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First Published in November, 1952, by J. L. Battersby, at Southport,

England, for the German World Church in Europe.









1. The German Revelation.

2. The Book of Aryan Wisdom and Laws.






Written in Southport, England, in the Summer of 1951.



There is very much we have to make good before our own history and before our Lord God. Once his Grace was upon us and we were not worthy to keep it. In this dire need we learnt to pray once more. We learnt to respect one another. We believed in the virtues of a people. We tried again to be better. So there arose a new community that cannot be compared with the people that lie behind us. It has become better, nobler. We feel it. The Grace of the Lord God now turns again at last towards us, and in this hour we fall on our knees and pray the Almighty to bless us and to give us strength to endure the struggle for the freedom and the future and the honour and the Peace of our People and of all mankind. So help us God.




For the Germanic peoples true religion is founded in race. Thus in tracing the foundations of German religion we must necessarily go back to the beginnings of the Aryan race.

According to Professor L. A. Wadell, the Sumerian civilisation of Mesopotamia was founded in 3373 B.C. This was a fully fledged Aryan culture, which some authorities consider to have been transplanted from Atlantis, thus surviving the cataclysm which then enveloped the world.

Comyns Beaumont has advanced the theory that ancient Britain was an outpost of the empire of Atlantis, the first civilisation. While Atlantis succumbed in the flood, Britain survived, together with the Aryan civilisation which consolidated itself in Asia Minor and afterwards spread itself all over the world. The civilisations of Egypt and China were of later origin, and, together with Greece and Rome at their height of power, were Aryan in origin and pattern.

From scientific observation it is clear that the Aryans. The traditionally long-headed, blue-eyed and fair-haired people in their highest racial manifestation, were the founders of social order. The creators of culture. The word "Aryan" derives from "Arya," which in Indian and Persian language meant "exalted or noble one." The Sumerian word "Ara" meant "lofty, shining." The word "aristocracy" of modern usage comes from the same root. The true leadership of nations has always derived from rule by the racial



elite, with their whole life -- religious, cultural and political -- founded in the eternal values of pure blood.

About 2000 B.C. the fair-skinned Nordics were established in the regions of Central and South-Eastern Europe and Central Asia. These Aryans spoke one common language from the Rhine to the Caspian Sea. In those days Central Europe was probably warmer, moister and better wooded than it is today.

The Aryan tribes were nomadic. They would raise and harvest their crops, and then move on. They had bronze, and around 1500 B.C. they acquired iron. They are credited with having discovered iron smelting. They burned rather than buried their illustrious dead. Their leaders were men of action rather than priests. Indeed, the qualities of religious and political leader were combined in the one man. Their social order was based upon a racial and aristocratic idea, with leading families distinguished by racial nobility in the ruling class.

The early Aryans enlivened their periodic festivals with recitations by the bards. The Aryans had for a living literature the epics and sagas passed on from generation to generation by the bards. Social life centred about the households of their leading men. The social system in use was a type of patriarchal communism. The chief of the tribe owned the cattle and grazing lands in the common interest.

The Aryans are truly described as the founders of civilisation. In the second millennium before Christ they were multiplying their people, and developing their culture and dominion both in the East and the West. They penetrated into Persia and India. They were in England and Ireland, France and Spain. H. G. Wells, in his "Short History of the World," wrote: "So it was, while Tiglath Pileser III. and Sargon II. and Sardanapalus were ruling in Assyria and fighting with Babylonia and Syria and Egypt, the Aryan peoples were learning the methods of civilisation and making it over for their own purposes in Italy and Greece and North Persia. The theme of history from the 9th century B.C. onward for six centuries is the story of how these Aryan peoples grew to power and enterprise, and how at last they subjugated the whole ancient world, Semitic, Aegean and Egyptian alike."

It is of great significance in the present conflict and crisis of civilisation to read the concluding words of historian Wells. "In form the Aryan peoples were altogether victorious; but the struggle of Aryan and Semitic ideas and methods was continuing long after the sceptre was in Aryan hands. It is indeed a struggle that goes on through all the rest of history and still in a manner continues to this day."

Indeed, in this very day the age-long struggle continues relentlessly, and proceeds to its climax and conclusion. For it is either



that the Aryan philosophy and world-of-ideas or that the Jewish scale of values rules the world. In Adolf Hitler the Aryan peoples of all the world have found their Champion, Redeemer and Saviour. Through him has the race-soul, the eternal striving and aspiration of countless generations of Aryan nations, found its focus and fulfilment. And now, just as early history was made and civilisation founded in the light of Aryan endeavour, so will the future be fashioned in the Hitlerian, Aryan, or Germanic pattern. We shall see fulfilled the prophetic words of Josef Goebbels: "This century will be named and shaped after Adolf Hitler."

Today there is no conflict in the German soul. Rather is there the unassailable conviction that the German or Aryan is called and chosen by God for world leadership. And in his way-of-life the German recognises that everything is right which serves the Cause of Germany, and her Divine Mission in the world.

Yes, the Germans are the God-appointed Lords of the Earth and those who have vowed their eternal loyalty to Adolf Hitler shall be given all power from on high. The world will understand the supreme honour that is embodied in the phrase, "Ich bin ein Deutscher." For to be German or Aryan is to be the holy or whole man -- one in spirit, mind and body in the Lord of Lords, Adolf Hitler. Mere nationality is a minor matter; Race and Spirit are everything. The union in thought of the Russian-born German. Rosenberg, and the Englishman of German race, the writer of the present book, is illustrative of the Nordic-Celtic-Slav racial alliance that will be achieved in the German Religion, which has liberated the whole world, indeed, from the bonds, spiritual and material, of Jewish Mammon.

Alfred Rosenberg, in his classic book of Aryanism, "The Mythos of the Twentieth Century," described "soul" as "race" looked at from within, and race is soul seen from without. The German mission of this century is to awaken the race-soul, and to unite State and Religion in its service.

Historical literary records of Germany go back to some four centuries B.C., when travellers from the Mediterranean areas journeyed into these Northern territories. Pytheas, the Greek navigator, and a contemporary of Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.), is said to have visited Germany and many of the countries around. His account of travels to "Thule" is believed to designate either Norway, Ireland or the Shetlands. Pytheas visited Britain and "travelled all over it on foot," and he also visited "the whole of the coasts of Europe."

More exact knowledge of Germany begins with the appointment of Julius Cæsar as Governor of Gaul in 59 B.C. The Rhine was practically the boundary between the Gauls and Germans, and shortly before Cæsar arrived in Gaul a German invasion had taken



what is now Alsace, in 72 B.C. Tacitus (A.D. 55-120), Roman historian, wrote a book about Germany, the full title of which is "concerning the geography, the manners and customs, and the tribes of Germany." He dwelt particularly on their vigorous and independent spirit. He foresaw the danger to the Roman Empire, and contrasted the barbaric strength of the Germans with the servile degeneracy of the Romans.

No records exist of German literature prior to the age of Charlemagne (9th century). His reign had the greatest importance for Germany. It was the first time that the Germans, in political and religious outlook and organisation, became a united people. However, the sagas upon which the national and racial epics of a later date were founded owed much to the movement of the 5th century known as "Völkerwanderung" or "Migration."

During the 5th century Attila (d. 453) played a vital part in European history, and became virtually supreme in Central Europe. With many Teutonic tribes as his allies, he ruled for nearly 20 years practically without a rival, from the Caspian to the Rhine. Under the name of Etzel, Attila plays a part in the Teutonic legend, "Niebelungenlied."

In passing we should consider briefly the mythical-historical content of the "Niebelungenlied" and other Nordic sagas. The "Niebelungenlied" received its present form in Austria at the end of the 12th century. One may see the struggle against the misuse and the curse of gold symbolised in the heroic myths. The racial-soul of Germanic religion is evidenced in the conduct of the chivalrous Siegfried. The myth contains powerful parallels for the present day. For just as Siegfried was betrayed by Gunther, for whom he had previously won Brunhild, so we witnessed the betrayal by many nations, as well as by internal enemies, of the German hero. Adolf Hitler, despite his prodigious efforts for his race and people, and for whom he yet won the real, spiritual victory.

Now also we may see developing a parallel between the bereaved Kriemhild's acceptance of Etzel (Attila) as husband and the approaching German-Russian agreement. Kriemhild accepted Etzel on condition that he helped her to avenge the betrayal of Siegfried. We may be certain that the betrayal of Adolf Hitler will be avenged, or rather as He himself said on 30 January, 1943: "Every nation and every individual is being weighed in the balances, and those found wanting will fall. God will be a Just Judge." As the Siegfried legend of old lives in undying example of Teutonic chivalry and heroism, so will the Hitler legend, the ultimate apotheosis of German religious revelation, inspire this and future generations of Aryan mankind.

After the setback of the 11th century, in which a return was made to Latin in German literature, the period 1050-1350 was somewhat



tentative. This period is noteworthy, however, for one of Germany's greatest sovereigns, Frederick Barbarossa, crowned at Aix-la-Chapelle in 1152. The central years of his reign witnessed bitter quarrels with Pope Alexander III. The people were chained by religious asceticism, and the German soul languished in the prison which Romanism had constructed for its unhappy victims. This condition of spiritual emasculation continued more or less until the end of the 15th century, until the glorious age of Reformation. The Protestant Revolution, led by Martin Luther, was a turning-point for Germany, for Christendom, and for the whole world.

To early German mystics is owed much of the individual freedom of Protestantism. Notable among these early German thinkers and Truth-seekers are Meister Eckhart (1260-1327), Heinrich Suso (1300-66), and Johannes Tauler (1300-61). The Bible was translated into German, and one was printed at Strasbourg in 1466.

Martin Luther (1483-1546) was the great reformer who wrestled with the Papacy, and who set the German soul on the path to freedom. Luther was born at Eisleben in Saxony on 10 November, 1483. At the age of 18 he went to study at the University of Erfurt, where he obtained the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. In 1508 Luther accepted the chair of philosophy at Wittenberg, but still retained the monastic connections which he had previously made. In 1510 he went on a mission to Rome, where he was shocked at the prevailing corruption and infamy of the priesthood and higher orders.

In 1517 Luther attacked the sale of indulgences to which the Papal treasury, needing new funds, had resorted. From then on he devoted all his energies to the mission of Reformation which God had entrusted to him. In 1520 Luther addressed himself to the Christian nobles of Germany, making proposals for the complete reform of the Church. In January, 1521, the Papal Bull of excommunication was repeated against him. By 1529 the Reformation had gained many supporters, not only in Germany, but also in Denmark, Sweden, and Switzerland. The year 1530 produced the famous Augsburg Confession, presented in the name of the Protestant Party to the Diet at Augsburg. presided over by the Emperor Charles V.

Martin Luther died in February, 1546. James Gardner, in his book, "The Faiths of the World," has described him as follows: "Luther was one of the greatest and noblest heroes this world has ever seen, one who manfully defended the rights of conscience, asserted the grand principles of civil and religious liberty, contended earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints, and one of whom it may well be said, many generations have arisen, and are yet destined to arise, who shall call him blessed."

Luther's greatest literary work was the translation of the Bible (1522-34). He produced a work both German in spirit and in simple language, so as to be readily understood.



The Renaissance period (1600-1740), in which foreign influence in Germany was strong, yet produced great church hymns, following on the Lutheran tradition. Mysticism revived with the speculative poetry of Jacob Boehme (1575-1624), the shoemaker of Görlitz. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz (1646-1716) was a leading rationalist philosopher.

During the classical and romantic period (1740-1832) we see the interesting controversy in which the fundamental German demand is made that imagination and genius and inspiration should not be subservient to reason. In 1748 the epic, "Der Messias," of F. G. Klopstock (1724-1803) appeared, and inaugurated the great age of German literature in the 18th century.

Of great importance was the "Sturm und Drang" literary movement. The pioneer of this epoch in German thought was J. G. Herder (1744-1803). He collected together the "Volkslieder" of all nations, and drew commendable attention to those elements in German life and art which were essentially national.

This literary movement was also closely associated with Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832). While in Strasbourg, where he continued his studies, 1770-71, Goethe made the acquaintance of Herder, with whom he shared an enthusiasm for William Shakespeare. Johann Friedrich Schiller (1795-1805) brought skilful, theatrical presentation to the movement. Germany owes her national theatre to the "Sturm und Drang" pioneers.

This period placed Germany in the front rank of the thinking nations. As Klopstock had been the first of Germany's modern inspired poets, so Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729-81) was the first critic to bring renown to the German name throughout Europe. Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), Schiller and Goethe all contributed to philosophical and aesthetic progress of thought. German historical writing also advanced to more systematic forms, and especially notable was Johannes von Muller (1752-1809).

In the Romantic period which followed, J. G. Fichte (1762-1814) and F. W. J. von Schelling (1775-1854) were the exponents of the Romantic doctrine in philosophy. The theologian, F. D. E. Schleiermache, (1768-1834), showed the importance of this period in religious thought.

G. W. F. Hegel (1770-1831) occupied an important position in the intellectual life of the 19th century. Merbach, in his introduction to Hegel's "Der Staat," wrote: "At the portal of Bismarck's century stands the life, thought and activity of Hegel like the thought before the deed. . . . It is not too much to say that Bismarck carried out in fact what Hegel and his disciples expressed and demanded."

Mid-century literature gave place to the philosophical thought of Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860). Developments in drama and music were achieved by Richard Wagner (1813-83), who at Bayreuth



in 1876 established the National Theatre, where the first performance was given of his "Der Ring des Nibelungen."

The last two decades of the 19th century were periods of intense literary activity. The pessimism of Schopenhauer was replaced by the aggressive optimism of a new generation. L. von Ranke (1795-1886) was still the dominant force in German historical science. H. von Treitschke (1834-96) was a vigorous spokesman for German political aspirations.

The thinker who exerted the greatest influence of this period was Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900). He had been a disciple of Schopenhauer and a friend of Wagner; but he developed his own theory of "superman," which was his special contribution to German aspirations. This thesis was chronicled in "Also Sprach Zarathustra," his masterpiece. His was a call to self-assertion, to dominance through the will-to-power.

The founder of the modern racialist school, of the teachings to which the Germans have given practical effect, was a Frenchman, Count Arthur de Gobineau (1816-1882). His most influential book was "The Inequality of Human Races."

As though to emphasise the European and racial aspects of Germanism, we find an Englishman, Houston Stewart Chamberlain (1855-1926), following up the racial fight with "The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century." This book, published in 1899, exerted a great influence throughout Germany and the Aryan world. Mention should also be made of Hans Gunther's book, "Racial Elements of European History," in which the science of race is expounded, forming the basis for further developments in the National Socialist racial -religious concept of the 20th century. Gunther was the semi-official anthropologist of the Nazi Party.

Foremost of the books of the actual National Socialist period are Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" (1924-27), and Alfred Rosenberg's "Myth of the Twentieth Century" (1930). Rosenberg was the philosopher of the Party, and in his work the pattern of developments now taking place in the religious sphere was foreseen. Rosenberg declared, "We National Socialists accept with our whole hearts the present epoch, for we feel ourselves as vital elements in the renaissance which is now shaping itself." Of great importance also is "The Political and Economic Programme of the National Socialist German Workers' Party" drawn up by Gottfried Feder in 1920. Feder attacked the central evil of Jewish capitalism, the interest-bearing or usury system.

Adolf Hitler always declared of National Socialism that "it is even more than a religion; it is the will to make mankind anew." In "The Testament of Adolf Hitler" (1951) we find the words: "National Socialism is essentially a religious movement and faith. The Germanic or Aryan world of ideas, both political and religious,



will go out as a sacred Gospel to heal mankind."

Having briefly traced the historical background to the rebirth of mankind which is being witnessed in the German Revelation, in the Life which finds its highest manifestation of Almighty God in Adolf Hitler, we may now proceed to further chapters and further detail which will bring enlightenment to Truth-seekers.





Houston Stewart Chamberlain wrote at the end of the last century: "In the want of a true religion that has sprung from, and is compatible with, our own individuality, I see the greatest danger for the future of the Teuton. . . . A race so profoundly and inwardly religious (as the Teutons) is unknown to history. . . . The German stands apart and waits for a God to descend once more from heaven." Fichte, the German philosopher, had said in the previous century that one day the world would be healed by the German spirit.

The God has indeed come down from heaven, and his Name is Adolf Hitler. His Spirit, eternal and triumphant, marches on with and leads his disciples and followers throughout the world, in judgment and destruction of the old order, and in inspiration towards the building of the new world system.

A Nationalist Socialist leader, Spaniol, speaking at Saarbruecken in January, 1935, said: "I do not believe that the Churches will continue to exist in their present form. In the future religion will be called National Socialism. Its prophet, its pope, its Jesus Christ, will be called Adolf Hitler."

With a religion of their own, the Germanic peoples have a permanent and leading place in history. In the Struggle and Achievement of Adolf Hitler has the Aryan race ascended to the first place in the history and leadership of mankind. In 1943 Hitler declared: "This war will see not the end of Aryan humanity, but of Jewish power in Europe. Our world of ideas will become the common property of all peoples, even of our enemies, through this struggle."

Now today the yearning for a truly German revelation and religion finds fulfilment in a Witness which has already been declared to the world by disciples of the Hitlerian Religious Order -- a Witness which records the Divine Mission of Adolf Hitler. God's Chosen World Leader. It is in His Pattern that the world will be rebuilt after the collapse of Britannic-Jewish civilisation. Recorded also are the revelations of Hitler's Divinity which have been made in the Spirit to chosen men and women throughout the world. For verily is National Socialism the Spirit of God in action; and to Adolf Hitler, God's Chosen, is given all power in heaven and earth, with the conquest of the last enemy, death. "My spirit will rise from the grave, and the world will see I was right." So declared Adolf Hitler.

"A people is judged by its leader," wrote 19th century Heinrich von Treitschke. So will Eternal Germany always be judged by him to whom all Aryans will pay homage as the greatest man from God of all the ages. It is for him that generations of Teutonic peoples



have awaited, as their Saviour and Redeemer, the fulfilment of the Race-Soul of Germanism. By his Sacrifice He has set the seal for all time on German nobility, in the struggle which, as He describes it in his Holy Testament, "will one day pass into history as the most glorious and heroic manifestation of the struggle of a people and race for its existence."

So in Adolf Hitler do we see not only the fulfilment of centuries of German striving towards religious awakening and the formation of a matured soul, but also the exact fulfilment of Hitler's own prophecy of 1934. He then said: "At the time of supreme peril I must die a martyr's death for the people. But after my death will come something really great, an overwhelming revelation to the world of my mission." The Witness to his divinity, of his Union with Almighty God, is the "overwhelming revelation" of which He spoke, and to which the Testimony is added in the following chapters of this Book.

Alongside the more generally understood aspects of Pan-Germanism and National Socialism, such as the racial theory and "herrenvolk" idea, with the aim of world hegemony, there has always been the striving towards a fundamentally German religion. In his work, "Germanien und Europa," which Arndt wrote in 1802, he prayed for a united Greater Germany, and for a deliverer who would be God-sent to Germany. In Adolf Hitler not only did Germany find her Unifier and Saviour, but also the God-sent Leader who delivered the whole world from the satanic grip of Mammon, the system of International Jewish Finance.

In 1910 Philip Kerr (who later became Lord Lothian) wrote: "The Bismarckian ideal . . . has permeated the whole nation, so that today it is the unalterable conviction, deep in the hearts of the people, that it is their destiny to become the first power of the world. . . . The Germans will never surrender Germanism, for they are determined to stand beside the Greeks and Romans, and perhaps the Anglo-Saxons in their palmy days, as one of the peoples who have wrought their mark on the history of all time."

Rudolf Binding, poet, wrote in 1915, "I think it might be put in one word -- a religion of military strength (Wehrhaftigheit). . . . This would give us, and the world which would adopt our religion, such vast power for thousands of years to come . . . that no nation, and no alliance of nations, would be equal to us."

The Scottish Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881), who was an interpreter of German thought to the English -speaking world, regarded as a precursor of National Socialist ideals, was always an advocate of the closest Anglo-German understanding, and declared his hope that "noble, patient, deep, pious, and solid Germany should at length be welded together into a nation and become Queen of the Continent."

Alfred Rosenberg, philosopher of the Movement, said of National Socialism that "a new faith is awakening: the myth of the



blood, the faith of defending with the blood the divine essence of man as well; the faith embodied in the clearest awareness that Nordic blood represents the mystery that has replaced and overcome the old sacraments."

Professor Ernst Bergmann, of Leipzig University, shares the honour with Rosenberg of having his literary work on the Pope's index of Forbidden Books. In his main work, "A National Socialist Philosophy of Culture," he endorses Hitler's belief that a new type of mankind is being developed and religiously inspired in Germany. Hitler said, "Man is God in the making." The Fuehrer also spoke of those who rejected the Aryan Gospel descending below the animal level. "All creative energy will pass to the new man," he declared.

In the closing years of the last century Bismarck opposed the Papal See, and the "Kulturkampf" was joined. Nordic Aryan religion shows the world not only a political idea, but magnificent masculine strength and will-power, in the framework of a racial concept of society.

Emphasising the development of the German Idea as Religion, Bergmann asked, "How can a nation obtain leadership, when the Holy Places of its Religion do not lie in its own country? When it is compelled to venerate a holy sepulchre in a far-off land?"

Today Germany has her Shrines and Holy Places, to which Aryan pilgrims from all over the world will journey. Berchtesgaden will be honoured, as the Name of Adolf Hitler is honoured, eternally. Germany, Hitler's Germany, has made her Place forever secure in the world so that in matters spiritual and religious, no less than in racial culture and politics, her example is the pattern which will be followed by all the nations of the regeneration or resurrection.

Numerous quotations may be adduced to illustrate the soul-content of Germanic striving. Thus we read the "Profession of Faith" of the "German Faith Movement" of September, 1934: "I believe in the Holy German People inside and outside the German frontiers. I believe in Adolf Hitler, who, by the Grace of God, was sent to give the German people faith in itself once more."

Then we have the pronouncements of Hans Kerrl, who was Reich Minister for Church Affairs in 1935. He said: "Adolf Hitler gave us back our faith. He showed us the true meaning of religion. He has come to renew for us the faith of our fathers and to make us new and better beings. . . . Just as Jesus Christ made his twelve apostles into a band faithful to the martyr's death whose faith shook the Roman Empire, so now we witness the same spectacle again: Adolf Hitler is the true Holy Ghost."

This age is destined to show the world an essentially Germanic faith, based upon blood and race. This faith cannot be called Christian in the accepted sense; but it is certainly Christian in the



real sense. Through the influence of the Jew and the Churches, professing Christianity but seldom practising it, the original Gospel of the dynamic and anti-Semitic and Aryan Jesus has been vitiated and twisted out of all recognition. The German mission and destiny has been to revitalise the Nordic and Aryan soul, to reawaken the deepest religious instincts which proceed from pure blood and race.

An aggressive virility is espoused by the Germanic man rather than the pity-ethic and pacifism of pseudo -Christianity. In practice the Churches have never lived up to their own professed principles, the principles of the Sermon on the Mount. Countless wars have been fought, promoted by the Christian Churches, in which Sword and Cross have been blasphemously joined, with Jewish Money Power in control behind the scenes. Priestcraft represents a creed of hypocrisy, since the clerics have not only degenerated the Gospel of Christ, but proven themselves false also to their own interpretation of the Gospel. They have made their wars and waxed aggressive, albeit with the sacrifice and blood of others, in the cause of Mammon rather than of Christ. They have served the Jew and his money-god rather than the eternal God of true Christendom.

The revolt of the German soul, therefore, was first against enslavement, both spiritual and material, to Judaism, against a Christianity which had in fact become more Jewish than Christian. Germany was the nation which, being worthy, was ordained of God to receive the Kingdom, as foretold in the New Testament of Jesus. Germany, in National Socialism, was chosen to fight against and execute the Judgment on International Jewish Finance or Mammon. Adolf Hitler always declared, "First I believe in Almighty God." and "I solemnly declare that Almighty God has chosen me for this task." His one enemy was "International Jewish Finance." He declared this time and time again.

Despite all the transient appearances of the past five years, victory today, both material and spiritual, is seen to be with Adolf Hitler and with the vibrant Aryan faith to which men and women all over the world are adhering. It is this faith which will survive the present ideological struggle, and which is destined to lead the world forward to a higher civilisation after the collapse of the Jewish-Britannic order. Adolf Hitler declared, "National Socialism is even more than a religion. It is the will to make mankind anew."

In National Socialism the German soul found its essential unity, with political and economic state-forms, the expression of a creative religion in full racial and community life, towards which generations of Aryans had striven and struggled -- Here was the Union of Heaven and Earth, the joining of Spirit and Flesh, in a Oneness which made a transcendent reality of Germany, a veritable Kingdom of God on Earth. National Socialist Germany became the pattern of the peaceful solution of political problems and economic difficulties to



the whole world. Such solutions were the result of spiritual integration in Germany, of the awakening and formation of the mature Germanic soul. Adolf Hitler, God's Chosen Leader, has securely laid the Foundations of the New Order, and given the Example which will inspire the rebirth and rebuilding of the world.

Above all we must recognise the religious and spiritual character of National Socialism. No creed has been able to inspire such devotion and loyalty, such courage and endurance, as National Socialism -- not since the days of the early Christian martyrs. Hitlerism, the vital Aryan faith, is essentially a religion for the peoples of Northern Europe, for Nordic men and women, whether inside or outside Europe. Nevertheless, this philosophy will extend to the whole globe, in the new Reformation and Renaissance that presses forward to its preordained goal. The Germanic Message is for all mankind.

Nordic man, with whom walks eternally the Spirit of Adolf Hitler, stands on the Rock of the Redeeming Blood of his Race. Race is Religion, and in God's Chosen Race, the Aryan peoples, will be illumined the Path for all mankind. It is for this Culmination, for the Supreme Manifestation of God to the world, for the German Revelation. Eternal Hitler, that the German soul has hungered and thirsted. Adolf Hitler is the "Light to lighten the Gentiles" promised in the New Testament of Jesus Christ, and the Germanic pattern shall guide the Aryans to all Eternity. Through Adolf Hitler has Almighty God made of the Aryans, who have survived their God-given tests, the Lords of the Earth. All hail to God's Christ and Chosen, Adolf Hitler.

Now is the German soul filled with spiritual comfort and sustenance. Sure of its mission and destiny, accomplished in the Will of God in Adolf Hitler, the Germanic race rises now in new strength and vigour to win the moral and spiritual leadership of all mankind.

Let Teutonic might grow to its appointed power and world-leadership. Might is Right when it is God's Might and Dominion. All hail to God's Holy Land, Eternal Germania, and to the greatest leader of the Aryan race. Leader of Leaders, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings, the Eternal Adolf Hitler. Heil Hitler!





Adolf Hitler is the Heaven-sent Answer to the age-long yearnings of the Germanic or Aryan soul. Prophet, Redeemer and Leader, He has fulfilled the Divine Will of the Almighty Creator in destroying the world foundations of the system of Mammon or International Jewish Finance.

For all Eternity have been laid the foundations of the Kingdom of God on Earth, in World National Socialism. In the Hitlerian world-idea is seen the new heaven and the new earth, as foretold in the Revelations of the Christian Bible, in which the Spirit of God is poured out on mankind, in the regeneration or resurrection of the world.

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in Braunau on the River Inn. Braunau is in Upper Austria, which is traditionally German territory. On January 7, 1885, Alois Hitler had married for the third time. His bride, who was to be the mother of Adolf Hitler, was Klara Pölzl, 23 years younger than her husband. Adolf, the third child of the marriage, was born when the mother was 27 years old.

The boy Adolf made good progress at school, and became also a leader amongst his fellows. A school picture shows him standing in a group which comprises the teacher and 40 pupils. His arms are folded, his head is held high, and his attitude already betokens the man born to lead and command. The boy was different from the others also in that he would often go apart from his friends for quiet meditation and as if in communion with spiritual powers. He would climb a hill that overlooked the village; and it was said that he would speak there, as to a public meeting.

Hitler's father was a customs official and he wanted his son to enter this service. However, Adolf's leanings were towards creative work, in art and painting. A clash of wills developed between the two. Hitler always showed respect towards his father; but he had perhaps a greater love for his mother. Adolf's school career ended when he passed through the fourth class in Steyr, in Upper Austria. He had no enthusiasm for many of the subjects at school, as his heart was set upon starting his artistic career. He did excel, however, at geography and at world history; and he absorbed from his German nationalist teacher at Linz secondary school a sound philosophical education.

After the death of his father, his mother moved to Linz, and into the suburb of Urfahr. His musical education began when at this stage he first listened to and was enraptured by the operas of Richard Wagner



When Adolf was in his early 'teens his mother died. There was little money left to the family, in fact just sufficient to pay funeral expenses and his mother's few debts; so he took the momentous decision to travel to Vienna. The growing youth arrived in the capital with few material possessions, but with an indomitable will.

Life in Vienna provided an early disappointment in that the young Hitler was not accepted for the Art Academy. His talents apparently were more in the sphere of architecture, to which study he then applied himself with characteristic vigour and concentration. Providence, however, had ordained great tests for him, and he was to experience at first-hand the sufferings which he was later to lift from the back of a world, exploited for centuries at the hands of the Jewish capitalist system. For five years he suffered the misery which has been common to millions of the downtrodden in all lands. He worked as a labourer, in various jobs, and also as assistant to a decorator. The period which he spent in Vienna could be divided into two main sections. The first was the one in which he mostly worked as a labourer; the second was when he was doing drawings and water colours for sale.

The young Hitler, as he tells us in "Mein Kampf," was greatly distressed by the social degradation of the Viennese working class in their family lives. Through all these experiences he understood the underlying evil of the system, responsible for widespread suffering. exploitation and misery. His reactions were all the more vivid by contrast between his country upbringing, with its wholesome peasant traditions, and the seething proletarian-ism of the urbanised, Jew-exploited masses.

His experiences as a labourer brought Hitler vital knowledge of his fellow men in their trade union and political associations. knowledge also of their mental make-up. He studied the books and pamphlets of their political movements, and spent hours in discussion and argument with them. Within his mind and soul were already stirring the calls of destiny which were to make him a God-ordained Saviour for mankind from the evils of Judaism, and all its accompanying scourges.

At school the young Hitler had absorbed nationalism. Then in his early years in Vienna he came to understand from his contacts and studies the ideas of the social democratic workers and of Marxism Later be was introduced to the Jewish question. At first he had considered it to be a religious difference exclusively; but soon came to understand the blood and race distinctions which are at the root of the Aryan-Jewish conflict.

Hitler carefully studied the parliamentary democratic system: and contempt grew within him for the so-called representatives of the people whom he regarded as talkative time-servers, evading all administrative responsibility and hedging their legislative tasks about



with planned obstruction.

The young Hitler might have taken advantage of a slender income that had become available to him through his father's small estate. However, Hitler instructed the trustees to send his share, of seventeen crowns a month, to his sister. Meantime Adolf was doing post-cards and other paintings in water colours; and to this day some of the originals are in existence and very greatly prized.

Hitler was in his early twenties when he left Vienna. In his soul had been kindled the divine fire of God which was to rouse the Germanic spirit against Satanism. As He himself wrote later in "Mein Kampf," "Only a storm of glowing passion can turn the destinies of nations; but this passion can only be aroused by the man who carries it within him." So did the Holy Spirit of God burn within the heart and soul of Adolf Hitler, to whom bad been entrusted by Almighty God the Judgment on Mammon and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth in National Socialism.

Going to Munich in 1912 in order to pursue his political work, Hitler said of his years there that they were "the happiest and by far the most satisfying time" of his life to date. In Munich his theme was the unworthiness of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy to be allied with the German empire. The people of Munich had a reputation for treating strangers with tolerance. And Hitler, with his German Nationalist ideas and engaging Austrian temperament, was well liked and received in Bavaria.

The war of 1914 was accepted as a release from injustice, and interpreted as a fight for a better order. Nearly two million men volunteered to fight for Germany. On August 3, 1914. Adolf Hitler handed a petition to His Majesty King Ludwig III., to be allowed to serve in the Bavarian Army. Permission was granted on the following day.

Hitler fought in his first battle on October 27, 1914. He was considered a good soldier, "zunftig," which means capable, useful, and companionable. Hitler did not carouse off duty like ordinary soldiers, and he did not bother about women. Often he was seen to be alone and in deep thought. He told his comrades that Germany would be denied victory. He declared that the invisible, internal enemy was a greater danger than the supposed enemy. While yet he was in the Army he attacked Jews and Marxists, and announced that he would not salute a Jewish officer.

On August 4, 1918. Hitler won the Iron Cross, First Class. The distinction was earned "for general bravery" and the specific incident of "capturing a French lieutenant and twenty men." "The corporal of the world war" was wounded on October 7, 1916, and was five months away from the front line. Dissatisfaction was being spread by the Jews on the home front. In Bavaria the spirit of revolution against Prussia was being whipped up by agitators. Demoralisation



set in, and the Jew, Rathenau, gained control of industry, towards the setting up of Jewish State capitalism.

On October 14, 1918, Adolf Hitler was blinded by mustard gas used by the British. He staggered back with his last message. He was in hospital again, and remained in Pasewalk until the 13th November. Then he joined the reserve regiment in Munich. Soldiers' Councils were now in power. Hitler spent the winter months in Traunstein; pay and food were found for him, as for thousands of other soldiers, by the Army. Hitler remained a pensioner of the State until April, 1920.

The Army, except in Bavaria, remained "non-political." It helped Republicans to put down Communism; and it formed the nucleus for the counter-revolution of the future. Hitler maintained his contacts with the Army and worked with the authorities against Marxism. He was appointed to a post as political instructor with the Army in Munich. The Bavarian General Staff designated him as "Education Officer." He used his position to attack Jews and Marxists. Hitler himself wrote: "Many thousands of my comrades were brought back to their Fatherland and People in the course of my lectures. I 'nationalised' the Company. . . . "

About this time Hitler made contact with certain spiritualist circles. An excommunicated priest is said to have brought him messages from a saintly spirit, with the command to break the fetters of Versailles. Hitler indeed heard the Divine Command to school himself for his great tasks. For He was chosen to be the Saviour of Germany and of the whole world. Many, many times He made the solemn declaration that God had chosen him for this task of destroying the system of International Jewish Finance.

In June, 1919, Hitler first met and heard Gottfried Fedor speak on loan capital, and was deeply impressed by his arguments. The struggle for freedom from the bondage of interest was incorporated in the 24 points of the National Socialist programme. Hitler had dreamed of a new political party when he was in Vienna. Now he saw that Feder's anti-finance-capitalist views were the essential condition of the Party programme.

In September, 1919, Hitler was commissioned to attend a meeting of the "German Workers' Party." At this meeting Hitler earned applause for his attack on a Bavarian separatist. Hitler was invited to join the Party, and became member No. 7. Hermann Esser and Julius Streicher were party comrades. Soon Hitler became Propaganda Chief, and the Party was renamed the National Socialist German Workers' Party. The Movement made rapid progress, and after many successful public meetings it was possible in February, 1921, to fill the Krone Circus in Munich to capacity. General von Epp bought a Munich paper for the Party, and it became the "Völkischer Beobachter."



The amazing success of the Party was undoubtedly due to the merits of Adolf Hitler. He worked with an inspiration which was truly phenomenal. In 1924, when he was on trial for treason, Hitler declared, "It was not out of modesty that I wanted to be a drummer. That was my highest aim." Hitler had always realised the fundamental importance of propaganda. He realised also the fascination which a clear demonstration of strength gave to the masses. At the Nazi meetings force was used to break force brought by the opposition. The Meeting in the Festsaal of the Hofbräuhaus is quoted as a classic example of the Nazi technique. Storm troopers, in groups of eight, broke up the opposition. Rudolf Hess was prominent on this occasion, and soon became Hitler's secretary.

National Socialism has always been the Party of Youth. Nor did these vigorous young men shrink from intolerance and brutality when their exercise might prove necessary. Hitler wanted not a debating society, but a determined band of fighters. Out of these early fighters grew the official bodies, the S.A., and the elite S.S.

Hitler knew that the masses remember an idea only if it is repeated many times. He said, "Propaganda must restrict itself to a small compact theme, and this it must everlastingly repeat." He was realistic enough to know that the masses act and react according to certain raw and fundamental human emotions. Democratic majorities are, indeed, often accumulations of stupidity and cowardice. Hitler applied to this problem and to the leadership of the masses the immense energy of his will. In his work he always emphasised the prime importance of the will which, rather than any abstract intelligence, determines the course of history. Hitler's manner of speaking was described by one of his biographers as "an elemental phenomenon, one of nature's marvels." He was teeming with energy and abundance, which completely annihilated the opposition through very spiritual vigour.

At the climax of a Hitler speech "men broke out in delirious applause, and women groaned and felt the tender, painful ecstasy of passion." Sometimes he would just shout three words, when speech had advanced beyond ordinary dimensions, and when the soul of the speaker and audience were united in rapturous spiritual heights. Hitler would thunder forth the passionate cry of the Aryan race-soul, "Germany! Germany! Germany!"

Always Adolf Hitler pursued the struggle against the world enemy, the International Jews. He would illustrate the diabolical scheming of these sons of the devil by simple stories. Thus, "Moses Cohen agitates upstairs in the directors' office against the workers; while in the factory yard his brother, Isaac Cohen, union secretary, stirs up the workers against the management."

Post-war Munich was full of intrigue, with many armed groups and 400 political murders in 1921. There was deep cleavage between



the Rightists and Republicans, and also between the Bavarians and the Prussians. Hitler succeeded eventually in bridging the gulf between these two parts of Germany, and also in creating a unified people, with reconciliation between the various classes. The Movement meantime prospered in these early days and Hitler himself lived in comparative affluence in Munich. He was making contacts with all social groups and with many of the best families.

The year 1923 saw German currency crash; economic and social conditions deteriorated rapidly. Hitler's Movement grew apace. Overseas he was winning support from prominent anti-Semites in America and elsewhere. Hitler was joined and helped by Capt. Goering, Capt. Roehm, and the philosopher, Alfred Rosenberg. He also made contact with General Ludendorff. The General greatly admired Hitler and his propaganda power. He held the view that the war had not been lost militarily. His special targets for attack were Jews, Catholics, and Freemasons.

During this year also Hitler mapped out plans for the Nationalist "Fighting Leagues." Germanic spirit was rising, and there was even talk of marching on Berlin. On November 9, 1923, exactly five years after the notorious "November Revolution" in which the Jew, Kurt Eisner, had proclaimed the Republic, the Putsch was attempted in Munich. After May 1 in Munich the State had passed into the administrative hands of Kahr, Lossow, and Seisser. Hitler had important contacts with this group. On November 8 there was a Meeting at the Burgerbrauhaus "to destroy Marxism." Hitler and his men seized the Hall, and Hitler himself addressed the city leaders in a side room. He told them, "The Reich government is formed, . . . You can fight with me, to conquer or die." He stressed that the attack was directed only against the Jews' Berlin Government.

After Hitler's initial success the two Governments temporarily existed side by side Hitler inspected his irregulars; and the soldiers' leagues from the country began to move in. It had never been Hitler's intention to rebel against the Reichswehr and the Police, but rather with them. However, when Government buildings did not surrender to the new regime, it became clear that Hitler had been betrayed. Hitler declared that Kahr was the traitor. None the less, on the next morning 2,000 Nazis, 12 abreast, marched. Tens of thousands sympathised with the Movement. General Ludendorff matched with the Nazis. The Police fired on the marchers, and 14 men fell. Hitler, together with a wounded comrade whom he had saved, escaped towards the mountains of Austria. Only ten years later Adolf Hitler was in power, marching with the rifles, not against them.

From February 26 until March 27, 1924, at the Munich People's Court Hitler, Ludendorff and eight others were put on trial for high treason. Hitler declared: "We had the intention of restoring liberty



to our country and to deliver it from tyranny. If we had had other selfish aims, all of us here would deserve only one penalty, death." Cheers and hurrahs broke out in the Courtroom. Indeed, the Prosecutor was afraid to provoke Hitler too far. Hitler had been to some considerable extent the instrument of the executive. The Bavarian regents had acknowledged Hitler's services. The spirit presiding over the Court was that of "National German." Pöhner, the Police President whom Hitler had praised for his patriotism, termed the Republic "the foulest kind of popular deception, directed by Jews, deserters and bribed traitors against the German people." Kahr, Lossow, and Seisser, who since November had lost their high office, were put in the position of accused by the defendants. The high point was when Hitler accused General von Lossow of breaking his word of honour. The General was so shaken that he walked out of the court and never returned.

Adolf Hitler declared before the Court: "I am not a criminal. If today I stand here as a revolutionary, it is as a revolutionary against the revolution of the November criminals." He said that he was acting for the Police, the Army and the State. He wanted to give the cowards courage. Hitler, in his final and historic speech. which held the Court in rapt attention, said that destiny had singled him out for a great mission. Ludendorff, in his defence, made an attack on the Catholic Church. The Nazis were sure that their plans had been sabotaged by "King and Cardinal." The closing stages of the trial were a great social event. The ladies wore red, white and black bows. Ludendorff was acquitted, and in great disgust said, "I consider my acquittal a disgrace to the uniform and decorations that I wear." Adolf Hitler was sent to prison for six months.

Hitler was imprisoned in Landsberg on the Lech. His imprisonment was considered to be honourable, and he was given a very friendly welcome. The Governor of the Prison subsequently declared that he had been converted to National Socialism by Adolf Hitler while he was his prisoner. Hitler, Kriebel, Weber and Hess were called "the generals" by the other prisoners. On Hitler's birthday a large number of parcels arrived from friends all over Germany; and aeroplanes flew over the prison in honour of the German leader.

Hitler wrote the first part of "Mein Kampf" here. He dictated to Hess straight on to the typewriter. By 1936 two million copies of the German edition of "Mein Kampf" had been circulated.

In all his writings and work Hitler insisted upon the vital importance of "Weltanschauung" or philosophy. At the age of 20 in Vienna he had absorbed the basic elements of German Nationalism. He was influenced by his German nationalist history teacher in Linz, and by Schönerer and Lueger, Pan-German members of the Austrian Reichsrat. He was also helped by the Russo-German, Alfred Rosenberg, who joined Hitler in 1920. Rosenberg was chief editor of the



Nazi paper, the "Völkischer Beobachter," and was the recognised trustee of National Socialist ideology.

In the middle of the 19th century the Frenchman, Gobineau, produced his book, "Of the Inequality of Races." He wrote about the undoubted Aryan roots of true civilisation. Gobineau discovered the Aryans in the Himalayas, and gave definitions of "Aryan" as "honourable" and "men of honour who are worthy of reverence and respect, and in a wider sense probably men who, if they were not given what was their due, were able to take it for themselves." Gobineau also said, "As for their physical build, there can be no doubt that it was the most beautiful heard of. . . . This race of men, so richly provided with the greatest bodily beauty, was not less supreme in mind. . . ."

Later in the century the Englishman, Houston Stewart Chamberlain wrote: "Only disgraceful mental sloth or shameless distortion of history can see in the entry of the Teutons into world history anything other than the rescue of dying mankind from the claws of eternal bestiality." He declared his "sincere conviction that the moral and intellectual salvation of mankind depends on that which we may call German." Chamberlain married the daughter of Richard Wagner, and took German nationality. After seeing Hitler, just before the Putsch, Chamberlain said: "At one stroke you have transformed the state of my soul. That Germany in the hour of its greatest need can produce a Hitler testifies to its vitality." Thus did this great writer on "Völkisch" theology welcome Adolf Hitler in Biblical terms as a great Aryan Saviour.

Hitler himself seldom read books. He was an inspired creator. Of the racial question he said, "It provides not only the key to world history, but also to human culture as a whole." He believed in the validity of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which arose from the first Zionist Congress.

Certain fundamental points of philosophy arise from study of Hitlerism. Hitler believed in the victory of the strong and racially pure. Humanitarianism, in its guardianship of botched and crossbred races, was sheer idiocy. The Jew had used an emaciated and "humanitarian" Christianity to raise himself on the destroyed strong instincts of the true Aryan aristocrat.

Socialism through Adolf Hitler has become a German or Aryan Socialism. A farmer and an industrialist are counted as workers. The Stock Exchange operator and the finance-capitalist, as opposed to the producer capitalist, are the parasites to be eliminated. Hitler did not shrink from strong words and phrases. He could speak of "brutal violence" and "barbaric ruthlessness." He described the poor proletariat in its worst manifestations as a "physically bungled and intellectually bankrupt pack of wretches." They were incapable of thought. He rejoiced that "we have the blessing even today in



our German people of great undiluted elements of Nordic-Germanic mankind."

Hitler believed in the leadership principle, in the "master in his house" principle. He believed in the great heroes of history. He recognised that little men always try to stand between genius and power. He was against the degenerate "modern" tendencies in art. Hitler always praised the Army, to which he declared that Germany owed everything. He said, "In the swamp of all-pervading softness and effeminacy, 350,000 young men teeming with strength sprang every year from the ranks of the Army."

Hitler looked forward to the time when instead of there being 80 million Germans living in Europe there would be 250 million Germans living on the Continent in 100 years' time. He advocated Eugenic Courts to prevent the unfit from reproducing themselves, and declared that only 600 years of this would "contribute to a revival of health which today seems scarcely conceivable." He wrote, "A State which in an age of racial poisoning devotes itself to the care of its best racial elements must one day become master of the earth." A realistic point of policy was the injunction that where there was the choice between strong and weak men, one should choose alliance with the strong.

Of religion, Hitler said: "For the politician the assessment of the value of a religion must be determined riot so much by any faults it may have as by the good qualifies of a manifestly better substitute. But as long as a substitute of this kind is apparently lacking, the existing religion can only be demolished by fools or criminals."

Of his ultimate aims in the religious sphere we may, however, gather interesting information from the report of his talk to a small party in his flat in Munich in October, 1932. Hitler said. "Naturally, practical politics demands that, for the time being at least, we must avoid any appearance of a campaign against the Church." He already recognised that National Socialism was a "Weltanschauung" and, in fact, a religion which was now building itself up and disseminating itself, except that its forms of activity and propaganda were different. "National Socialism," he said, "is able to influence greater masses at once than the Church possibly can."

Hitler said, "National Socialism is a form of conversion, a new faith, but we don't need to raise that issue -- it will come of itself. Just as I insist on the mathematical certainty of our coming to power, because might always attracts might . . . just so do I insist on the certainty that sooner or later the 'Deutscher Kirche' will be established. Yes, the German Church, without a Pope and without the Bible -- and Luther, if be could be with us, would Live us his blessing." Hitler said that eventually Germany would have her own temples and shrines. Christianity had been perverted from its true and original spirit. Hitler always spoke with reverence of Jesus Christ, who is



sometimes and wrongly supposed to have been a Jew. It is the Jews and the judaised Churches who have forced this erroneous view on mankind. Hitler declared, "It is the tragedy of the Germanic world that Jesus was judaised, distorted, falsified; and an alien Asiatic spirit was forced upon us. That is a crime we must repair."

Adolf Hitler's trial had made him very popular in Germany. The Governor of Landsberg Prison described him as "humble, modest, agreeable, quiet, sensible, and serious. He neither smokes nor drinks, and although he is on good terms with his fellow prisoners they look up to him as a man of authority." The Governor added, "He has no leaning towards women. Women with whom he came into contact here during visits he treated with great politeness, without however entering into serious political discussions with them." Hitler was so absorbed in his work that he refused to see even a Princess when he was busy dictating.

Hitler directed the Movement from prison; and the authorities gave him considerable assistance to do so. Outside, Rosenberg was in charge of political work; while Roehm commanded the storm troops. Hitler believed in the principles of Clausewitz, who said that the army should always subordinate itself to politics. Roehm's "Frontbahn" was something of an embarrassment to Hitler. The purging of Roehm in 1934 was really the culmination of many years in which he had been disloyal to Adolf Hitler. One of the main reasons for the success of Hitler's Movement was the unquestioning loyalty which was given to him by his followers. Responsibility to higher officers, with authority over those below, were recognized principles of the organisation of the National Socialist Movement. And such loyalty and principles form the foundation of all future work for the Aryan Cause.

German conditions in general, together with the currency, had been at their lowest ebb when the Putsch took place, May, 1924, had seen Völkisch successes in the Reichstag. However, American credits temporarily repaired the financial position of Germany and Stresemann had charge of policy from 1924-29. The new Reichstag had only 14 against 32 Nationalists formerly. There was a certain disunity amongst the Nationalists. Only Hitler stood firm with his Movement, sure of his mission and destiny.

Until the time of the Putsch, the national misery and the power of the Army had brought Hitler forward. After 1930 widespread unemployment helped the people to understand his alternatives in the National Socialist programme as against capitalism and Jewish Marxism. Hitler was also able to bring powerful existing institutions to his side. Even Hitler's enemies give him credit for holding the Movement together during the Stresemann period. The. Prosperity during this time was quite fictitious, and left Germany heavily in debt to Jewish International Finance. Pan-Germans worked behind



the scenes, as guardians of the national conscience. However, Hitler knew that activism was necessary, "a political party organised on the model of shock troops." The Nazis tolerated no humbug from the so-called Nationalists, and argued like this: "You pretend to be a Nationalist? And you put up with military control, the occupation, the obligation to pay tribute, the entire 'peace dictate' of Versailles? And of your own free-will you make new treaties with the victors and oppressors who suck us dry."

The Youth Movement came to Hitler's side. It was first strong in the volunteer corps, fighting against Bolsheviks at home and abroad. At the Nazi Party Congress at Nuremberg in August, 1927, 20,000 Storm troop men paraded. From then it advanced from strength to strength, and the Hitler Youth has given an example to the whole world.

During the Stresemann period the opponents of National Socialism tried to break the Movement. It was argued that Hitler was not of German nationality. Cardinal Faulhaber said from the pulpit that the Völkisch Movement was Antichrist. Ludendorff received only 300,000 votes in the presidential election of 1925, as against Hindenburg's 15 million. Hitler's achievement in disciplining the Nationalists was phenomenal. They were inclined to quarrel amongst themselves. Yet he, the South German, was able to overcome all difficulties, including the North German prejudice -- this latter victory being a truly remarkable achievement. Hitler was a master of tactics in making personal contacts. In December, 1924, there had been 14 seats held by various Nationalist parties. By 1928 only Hitler and a compact Nazi Party remained to fight the Cause. He had 12 members in the Reichstag, and the Party was small but vital, the heart of the fight for a United and Nationalist Germany. Hitler's policy was constantly to attack and to court attack. He was helped now by industrialists, notably Mutschmann and Kirdorf. Stresemann was hated by the Nationalists because of his surrender to external capitalism.

Hitler was able to work with the Nationalist leader, Hugenberg. And with Seldte, leader of the Steel Helmets. Dr. Goebbels was District Leader of Berlin. He had written to Hitler, "Before the Court in Munich you grew in our minds to the stature of a leader. The words you spoke there were the greatest uttered in Germany since Bismarck . . . It is the catechism of a new political faith, in the desperation of a crumbling, God-bereft world. . . . Like every great leader, you grew with your task; you grew great as your task grew greater, until you became a miracle . . . ." Hitler had amazing power in reconciling the most diverse elements in his Movement. Thus, Hugenberg, Gregor Strasser, and Roehm were held together by the direction which Hitler gave them.

The "People's Petition" of July 9, 1929, directed against new



obligations on the part of the Reich, helped Hitler in gaining the support of the masses. The ordinary bourgeois Nationalists, as distinct from the National Socialists, had been afraid to ally themselves with the Petition.

National Socialism was chiefly resisted by the Marxists and Catholics. The Nazi Party reached a new high peak of activity in 1931. The annual budget was of 85 million marks. Just before the Party came to power the debts of the organisation were 12 million marks. The most intensive process was used in the building of the party, and the members gave of their services fanatically. They were more active than all the other Parties. When elections were being held, they were the activists par excellence, and their concentration on propaganda and every possible detail of electioneering was exemplary. Nation-wide organisation founded 60 Nazi newspapers in the course of a year. Heavy industry helped the Party. The Young Plan was a target for the National Socialists.

The Strasser Brothers gave Hitler some trouble. They were ambitious, self-centred, without understanding of team work. Team work, with loyalty to the leader, is the essence of National Socialist organisation. The Srassers had doctrinaire discussions with Adolf Hitler, who went to Berlin especially to clear up the matter, which had now come to a head. Hitler laid down his principles clearly. "The mass of the workers only want bread and games." He brought National Socialist logic to oppose the hazy leanings of the Strassers, who had favoured a form of industry controlled by unskilled workers. The workers want justice, social and economic, rather than to control industry. The idea of workers' control has been used by the Jew to gain political advantage, and subsequently to foist Jewish capitalism upon those whom he has deluded and then betrayed.

Hitler declared: "We want a new ruling class, which by better race is entitled to rule, and which will ruthlessly support and guarantee this rule over the broad masses." "All revolutions are racial struggles." Thus the Marxist revolution was the attempt of the Jew to foist his Bolshevik system upon the world, "the struggle of the substratum of lower race against the ruling higher race." Of the world situation he declared, "It is our task to undertake the organisation of the whole world on a vast scale, so that every country produces what is most natural to it, while the white race, the Nordic race, takes upon itself the organisation of this gigantic plan." Hitler always stressed the need for co-operation with England. And it was England's folly that she did not reciprocate the offered German friendship.

On September 14, 1930, there were new Reichstag elections. Eighty-two per cent of the electorate voted. Six and a half millions were with the Swastika banner. The Nazis had 107 members in the new Reichstag, and became the second largest Party in the Reich.



Their organisation and work was like "an ever and ceaselessly rolling sea." In 1915 the poet, Rudolf Binding, had said that Germany's need was "a religion of military strength" -- the German word, "wehrhaftigheit."

The years 1930-32 were years of growing depression. This position helped the Nazis. In 1932 Germany had 6 million unemployed. The S.A. Brown Shirt battalions grew correspondingly in strength. On November 6, 1932, elections were again held. This was the first time that the Party suffered a set-back. Three months previously 13 1/2 million votes had been polled for them, and they had had 230 seats in the Reichstag. The Communists now gained ground. Bruening, Von Papen, and Von Schleicher intrigued for power and were successively in the lead in short-lived administrations. Gregor Strasser was a traitor to the Party, and was eliminated from its ranks. Support came again to Hitler through Von Papen and heavy industry. And on January 30, 1933, Adolf Hitler came to power with his National Socialist Party. He was appointed Chancellor by the President, Von Hindenburg. Tens of thousands of the S.A. Brown Shirts, the S.S. Black Shirts, and the Stahlhelm, paraded down the Wilhelmstrasse before Hitler and Hindenburg.

The history of Germany from 1933-39 is that of a nation which, in spite of considerable economic disadvantages and a world opinion, poisoned by International Jewry and hostile to her, yet showed an example of united effort, political sagacity and achievement, which has never before been equalled in the annals of mankind. The National Socialist Revolution, the most peaceful and yet the most far-reaching that the world has ever known, demonstrated the genius of the German race, led by a God-ordained man, to create a State pattern which will be followed by all the enlightened nations of the earth. In an era of social confusion this achievement was and remains the "Light to the Gentiles" which will inspire generations of the redeemed in the rebuilding of their world.

Hitler did not achieve supreme power in Germany immediately. However, the Communists soon showed their hand and set the Reichstag on fire. The Nazis took the strongest measures now with the Opposition, and within six months of his assuming power an Enabling Bill was passed by a majority in the Reichstag to give Adolf Hitler the unquestioned Leadership of Germany. The leadership principle was the backbone of the State administrative machine, giving responsibility towards those above, and authority over those below, in the interests of Germanic reassertion in the world.

In October, 1933, Germany left the Disarmament Conference at Geneva as a protest against the continuing and totally unjust Treaty of Versailles, and also against the failures of the other powers to live up to their protestations of goodwill. France and Britain wanted to leave Germany permanently weak while they maintained their



strength. Hitler's efforts for peace were dogged by the Jews and imperialists, and he said of the year 1936: "Historians will one day record that never were the peaceful proposals of one man met with more hatred than were mine. When Germany became the example to the world of the peaceful solution of social problems and economic difficulties, the hatred of the Bolsheviks and capitalists, the exploiters of nations, was turned against her. Only then did I turn to create the new German Wehrmacht."

In June, 1934, an attempt at counter-revolution in Germany was broken by the iron will and determination of Adolf Hitler, who himself took charge of the measures to smash the traitors. The revolt was led by Roehm and Von Schleicher. There had been talk of the impending attempt to overthrow the Nazi regime for months beforehand in London; and it showed that hostile elements in Britain were active and prepared to go to any lengths to try to remove Hitler. The revolt collapsed, however, within a few hours, annihilated by the strong and immediate steps taken by the inspired Fuehrer of the German nation to protect its safety and honour.

In 1935 reconstruction in Germany was going ahead in every department of the national life, backed by a united racial will, and led by far-seeing and able men. During this year the Saar plebiscite gave this German territory back to Germany, when 90 per cent. of the people voted for inclusion within the Reich. This was also the year of the Anglo-German Naval Treaty, in which Hitler renounced the idea of a comparable German Fleet with that of Britain and France. In 1935 Goering announced that Germany had an Air Force; and on 16 March compulsory military service was reintroduced. There followed the occupation and remilitarisation of the Rhine, when Hitler risked war for the first time and acted, as he was many times and successfully later to act, against the advice of his generals. The Union with Germany of Austria, so longed for by these two Germanic peoples, came about in March, 1938. Meantime Western imperialism was working for a death-grapple between Russia and Germany, which they visualised as helping them in their retention of the balance of power policy so beloved of and exploited by Britain throughout the last century.

After Hitler had come to power, the membership of the Nazi Party was closed except for special applications. Those who had fought their way up with the Party were the recipients of the benefits and confidence which their sacrifices had earned. The Party organisations extended to all spheres of the national community, with the express purpose "to advise national comrades in all problems of life, help them as far as possible in case of need, and in every way to take care of them." There was not a street in the whole of Germany which was not included within the sphere of the Party. National Socialism provided an example of positive and practical Christianity,



in which the principle of loving your neighbour was actually put into practice instead of remaining an abstract principle.

The Nuremberg racial laws of September, 1935, legislated for the Jewish Question in Germany, and provided the pattern for other nations. There were two tests, the "Aryan" test back to the grandparents, and the more severe "Aryan" test back to 1800. Everyone with three or four grandparents born Jews was regarded legally as a Jew.

It was in March, 1939, that the rot set in between Germany and Britain. The Munich Agreement of Autumn, 1938, had not pleased the Jews and their collaborators. So when the opportunity arose later to stir up hatred in the British Press and on the Radio, the Jews took control and prepared their war of revenge on Nazi Germany. And on September 3, 1939, Britain declared war on Germany on the pretext of the guarantee to Poland which had been given to make war certain. For the Capitalists knew that in Peace the system of National Socialism would soon spread to all countries. They had verily to fight for their continued existence with the lives of Gentile slaves whom they had enchained to their service.

Adolf Hitler and the united German nation now fought the Jewish system externally as previously they had fought it internally. They fought in defence of their Sacred Revolution which, whatever the outcome of the war materially, was God-ordained to be carried as a Holy Gospel to the whole world. On September 1, 1939, Hitler declared before the Reichstag: "I desire nothing other than to be the first soldier of the German Reich. I have again put on that old coat which was the most sacred and dear to me of all. I will not take it off until the victory is ours or I shall not live to see the end. There is one word that I have never learned: capitulation.

The Polish campaign was over in a month. Germany used the blitzkrieg method, and had at her service the mightiest war machine that the world had ever known. It was estimated that German rearmament had cost around 90,000,000,000 marks. In Britain after the conclusion of the Polish war the voice of the elder statesman, Lloyd George, was raised for negotiated peace, together with the Mosley and other peace groups; but Jewish pressure prevailed against reason and Aryan interest. Many hundreds of Aryan patriots and friends of Germany, including the writer of this book, were subsequently imprisoned without charge or trial and subjected to long periods of solitary confinement.

In April, 1940, the German Army went into Denmark and Norway. On 10 May the blitz was unleashed against France. On 25 May King Leopold of Belgium surrendered, and on 22 June Marshal Petain, 84-year-old French patriot, accepted armistice with Germany. At the retreat of Dunkirk it was only the decision of Adolf Hitler to stop the advance of his panzers and to offer peace



once more which saved Britain from utter disaster. Fascist Italy had now come into the war, and combined with Germany to fight Britain in North Africa. Hitler saved the Italians by campaigns in Yugo-Slavia and Greece in April, 1941. Rommel went to help the Italians in Libya. There were internal conflicts in Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

On June 22, 1941, the German-Russian war started. If the Middle East position had been better for the Germans, the Russian war might not have been necessary. However, the Western imperialists and Jews had been working for a break between the two great Nordic and Slav nations, Germany and Russia; and there was a conspiracy to push Russia against Germany at the moment of her supreme struggle in the West. The intriguing Jew was on both sides, with the Capitalists in New York and London; and with the Bolsheviks in Moscow. He planned to rule the whole world through Franklin Roosevelt, who was later shown to have been conducting plans for assisting Russia and for co-ordinating the Russian and American systems under the general control of International Jewish Finance. And it was only through the God-given Saviour, Adolf Hitler, and the Sacrifice which He and his faithful millions gave to the world that the designs of the Devil and his followers were thwarted and defeated.

Within six months Hitler's armies had advanced 400 miles into Russia. They penetrated to the outskirts of Leningrad and Moscow. They crossed the river at Rostov, and had entered the Crimea and Caucasus. Russia pursued the scorched earth policy. When their counter-offensive came, after the Stalingrad reverse for the Germans in 1942, the Russians attacked along a 1,000-mile front. Without the Jewish-inspired British and American help to Russia, the Bolsheviks would never have succeeded, and the Germans and Russians would have come to terms. Hitler prophesied, "Britain and America, which have tried to use Bolshevism to destroy Europe, will themselves be denounced by it." The German generals, Von Brauchitsch and Von Reichenau, were relieved of their commands, and Hitler took supreme military control. Always things went better when Hiller, guided by his intuitions, had undisputed command both politically and militarily.

On June 6, 1944, the invasion of Europe was undertaken by the American and British forces. Since 1942 the Russians had been agitating for a Second Front in order to take some of the German pressure off them. But the imperialists followed the strategy of bleeding both Germany and Russia so that they might the more easily seek continuation of their European and world power.

Four thousand ships, with strong aircraft protection, disgorged their troops along the coasts of Northern France. In July, 1944, the Catholic reactionary, Von Stauffenberg. attempted to destroy Adolf



Hitler in the notorious bomb plot. History will indict these criminals for their betrayal of the German Cause, which none the less is God-ordained for ultimate triumph. Hitler declared after his miraculous survival from the bomb explosion, which killed men on the other side of the room, but which left him unharmed, "I am a profoundly religious man. I know that when Providence has ordained a man for great purposes, that man is not taken until he has achieved them." He also said, "Only I and those immediately around me know the tremendous sacrifices that Germany has to make in order to achieve the victory over International Jewish Finance. Germany must give her all in this struggle." He said, "The end of this war will see not the end of Aryan humanity, but of Jewish power in Europe. Our world of ideas will become the common property of all peoples, even of our enemies, through this struggle." On February 24, 1945, Hitler declared: "Twenty-five years ago I predicted the victory of our Movement. Today I predict the final victory of the German race."

On April 26, 1945, the Russian and Allied troops met at Torgau, Germany. Two days later Benito Mussolini, the Italian leader and political genius, was executed by partisans, crazed by Jew-provoked hatred; and scenes of hysterical bestiality were witnessed in Italian cities.

On April 30 Adolf Hitler died in action in Berlin. To Von Ribbentrop he had said at their last meeting, "You will see that my spirit will rise from the grave. And the world will see that I was right." Hitler's Testament is recorded in "The Testament of Adolf Hitler," which was published in England in April, 1951. This Document has already gone all over the world as a Witness to Divine Truth, and will live eternally in the honoured records of the Germanic races. In this Holy Testament of Adolf Hitler we read words which will endure for Posterity, and which are not the end but rather the beginning of the great Hitlerian era. For this era and its universal establishment others will now and in the future work, inspired by the Mighty and Undying Spirit of their Fuehrer, the Christ and Chosen of God, Adolf Hitler.

The Testament was signed in Berlin on April 29, 1945. Hitler recorded: "It is not true that I wished for war in 1939, neither I nor anyone else in Germany. War was provoked exclusively by those international statesmen who were of Jewish race or who worked in the interests of International Jewry. . . .

"After six years of war which, in spite of all the reverses, will one day pass into history as the most glorious and heroic manifestation of the struggle of a people and race for its existence, I cannot abandon the city which is the capital of this State. . . .

" . . . By the sacrifice of our soldiers, by my comradeship with them right to the end, has been sown the seed which will spring



forth in the history of Germany and of Europe in the resurrection of National Socialism together with a nation truly united."

Adolf Hitler concluded his Testament: "May they bear in mind that our task, to institute a Europe National Socialist and Racist, represents the task for centuries to come and obliges every individual always to serve the common good before his private interests. I demand of all Germans, of all National Socialists, men and women, of all the soldiers of the armed forces of National Socialist Europe, that they remain racists to the end, and that they resist without faltering the poison which afflicts all the nations: International Judaism."

Even so may God guide us to follow Him who lives eternally, our Leader and Redeemer, the Greatest Man from God who has ever been sent to the Aryan race. May the Aryans of all the world unite in the bonds of the German Religion and World-philosophy, National Socialism.

Heil Hitler!





The Germans are called and chosen for the leadership of all mankind. In a world in which the Supreme Power of God has been shown in His Chosen, Adolf Hitler, and in which Germany showed her power to withstand attack from all the four corners of the earth, and yet to survive, it is a mathematical certainty that this race will rise now to dominate in the world of ideas and, indeed, to lead the whole of mankind.

All wars, all revolutions, all social movements, are essentially racial movements. It is possible to win a war materially, and yet to lose it because of racial sins. It is thus that Britain and America have lost the war because of their degeneration in blood; and that Germany, Russia and Japan, despite their enormous losses in man power, live now and develop a new greatness.

It matters not what we might name a political system; it is rather the racial content and struggle of a nation that counts above all. It will be with the Nordic-Celtic-Slav concept of a complete Aryanism, redeeming Europe from Jewish-Britannic-American influence, that the leadership of the world will pass to Germany. For today, in 1951, but five years after her sacrifice, Germany wields an immense power, and potentially a vast power that will envelop the world.

An Englishman-born writes this Book, and this chapter. But he is a German by blood, just as the Austrian-born Hitler was German by blood; as also was the Russian-born Rosenberg German by blood. Hitler spoke on October 18, 1933, to a British journalist, and said: "I feel it to be a great misfortune that on August 4, 1914, these two great Germanic nations (Germany and Britain) which, through all the fluctuations of German history, had lived in peace for hundreds of years, were plunged into war. I should be very happy if this unnatural state of things came to an end and our two kindred peoples found their way back to the old relations of friendship." It is blood that counts now as always. This is the supreme reality. England, as part of Germanic Europe, will live even today, though Jewish Britain will die as a result of her terrible sins against blood and race. Germany will emerge as the strongest power in Europe and in the world because only Germany has a world-philosophy or Weltanschauung, National Socialism, which can light the way for the rebirth of mankind.

The immediate political step in Germany will be towards a Peace Treaty which enables Germany to become united, West and East, in sovereign independence of either the Atlantic Pact or possible Eastern hegemony. Already leaders are arising in Germany who call for reuniting the Reich to incorporate only what is "best in National Socialist traditions of service to the German people's community."



The German people are finding very attractive the programme of isolationism. The new German leaders say that Russia is only too ready to accept a united Germany, free from all ties to either the Atlantic or Communist bloc. They believe that this will enable the Russians to concentrate on their main preoccupation, which is the consolidation of their gains in Asia and the protection of their oilfields against the menace of possible American attack. The new German leaders -- sometimes called the Neo-Nazi block -- seek to lead Europe in shaking off the Atlantic yoke, and to form a third, neutral force, bound neither to East nor West.

The interests of Germany and of all kindred peoples lie, as always, in alliance with strength rather than with weakness. Thus. any future alliance made by Germany should be with Russia, virile and nationalistic, rather than with the decadent democracies. But the initial step is one of a just and favourable Peace Treaty, achieving German unity and independence. Agreement with Russia is far preferable to any arrangement with the present Jewish-capitalist regimes of Britain and America. Germany will take the lead in uniting Western Europe against participation in American "defence" plans. Germany and Western Europe, united as a third and neutral world force, and non-aggressive towards Russia, can and will become the determining factor of world destiny between the hostilities of East and West, between Communism and Capitalism. Aryan or German Socialism is the new World Order.

Bolshevism and Capitalism were united between 1939 and 1945 by International Jewish Finance in the attempt to dominate the world through and for Judaism. Today, that force moves rapidly now towards its own destruction, and both the present initiative and the certainty of future power passes to Aryan Germany. Allied with Aryan Germany are all the forces in every country and continent in the world which see at last that Jewish intrigues have sought the subversion of national aims and economies to the diabolical purposes of Jewish world dictatorship. The interest of all Aryan peoples, indeed of all pure races, whether white, yellow, or black, is to root out from the world the Jewish financial parasites, and to wrest all forms of world power from the Jewish race and its cross-breedings. This is essentially a campaign against the remnant of British imperialism and Wall-st. finance, and the tottering structure of International Jewish Mammon. The imminence of World Aryan Power, and the unity of all Socialist nations and continents, is clear. This is the Victory that has been won through the Sacrifice of the Great World Saviour, Redeemer and Deliverer, Adolf Hitler, who always said that his only enemy was International Jewish Finance, and who further declared, "I shall be regarded as the greatest liberator of humanity."

The realities of the present position demand of Germany and of



all who are racially allied to her throughout the world a tremendous effort of mind and will towards the attainment of World Aryan leadership. For let no one imagine that the Victory will be achieved without such effort. God has given us, the Aryans of the world, opportunities without parallel in this second half of the 20th century, the German century, and it is now for us to apply ourselves in the example of the supreme dedication to this World Task which was seen in Adolf Hitler.

The writers, Schumacher and Hummel, in their book, "Vom Kriege zwischen den Kriegen. Die Politik des Voelkerkampfes," speak of the war between the wars, and advance the theory that the highest type of military strategy is victory without resort to armed force. The authors of this important book, published in Germany in 1937, advocated a political, psychological and commercial offensive to be undertaken by Germany, as a prelude to the attainment of world power. They referred frequently to Britain and the United States as adversaries, and said that it would be necessary to free the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal. The leaders of present-day Germany may learn much from such studies.

In this final struggle with Jewish world philosophy and organisation we Aryans have to develop more strongly than ever before our own international and supranational organisation. We should bear in mind the words of Adolf Hitler, "The day will come when we shall make an agreement with the men of other Aryan nations. Then there will come a union between all of the one, good, ruling race throughout the world."

There should be established without delay a world organization, which might be termed the World Aryan Crusade, countering the World Jewish Congress. In each country we should establish Aryan Truth Societies, with the object of propagating the Weltanschauung or Philosophy of the Germanic way of life. The object of these societies would be beyond mere politics. Rather would they be founded as part of a world-wide religious brotherhood, based upon blood and race, and opposing everywhere the materialism of the Jew with the Aryan cultural concept. Against the collapsing world order of Catholicism, of Freemasonry, and of the Jew who has used these and all social organisations to further his own ends, let the Aryan stand now before the world Proud and radiant in the Divine Truth which rests in him, and secure in the spiritual Power which is given to him from the Risen Saviour and God's Chosen, Adolf Hitler.

The ideas of Oswald Spengler undoubtedly have some relevance in the present world situation. Spengler believed that Western culture was dying, and that a new civilisation would arise from the East to take its place. Spengler was a prophet of Prussian or authoritarian Socialism. The Nazis translated his thesis into a "Socialism of action." Socialism meaning comradeship, service and duty rather than



the class struggle of the half-Jew, Karl Marx.

There is no doubt at all that the interests of Germany in 1951 lie in coming to an understanding and even an alliance with the East rather than with the Western democracies. Indeed, the key to German leadership of the West is to be gained by renouncing the Jewish plutocracy of Britain and America, and by coming to terms, involving spheres of interest, non-conflicting and complementary, with Russia, the Arab countries, India, China, Australasia, and with other countries and continents throughout the world. Russia, of course, is the immediate problem to be met; and the Russian leaders of today and tomorrow would have confidence in coming to agreement with a Germany which steadfastly refused to compromise itself with an Atlantic or similar pact. Germany is today wooed by both West and East; and she is therefore in the strongest position favourably to determine her future by hard bargaining with the other nations.

The actuality of the present situation in the world racially is a pointer to imminent events. The controllers of British and American imperialist policy today are as racially mixed a group of men who ever strode the world stage; and they are predominantly Jewish or of mixed Jewish blood. To the suggestion that Communism is Jewish, the German will reply that British-American democracy is very much more Jewish; and that Communism today is purging itself from Jewish elements, and will progressively do so even more. Future generations of Russians will thank the German for the thoroughness with which he dealt with the Jewish problem and situation in Europe from 1933-45. For assuredly the enemy of all the peoples has been the Jew always; and the Teutonic-Slav alliance of today will represent an alliance of pure races, with clearly defined spheres of influence and power, against the remnants of bastard races and civilisations. Houston Stewart Chamberlain always defined Aryan principles in terms of the combination of Nordic, Celtic and Slav in Europe, which may provide the pattern of Teutonic endeavour in this day and age. The Russian, Dostoievsky, was also a prophet of Russo-German accord.

The re-emergence of Japan as a world power is a factor which will assist German aspirations, and will help in the reshaping of the world. The world will eventually be divided into some nine groupings or spheres of influence. Thus we have Europe, Russia, India, the Moslem countries, Africa, China and Japan, Australia and New Zealand. South and Central America, North America and Canada -- nine blocs in all, within the framework of whose integration solution of the problems of world political and racial hegemony may be found.

First there must and will come the final collapse of the old system. This will involve war, with the destruction of many centers of the dying civilisation. However much one might wish to avoid such solutions, they cannot be avoided. These very days are foretold



in the religious books of many world religions, when the doomed system of Gold and money worship, the international capitalist system of Jewish Finance or Mammon, goes to its preordained end. Such a culmination is in the course of Nature itself and in the hands of the Divine Power that directs it. The doomed civilisation will make one last despairing fight rather than succumb voluntarily. That is why the Peace campaigns promoted from Russia will prove to be ineffective for immediate results. For the capitalists fear Peace as much as War; and they think only of trying, by whatever means, to prolong their system and rule. So War will come, within a few years. This is a mathematical certainty; and within the territories of the doomed continents and countries we must work for the survival of as many people of good stock as may be possible.

In "The Testament of Adolf Hitler" a section is entitled: "The Last Days: A Study in Religious Prophecy." We should here consider important extracts from this Work, for it traces what is actually happening now.

Now in April, 1950, the pattern of coming world events is clearer to the seeker of Truth. We are about to see a new alignment in Europe. There will soon be a German-Russian agreement. Germany will become united and independent. . . . In the Middle East also the Arab States will approach Russia, and a non-aggression pact will be signed. The world will turn against Britain and the Jews. Russia is hardening against Jewish financial imperialism. Hitler's spirit rules now and eternally, and his world-idea becomes as he said that it would, "the common property of all peoples, even of our enemies, through this struggle". . . .

"War between the Britannic-Jewish-Americans and Russia will come soon. The result will be the complete overthrow of the system of International Jewish Finance. . . . South America will be neutral, led by Argentina. . . . The Orient will not fight against Russia, and India will negotiate a non-aggression pact with Russia. 'Asia for the Asiatics' will be the unifying cry. Japan will reassert herself, and become a dominant power in the Far East. . . . Germany and Western Europe, rejecting Britain's perfidious offers of friendship, will reach agreement with Russia. The great union emerges, and which is utterly shattering to the Britannic-Judaic-imperialist world, of National Socialism and Communism. . . .

"The world will witness not only the collapse of international Jewish capitalism and of the British Empire, which has been its chief instrument, but also, in the religious sphere, the unmasking of religious hypocrisy, particularly of the Roman Church. The International capitalist Jew has always used the Press and Priest to deceive the peoples of the earth. These are the very Scribes and Pharisees warned by Jesus of Nazareth of the Judgment that would come upon them in 'the last days.'"



At the same time there will be preached to mankind the religious message of world socialism, of the truth summarised in the words of Adolf Hitler, "Our world of ideas will become the common property of all peoples, even of our enemies, through this struggle. . . My only enemy is International Jewish Finance. . . . National Socialism is even more than a religion. It is the will to make mankind anew."

The Christian Bible, as also the Holy Books of other world religions, have foretold a Day of Judgment, and the End of the World. This has never meant the end of everything and everybody. It is rather that Mammon civilisation, based upon Gold or International Jewish Capitalism, will fall, and God's Judgment will be directed upon the citadels of false religion and capitalist social organisation. Revelations 17 and 18 of the Christian Bible describe the culmination exactly. This verily is the Day of Judgment, and the spirit of Christ, the Eternal Spirit that was shown to the world in Adolf Hitler, is bringing the nations before the Great Judgment Throne. As He himself said, "Every nation and every individual is being weighed in the balances, and those found wanting will fall. God will be a Just Judge."

So, as these events develop, with a mathematical certainty and under the Sure Guidance of God, Holy and Eternal Germany will once again, and with the blessing of Providence, take her destiny into her hands. For God has indeed called this People, now to be allied with all non-Semitic peoples throughout the world, to the leadership of the universe and of all mankind.

In the soul of Germania is the Sacred Call conceived of the Eternal German Gospel and the Eternal Adolf Hitler. In her mind is known the logical development, fulfilment and certainty of victory after her centuries of striving. To her hands will spring a Sword of Vengeance and Divine Wrath, God-ordained and given to purge the world of its evil.

"Vengence is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord." Even so, come Lord God, to reclaim the world for thy Rule and System, with thy chosen people, the Aryans of the world, and thy system, World National Socialism. All hail to God's Chosen and the Redeemer of the Gentiles to all Eternity, Adolf Hitler! Sieg heil!





The peace of the world will be established for a millennium when the power of International Jewish Finance is finally broken. That great day is near.

The establishment of world peace need not wait upon its acceptance by every nation of the world. Whereas the United Nations Organisation has failed because of clashing ideologies, a World Union of Nations, founded upon Aryan and Socialist principles, and renouncing Jewish political and economic concepts, can secure the basis for world peace.

Study of the continental land areas of the world reveals the existence of seven natural blocs which could constitute a basis for world organisation and peace. They are: Africa, Asia, U.S.S.R., N. America, S. and C. America, Australasia, and Europe. Union between these continental areas and their regional groupings could be worked for immediately; and could be achieved in large degree. The nations subscribing to the peace plan would have sufficient strength to isolate their enemies, and to be able to defend themselves successfully in any eventual conflict with them.

Whereas the efforts of International Judaism have been towards the control of the finances and economies of the whole world through their system of International Jewish Finance, based upon Gold, the new organisation would aim towards each continental bloc becoming as economically self-supporting as possible. International trade would be on a barter or non-usurous basis. Such organisation, with its rationalised continental and national economies, would never endanger the peace of the world.

The Jew has always aimed to divide the nations, to sacrifice their men and wealth, so that he might the more easily work towards the mastery of the world. That plan has failed, by the Grace of God and the sacrifice of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany; and the nations, now alive to the Jewish menace, can advance to international agreement. Broadly, the world could be governed by a Council of the Seven Continents. Within each continent there would be Regional Councils, governing the affairs of the constituent nations.

The present deliberations of the United Nations Organisation are of only passing importance in determining the future governance of the world. There will soon be established another World Organisation, formulated this time by the more dynamic world powers, with authoritarian Socialist regimes. The achievement of a real world plan for peace requires a settlement both in the West and East, together with a united and independent Germany as well as a united and independent Japan. It may well be argued that Germany, Russia



and Japan hold between them the keys to world settlement and peace today. It is clear also that so long as Germany and Japan are without their independent status, Russia stands in a position of danger from America. On the other hand, it is clear that once these three great powers and nations come to agreement, the world is theirs. No less an issue faces the leaders of Germany, Russia and Japan today.

Britain and her influence in the world may be largely disregarded. The measure of the downfall of Britannia is the measure of the downfall of Jewish imperialism, the evil which has afflicted all nations; and Britain and her empire have been the tool of International Judaism for a century. Independence has been or is being won by the lands previously enslaved by the British Empire. New alignments are shaping themselves. Thus, Canada will find her rightful place in a North American continent, living without interference in the affairs of Europe or Asia. We may expect to see one of the first acts of a German-Russian-Japanese agreement the offer of peace and friendship to an Isolationist North America, as one of the seven constituent continental blocs in the World Peace Organisation.

In the break-up of the British Empire we see South Africa moving towards an independent republic. The whole African continent would readily yield to the pattern of leadership from a united Europe. In the spheres of influence which would be allocated to the main world powers, Africa would become a specifically German or European interest, whilst Russia would interest herself mainly in Asia.

India, already independent, may well provide the bridge between East and West. It was from the Himalayas that the ancient Aryans came, together with Europe to bring civilisation to the world. And the world is now to be remade in the Aryan pattern, with union in thought and action towards a world organisation, promoted by Nordic and Slav -- that is, primarily by Germany and Russia.

A World Peace Conference, as opposed to the imperialist, but doomed, plans of America and Britain, might well take place in India. In India indeed may well be declared the religious witness which will bring spiritual synthesis to the nations of the world. Adolf Hitler declared, "After my death will come something really great, an overwhelming revelation to the world of my mission." He spoke, of course, of a spiritual revelation which, in "The Testament of Adolf Hitler," and in the present book, "The German Revelation," is now proclaimed to all mankind. As Hitler himself foretold, his Spirit has now risen from the grave, and the world is seeing that He was right.

The India Conference could find a formula for World Peace, isolating Jewish Britain and the remnants of her world power in America and throughout the world. For indeed, although the might of America speaks today, it is a British and Jewish mentality that directs her. It is the Britannic world-idea, of financial imperialism,



which yet dominates the North American continent. And when the citadel of evil, Britannia, falls, the true America will move towards salvation and her just place amongst the nations.

The Moslem world has already found unity. South America, with a strong European leadership, can soon unite her continent with Central America, free of American imperialist designs. When American finance-imperialism is broken, the North American continent can become the good neighbour which she has always professed to be.

The trend of world events is clear. May the Great Powers find agreement soon towards concerted action for world peace.

In the day that Germanic Europe and Russia find their basis for common racial defence and action, in Aryan solidarity, the peace of the world, and World Socialism, are assured.






Section 1. Victory for Socialism.

Section 2. European Organisation.

Section 3. Framework of World Government.


Before any Plan for the Government of the World can succeed, there must exist not only a practical Blueprint, devised in accordance with the historical necessities of the day, but there must also be the means to put our theory into practice.

Fortunately the times are such that not only is a political philosophy common to the leading continents of the world -- World Socialism -- but also these continents have the power to safeguard their system and to enforce their will.

Victory for Socialism, and Peace in the world, must precede the establishment of World Government. That Victory and that Peace are mathematical certainties within the near future because International Capitalism is doomed and approaches its end. Thus, where the machinery of the League of Nations after World War I., and that of the United Nations Organisation after World War II., was unworkable from the start by reason of violently conflicting ideologies amongst the nations, today we are clearly approaching a time of workable synthesis of political ideas in a basically Socialist world.

Before commencing a study of the administration of world affairs, I would refer to my "World Plan for Peace," which I drew up in September, 1951, and which was included as the preceding chapter of the present book, "The German Revelation."

In the "World Plan for Peace" I predicated that the power of International Jewish Finance, of World Capitalism, was at the point of final collapse. In the consideration of an immediate possibility of Peace, I visualised an inter-Continental and Socialist organisation of the nations, with defence against any attack by the remaining minority of capitalist powers. The Socialist nations would possess the overwhelming balance of power within their hands.

The "World Plan for Peace" is to be carefully studied as a preliminary to further studies of the possibilities and mechanism of world government.

From study of the Plan for Peace it is clear that the agreement between Germany, Russia, India, China and Japan -- a Union in fact between West and East -- would broadly provide the foundations for a permanent World Order. The executive instrument of that Order will be provided by the military and political power of the West-



East Union, which will be well able to defend its position and that of the great majority of the peoples of the earth against the possible attacks of the last remnants of Capitalism.

The final struggle between Capitalism and Socialism is inevitable, whatever may be its exact form. But this again is certain-that the preordained victory is to the forces of the New World Order-World Socialism. That Germany and Russia are able to unite today, around a basically Socialist concept, follows logically upon the dictum of Adolf Hitler: "I am not only the conqueror, but also the executor of Marxism, of that part of it which is essential and justified, stripped of its Jewish-Talmudic dogma."

In the beginning the Jew tried to use for his own ends the forces of World Socialism, just as previously he had used World Capitalism. But today the Jewish world is split, and their intrigues are clearly to be seen by the peoples. The spiritual and material forces of the New World Order, of Nationalism and Socialism, of Aryan racial values, are in the ascendant.

We are not concerned in this chapter with matters of military strategy and tactics, or to elucidate the religious prophecies of many world faiths which detail the collapse of World Capitalism in fiery destruction. We have already dealt with these vital matters of eschatological fulfilment in other works, to which we would refer the reader -- notably to "The Testament of Adolf Hitler," which is a Book of Divine Witness to solemn Truths of the present days. Particularly would I refer to the section in that book entitled, "The Last Days. A Study in Religious Prophecy." Such studies, to which I have devoted myself for two decades, have convinced me beyond any possibility of doubt that not only will the Socialist world bloc triumph in the military and political sphere, but that there is now, for the first time in world history, the certainty that a world ideology may be successfully declared to all mankind by this ruling bloc of continents.

Whereas the former attempts to unite the world, in a sort of universal Jewish centralised capitalism, within the framework of the League of Nations, and then of the United Nations Organisation, have failed because of conflicting ideologies, there will now be no such division. For even within the centres of remaining capitalist power the forces of Truth, of Aryan Socialism, are pressing upward. Adolf Hitler declared that he would be accepted by the world as the "greatest liberator of humanity"; and that is a central and guiding principle for all the nations of the world. As the yoke of World Capitalism is taken from the shoulders of the nations, the world faith of National Socialism is seen as the integrating force and executive pattern of a New World Order, which will be no less than the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Secure in the knowledge of Socialist victory, and of the power



to enforce the Will of the peoples to world liberation, the Will of God for the redemption and regeneration of the world, we may now quietly proceed to the statesmanlike task of visualising the structure and mechanism of World Government. We shall see the World as a whole; then as divided into continental groups; then with its subdivision into regional groups. And finally we can visualise the structure of England, for instance, under the New Order. With these blueprints at hand, the architects and builders of the future may proceed with confidence to secure the New-World Order of Socialism.

The general pattern of World Organisation will not be a highly centralised system such as was attempted previously. Advance will rather be from the nation-state to a federation of continental and contiguous nations. All purely continental administration-covering both legislative, political, and juridical tasks-will be vested in the ruling Councils of the particular continent. Within this sphere full representation would be accorded to all nations, with the main leadership devolving upon the Great Power or Leader-nation within each continent.

Some critics may argue that the world should have done with the "Great Power" concept. It has operated within the "democratic" system, with these "Great Powers," the tools of International Finance, heading political and economic empires. To do away with the concept of leading Powers, while retaining the universal financial control visualised by "One World" advocates of the capitalist school, would be to hand over the nations of the world, both great and small, to universal serfdom. The absolute equality of all nations is a visionary and impracticable concept. Rather should we see the nations united regionally under leading Powers, co-ordinating and directing their federations and achieving the liberation of the whole from any form of political or economic imperialism. For National Socialism has principles rooted not only in the integrated nation, but also in the federation or union of racially congruous and territorially contiguous nations within a Continental Federation or Union, having the aim of economic self-sufficiency, with political and racial accord. This concept of Federation, in which capitalist exploitation is finally rooted out, is the New World Order, and quite distinct from the nation-states and the empires of international capitalism.

The world could be divided into nine main continental groupings Of nations. We have. therefore: Europe, Russia, Africa, N. America, S. and C. America, Australasia, the Middle East, India, and the Far East (Japan, China, and adjoining territories). Each of these groups would then be organised regionally, and would become self-governing, within the framework of a Socialist World Order.

The World Organisation -- in which would be vested the effective government of the world -- would not consist of dozens of nations, but of nine leading Powers, each one representing a continent and



group of federated nations. And, as the New World Order is based upon the principle of leadership and upon the subordination of the power of money, rather than upon the illusion of freedom within the framework of Finance-capitalism, the World Government Group of nine men, representing their respective continents, will select one of their number to lead them. This man, by divine right which will be made clear to the peoples in unmistakable spiritual signs, will be the spiritual and temporal head, the Ruler of the Earth. He will be a Man of Aryan race, and the Chosen of God. The Spirit of the Lord, Adolf Hitler, will have descended upon him.


We shall now consider, as an example of regional organisation, the continent of Europe as a unit of a federated nine-bloc world.

Germany is the natural leader of this continent of some 500 million people. and will undoubtedly emerge as the effective ruler of Europe in the near future. Agreement with Soviet Russia will precede this development; and the spheres of political influence allocated between them will constitute a sure foundation for peace and mutually advantageous collaboration.

There will be established in Germany a Continental Government, which will deal with all matters, legislative, administrative, and juridical, affecting the political life of its constituent nations. Each of the member-nations will have local autonomy, which will result in the combination of a developed local nationalism together with the co-ordinated Socialism of the whole continent.

The Government of Europe will be vested in the leadership principle, as with the other continents and blocs, and will be led by Germany. The Constituent Assembly of Nations will not act as an egalitarian democratic voting machine, giving equal power to the smallest States in Europe with the largest and strongest, but rather as a true Council, in which all contribute technical and constructive suggestions that may be brought forward to assist the political control and progressive development of the continent.

Europe would be divided into nation-states, such geographical re-division being the subject of agreement between Germany and Russia, particularly as applying to the Eastern territories. It is sure. However, that Germany will regain her former territories in the East, by peaceful negotiation with Russia. who will be very content to have on her Western flank an independent and united Germany. This Germany will have cut herself away from Britannic-American pressure to join Western military alliance; and will rather consolidate a United Europe, with strong racial and political ties with Russia.

In the readjustment of Europe, full recognition will be given to all national freedom aspirations, which are highly consistent with a strong centralised authority to correlate the whole continent and its



adjoining islands, and to give sound direction to the European community. The British Isles, for instance, will be divided into four nation-states: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Each will be locally self-governing, with an economic and cultural union between the four States. The highest and decisive political power will rest, however, with the continental leader-nation, Germany.

In a book that I wrote about the New England in July, 1950, I described the political set-up in some detail. This may be taken as a prototype for a Nordic State.

England will be a Republic, with a Leader-President. England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland would together form the North Sea Isles. This would constitute a racial and cultural union, a federation within the main European community; and each country would have wide powers of self-government.

The Leader-President would be elected for a term of five years.

There would be three Houses of Representatives. First there would be the House composed of country, city and town leaders. These executives would be the leaders and representatives of their communities, and responsible for the efficient functioning of the local government machine.

The Second House would be composed of representatives of Industry, elected on an occupational basis.

There would be a third House, composed of leaders in the fields of Art, Science, Philosophy, Athletics, and in everything appertaining to the higher life of the nation and race.

The Government of the New England would be vested in a Cabinet of Executives, led by and responsible to the Leader-President of the nation. The two Houses of Representatives, together with the House of Culture, would act in an advisory capacity to Government. and in an executive capacity in their local communities, rather than as voting assemblies. Thus the Government would not be hampered by party political strife, and would be able to go ahead with its plans and their administration, with full responsibility for results.

The method of communication with the people for their views on broad issues is by means of referendum. In the New England the leadership principle rules; and at last the communal will to achievement is fulfilled in authoritarian Socialist Government.

The purpose of Industry in the New England, with Capitalism being ended, is to provide economic security to the nation through the Usury-free productive efforts of all the people, and on the principle of the common good before private interest.

In the transition from a money-controlled society to a Socialist community, Industry comes progressively more under State control, either directly or indirectly. Instead of paying out the capitalists, and so creating a further problem of parasitism, the policy is to absorb all useful members of an industry into the new industrial



framework, to limit the return on capital to a low maximum for owners who are also workers, and to withhold both interest and compensation from non-producers, except in cases of proven hardship.

The capitalist system is finally ended, and the State takes over responsibility for financial provision of all industrial development. The thraldom of interest, of finance-capitalism, is broken once and for all.

Industry is not taken over by State officials. The State intervenes only to the extent that the creation of markets may be necessary, with bulk buying and selling, and general co-ordination in the national interest. The overall picture of Industry is that it is governed on the corporate principle of organisation. It rests on a three-cornered base in which all the employers or managers are organised, as are the manual workers and also the consumers.

In industrial organisation we find that the Boards of Directors, representing financial shareholders, have been dispensed with, and are replaced by the Board of Management, and by an auxiliary body, the Works Council, in which the workers have representation as advisory to the director or leader of the business, and protective also of their own basic conditions and interests.

The Producers' State of the New England has ousted the parasite. whether the absentee landlord, the financial shareholder, or non-productive bureaucrat.


Here is a table of approximate World areas and populations.

1,000 of sq. miles Thousands Sq. mile

Area. Population. Density.

Europe 3,700 .. 467,092 126.2

America 16,663 .. 233,106 . 13.0

Africa 11,053 .. 138,249 . 12.4

Asia 17,008 .. 1,032,381 . 60.6

Broadly speaking, the World can be viewed as in two parts, East and West: as the East (Asia), and the West (Europe, America and Africa), giving an approximate equality of populations, at 1,000 millions in each composite area.

It is around this concept that the German-Russian accord will be erected. The racial term, "Aryan," signifies a Nordic-Celtic-Slav accord, which is an embracing of the German and Russian worlds. In consideration of the predominant power that is exercised by Russia today in the East; and of the power that, by agreement with Russia, will be exercised by Germany in the West, the triumph of the Aryan in the world over all Jewish and capitalist concepts in clearly to be seen. The Aryan is the God-ordained ruler of the New World, in which there will be complete accord between East and West, and between the races and peoples of the whole earth.



In practice the world will be divided into two or three master races, holding authority over the other races through a system of international aristocracy. The Nordic man, or white man, will in fact give leadership to both the yellow, brown, and black races. The propaganda put over by the Jewish Democracy, with the formula, "without distinction of colour, race or creed," reveals the attempt of international Judaism to submerge the whole world in racial adulteration, and in subservience to Jewry and its financial system.

Before the Middle Ages nation-states were ruled by powerful individuals or groups who exercised their will on the community. In recent centuries there has been ostensibly a diminution, of authority and an increase of liberty. In reality the apparent emancipation of the individual has been offset by the authority and exploitation of Finance-capitalism. Man in his time has been enslaved to petty lords and tyrants, and also to financiers and their puppet politicians. The return to authority in government will, in the Hitlerian and National Socialist era, bring freedom to nations in the ending of racial adulteration, of usury and of commercial exploitation.

There must, therefore, be a return to authority, in order to secure liberty for the race and nation. It is either that the World has a supranational government and authoritarian leadership from the Jewish financiers or from the Aryans. The Aryan must understand that his loyalty is beyond nation and people to a world-wide concept of race. The German and Russian, together with Aryans throughout the World, must unite in racial harmony and endeavour, to safeguard the civilisation of God, and to rule the World. The Jewish world is split, and is heading for disaster. As the struggle for power between the doctrines of supranational organisation reaches its climax, the Aryan world arrives at its predestined goal, the rulership of man under the Guidance of God.

The four "freedoms" were much publicised by the Jew-promoted Roosevelt. But in fact the freedoms of speech, of religion, from fear and from want have remained mere fictions even within the framework of democracy. On the other hand, National Socialist Germany provided the pattern to the whole world, and especially to the Nordic nations, of freedom won for the whole nation and people from the evils of Jewish usury and cultural decay. For indeed, without this overall freedom, the individual freedoms remain a mere illusion. What would be the use of a supposed freedom of religion and speech if such precluded attack on the source of all evil, Jewish Mammon? Freedom from want, and freedom from fear can only come when capitalism and war are abolished. What a mockery of human aspirations does the joint declaration of Roosevelt and Churchill of August, 1941, now seem. ". . . . after the final destruction of Nazi tyranny, to see a peace established that will enable all men to live free of fear and want and to traverse the seas unhin-



dered. . . . Pending the establishment of a wider and permanent system of general security, nations which threaten aggression will be disarmed."

The present division of the world into two armed camps, with hatred and violence growing daily, are the measure of the devil's downfall. Now that the Jewish thieves have fallen out, the Aryans will come into their own. The establishment of the New World Order, after the pending Judgment of God on the world, will be no less than the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

It is clear that the Government of the World cannot rest upon pious hopes, but rather upon Power -- upon Aryan military and political power, based again upon the Spiritual Foundation established for all Eternity by Adolf Hitler. To this end there will come about an Accord between the Great Powers, of which the principal ones are Germany and Russia, a 1,000-year Agreement, dividing the world into spheres of political influence and control.

The world designs of government in the past have been essentially capitalistic, just as in the future the designs will be Socialistic. Thus, the Bank of International Settlements was a capitalist body. We shall need central world control of Finance, with co-ordination of the continental economic systems-but with stabilised exchange rates and internal price levels, and without usury. The Centre of World Government will be in Germany.

Each continent will have its colonial commission as part of the general political system, though capitalist imperialism and colonialism will be replaced by federation of States on a racial basis. The aspect of control throughout the world will be the rulership of the Aryan race.

Such plans as those drafted by H. G. Wells in his "Bill of Universal Human Rights" in his "New World Order" were frames for the continued domination of the Jewish World Plan. The German-Russian Plan and Power is the basis of the Hitlerian or Aryan World Order.

Nation-States will become Race-States. Continental federations of States will become part of the World-State. Democracy has been the screen hiding Jewish world financial control. The federal idea, developed in Aryan culture and through National Socialist political and economic planning, is the New World Order.

P. E. Corbett, in his book, "Post-war Worlds," comments on two books, "Civitas Dei," by Lionel Curtis; and "Union Now," by Clarence Streit. He comments: "Neither writer sees any hope of peace in a mere league of nations which preserves intact the sovereignty of its states members, which acts only by unanimous decision and even then must depend under control of the States for action upon forces which remain which has no supreme tribunal with compulsory jurisdiction and no legislature competent to adapt the law



to changing conditions, which exercises no authority over the individual citizen and makes no appeal to his loyalty." The Aryan Plan to meet this problem is to advance immediately to continental federation and continental self-government, with the Government of the World vested in a supra- continental authority, with effective rulership in the hands of a nine-man Council, and with a World Ruler at its head. The spurious Master of Zion, the Jewish financial controller of the earth, will give place to the Aryan Lord of mankind fulfilling the Words of Adolf Hitler, and inspired of His Supreme spirit: "I shall be regarded as the greatest liberator of humanity."

The point has been made by world planners that economic organisation can only be effective where a common social concept is accepted. Thus there must first come the clash between Socialism and Capitalism in the whole world. The point has also been made that Federation in Europe must precede federation in other parts of the world.

South America has given several examples of attempted federation. Simon Bolivar called the first Pan-American Conference in 1826 at Panama, in order to form a confederation of the revolted colonies of Spain.

A World Constitution must establish a Charter of Rights for the nations, comprising Continental Charters, and an expression of human needs in terms of race, and of freedom from the world dictatorship of Jewish capitalism and racial disintegration. Such a Charter would have a millennial character, in accordance with the fulfilment of Divine Prophecy. The World Charter will bring about World Disarmament, and also the regathering of the Jews and their settlement in a new country. They will be taken out of the main stream of world civilisation.

The continental unions and federations in the making in the vast have all failed because imperial and financial powers have tried to use them for their own financial gain. This has happened in Africa, exploited by British imperialism and Jewish Finance; in Asia; and in South America. The new continental systems would organise for economic self-sufficiency, with the principle established that usury was no longer to be tolerated. The world will see in the economic field rent, interest, rates and taxes, and all unearned profit eliminated. Financial provision will rather be through interest-free State loans.

Within the framework of continental organisation there are many Possibilities for joint declarations on labour and general social conditions, and upon health. Several conferences in South America have already been devoted to Eugenics and Homoculture. Most important also would be the promotion of international tourism, particularly for the youth of the nations.

In Europe the balance-of-power tradition, exercised by imperial



Britain throughout the centuries has to be broken in order to lay the foundations for a United Europe. In the ultimate all depends upon a common world political, philosophical and racial idea; and upon its enforcement by the ruthless use of power. Oswald Spengler visualised the growth of centralised, dictatorial power in the New World Order, with less individual liberty and licence.

In the framing of a New World Order a United States of Europe is a prime necessity. Within the European Union there would be joint agreement on the colonial question and on its administration. Africa and South America are continents which would come within the European orbit and benefit from her leadership. Europe, however, would have no direct control in the Eastern hemisphere.

The Far East could be united by agreement between China, Japan, Russia, India, and the Indonesian Union.

Pofessors Takaki and Yokota of the Tokio Imperial University visualised a regional organisation for the Far East, with a treaty of security and non-aggression, and with machinery for arbitration. The authors of this Plan were anxious to remove any sanctification of the status quo; the consultative process was to be used as an instrument of peaceful change, removing the causes of disputes before they developed. All disputies were to be submitted to conciliation, arbitration, and adjudication. This was to be exercised locally and regionally, rather than universally. Permanent conciliation commissions were to be set up between contracting nations for the settlement of any dispute which was not submitted to the Regional Arbitration Tribunal or to the Permanent Court of Justice.

In practice it will be found that a single Regional Tribunal could deal with all disputes between member-States in the Continental Unions.

The Axis partners during World War II. had plans worked out for the New World Order. The present study is an extension and development of such plans. Germany and Japan were the prime movers in this supranational world planning. The Germans used the word, "Grossraumwirtschaft," for a Plan which visualised a Currency and Customs Union of Continental Europe, excluding Russia, and centred in Berlin. This was a generous plan, presupposing more or less voluntary participation by the European nations. Although Germany was certainly to be the senior partner, a substantial measure of autonomy and national dignity was to be left to the partners of the European Union.

The German Economics Minister, Dr. Funk, put forward a Plan for the economic leadership of Europe. Heavy Industry was to he concentrated in the Reich; and Eastern Europe was to concentrate upon farming. Europe as a whole was to be economically self-sufficient. Where there were deficiencies, they were to be made up by importing from Russia, China and South America. With these



separate countries Germany could bargain, mainly in terms of barter, on behalf of the whole European unit, the control of the entire market enabling her to obtain advantageous conditions of exchange. it is interesting to note that the German General Staff had the alternative plan of keeping the smaller nations of Europe prosperous, but militarily paralysed.

Japan's New Order in Eastern Asia was similar in plan to that of Germany. The Japanese Minister to Australia said in March, 1941, that Australia should be for the Australians. and Asia for the Japanese. In my "World Plan for Peace" of September, 1951, I visualised Australia and New Zealand and the adjacent islands as a self-contained group, working alongside an integrated Asia. These would constitute two of the blocs within the framework of nine-bloc World Government, a Federation of the Continents of the World.

Democracies and Dictatorships do not mix. That is certain and that is why the final struggle must come between Capitalism and Socialism.

The colour problem in Africa, and wherever in the world there are similar conditions, should be dealt with as suggested by the South African Nationalists. Their basis is racial segregation, with separate, self-governing territories for the natives, under general white control.

That neither European nor native African will lose by such developments is guaranteed in the Socialist economic organisation of the African continent. There will be an end to capitalist exploitation. Rather will there be a central industrial power; and the satellite nations will be agricultural. Capitalist imperialism has promoted over-industrialisation in pursuit of profit. The more natural, non-exploitive way, is the balance between a central industrial economy and surrounding agricultural markets. The aim will be continental self-sufficiency rather than national self-sufficiency.

Vitally important is the matter of a religious concept and social Philosophy, to be preached to and to be accepted by the whole world. It will not be an interference with the genuine religions of other races and peoples, but rather a liberation of them from all spurious doctrines. The spiritual liberation of the world will be accomplished by the German or Aryan World Church, with victory over the Vatican, and over International Romanism and Judaism.

International Law, as drawn up by the Council of Continents, must be supported by overwhelming force. Such centralised power will take practicable and effective steps towards world disarmament. The military power will rest with the World Government. whose Constitution will be determined by international agreement, with the creation of a millennial contract. The Words of Adolf Hitler are fulfilled, "This struggle will determine the future of Germany, of Europe, and of the whole world, for the next 1,000 years."

As individuals submit to the State, so will States submit to the




World Order will come about through the domination and leadership of a Great Power in each continent rather than by a loose equality and shared authority under the real, though unseen, world government of International Finance.

Enlightened patriotism is the best rule of life -- a love of a Country which also embraces a devotion to racial and socialist integration on a world-wide basis. And the foundation of all is the Love and Service of God.

National self-sufficiency within small units is a wrong economic principle. What is needed is self-sufficiency within continents, with regional association based upon racial groupings. We should work towards the ideal of racially homogeneous nations and continents, which provide the soundest basis for world harmony.

The nation-state first arose from the fusion of family and clan groups. Common racial ties and interest will bring about the establishment of large political areas, towards continental union and world federation. The World can only be governed satisfactorily through the re-integration of the various God-ordained races, protected from racial adulteration. Pure races can work out a World System of Government and co-operation for the common good.

The Jew has been the debaser of the races and cultures. The Aryan preaches the Gospel of Racial Purity, and seeks the establishment of the Kingdom of God on this earth, with liberation for all mankind from Jewish usury and decadence.

The 19th century was that of the Pax Britannica, with Britain, where in London was centred the Jewish Money Power, the virtual dictator of the world. The 20th century will see the establishment of the New World Order of National Socialism, the Peace of the Aryans. The free movement of capital, which was the essential feature of the Britannic World Order and of Jewish International Finance, will be ended, together with the Gold system. Export-import agreements between the continents and nations will be State-controlled, as will be interest-free credits between the nations to facilitate trade and economic development. With the ending of British-Judaic imperialism, usury is finally extirpated from the world.

National economic life would have some aspects of laissez-faire, and some aspects of State planning under the New Order.

The Aryan believes first in building for Regional Federations rather than attempting to move from Nation-States to the World-State in one stage. The World-State is not the only alternative to international anarchy. Rather will World Government be built upon the federation of United Continents. The World-State, as visualised by Jewish capitalism, in which all nations would be subject to International Finance, will not be realised by these enemies of mankind.



In essence the German Plan was of continental hegemony, with Europe, Africa, and Asia dominated by master races. The master race, divinely called to leadership and the liberation of mankind -- the Aryan race -- is to be preferred to the world exploitation of Jewish capitalism.

In Rauschning's book, "Hitler Speaks," the author refers to Hitler's Testament: "This Testament contains the plan of the Reich, the structure of the new Greater Reich, its Constitution, and the new 'Declaration of Rights.' This Constitution was to be proclaimed with the new perpetual peace, at the end of the war." As Hitler himself foretold, others are now carrying on and completing his work. Rauschning also wrote: "And Hitler's Testament contains, last and highest of all, the religious revelation, the new Holy Book which he will confer on the world. As a great law-giver he would bring from the sacred mountain the new tables of commandments."

In the New Order there will be Constitutions or Charters drawn up by the various Continental Federations and their Legislatures. There will also be a World Constitution drawn up by the Central Legislature of World Government.

The World supranational power must be an effective power otherwise it will prove useless in practice. There must be the means to enforce the law.

The idea of an inner ring of ruling nations is a good one. The continental leader-nations would provide the inner circle of power-holding nations, the condominium representing the Supreme World Ruler.

Germany, Russia and Japan will be the leading Great Powers. There need not be a psychological hostility to inequality. Inequality is the natural order -- a world aristocracy based upon the superior qualities of the Aryan race. And the definition of aristocracy is government by the best in the interests of all. The disguised oligarchies which, in the name of democracy, have played upon the idea of equality, have but flattered an uninstructed humanity for the nefarious purposes of capitalism.

The personnel of supranational administration is of great importance. Nationality will be a minor matter; race will be the Prime consideration, and political ideology. Any attempt to prolong the life of World administration centred in the U.S.A. is doomed to failure. The World Centre will be in Europe, at a point where Germany and Russia meet.

The banking system as we know it today will pass away. There will be no trade in money. Banks will exist as recorders of all economic transactions, which will be largely controlled by the State. Barter or direct exchange at fixed international exchange rates would supplant the international money system based upon gold and money marketing. There will be no taking of interest on money. Money



will be Pumped interest-free into predominantly nationalised industry.

A Constitution may be deemed as a collection of rules for the government of a country, or of a continent, or of a world. The success of a constitution depends not so much upon the machinery of government as upon the social morality and world-outlook of the new rulers. To those who accept Almighty God in His Highest Manifestation, Adolf Hitler, is given Divine Truth and Guidance.

Complete self-government for the backward races, for the constituent races (as distinct from the leading ones) of the world is not feasible. The central and ineluctable fact is the God-given superiority of the Aryan or Germanic race. All mankind will be blessed in accepting such leadership.

We shall see a World Government and Administration; and the personnel ruling the World will consist of men of great spiritual insight and wisdom. The world has need of wisdom rather than of mere knowledge. For wisdom connotes the man who applies his knowledge with true character, and with moral and spiritual understanding. The Rulers of the Earth will be Eternal Spirits and like unto Gods. "Think of the day when we stand revealed as those we are and eternally shall remain," said Adolf Hitler. Again He said: "Man is God in the making."

The World will not be divided into two sections of rulership, the spiritual and the secular. Rather shall we see the joining of the two forces -- the joining of Heaven and Earth. The World Rulers, the new hierarchy of Aryan men, will be primarily spiritual men, fulfilling God's Will for World National Socialism as the New World Order -- God's Kingdom on Earth. The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler. of the Aryan World, which is the whole world when liberated from the Jewish poison, will be held sacred of all peoples.

The "Atlantic Charter" of August, 1941, put forward by the Jewish democracies, was full of vague generalities, with an 8-point programme of political and economic principles. This programme sought to cloak the intentions of Jewish capitalism to rule the world.

World Government is not primarily a political and economic question: it is a moral one. P. E. Corbett, in his book, "Post-war Worlds," writes: "A common diagnosis of the failure of the League of Nations is that it was due to the combined stupidity and selfishness of the Great Powers, rather than through any defect of machinery." Thus it is clearly a moral question.

World Government must be able to: 1. Enforce decisions. 2. Settle disputes compulsorily. 3. Provide adequate machinery for peaceful change. 4. Bring about true harmony in spiritual, cultural, political and economic life.

Russia and North America both represent continental systems.

There could also be a Middle East Federation, built around the Arab countries. Regional, continental machinery is necessary for



peaceful settlements. War and Usury are to be outlawed in the New World Order. Any military action will correctly be police action.

World Union must maintain universal agencies: legislative, judicial, economic, social, and cultural. Propaganda for the World Union should be promoted by film, radio and publications.

Continental autarchy will be the general rule -- continental self sufficiency. Corbett writes: "The establishment of supranational institutions is conditional on the agreement of a dominant group of States. The operation of such institutions, once they have been created, will extend the will to world peace and sense of world community. It is to this method, which is essentially gradual, that we must look for the reduction of the State to its proper place in human affairs, rather than to a spontaneous world revolution sweeping away in a tidal wave of brotherhood the separations of centuries. No political miracle of that magnitude waits round the corner."

Corbett also writes: "Germany, Italy and Japan have paved their way of conquest with promises of a new order in which under the benevolent leadership of 'superior races,' peace and prosperity are to replace war and privation."

The Atlantic Charter was the Covenant for U.N.O., a world under Jewish capitalism. But the nations of U.N.O. are sharply divided. The initiative rests with Russia, Germany and Japan, rather than with the U.S.A., Britain and France. The World Charter and Constitution will be Aryan and Socialist in concept and character.

The World needs a New Charter of Freedom -- a true freedom. True freedom can only be based upon racial reintegration, upon an end to capitalism, and upon the establishment by strong leadership. on a continental basis, of political and economic Socialism. The peoples will be liberated from their slavery to Money Power. They will rejoice in the blessings of leadership by a new world aristocracy, developed in the primordial pattern of German and Aryan nobility.

The Kingdom of God on Earth, in World National Socialism, is the New World Order. Within this divine and truly majestic concept mankind will reconcile national and racial feelings with regional and world organisation. There will be built the Brotherhood of Man, under the Fatherhood of God, in the Federation of the World.