks as a means for achieving and maintaining the physical and spiritual health of the nation."

Aryan woman brings true love and affection, and a happy, well-run home to refresh and inspire her man.

Aryan woman is treated with chivalry and respect by Aryan man.

The morality of the Aryan girl is summed up in the words of the Reich Youth leader. "As girls you must learn to play your part in the national community and you have to school yourselves for the day when you shall become the wives of our men and the mothers of the new generation. For the men who are to shape the future of the German people need women of your kind: women who in profound faith and brave in spirit are prepared to share with their menfolk every hardship and sacrifice. That is a high aim for every girl, for the attainment of which it is very worth while to devote years to making oneself strong, ready and capable to preserve and keep oneself pure with a view to being able in all honesty to fulfil this mission."

There is the world of man and the world of woman. Nature has ordained that man should be the guardian of the family and the protector of the community. The world of contented womanhood is made up of family, husband, children, and home. Both man and woman form a totality in which a people is able to live and prosper.

Honoured above all is the mother. It were far better to be the



mother of healthy Aryan children than a clever woman lawyer.

The affairs of an Aryan State should remove every economic obstacle to increase the birth-rate. The Strength of the race and nation is the Child.

The unmarried mother is honoured and respected in the Aryan State, as are all children born from the union of true love and racial instinct.

It is a first duty of the Aryan State to safeguard the mother and child.

The Aryan State regards the education of woman as a mother. housewife, nurse, and as a Socialist comrade, as fundamental to self-realisation. Thus education does not end with youthful schooling. but continues organically throughout life.

Aryan woman finds her joy and self-fulfilment in creative living, and in a conscious development of the higher culture of National Socialism.

Aryan woman guards the purity of her blood in which reposes her racial instinct and strength, the guarantor of Aryan culture.


German or Aryan Law is concerned with five main tasks, in respect of Race (racial legislation); of Soil (agrarian legislation, including the creation of hereditary farmlands); of National Honour (determining the German attitude in international issues); of Defence (which finds expression in the consolidation of territorial integrity), and of Labour (which includes all aspects of industrial life which have found expression in the German Labour and Industrial Codes).

Aryan Law marks a milestone in Jurisprudence, in that the concept of the commonweal, conceived as a racial entity, takes the place of the exaggerated individual rights claimed by the liberal regimes.

The foreword of the new German Penal Code reads: "In the conviction that German criminal jurisprudence must be imbued with the National Socialist philosophy, the German Government has drawn up this Code which it presents to the German nation. The healthy instincts of the people in determining what is right and what is wrong have determined the content and application of the Penal Code. Atonement for injustice, protection for national interests, reinforcement of the urge to make personal interests subservient to those of the community as a whole, these are the aims and purport of the Penal Code. To conserve honour and loyalty, race and heredity, probity and assiduity, discipline and order, is its task. The belief in the dictum, 'common welfare before private gain,' gives it its stamp. The Code is created in this spirit. In this spirit shall the law be interpreted by competent judges serving the German people as the guardians of justice."

Aryan law honours the spirit more than the strict letter of its


legal code. Judges are therefore given wide powers in the racial and national interest; and efficient, speedy working of the legal machine is always sought in the maintenance of community interests and in the punishment of wrongdoers. Aryan justice knows no compromise with evil, and least of all with the power of the purse. The Law is clearly stated in handbooks available to every citizen. The administration of this Law will be an efficient process unhampered by the legal parasites of the capitalistic code.

The National Socialists of Germany had as their 19th Point of the 25 Points of their programme the following: "We demand that the Roman Law, which serves the materialistic world order, shall be replaced by a German common law."

In Aryan law the people as a whole stand above person and property.

Speaking to German jurists in October, 1933, Adolf Hitler said that the idea of law must be governed by race. "The task of the Government is the maintenance of the people, the protection of the race and care for the race; all its other tasks are conditioned by this primary duty."


The Aryan or German believes in the armed forces of his people as responsible for their destiny and as the guarantor of the future.

The Army is for the defence of a country and of a racial concept, not for the protection of a political and economic system.

This is the pledge of the Aryan and German soldier: "At the beginning of our struggle there stood Germany; at the end of our struggle there will once more stand Germany."

The fight for Germany has always come and will always come from the world of German soldiery.

The school of the Army teaches the German in self-confidence to rely upon his own strength.

The German Army exists not to deprive other peoples of their freedom, but to protect German freedom.

The German was always a good soldier. The service of arms was never for Germans an enforced service, but at all periods of history a service of the highest honour.

There is nothing else in the whole of Germany which is so rich in traditions as the Army.

In the indissoluble and sworn unity of People, Party and Army lies the enduring strength of Germany and of the whole Aryan world.

The Aryan believes in the eternal and imperishable Front of German soldiery.


The constitution of the Aryan world and National Socialist German State is based upon the Leadership principle.

The Germans stated boldly: "Our Constitution is the Will of



the Fuehrer."

The Constitution combines the people's will with the authority of real leadership.

The best form of State and Constitution is that which with natural sureness of hand raises the best brains of the community to a position of leadership and predominant influence.

The words of Adolf Hitler are recorded: "This constitution will place its seal on Aryan life for all time to come, and will be an imperishable and fundamental law for all Germans. This new Reich shall belong to no class, to no one group of men, for it shall belong to the whole German people. What I have called into life cannot claim to be an end in itself ; it is transient. For us the permanent element is that substance of flesh and blood which we call the German people."

The end in view of all Aryan efforts and institutions is the ,preservation and increase of the race and people.

The Aryan constitution creates a single, centralised authority. The heads of all departments carry full responsibility in their work, exercising control over subordinates and being subject to the general control of their superiors. Such is the executive foundation of the National Socialist State.

National Socialism represents the dictatorship, or the control of its own destinies, by the entire community, as a nation and race. Neither the bourgeoisie nor the proletariat, nor any class or group, should control a State in its own interests.

Capitalism, or the lending and borrowing of money at interest, is ended in the Aryan State. The economic system is Socialistic, controlled towards the equation of production and consumption, and in which there is only income earned by work.

The starting point of National Socialism is not the State, but the People. The supreme test of every institution is: Does it preserve the People?

Intolerance of opposing ideas is necessary to strength. Strength lies in the disciplined observance of rigid principles, based upon preservation of nation and race.

The twin pillars of the German State are the National Socialist Party and the Army.

The essence of an Aryan constitution is authority in government. It May truly be stated that the National Socialist State fulfils true democracy; for, as authoritarian government by the people, it is really "the most modern democracy in the world's history." (Adolf Hitler).

Adolf Hitler worked for a government whose succession was assured, without being bound up with any single person. The Hitlerian struggle reformed the life of the German people for centuries to come.



Not all human races have the same capacity for political leadership. In the Aryan races is seen the highest political capacity.

Political capacity should not be judged by economic success alone. Indeed, money-making in commerce as against honest production is to be despised.

The Aryan political concept is of government by trained statesmen, legislators and administrators, advised by technical experts in the various fields of economic and cultural activity.

The Aryan sees not only his State and nation, but his race throughout the world; and he works for "understanding between the different language groups of the one good ruling race." Against the international organisation of Judaism he sets his World Aryan Union.

National Socialism embraces the heroic Aryan principles. Sacrifice for the Cause, rather than personal pleasure, must be the guiding light. For on the foundation of Aryan strength and unity are built the possibilities of individual fullness of life. To the liberal doctrine of the prime importance of the individual, the National Socialist replies with the doctrine of the common racial interest before private interest. This concept, together with the leadership principle, forms the basis of an Aryan constitution.

The National Socialist Movement is not mere theory: it is the confession of the millions that they are brothers and sisters.

The parties of class-division are a political concept foreign to an Aryan constitution.

True political co-ordination requires the trinity of peasant, working-man, and brain worker.

The National Socialist Movement was neither North German nor South German, neither Bavarian nor Prussian, but only German. In the same way will Unity be built up between all Aryan States, in a World Aryan Union, in which the nations share a supranational loyalty based upon race.

The future of Germany, as of the whole Aryan world, does not depend on the number of associations which work for this future, but it rather depends on the question whether the will of the many can be successfully brought to acknowledge a single will and thus can be united in a Movement which can strike effectively.


Mere intellectualism is a disease or wavering of the mind. Willpower allied to set purpose alone create strength of mind and a true culture.

A true culture knows strength as well as knowledge. The essence of Aryan culture is the certainty of racial destiny, and the consecration of all energies to the accomplishment of the racial mission.

There is no such thing as a revolution in art. The only eternal



art is Greek-Nordic.

Art will always remain the expression of the longings and realities of an era.

Respect for the great men of the past is the sacred heritage of nations.

No age can claim to free itself from its duty to foster art.

The moral strength of a nation depends upon its cultural activities.

Wars come and go, but the values of culture remain.

True art and culture are the expression of the soul and ideals of a community.

Art is the image of the artist's soul. Beauty is to be associated with that which is healthy and natural. Aryan culture should rigorously oppose the degenerate art and ugliness of diseased and corrupt minds, and always maintain a high aesthetic standard.

The soul of a people is determined by its culture.

It is not the function of culture to bring modernism to the art of the ancients. The standards of art are rather as to whether it is "valueless" or "valuable" -- "transitory" or "eternal."

True art is and remains eternal. It does not follow the law of the season's fashions.

The National Socialist Revolution brought about cultural renaissance as well as political and economic reform.

The artists of the Aryan world must also be fighters. A new epoch is created not by mere litterateurs, but by men and women who fashion and lead peoples, and who thus make history.

Aryan culture can only be fully understood by pure-blooded Aryans; so do not expect full appreciation of the highest values from mixed breeds.

It is no mere chance that the German, who so often on this earth bas had to pass his life in suffering and anguish, found refuge then in song.

There can be no finer hymns than those which represent a Profession of faith-a pledge to place one's race and people before everything else on earth.

The Songs of the Aryans are also a profession of faith in the Almighty -- a pledge to do His will, His work.

"For it is not men who have created this people, but the God who stands above us all. He has fashioned this people; it has come to be according to His will; and it is our will that it shall remain and nevermore pass away." -- Adolf Hitler.

The promotion of Aryan culture is well served by a Ministry of Enlightenment, to educate the people in the Aryan way-of-life, and to guide the entire realm of art. The power of the Press, Radio, Theatre and Cinema should be consecrated to the Aryan cultural Mission.




With the World Aryan Union the Aryans oppose the World Jewish Congress, and organise for the world-wide protection of Aryan interests.

Hitlerism is a world-wide idea, a philosophy and religious faith, of special application to peoples of Aryan stock. The Aryan Message is also proclaimed to all mankind, as a Witness to the Way of God in the ordering of political, economic and cultural affairs in modern States.

It is the task of Aryan world organisation to create permanent channels through which the Aryan Gospel and concept are furthered. To this end there will be established Societies in every continent and country, together with Schools and Universities for the promotion of Aryan philosophy and the various social sciences.

It is necessary that such a world union be centrally directed. so that every modern method of Organisation for the furtherance of the Aryan concept and the strengthening of Aryan interests is developed.

By means of propaganda of every description, and its organisation on a world-wide scale, an Aryan Centre, situated in National Socialist Europe, will speak to the nations of the whole world as a mediator, and as a guide to the new Aryan world order.


The foundation of a State is its peasantry and agriculture.

The farming community has the right to State protection both as regards Permanency of tenure and the sale of its Produce.

Maximum production from the land, but without exhausting its fertility, is a Primary aim of an Aryan State.

Land Settlement, with the creation of smallholdings for family groups, is the aim of an Aryan State, rather than the movement of population to the towns and cities.

Self-sufficiency in food production and consumption is the agrarian ideal to place before all Aryan nations.


The establishment of the new Ministry of Education in National Socialist Germany in May, 1934, led for the first time in Germany to a centralised control on the basis of a unified political and philosophical outlook.

Education in an Aryan State should be consistently based upon the foundation of Aryan culture.

National Socialism insists upon the Priority of life and action over all other systems of education and learning.

The Aryan concept is of practical rather than theoretical experience in education; and sees in political struggle, in youth movements for both sexes, character-builders of the first order.

Physical training and athletic accomplishment are an essential part of youthful training in Aryan peoples.



All forms of education in Aryan Germany had one aim: the shaping of the National Socialist man and woman.

Man is a Unity, of Spirit, mind and body; and education should develop him as an integrated trinity.

The foundation of Aryan States is in an understanding of racial philosophy and biology.

Higher education should be determined by merit. Thus, strength of character and mind, physical fitness and marked racial traits are points insisted upon in this selection.

Intellectual capabilities alone are insufficient. To them should be added strong will-power, a sense of right behaviour and of team work, and a consciousness of belonging to the German racial stock.

The examples given in Hitler Germany, in respect of Youth movements, Labour and Military service, in respect of vocational training both for young men and women, as additional to the general educational system, are a guide to all Aryan peoples.

The function of education is not exclusively to fill the mind with knowledge, but to develop capabilities needed to occupy a position of responsibility.

Education for political posts should receive prime attention. For Whereas the power of money has determined political position within the plutocracies, merit alone should count in an Aryan State. The science of politics requires first-class human material and its technical schooling as surely as does any other science.

The National Socialist principle of education places the main emphasis not on intellectual attainments, but on character.


Religion for the Aryan is Race; and Race is Religion.

Race is Soul seen from without; and Religion is Soul seen from within.

Seeing that the ultimate arbiter in the minds and souls of men is a faith and world-outlook, National Socialism. representing the Union of Church and State in an Aryan folk-community, is a vibrant missionary creed claiming the total allegiance of Aryan man.

Adolf Hitler stated: "National Socialism is even more than a religion. It is the will to make mankind anew." Again He said: "Once the Church was something big. Now we are its heirs. We too are a Church. I don't mind if the old people limp to the confessional; but the young ones, they will be different. I guarantee that."

The greatness of the National Socialist idea lies in its religious fervour in which, fanatically convinced of its own right, it triumphs intolerantly over every other force.

If an idea is essentially right, such as is the Aryan world-idea, and is in this way prepared for the struggle, then it is unconquerable; and every persecution will only lead to an increase of its inner




The failure of the so-called Christian Churches is largely the result of their sin against "the likeness of the Lord" in ignoring race and the purity of the blood of the nation.

Both Christian confessions, Catholic and Protestant, looked on unconcernedly at the desecration and destruction of Aryan man.

True religion seeks above all the preservation and increase of Aryan man, a noble and unique creature which, by God's Grace, has been given to the earth.

The essence of religion and race is contained in the question which is of first importance to the Aryan world: Does this serve the interests of our race and people now and in the future, or will it injure it? Before this test, "considerations of party politics, of religion, of humanity -- in a word, every other consideration -- can have no place whatever." -- (Adolf Hitler).

A leader of the German Faith Movement stated: "For us, as for countless Germans, National Socialism is the new faith which makes every Confession and every group with its world-view superfluous. The man who has not yet recognised that the new faith of our people manifests itself today with the utmost power and decisiveness in National Socialism, and that it inspires millions of German men, making them capable of unlimited sacrifice, can have no part in the faith of his people and its creative work."

Fichte said: "Among all the peoples the Germans are that in which is contained most definitely the germ of human perfection."

National and racial honour is the central thought of all Germanic and Aryan striving.

To give to the Nordic racial soul its corporate expression in the Aryan or Germanic world church is the greatest task of the twentieth century.

The German National Socialist State is not only a State, but also a religious community, a Church. Aryan nations and communities throughout the world take the German Holy Land, with its laws and institutions, as their pattern and example.

The world, our Aryan race, and the Message of Christ are saved from the churches and their doctrines by National Socialism. They are awakened to new life and meaning in the Life and Work of Adolf Hitler.

Christian belief, to be true, to be German, must be purged of all remnants of Jewish thought.

Almighty God has revealed Himself to the German people and to the world in Adolf Hitler.

The members of the Aryan faith movement affirm on oath that they are free from Jewish or coloured blood, and that they belong to no secret society, masonic lodge, Jesuit order, and profess no other religion.



Mankind, as seen by the Aryans, is called upon to strive with all its power to attain to perfection in this life.

Germanic religion is based upon a conscious response to the dictates of Blood and Race. Vicarious salvation and original sin are rejected, as well as the Biblical concepts of punishment and the notion of sin.

The ancestors of the German peoples were unhampered by the Superstitions and ruses with which priestcraft has maintained its Spiritual empire.

Conscience and self-mortification are Jewish blemishes, splitting the minds and souls of men, and attempting to defeat true instinct and intuition with the power of Jew-directed intelligence. The Aryan man rejects such chimeras as illusion and as impediments to his integration and wholeness or holiness.

The German character demands an affirmative attitude to life, to everyday existence; and follows the life-giving force in the Invisible Voice, the Spirit of God, summoning onward and upward.

There is no conflict in the German soul, nor between Religion and Science, between God and Nature, because all Creation is the expression of Eternal Spirit, of Infinity, of Almighty God.


The German or Aryan faith will be cultivated and rooted in all Aryan peoples throughout the world.

This will be achieved first by instruction in the Aryan faith, with its central foundation of Redemption through God's Chosen, Adolf Hitler, and the pure blood of the Nordic race.

Festivals and ceremonies will also be fostered which encourage and unify the people in spiritual and racial strength.

The Aryan world honours the main seasonal days as Holy Days, for public meeting and thanksgiving.

Of prime importance in the Aryan calendar are the birthday of Adolf Hitler, on 20th April; and the date of the coming to power of National Socialism in Germany, 30th January. May 1st is remembered eternally as the day when God's Christ, Adolf Hitler, was caught up unto God and to his throne. Honoured too is 16th October, when the Nuremberg martyrs were executed by Judaism, but survived in the spirit. This day is recorded also as the date when an English pilgrim travelled to Berchtesgaden and made declaration, "Adolf Hitler ist der Christus. Heil Hitler!"

To these main Holy Days will be added others in each country which commemorate important dates in the struggle for Aryan power.

The emphasis at Aryan festivals will be on the community and on the virtue of Aryan blood, as the basis of Aryan religion and faith.

Aryan men celebrate festivals of the sun, of the seasons of the year, of growth, of harvest. The Spring equinox is celebrated with especial ceremonial.



Many possibilities exist, and will be developed in accordance with national traditions of folklore, for the institution of yearly festivals towards the rebirth of the true religious feeling which is of God in fertile Nature and its wondrous manifestations.

The rhythm of the day's course makes men experience the solemnity of dawn and sunrise; and the glowing consecration of sunset, with the restful, liberating quiet of twilight. At such times the Aryan will pause in meditation before God, in prayer, and in praise.

The custom of group and family prayers is to be encouraged, with the leader of the group, or the father of the family, leading the simple ceremony. The Aryan seeks Unity with God in his whole life; and the world is his church. National Socialism is a joyous consecration of Church and State, united in every aspect of Aryan social life, both communal and individual.

Each Aryan home will have its room and shrine set apart for prayer and praise to God in Adolf Hitler.

Christmas, the Yule Festival, has a special place. The Yule solstice is the immemorial Indo-Germanic Festival for the victory of light, for the birth of the young sun-god and of the young year. Appropriate to this festival would be a ceremony outside in the wood or on a quiet hill-top, "where the deep winter night envelops us or where the soul expands under that tree of candles, the starry heavens."

The great events in a people's history should always be celebrated. The content of these national festivals is to be determined by the idea of the development of the people, and by the effect of heroes' and leaders' mighty exploits. Such festivals should be celebrated by the whole community of the people.

The Festival of Youth dedication deserves special attention. This festival touches the people as much as family and kindred, for the ceremony consists in its symbolizing the fact that the young man now steps out of the circle of family and kindred, to which he has up to now almost exclusively belonged, into a life where the Reality, the People, regulates him in a more complete manner than before.

Sacred symbols to be used at these festivals are such as Nature has given us, fire, tree and water. There are also the swastika and the sun-wheel. The "Heil" greeting, and the chosen and regular meeting places of the people, also have symbolic power.

The Aryan faith has its own special ceremonies and ritual for name consecration in the child, for youth dedication, for union of the sexes, and for burial.


The Aryan believes fundamentally and passionately in the science of good breeding; and rejects completely the loose racial mixtures and adulterations that have been perpetrated in the name of so-called Christian love and racial toleration.

The Aryan recognises true love in the spiritual affinity and



attraction between the pure-blooded Aryan man and woman.

The Aryan seeks perfection in his race and people. All means to that end axe to be deliberately and consistently promoted.

Eugenic surveys in the schools would provide valuable statistics for the betterment of the race. Pupils could be divided into categories, which would specify their racial type and character potential, and so act as a control of the future progeny of the nation.

Setting aside the conventions of marriage, consideration in the union of the sexes must primarily be directed towards improvement of the race.

Racial knowledge and practice will be accepted as a vital part the Aryan faith; and children, racially pure and healthy, will be safeguarded by the National Socialist State.

The Aryan State regards the child born out of wedlock, in obedience to the God-given instincts of a healthy Aryan man and woman, as highly valuable to the race and nation.

The eugenic principle is that all which promotes a higher form of Aryan species and its multiplication is right. That is the new convention which cuts across all previously held moralities.


Never was a revolution on such a scale carried out in so disciplined and bloodless a fashion as the National Socialist Renaissance of the German people.

Without the National Socialist Party, without the SA. and SS., even a German uprising could not have taken such a model course.

"It was the most bloodless revolution in the history of the world, and yet the most decisive." -- Adolf Hitler.

"But we did not consider it as part of the programme of the National Socialist Revolution to destroy human life or material goods, but rather to build up a new and better life."

"Taking it all in all, fewer lives were sacrificed in the National Socialist Revolution than the number of National Socialist followers who were murdered in Germany by our Bolshevik opponents in the year 1932 alone, when there was no revolution.

"This absence of bloodshed and destruction was made possible solely because we had adopted a principle which not only guided our conduct in the past, but which we shall also never forget in the future. This principle was that the purpose of a revolution, or of any general change in the condition of public affairs, cannot be to produce chaos, but only to replace what is bad by substituting something better.

Germany in National Socialism became the example to the whole world of the peaceful solution of social difficulties and economic problems.


All Aryan States will develop a corps of elite leaders and discip-



lined adherents.

The example in principles and organisation was given in National Socialist Germany in the Schutzstaffel (SS.) and in the Sturmabteilungen (SA.).

The SS. men represented the highest racial types in Germany, not only guaranteeing peace and order within the State, but constituting also an elite force for the political education of the people.

The SS-men made solemn oath: "We swear to thee, Adolf Hitler, Fuehrer and Chancellor of the German Reich, to be loyal and brave. We swear to thee, and to the leaders whom thou mayst designate, obedience unto death. So help us God!"

Heinrich Himmler, Reich-Leader of the SS., wrote: "We could not have formed this corps sworn to unity if we had not the conviction of and faith in a Lord God Who stands above us, Who has created us and our Fatherland, our people and this earth, and Who has sent us our Leader."

The SA.-men were a formation entrusted with keeping order at meetings, and were to be a means of educating the masses in the principles of the Party.

The elite sections of the German community were schooled as men athletic and hard in mind and body. They maintained this ideal before them all their lives, as a fulfilment of their own vocation, and as an example to all Germans, and particularly to the growing generations.

The basis of leadership in National Socialist Germany is described by Adolf Hitler, in considering the terms, democracy and dictatorship: "The result of the revolution in Germany has been to establish a democracy in the best sense of the word. We are steering towards an order of things guaranteeing a process of natural and reasonable selection in the domain of political leadership, thanks to which that leadership will be entrusted to the most competent, irrespective of their descent, name, or fortune. The memorable words of the great Corsican that every soldier carries a Field Marshal's baton in his knapsack, will find its political complement in Germany."

National Socialism clearly differentiates between Democracy and Parliamentarism. The aim of National Socialism is, by abolishing all political parties -- which had become the tools of the supranational power of Money -- to bring back democracy to its form of "community of the people" which it had at the time of Pericles. This conception of democracy as an expression of the popular will was confirmed, in the National Socialist regime, by conferring on the nation the right of organising plebiscites in order to give expression to its wishes.

Among all European Governments, the Government founded by Adolf Hitler was that which sought most to obtain an indissoluble contact with the masses of workers and peasants.



Aptitude and preparedness for struggle, the spirit of sacrifice, strength of character, are the essential moral requisites of a National Socialist.


The annual gatherings of the Movement are akin to religious festivals, and constitute an inspired rededication of Faith in the Nationalist Socialist and Aryan ideal.

Between the highest leader, his collaborators, and the body of his followers there is an indestructible community.

Adolf Hitler outlined the future tasks of the Aryan Movement.

He said: "We have laid firm foundations for the new State we have sown seeds that have sunk deep. We have won millions upon millions of men for the ideas on which this State is based; we have introduced them to the life of this State, always in the conviction that it is not laws which protect a State: it is the living will, the faith, the confidence, and the courage of a people which are its true protection."

"There are folk who believe that the strength of the Party is exhausted. It will not be exhausted 300 years hence! They will see that it will reach full development only in the coming decades. The Movement will fulfil its great mission when the whole people professes its faith in our ideal."

And this struggle for our people keeps us all young. Externally our hair may grow grey, but in the inner man we have now learnt youth's secret. It is the eye which reflects the spirit, and your eyes can look on the world with a pride and a brightness all their own!"

"We have not broken down classes in order to set new ones in their place: we have broken down classes to make way for the German people as a whole.

"Our education also trains men to respect intellectual achievement: we bring one to respect the spade, another to respect the compass or the pen. All now are but German fellow-countrymen, and it is their achievement which determines their value."

"For nearly six years I was a soldier, and I have never protested; I have always obeyed. Today Destiny has brought me to a position where I can command. And of every German I am bound to ask this: 'You, too, must learn to obey, otherwise you are unworthy to command.'"

"The following principle must be recognised: always only a part of the people will be composed of really active fighters. From them is demanded more than from the millions of their fellow-countrymen. For them the mere profession, 'I believe,' is not enough: their vow must be, 'I fight'."

"I have endeavoured to make clear to the world and to the German people that Europe is a small idea, that for centuries past within, this small Europe profound displacements have not taken



place, that here in Europe we have to deal with a single family of peoples. I have tried to make our own people understand, and the others too, that every disagreement inspired by hatred can result only in small and impermanent successes. The European frontiers of states may change, but their peoples remain stable."

"If the question is still asked why National Socialism combats the Jewish element in Germany so fanatically, the answer can only be, because National Socialism wishes to establish a real community of the people. Since we are National Socialists, we cannot permit an alien race to impose itself upon our working people as their leaders."

"Let us turn our eyes from this world of the past and look to the German future. It is our wish and will that this State and this Reich shall continue to exist in the coming millennia. And we can moreover be happy to know that this future is already ours -- completely ours. A young generation is growing up and it has never experienced the infection of poisonous party politics, and it has never experienced the corruption of our parliamentary-democratic system. Youth is devoted to us: it has joined us in body and soul. Youth lives in this proud Germany of the swastika, and that symbol will for evermore live in its heart."


He who would win in this world must venture.

The essential thing in a revolution is not the assumption of power, but the education of men.

At all times it is personality and not democracy which has created values.

It is madness to think that suddenly a majority can take the place of a man of genius.

One People, one Reich, one political Will, and one Sword!

To be German is to be logical and true.

World-history, like all events of historical significance, is the result of the activity of single individuals -- it is not the fruit of majority decisions.

Let the task be ever so great, if it must be solved, then it will be solved. In this task also the eternal principle applies that where there's a will, there's a way.

I myself was and still am a child of the people. It was not for the capitalists that I undertook this struggle; it was for the German working-man that I took my stand.

We wish to fill our culture once more with the spirit of Christianity -- but not only in theory.

After fifteen years of talk, someone who would act must come at last. And I have acted !

To do violence to none, but through co-ordination of the German nation to secure the highest measure of ideal freedom, that is our



will. That aim can be realised only if a single mighty German Reich exists as shield and protection.

We shall be able to hold our place in the judgment of our people in the days to come only if we are successful in ceasing to encourage as the fundamental trait in our character the age-old evil of disunion -- only if we can triumphantly overcome it.

Even the armament of a people is morally justified only when that armament serves as shield and sword of a higher mission.

Man must eternally strive to overcome his limitations.

Those who see in struggle the meaning to life rise to a new nobility.

The whole of education should be designed so as to occupy a boy's free time in cultivation of his body. He has no right to loaf about idly; but after his day's work is done he ought to harden his young body, so that life may not find him soft when he enters it. No one should be allowed to sin at the expense of posterity, that is, of the race.

The fight against the poisoning of the soul must be waged alongside cultivation of the body. The life of the people must be freed from the asphyxiating perfume of modern eroticism. The aim and method must be governed by the thought of preserving our nation's health in body and soul. The right to personal freedom comes second in importance to the duty of maintaining the race.

In this hour I would ask of the Lord God only this: that, as in the past, so in the years to come He would give His blessing to our work and our action, to our judgment and our resolution, that He will safeguard us from all false pride and from all cowardly servility, that He may grant to us to find the straight path which His Providence has ordained for the German people, and that He may ever give us the courage to do the right, never to falter, never to yield before any violence, before any danger.

Whatever culture the Jew appears to possess today is in the main the property of other peoples, which has become corrupted under his manipulation.

If we divide the human race into three categories -- founders, maintainers and destroyers of culture -- the Aryan stock alone can be considered as representing the first category.

The world is undoubtedly going through great changes. The only question is whether the outcome will be the good of Aryan humanity or profits for the Jew. The task of the national State will, therefore, be to preserve the race and fit it to meet the final and greatest decisions on this globe by suitable education of its youth.

When folk have set before them a true purpose and then pursue it unmoved with bravery and courage, when they withstand with a strong heart every trial which Heaven sends upon them, then one day at the last Almighty Providence will yet grant them the fruits of their



struggle and of their sacrifices. For God has never abandoned any man upon this earth unless he has first abandoned himself.

Common blood should belong to a common Reich.

The purpose of social work should be not to distribute favours, but to restore rights.

I hate the word "impossible": it has always been the mask of the faint-hearted, of men who did not dare to carry out great resolves.

There was not a single paper with which Jews were connected which could be described as genuinely national.

In taking up the fight against the Jews I am doing the Lord's work.

If Providence had not guided us I would often never have found these dizzy paths. Thus it is that we National Socialists have in the depths of our hearts our faith. No man can fashion world history or the history of peoples unless upon his purpose and his powers there rests the blessing of this Providence.

The phrase, "Emancipation of Woman," is only an invention of the Jewish intellect and its content is stamped with the same spirit. In the really good periods of German life the German woman never needed to emancipate herself.

If International Judaism will have its war, it will not be Aryan humanity which is destroyed, but Jewish power in Europe.

The Jewish race will have to adapt itself to sound constructive activity as other nations do, or sooner or later it will succumb to a crisis of an inconceivable magnitude.

Only when this Jewish bacillus infecting the life of peoples has been removed can we establish a co-operation amongst the nations which shall be built upon a lasting understanding.

The readiness to sacrifice one's personal work and, if necessary, even one's life for others shows its most highly developed form in the Aryan race. The greatness of the Aryan is not based on his intellectual powers; but rather on his willingness to devote all his faculties to the service of the community.

One thing we must never forget: a majority can never be a substitute for the Man.

The Mosaic religion is really nothing but a doctrine for the preservation of the Jewish race.

A world-philosophy should fight positively to establish itself. The struggle lies in attack rather than in defence.

With Jews there is no bargaining -- there is merely the hard "Either -- or."

I realised that the fight was not against enemy nations, but against international capital.

Readiness to be content with half-measures is the outward sign of inward decadence, and a national collapse is sure to follow sooner or later.



These democratic busybodies are too stupid to think out anything for themselves and too conceited to learn what is needed from others.

Trustworthiness, readiness for self-sacrifice, silence, are virtues which a great nation needs.

It is the duty of the national State to see to it that a History of the World is eventually written, in which the question of Race occupies a prominent position.

The national State divides its inhabitants into three classes: State citizens, State subjects, and foreigners. It must be held in greater honour to be a citizen of this Reich even if only a crossing-sweeper, than to be a king in a foreign State.

The word "Council" will revert to its ancient meaning. Every leader shall have councillors at his side, but the decision shall be made by the one Man.

The parliamentary principle of decision by majorities only appears during quite short periods of history, and those are always periods of decadence in nations and States.

The strong man is strongest when alone.

I believe that this was God's Will -- to send a boy into the Reich, to let him become its Leader, in order to bring his home country into the Reich. Otherwise one must doubt Providence.

Our task is to harness the God-given energy of this German nation to stand firm for the Truth.

The selection of the new Fuhrer class is my struggle for power. Whoever proclaims his allegiance to me is one of the chosen. This is the great revolutionary significance of our long struggle for power, that in it will be born a new Herren-class, chosen to guide the fortunes not only of the German people, but of the world.

True aristocracy exists only where there is true subjection. We will deepen the inequality of man and, as in ancient civilisations, create insurmountable barriers to turn it into law. There is no equal right for all. This is the basis of our actions, and we acknowledge it openly. Other nations will not have equal rights with the German. It is our task to place other nations in subjection. The German people are called to give the world a new aristocracy.


The pursuit of agriculture is the foundation of the Aryan State. The countryside produces men for the nation, and has been through decades the eternal source of national strength.

In the sphere of economic life all action must be governed by one law; capital serves Industry: and Industry serves the people.

What is necessary is to teach each class and profession the importance of the others. All together form one mighty body: labourer, peasant, and professional man.

All work which is necessary ennobles him who performs it. Only



one thing is shameful -- to contribute nothing to the community.

Time and again, in his speeches on economic questions, Adolf Hitler spoke of the prime necessity of preserving and developing the agricultural class. He said, "It was not without a purpose that the petition for our daily bread was included in the prayer of Christendom."

Nothing falls into a man's lap from heaven. It is from labour that life grows.

The Labour Service, the school through which all members of the nation pass, redeems the labour of men's hands from the scornful valuation which bourgeois society has set upon it.

Every worker, every peasant, and every employer will support the National Socialist Government as one man, for their interests are common to them all.

The wage of a people has meaning only when it arises from production. Every increase in production should benefit the whole people and raise the people's standard of living.

The faith of the Aryan is contained in the conviction You are here only to serve your people. Alone you are nothing: only as part of the life of the whole you are everything, only in a Front are you power."

Life is not a problem of financial speculations, but always only a problem of work.

The folk-community does not exist on the fictitious value of money, but on the results of productive labour, which is what gives money its value. This production, and not a bank or gold reserve, is the first cover for a currency.

The class-struggle is rooted out from the Aryan State. Before this there were many castes in the system; but the German Labour Front brought home to, the people the consciousness of belonging to the caste of German working men.

The National Socialist Party is the greatest organisation ever built by men.

"The final objective is that in Germany, as in the United States, there shall be a car to every five inhabitants.

"Every year a thousand kilometres of motor-roads will be opened until the greatest work "undertaken in the history of mankind is completed." -- Adolf Hitler.

Germany's economic salvation was due solely to the nation's own efforts under its own leadership.

For National Socialists it is a cardinal principle of political and economic faith not to look for salvation from outside the nation, but to seek such aid solely through their own wisdom and energy.

The facts and figures of German national reconstruction, which may be studied from the relevant documents, are proof of social achievement which is unique in its extent and effects. National



Socialist Germany stands as an example to the whole world of the harmonious solution of social and economic problems.

"We have made, it possible, without gold and without foreign exchange, to maintain the value of the German mark. Behind the German mark stands the German capacity for work, while some foreign countries, suffocated by gold, have been compelled to devalue their currencies." -- Adolf Hitler.

"Today, in May, 1938, the world around us suffers from the anxiety which the unemployment of millions brings with it. In Germany we begin to be anxious because we have not enough workmen." -- Adolf Hitler.

The German wishes, to live decently: he does not like to go to ruin in idleness.

"Help thyself, and then thou wilt also have the help of the Almighty." -- Adolf Hitler.

In this the National Socialist State will always insist ruthlessly, that every individual sets above his own interests the interests of the community.

National Socialism declares that the only form of an increase in wages is an increase in production.

"We have founded a new economic system and its basis is that capital is work-power, and the cover for our money lies in our production." -- Adolf Hitler.


The splitting up of the nation into groups with irreconcilable views, systematically brought about by the false doctrines of Marxist Bolshevism, means the destruction of the basis of a possible communal life. National Socialism, on the other hand, creates a real community, rising above the interests and differences of rank and class.

Bolshevism teaches godlessness and acts accordingly.

"Bolshevism turns flourishing countrysides into sinister wastes of ruins; National Socialism transforms a Reich of destruction and misery into a healthy State and a flourishing economic life." -- Adolf Hitler.

"Since I have fought against these Jewish-Soviet ideas in Germany, since I have conquered and stamped out this peril, I fancy that I possess a better comprehension of its character than do men who have only had to deal with it in the field of literature."

Against Jewish Bolshevism stands the Front of the German people -- workers, farmers and those who are creators in the sphere of the intellect -- one great indestructible community.

National Socialism represents a world-idea that will be accepted by all peoples. Adolf Hitler not only conquered Marxism with its Jewish-Talmudic dogma, but gave to the world the true revolutionary dynamic, Aryan Socialism.

Great nations do not succumb through lost wars, but rather



through racial decay and the destruction of their internal order.

The whole world may begin to burn, but the National Socialist State and Idea will emerge from the conflagration like platinum.

Bolshevism means nothing else but the destruction of those intelligences which are native to a people and their substitution by the parasitic race of Jews.

The Jewish Bolshevik minority, a very thin upper class of a different race from that of the mass of the people -- a non-Slav upper class -- exercised the dictatorship of a foreign race over the real Russian people. Thereafter this Jewish minority sought to establish the same result in other countries, using Russia as a base of operations.

A classic technique of Jewry is to create the appearance of assimilation in a country, thereby to break down the natural self-defence of a nation to alien infiltration. Whether remaining a separate people or assimilating, Jewry has sought Jewish World Revolution, and Bolshevism has been its main instrument. Capitalism and Bolshevism are the two sides of the same international Jewish coin.

In the community of the civilised nations of Europe Jewish World Bolshevism is an alien body which makes no contribution to economic life or civilisation, but only creates confusion.

Nearly all Bolshevist agitators in Germany and elsewhere were Jews.

The Jewish Marxist watchword, "Workers of the world unite," is conquered by a higher realisation, namely, "Workers of all classes and of all nations, recognise your common enemy, International Judaism!"

The Jewish question is not just a German problem, but a world problem.


Adolf Hitler said of the Labour Service in National Socialist Germany, "Through this school the entire nation will pass. The time will come when no German will be grafted into the community of the people unless he has first passed through this community."

The Labour Service, which applies alike to male and female youth -- each with their respectively natural tasks -- is regarded as a duty of honour carried out in the service of the nation as a whole.

Every Aryan should be worker and soldier for his race and people. Within this philosophy of common service for the general good are drawn young men and women from all sections of society. So is created a true community of the people, in which all workers, whether by hand or brain, join in practical understanding of the dignity of manual labour close to the soil.

The work of the young men is in such tasks as road-making, diking and ditching, with land reclamation, clearing and levelling.


The work of the young women is especially applied to aiding German mothers and farm households. Together with their brothers, these young Aryan women are imbued with a sense of duty to the nation as a whole.


The supreme political aim of social policy, while bettering the conditions of the people as science makes it possible, is the maintenance of national solidarity.

Social honour recognises no distinction between the employer and the employed. All of them work for a common purpose and are entitled to equal honour and respect.

The National Socialist State ended unemployment and created a united force of workers and producers, whether by hand, technical or organising ability, in the German Labour Front.

Physical and mental recreations for the workers were organised in Germany by the "Strength through Joy" Movement. The extent of this work was greater than anything previously achieved in social policy anywhere in the world. Concerts, film and theatre shows; popular education; travel, excursions, and holidays; active participation in sport -- all branches of cultural activity for the healthy enjoyment of leisure hours were promated.

The "Strength through Joy" organisation was the unified welfare body of the German Labour Front.

A significant achievement was the possession by the German workers of a fleet of ocean-going passenger ships.

German labour policy aimed to beautify factory conditions, to create cultural and athletic amenities, and to create the greatest possible efficiency in production.

The Tribunals of Social Honour defended the all-important "community spirit" in Industry. An incapable employer or an antisocial employee may be dismissed for the protection of social order.

Workers were entitled to redress for wrongful dismissal before a Labour Court.

Social insurance, unemployment relief, and a comprehensive system for the protection of labour were essential parts of German labour policy and social welfare.

In all social policy the Aryan honours the principle, "the individual interest must be subordinated: to the general interest."

The National Socialist system of welfare bad as its inspiration the dictum of Adolf Hitler, "One for all; all for one."

A significant achievement in social welfare was the "Mother and Child" organisation. Separate holidays and homes for mothers and children were provided. By 1936 nearly 3 million women had sought the assistance and advice of the "Mother and Child" offices.


National Socialist Germany placed athletics on a firm foundation,



with centralised direction. The German Reich Sports League incorporated some 49,000 federations, and was responsible for the organisation of the highly successful Olympic Games in Berlin.

The new type gymnastic instructor of the Reich Academy for Physical Culture was a State official, and guarantor of manly strength based upon physical training. The instructors were incorporated in a single national union.

Physical training and sports activity are an integral part of the life of an Aryan community. The entire German people was able to take an active and joyful part in sport and physical exercises. A new department in the Ministry of the Interior was created for handling all matter connected with sport and gymnastics.

The German Games were intended to be a revelation of dedicated national strength and vitality. Just as Olympia was the sacred city of the ancient Greek contests, so it was intended to make Nuremberg the Olympia of the German nation.

Aryan men and women believe in the strength and beauty, born of healthy living, which are the supreme expression of the nobility of a real freedom.

German athleticism is a true expression of German character.

It is the high mission of National Socialist schooling and training to achieve the unity of strong soul, healthy mind and steeled body.

Sport should primarily be taken up in the service of national fitness.

Emphasis in Aryan athletic concepts is laid on the value of team work.


The Aryan stands firm, One with God, in his attitude to the world and its people.

The Aryan is conscious of his world mission, in building upon the foundations laid for all Eternity by Adolf Hitler.

The ending of the Jewish world means the end of religion as such. The Truth of Almighty God, and the establishment of the Kingdom of God in Earth in National Socialism, is a Higher Concept than any system of religion.

Each continent and nation will construct its own form of National Socialism, in which Church and State are joined in the example of Hitler Germany.

The Aryan honours the prophets and God-given leaders of other nations, and recognises all paths which have been sought to the Divine and Eternal Truth of God.

The spiritual synthesis and union of the world, the link between West and East, will be achieved after the destruction of Mammon. The satanic Jew has been the divider of mankind; and has deliberately brought about religious division and chaos. The Aryan, dedicated believer and follower of Adolf Hitler, God's Chosen to



inaugurate a new world, brings redemption and healing to the world, in the pattern and inspiration of the Eternal Spirit of God. For Adolf Hitler indeed sitteth at the right hand of God, and all Power in Heaven and Earth is given unto Him. Hail Hitler!

Hitler said that the world would regard him as "the greatest liberator of humanity." So will his Gospel be declared to all mankind, and will be accepted by all nations who love, fear and serve Almighty God.


Berlin, April 28, 1945.

Eva Braun to her sister:

I must write you these words so that you will not feel sad over our end here in the shelter. It is rather we who are filled with sorrow because it is your late to live on into the chaos that will follow. For myself, I am glad to die here; glad to be at the side of the Fuehrer; foremost of all, glad that the horror now to come is spared me.

What could life still give me? It has already been perfect. It has already given me its best and its fullest. Why should I go on living? This is the time to die; the right time. With the Fuehrer I have had everything. To die now, beside him, completes my happiness. Live on as well and as happily as you can. Shed no tears nor be regretful over our deaths. It is the perfect and proper ending. None of us would change it now. It is the right end for a German woman.

Dr. Goebbels to his stepson, Harald:

My dear Harald,

We sit locked in the Fuehrer's shelter in the RC., fighting for lives and honour. How this battle will end God alone knows. But I know that alive or dead, we will not leave this shelter unless we leave it with honour and glory. I hardly believe that we shall ever see each other again; therefore, it is likely that these will be the last lines you will ever receive from me. I expect from you, should you outlive this war, that you do only that which will honour your mother and father. It is not necessary that we be alive to influence the future of our people. It is likely that you will be the only one left to carry on the traditions of our family. Do this always in such a manner that we would never be ashamed of your actions.

Germany will outlive this terrible war, but only if it has examples upon which to guide its reconstruction. Such an example we want to give here! You can be proud to possess a mother such as yours. Yesterday evening the Fuehrer gave her the gold Party insignia which he wore on his coat for so many years, and she justly deserved it. In the future you must know only one duty: to prove yourself worthy of the great sacrifice which we are prepared and determined to make here. I know that you will do that. Do not let yourself be confused by the uproar that will now reign throughout the world. The lies will one day break down under their own weight and the truth will again



triumph. The hour will come when we shall stand pure and undefiled as our aims and beliefs have always been.

Farewell, dear Harald. Whether we shall ever see each other again lies in the hands of God. If it is not to be, then always be proud to have belonged to a family that even in the face of disaster remain true to the Fuehrer to the very last and true to his pure and holy cause.

All the best and my heartfelt greetings,

Your Papa.

Magda Goebbels to her son:

April 28, 1945.

In the Fuehrer's bunker.

My beloved son:

We have already been here in the Fuehrer's shelter for six days; Papa, your six brothers and sisters, and I. We are here to give our National Socialistic way of life its only possible and honourable ending.

Whether you will ever receive this letter I do not know, but perhaps some considerate soul will make it possible for you to receive my last greetings. You must know that it was against Papa's wishes that I remained here with him, and that last Sunday the Fuehrer himself wanted to help me to get out. You know your mother, for we are of the same blood. For me there was no alternative. Our beautiful idea is being destroyed, and with it goes everything I know in this life as fine, worthy of admiration, noble, and good.

Life will not be worth living in the world that will come after Hitler and National Socialism.

Therefore, I have also brought the children here with me. They are too precious for the life that will come after us; a merciful God will understand me when I myself help them to a merciful deliverance. You will live on, and for you I have but one request: Never forget that you are a German. Do nothing against your honour and take care that you do nothing with your life that will have made our death purposeless.

The children are wonderful. Without assistance they help themselves in these more than primitive surroundings. Whether they have to sleep on the floor, whether they are unable to wash, or whether they have nothing to eat, there is neither a word of complaint nor tears. Even for me the shell crashings are nerve-wracking. The small children comfort the even smaller, and the fact of their being here is a blessing if only because every now and then they coax a smile from the Fuehrer.

Yesterday evening the Fuehrer removed his golden insignia and pinned it to my dress. I am proud and overjoyed. God grant that I will have the strength to accomplish the last and most difficult task of all.



We have only one mind left to us: To be true unto death to the Fuehrer; that we be allowed to end our lives together with him is a merciful fate upon which we could hardly have counted.

Harald, beloved boy, I give you the best life has taught me, to take on your way with you: Be true; be true to yourself, true to your people, and, most of all, be true to your Fatherland -- in each and every respect.

To begin a new page is difficult. Who knows whether I shall still have time to fill it, but I want to give you so much of my love, so much strength, and to take from you all the sorrow of our deaths. Be proud of us and try to keep us ever in a proud and joyous remembrance. Everyone must one day die. Is it not better, more honourable, and braver to have lived a short happy life rather than a long one under disgraceful conditions?

I put my arms about you with the deepest, most heartfelt mother's love.

My beloved son, Live for Germany!

Your Mother.


The men who were martyred for their faith in Nuremberg prison, after systematic mental torture by Jewish judges and gaolers during twelve months, left many words of Faith and Truth for Posterity. Those words are here recorded:


"The victor will always be the judge, and the vanquished the accused."

"After the United States gobbled up California and half of Mexico, and we were stripped down to nothing, territorial expansion suddenly becomes a crime. It's been going on for centuries, and it will still go on."

"Hitler was our sovereign. It would be intolerable for me to have him standing before a foreign court. You men knew the Fuehrer. He would be the first one to stand up and say, 'I have given the orders, and I take full responsibility.' But I would rather die ten deaths than have the German sovereign subjected to such humiliation."

"The death sentence -- that doesn't mean a thing to me; but my reputation in history means a lot. That is why I am glad Doenitz got landed with signing the surrender. I wouldn't want my name attached to that thing in future history. A country never thinks well of its leaders who accept defeat. As for death -- I haven't been afraid of death since I was 12 or 14 years old."

"Next to my own people, I feel closest sympathy with the English. Anyway, one thing is clear -- Germany must rise either with the English or the Russians; and the Russians seem to have the upper hand. They are clever, too. Fritzsche tells me they keep asking about



me. Maybe I would be better off in their hands."

"The Russian atrocity film was a fake. Lots of these pictures were probably taken during their own revolution, like the baskets of heads. Those fields covered with bodies -- such pictures are easy to get any time in a war. And where did they get the fresh corpses to photograph? They couldn't have come right in ready to take pictures. They must have shot those people themselves."

"The colonel gaoler ought to bear in mind that he is dealing with historical figures here. Right or wrong, we are historical personalities -- and he is nobody."

"The only allies who are still allied are the 4 prosecutors, and they are only allied against the 20 defendants."

"I still don't recognise the authority of the court. Bringing the heads of a sovereign State before a foreign court is a piece of presumption which is unique in history."

"Yes, I still maintain my loyalty to the Fuehrer -- in difficult times as well as in good."

"Well, I didn't cut a petty figure, did I? Don't forget I had the best legal brains of England, America, Russia, and France arrayed against me with their whole legal machinery, -- and there was I, alone!"

"Mass murder? I assure you we never for a moment had such things in mind. I only thought we would eliminate Jews from positions in big business and government, and that was all. But don't forget that the Jews carried on a terrific campaign against us too, all over the world."

"I wanted to set my people an example that loyalty was not dead."

"My wife can influence me in lots of things, but as far as my basic code is concerned nothing can sway me. She could have her way in the household, in getting me to do lots of things for her, but when it comes to these basic things in a man's life, it is not a woman's affair."

"My people have been humiliated before. Loyalty and hatred will unite them again. Who knows but that in this very hour the man is born who will unite my people -- born of our flesh and bones, to avenge the humiliation we suffer now?"

"What the American-controlled newspapers print now in Germany does not count for anything."

"It is no use complaining, Field Marshal -- these people do not have our breeding. They don't understand these things. It is just as I have always told you."

"No wonder you can't find any people with read leadership to take the responsibility of administration in Germany. Do you know why? Because the best nationalist leaders are in jail and the rest figure that if they carry out the de-nazification laws now, who knows



but that in ten years -- after America leaves, or a fight between East and West changes the situation -- they will be brought before a German national court and tried for treason. And what do the German people think? I've already told you: 'Whenever things are lousy, we have democracy!' Make no mistake about it, the people know that they were better off when Hitler was in power before the war. And don't forget that Hitler was more than just a person to us.

"The next generation is finding its own leaders and they will fight for the protection of their own national interests. So you can take your morality and your repentance and your democracy, and peddle it elsewhere!"

"This is a political trial by the victors, and it will be a good thing for Germany when they realise that!"

"Those who kow-towed to the prosecution and denounced the Nazi regime got it in the neck just the same. It serves them right."

"I am glad that it is not a life sentence, because those who are sentenced to life imprisonment never become martyrs."


"Just wait 20 years. Germany will have risen again."

"Whatever the verdict of this court I shall be held innocent before the Judgment Seat of Christ."

"I should do it all again, even if it meant going to the martyr's stake to be burned. A temporary defeat in war is nothing in terms of history. Nothing can prevent the Germanic race from fulfilling its destiny. When America and Russia have exhausted themselves in war, then will be the time for Germany to rise from the ashes."


"For me as an old, fanatical, National Socialist, I took it all as fact -- just as a Catholic believes in his Church dogma. It was just truth without question; I had no doubt about that. I was absolutely convinced that the Jews were at the opposite pole from the German people, and sooner or later there would have to be a clash between National Socialism and World Jewry."


"Every race has the right to protect itself, just as the Jewish race has done for thousands of years. You will have the same problem in America. The whites don't want to intermarry with negroes. The Nuremberg Laws were for the protection of the Aryan race."

"Hanging -- I didn't expect anything different."


"It is ironic, you know -- for it was the Frenchman, de Gobineau, who started racial ideology."

"Did God ordain all this? Did God nod His head as Jews were led into the gas chambers?"

"You can't go against a law of nature. The Austrian and German people simply could not be kept apart. It was like trying to keep



apart an irresistible force in nature. I'd just like to see them examine the Anschluss of Azerbaijan by the Russians with the same kind of arguments and documents."


"On the contrary, my friends, this means the beginning of the Hitler legend."


"Admiral Nimitz has said that he conducted unrestricted warfare in the whole Pacific Ocean from the first day after Pearl Harbour."


"Hitler talked to me in July, 1940, about the possible hostilities with Russia. He wanted to be ready to forestall an attack by Russia in the Autumn. Hitler was convinced that Russia would squeeze or attack us in the near future, and that England would encourage it."

"To the accusation on the bombing of Rotterdam I reply that the losses there were not as heavy as from the bombing of Leipzig after the Allies knew that they had won the war. The attack on Russia was based on the opinion of the politicians that the non-aggression pact was not being observed by Russia."

"Now they want to hide the fact that there was a secret treaty with Russia. They cannot do it. I had the advance demarcation line right among my plans, and planned the campaign accordingly."


"A few years from now the lawyers of the world will condemn this trial. You can't have a trial without law."

"Of course, I was one of his most faithful followers. The Fuehrer had a terrifically magnetic personality. You can't understand it unless you've experienced it. Six months after his death I still feel it. Everybody was fascinated by him. Even if great intellects came together for a discussion, why, in a few minutes they just ceased to exist and the brilliance of Hitler's personality shone over all. Why, even at the discussions on the Munich Pact, Daladier and Chamberlain were simply overwhelmed by his charm."

"Can't you feel the terrific strength of Hitler's personality? Can't you see how he swept people off their feet?"

"The last time I saw Hitler was on April 23, 1945. I felt sure then that Hitler intended to remain in Berlin until the end. I was able to ask him what he wanted me to do if it came to the point of surrender. He said I should try to remain on good terms with Britain. He always wanted that, you know."

"I was always for a rapprochement with Russia. Hitler thought we would be attacked sooner or later. History will show that Hitler was right and I was wrong.

"Do you know what I planned? I wanted to include the Russians in our three-power pact, and make it a four-power pact,



between Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia. I wanted a free hand to deal with England for all emergencies.

"We wanted a peaceful solution -- a counterbalance to England's balance-of-power politics. They were constantly oppressing us. Just imagine going to war over Danzig -- such a world catastrophe, just to prevent Germany from getting a piece of territory that belonged to her, because Britain was afraid Germany was getting too strong."

"I always approved of co-operation between Germany and Russia. England could have prevented the war by merely saying one word. If they had just told the Poles to make peace, the whole war would have been avoided. But Britain was playing her balance-of-power policy in Europe. Our demands were so reasonable. It wasn't necessary to go to war about it."

"We Germans are a peculiar people; we are so loyal. People don't seem to understand that."

"We could have solved the Jewish problem peacefully with a quota system, or by transporting them to the East or to Madagascar."

"Germany did not break the Munich Pact. We made the mistake of losing the war. Incidentally, America has used its army to suppress opposition by force 150 times in the past 150 years."

"There you are -- unrestricted warfare in the whole Pacific Ocean, where America really doesn't belong! And when we make a Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, which belonged to Germany for a thousand years, it is considered aggression!"


"Crimes against Christianity? Did you ever pay any attention to the Russian crimes against Christianity?

"The Russians have the nerve to sit in judgment -- with 30 million lives on their conscience! Talk about persecution of the Church! -- Why, they are the world's greatest experts. They killed priests by the thousands in their revolution. The persecution of the Church is a big question that goes back hundreds of years, and there are several sides to the question. The Lord only knows how much blood has been spilled by and because of the Church.

"I don't blame the Russians at all for trying to break the stranglehold of this clerical monster. I have always been anti-Catholic."

"Every American trembles before the power of the Press. Poor Hearst -- just because he published a few articles of mine and had his picture taken with me, his whole newspaper syndicate was almost threatened with bankruptcy, with boycotts and all."

"Of course they do not want to discuss the Versailles Treaty. That Treaty explains how the whole war came about. Even the Americans refused to sign that thing, because it was so evil. Wilson had drawn up his 14 Points so carefully, and then when the time came to make the peace treaty the French laid their secret treaties with



Poland and all the rest on the table, and said that was what they were fighting for -- and the 14 Points were thrown into the waste-paper basket."

"History also considers the murder of 3,000 Chinese in the Opium War, and the degradation of some 3 million Chinese by the British, through their opium traffic. And how about the 300,000 exterminated by an atomic bomb in Japan? And the air attacks on our cities? That is all mass murder, too!"

"The Inquisition was a disgraceful chapter in Catholic Church history. Yes; and that went on for five centuries. It was not a momentary outburst of emotion!"


"Anti-Semitism has been strong in Poland for several centuries. There is a religious slogan of the Middle Ages, 'Save the faith and destroy the Jews.'"


In his defence, Streicher described himself as the fate-ordained apostle of anti-Semitism. He described with dramatic emphasis how he met and was inspired by Hitler; and spoke of the halo round Hitler's head, which Streicher actually saw.

"This trial is a triumph of World Jewry!"

"They are crucifying me now. I can tell. Three of the judges are Jews. I couldn't kill my wife and myself when we were in the Tyrol at the end of the war. I decided I would have to bear my cross."

Seeing the concentration camp films, "These are the 'last days.'"

"After all, the Talmud itself told the Jews to preserve their racial purity. Theodore Herzl, the Zionist leader, even said that wherever there are Jews there is anti-Semitism. The Jews are making a mistake if they make a martyr out of me; you will see. I didn't create the problem; it existed for hundreds of years. I saw how the Jews were pushing themselves into all spheres of German life, and I said that they should be pushed out. After all, if you read the Talmud, you will see that the Gentiles should take measures to protect themselves against the Jews."

"The solution of the Jewish problem must be a State solution, because people with the same blood are drawn together and you cannot go against the laws of nature."

"You can frequently tell a Jew by the eyes. But even if you cannot tell by these physical features, their behaviour always gives them away. A German is so open in his manner -- like a child -- but a Jew is always two-faced. . . . The prosecution at this trial is made up almost entirely of Jews."





RIBBENTROP: "God protect Germany. My last wish is that German unity should remain and that an understanding between East and West will come about and peace for the world."

STREICHER: "Heil Hitler!" As he mounted the steps to the scaffold, he said, "And now it goes to God." Then, as the black hood was about to be placed on his head, he said, "I am with God."

KEITEL: "I call on the Almighty. May He have mercy on the German people and show them tenderness. More than two million German soldiers have died for their Fatherland and preceded me. I follow my own sons. All for Germany."

JODL: "I salute you, my Germany."

SEYSS-INQUART: "I hope this execution is the last act in the tragedy of the second world war, and that its lessons will be learned, so that peace and understanding will exist between the peoples. I believe in Germany."