Devilry in the Holy Land

By Arnold Leese.




PALESTINE is a country about the size of Wales. Its population before it was singled out to be a National Home for the Jews, in round figures, consisted of:—


Muslim Arabs, 500,000.

Christian Arabs, 63,000.

Jews, 65,000.


The number of Jews is now (1938) over 400,000.





By means of constant propaganda the Jews have induced the Gentile peoples to believe that the Jews have some moral right to occupy Palestine.


No such moral right exists.


The Jews crept into Palestine by stealth; for only about 350 years in the whole history of the country was it under Jewish control; and the Jews lost it by conquest. Since the Romans came to control the country in A.D. 70, the Jews have never ruled Palestine in any form. They actually have no historical claim to the country at all. They have generally been an absolute nuisance to it.


The Christians have a far better moral claim to Palestine, for there their religion was founded by a Galilean. They have always called it “The Holy Land” and have waged several Crusades to regain it from the Mohammedans, and in these wars thousands of Christians lost their lives. The Founder of their religion was done to death there by the Jews.


There is another point. The Jews who have immigrated into Palestine since the “National Home” was attempted have been chiefly Ashkenazim Jews; these are the Jews from eastern Europe; unlike the Sephardim Jews who are mainly congregated in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, these Ashkenazim Jews are the descendants, not of Jews who were ever domiciled in Palestine, but of inhabitants of the Khazar Empire in Southern Russia, which flourished from the 7th to the 10th century; and whose early ruler became “converted” to the religion of the Jews and forced his subjects to do the same. Thus, the Ashkenazim Jews have not even the excuse that their ancestors ever lived in Palestine!





The Zionist Jews have long coveted Palestine as a future Jewish State.


At the Basle Zionist Congress in 1903, a Jew, Max Nordau, made a remarkable prophecy: he referred to “the future world war. The peace conference, where with the help of England, a free and Jewish Palestine will be created.”


But Nordau’s powers of prophecy were not supernatural. His forecast was based upon knowledge of the intentions of the Jewish World Power which he knew would bring about the war and the peace conference of which he talked so glibly eleven years before the war began! Our readers know that the plan was carried out to the letter.


In Protocol No. 2 of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which, as events have shown, detail the Jewish Plans for World Domination, we find the following:—


“It is indispensable for our purpose that wars, so far as possible, should not result in territorial gains.”


This plan, also, was actually carried out; because the victors were induced by means of propaganda to submit territories they had conquered by the force of arms to Government by Mandate of the League of Nations.


The British, with some help from Arab sources, conquered Palestine, but they were not conquering it for Britain, but for the Jews.


Mr. A. J. Balfour, Foreign Secretary, had written to Lord Rothschild promising that if Palestine was conquered, it was the intention of the British Government to allow it to become a National home for the Jews. The date of this letter was 2nd November, 1917. It was the notorious Balfour Declaration.


The National Home policy was declared in these words:—


“His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a National Home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of that object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non‑Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by the Jews in any other country.”


A member of the Jewish Board of Deputies and a Councillor of the Zionist Federation “spilled the beans” on the real reason for the Balfour Declaration; this was the Jew, S. Landman, who wrote a letter appearing in the Jewish Chronicle of 7th February, 1936, in which he said:—


“The actual initiator was Mr. James Malcolm and the circumstances were as follows:—During the critical days of the war, in 1916, when the defection of Russia was imminent and Jewish opinion generally was anti‑Russian and had hopes that Germany if victorious would in certain circumstances give them Palestine, several attempts were made by the Allies to bring America into the war, on their side. These attempts were unsuccessful. Mr. Malcolm, who, at that time, was in close touch with the late Sir Mark Sykes (of the War Cabinet Secretariat) and M. Georges Picot (of the French Embassy in London) and Mr. Gout of the Quai D’Orsay (Eastern Section), took the initiative in convincing these representatives of the British and French Governments that the best and perhaps the only way to induce the American President to come into the War was to secure the co‑operation of Zionist Jewry by promising them Palestine. By so doing, the Allies would enlist and mobilise the hitherto unsuspectedly powerful force of Zionist Jewry in America and elsewhere in favour of the Allies on a quid pro quo basis. At that time, President Wilson attached the greatest possible importance to the advice of Mr. Justice Brandeis {Jew} (here the Jewish Chronicle prints four dots of omission). Sir Mark Sykes obtained permission from the War Cabinet to authorise Mr. Malcolm to approach the Zionists on that basis. Neither Sir Mark Sykes nor Mr. Malcolm knew who were the Zionist leaders and it was Mr. L. J. Greenberg to whom Mr. Malcolm applied for information to whom he should address himself. Mr. Greenberg arranged for Mr. Malcolm to meet Dr. Weizmann {Jew} and Mr. Sokolow {Jew} whom Malcolm put into communication with Sir Mark Sykes and later with MM. Picot and Gout. Mr. Wickham Steed, in his book, “Through Thirty Years,” mentions Sir Mark Sykes and Mr. Malcolm as the two individuals mainly responsible for the Balfour Declaration. The Zionists carried out their part and helped to bring America in, and the Balfour Declaration of 2nd November, 1917, was but the public confirmation of the verbal agreement of 1916.”


Mr. Lloyd George in the House of Commons, 19th June, 1936, stated “ . . . . we decided that it was desirable to secure the sympathy and co‑operation of that most remarkable community, the Jews, . . . In these conditions, we proposed this (Balfour Declaration) to our Allies.”


So there you have it. You also have there the absolute proof that the organised power of Jewish money is the greatest political power on earth, strong enough to demand its own terms for bringing a great Gentile Power into the War to assist the Allies.


Balfour’s foolish letter appears to have been written in a kind of irre­sponsible spirit characteristic of his lack of realistic sense. Paul Cambon, the French Ambassador, reported to Lord Bertie of Thame that Balfour had explained his support of Zionism as “partly financial, partly political and partly sentimental, viz.—the necessity to conciliate the American Jews who can supply money for loans” and that his (Balfour’s) own feeling was “that it would be an interesting experiment to reconstitute a Jewish kingdom.” (Diary of Lord Bertie of Thame, Vol. 2, p. 233).


Ten years after the Balfour Declaration, Mr. Balfour made a speech before the Anglo‑Palestine Club, 10th November, 1927, and he said “I cannot help thinking that this experiment . . . is a great experiment, because nothing like it has ever been tried in the world, and because it is entirely novel. It is not an experiment in the sense that it is as likely to fail as to succeed. That is not my view. I am an optimist about this. I admit its experimental character.”


What right has any statesman to try experiments? No responsible statesman ever does. He works only with methods tested by experience. Experiment is beyond his duty. But it was true about the American Jews and the loans they could make.




However, in making this promise to the Jews, Mr. Balfour had forgotten something; he had forgotten that Sir Henry MacMahon, High Commissioner for Egypt, had already committed the British Govern­ment in a promise to the Sherif of Mecca that in return for Arab assistance to the Allies Great Britain would recognise and support the independence of the Arabs in territories which included Palestine. The boundaries of these territories were defined as follows:—


Mersina, on the North.

The borders of Persia up to the Gulf of Basra, on the East.

The Indian Ocean (except Aden) on the South.

The Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea up to Mersina, on the West.


The only areas within these limits which were to be excluded were “those portions of Syria lying to the West of the districts of Damascus, Homs, Hama and Aleppo.” One glance at the map is sufficient to show that Palestine is not part of this excluded territory. Sir Henry MacMahon’s promise was in a letter dated 25th October, 1915; the boundaries above described were set out in the Sherif’s letter to MacMahon dated 14th July, 1915, and were agreed to by MacMahon, with the exception of the areas excluded as stated above. The British Government confirmed the promises.


Thus, in return for services to be rendered (and they were duly rendered) Palestine had been promised to the Arabs two years before Balfour promised the country to the Jews!




But although the Balfour Declaration was made in 1917, the British Government dared not publish it until 1920! If they had done [so], what sort of fighting spirit would the British troops in Palestine have shown, if they had known they were simply fighting for Jews? (One thing is certain; the author of this pamphlet was, in 1916, engaged in breaking the “ring” of the Somali camel‑owners in British Somaliland, who were holding out for high prices against the needs of the British Government for camels to overcome transport difficulties in the desert between Egypt and Palestine. He succeeded in purchasing 3,500 good camels at a reasonable figure; if he had known what he was purchasing them for, he would not have bought a single camel!)


The Arabs assisted the Allies against the Turks under the impression that Sir H. MacMahon’s promise was going to be fulfilled. The blood of British soldiers and of Arabs was sold to the Jews.


Sir Henry MacMahon has recently denied that he intended Palestine to be included in the Arab area. Nothing, however, can alter the facts that are plain to anyone with a map before him. Palestine is not West of the Damascus District; it is definitely and entirely South‑West. Had Sir Henry desired to exclude Palestine from the promised area, he would naturally have described the excluded territory as “west of the Jordan River,” but he did not. It may be that Sir Henry MacMahon’s bias is too great for him; for he is on the Supreme Council of the international brand of Masonry known as “the Scottish Rite”; even in the 18th degree of that order, a man’s mentality becomes approximated to that of a synthetic Jew; and Sir Henry has reached the 33rd degree!




It is obvious from what has been said of the size of Palestine that it could never accommodate more than a tiny percentage of the number of Jews that infest the world. It is still more obvious that the vast majority of Jews have not, nor ever had, the slightest intention of making Palestine their National Home. They prefer to continue to prey upon the Gentile world, and to continue to live parasitically on the soil of Gentile Nations.


The Jews never wanted Palestine for a National Home in the usual sense of the word Home; but a few Jews under the cloak of a demand for a National Home, greatly desired to become possessed of what has been described by Major Tulloch, of the Palestine Potash Co. Ltd., as “the most valuable spot in the whole world.” (Speech made before the Royal Society of Arts, July, 1934.)


If the Jew Money Power could gain control of Palestine through the false sentimentality of calling it a National Home for the Jews, to be defended during its formation by British bayonets, they stood to reap the following benefits:—


1. A Key-position in the Near East.

2. Control of the Pipe‑Line which brings Oil from Iraq, and which has its terminus on the coast at Haifa.

3. A Double‑Nationality for Jews.

4. Control over the hitherto unexploited Oil-field in Palestine.

5. The Dead Sea Wealth, valued at 300 times the British debt to the United States of America.


Let us examine these points, one by one.




The intention is to make Jerusalem the Centre of the future Jewish World Government.


The Jerusalem correspondent of the Daily Telegraph, 27th June, 1936, writes: “The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem . . . has asked Sir Arthur Wauchope, the High Commissioner, to forward to the British Government a Note . . . the Note states the principal aims of the Jews in Palestine are religious, and that they intend to rebuild the Temple of Solomon on the site now occupied by the Mosques of Omar and Aksa.”


Professor Schwartz‑Bostunitsch gives the following information in his new book Judische Imperialismus:—


“At the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus in A.D. 70, certain of the golden regalia of the temple were taken to Rome as booty of war. When the Vandals sacked Rome in A.D. 455, the valuables changed hands again; later, the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I, destroyed the African kingdom of the Vandals and obtained possession of the Jewish treasures which were taken to Constantinople. Yielding to the tale that the possession of these relics would bring him bad luck, Justinian allowed them to be returned to Jerusalem where they were placed in a church and soon came again into the hands of the Jews.


“What is not generally known is that at the time of Titus’ attack on Jerusalem, the Jews had succeeded in burying the more important items, such as the Tables of the Law of Moses, Aaron’s rod, Solomon’s crown, David’s sceptre, etc. The hiding place was on Mount Moriah, where in the 7th century, Kalif Abdulmelik built a mosque; there they remained until 1909, when a party of American freemasons attacked the watchmen and dug up the treasure. In connection with this, it is of interest to note that on the 1st April, 1909, the Grand Orient Ottoman, was founded by representatives of 45 Turkish Masonic Lodges; on 27th April, Abdul Hamid was deposed; the Mason Mehmed Djavid Bey became Finance Minister and was therefore in a position to assist his American brethren, as the mosques came under his jurisdiction. Only two newspapers, one French and one Russian, mentioned the robbery; the rest, presumably, were silenced by the usual method; Djavid Bey lost his job at the time but was eventually hanged in 1926 by Kemal Pasha for certain crimes of office.


“The Jewish regalia are now to be found in the Grand Lodge at Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.A., which was the scene of the activity of the notorious Masonic Chief of the Scottish Rites, Albert Pike. (The Charleston Lodge was started in 1783 by two Jews, Morin and Dacosta, the site being selected because it was on the 33rd degree Latitude).”


The regalia is being carefully preserved for the crowning of the King of the World, when all the white races have succumbed to the decompos­ing ferment of Jewish Communism and the Jew will sit on the throne like a cock on a dung‑heap.


Friederich Hasselbacher in Der Hammer, April, 1936, p. 132, reports that the headquarters of the “Grand Symbolic Lodge of Germany” are now in Jerusalem; so also are those of the “Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite” of Germany.


The Jewish paper, Judische Rundschau, 1921, No. 83, wrote:—“The right place for the League of Nations is not Geneva or the Hague . . . Ascher Ginsberg has dreamed of a Temple on Mount Zion where the representatives of all nations should dedicate a temple to eternal peace.”


Ascher Ginsberg (1856‑1927) was the moving spirit of fanatical Zionism. By putting two and two together, the reader will discern the Jewish plan to establish the headquarters of World Freemasonry and the League of Nations (now practically defunct) in Jerusalem.





The Haifa pipe‑line supplies several million tons of oil, of especial importance to our Mediterranean Fleet; the pipe is 700 miles long, and is extremely vulnerable to attack; in 1937 it was fractured by sabotage 40 times, the usual procedure being to shoot a hole in it and set fire to the escaping oil. It would be easy, in an emergency, to interrupt the vital supplies of oil from this source to our fighting forces.




An important ruling was made in Jaffa District Court in June, 1934, that a British subject who voluntarily acquires Palestinian citizenship does not thereby lose his or her British nationality. The Actions Com­mittee of the World Zionist Organisation has called upon Palestine Jews to apply for naturalisation. Thus, Jews with Palestine nationality will come under the League of Nations Convention (C.224, M. III, 1930. V. Conf. C.D.1.22) which lays down that “A person having two or more nationalities, may be regarded as its national by each of the States whose nationality he possesses.”


That would allow a Jew in Britain to acquire Palestinian Nationality and, if the war which the Jews are trying to bring about takes place, to travel where he likes without obligation of service in the British forces.


In April, 1935, in answer to a question by Miss Rathbone regarding the nationality of British women who marry Palestinian citizens, Sir John Gilmour, the Home Secretary replied:—“Palestinian citizenship is not regarded as a nationality for the purpose of British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. The wife would not lose British nationality by reason of the Palestinian citizenship of the husband.”


One may well ask, when is a Nationality not a Nationality?


The whole situation appears to be one in which a Jew born here and acquiring Palestinian nationality could call himself British or Palestinian, whichever suited his criminal interest at the moment.




The Jewish plan is to maintain silence on the known presence of Oil in Palestine, until such time as the Jews control the country. Meanwhile, the vital needs of the British Navy are being treacherously betrayed; the fact is that a large supply of oil could be obtained within easy reach of the Mediterranean coast, and that the strength of British Power in the Mediterranean Sea would be enormously increased if the oil were made available.


What evidence is there of Oil being there? Plenty:—


In The Fascist for August 1931 (7 years ago!) we gave publicity to facts brought to our notice by Dr. Homer, that an extensive oil‑field exists in the Jordan and Dead Sea Valley; in November, 1931, we published an article thereon by Dr. Homer herself, who, together with General Blakency, issued a leaflet on the Betrayal of the Navy involved in the official silence concerning this potential source of oil.


The evidence of the existence of the oil‑field is as follows:


The Colonial Office admitted its existence in a letter dated 5th April, 1927.


The Lynch Expedition, sent out by the U.S.A. Government in 1849 reported it.


The French Expedition under the Duc de Luynes in 1864, with M. Louis Lartet as geologist, reported it.


The British Expedition under Mr. Hull in 1883 reported it.


The German Expedition under Professor Blankenhorn in 1911 reported it.


Professor Day of Beyrout reported it.


Dr. Arthur Wade, D.Sc., A.R.C.S., A.M.I.M.M., F.G.S., reported it.


The Oil Geologist of the Oil Trust, Ltd., Mr. D. P. Brown, reported it, giving the length of the Oil‑field as ninety miles and its width thirty miles, and its depth below the surface as about 1000 ft.


In The Handbook of Palestine by H. C. Luke, are the words “It is generally agreed that sunken blocks of the Ghor are petroleum‑bearing and that oil will be obtained by drilling into the Senonian‑Turonian beds.”


In Awakening Palestine, published as long ago as 1923, and edited by the Jews, Leon Simon and Leonard Stein, is a series of essays. A. Ruppin, p. 168, says:—“Many experts have expressed the opinion that rich oil‑wells are likely to be found in the vicinity of the Dead Sea, and the fact that the Standard Oil Company, which has already spent large sums on exploring, intends to continue work in the same direction is the best proof that there is a well‑founded hope of finding mineral oil in this region.” Mr. N. Wilbush, p. 183, writes:—“A revolution will one day be affected [sic] by the petroleum which, from all indications, stretches under the soil from Yarmuk to the Dead Sea, and can be obtained in appreciable quantities at a depth of 300 to 500 metres. Investigations were com­menced a decade ago, but for various reasons were left incomplete.”


We will deal with these “reasons” later.


L’Avenir Juif (The Future of the Jews), quoted by The Patriot, 5th May, 1938, states that the Negheb district of Palestine is rich in petroleum, and that the concession is in the hands of the Iraq Petroleum Co., Ltd. The latter is international and under Jewish control; one‑quarter of its shares are held through the Anglo‑Saxon Petroleum Co., which is thoroughly Jewish, and which is singularly successful in not finding oil in the territories of the British Empire.


The South African Jewish Chronicle, 14th January, 1938, reports that the Palestine Government has drafted a new Ordinance to regulate the mining of oil in that country; the publication of this draft in the official gazette, says the S.A.J.C., “has given rise to much thought as to its real purpose, for it is considered that were oil non‑existent in Palestine in useful quantities, the Government would not have gone to the trouble of drafting a new Ordinance.” Then the article continues:—“The oil-bearing areas are south of the Dead Sea.”


Finally, we may quote the Jew Walter Roth, writing in Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, News Edition, 20th August, 1938, p. 459:—


“For years it has been believed possible to find petroleum in Palestine also, and in the opinion of an American specialist eight regions are certainly oil‑bearing, of which four warrant the greater expectations. At the close of last year, the mandate government proclaimed a law for the regulation of the exploitation of petroleum deposits in Palestine. The Iraq Petro­leum Co. has formed a new company, Petroleum Development (Palestine) Ltd. in London with £50,000 capital to bore for petroleum along the entire Palestinian coast. With the erection of a petroleum refinery in Haifa, a greater development of the country’s chemical industry is antici­pated. The development possibilities have been described in detail by Prof. Menchikovsky in the journal Palestine and the Middle East.”


The reader will by now wonder why nothing was done about all this by the British Government. The fact is that the British Government itself being under Jewish control has done everything possible to put enquirers off the track so that the Oil‑field should not be made available to the Navy, but should remain undeveloped until the Jews get full control over the country.


Dr. Homer states (in a leaflet entitled Our Oil Position causes grave alarm) that the Colonial Office in an official letter dated 5th April 1927 admitted the existence of oil in the Dead Sea areas but discouraged further explora­tion on the absurd grounds that as the Standard Oil Co. was not proceed­ing with its concessions it could not be there in paying quantities.


On 14th March, 1934, Viscount Templeton asked the following question in the House of Lords:—“Whether, in view of the grave menace of the dependence of our Naval and Air Defence Services on alien or alien‑controlled sources of supply of oil, H.M. Government will cease to leave the development of the Dead Sea Oilfield to private enterprise, and will forthwith exercise its powers, under the Mandate and the Agree­ment with the Emir of Transjordan, itself to institute, without further delay, the prospecting for and development of these oil‑resources which are situated in a most strategic and easily accessible position and which are now under British control and protection.”


The answer he received from the Under‑Secretary of State for the Colonies was to the effect that it was uncertain whether substantial oil resources existed in the area mentioned!


It is known that strenuous efforts had been made to get the Viscount to withdraw his question.


The Jewish Chronicle, 18th March, 1938, p. 45, reports the following questions and answers in the House of Commons:—


Sir Alfred Knox (Con., Wycombe) asked the Colonial Secretary whether, in view of the dependence of this country upon oil produced in foreign countries, His Majesty’s Government would allow the develop­ment of the Dead Sea oilfield to proceed under the rights offered to a British subject, Dr. Homer, in 1933 and renewed in 1934, that oil‑field being in a position of strategic importance to the defence services of the Empire and in territory protected by his Majesty’s forces. Mr. Ormsby-­Gore said: “The grant of oil rights, if oil is discovered in Palestine and Transjordan, rests with the Palestine and Transjordan Governments. Applications from several persons, including the lady mentioned in the question, for oil exploration permits have been received. Action upon them has been deferred pending the revision, which has not yet been completed, of the general oil legislation of Palestine and Transjordan.”


Sir A. Knox: Is it not a fact this lady was requested to go to Palestine as long ago as 1934, and why has the whole thing been held up ever since?


Mr. Ormsby‑Gore: We have no reason to suppose that there is oil in Palestine, but before we embark on giving concessions in a country of that kind we have to be very careful about the terms on which we do so.”


Industrial & Engineering Chemistry, News Edition, 10th November, 1936, contains an article by the Jew W. Roth, which is highly significant, for he writes:—“The question whether Palestine possesses exploitable petroleum deposits has until now been answered mostly in the negative; furthermore, a negative report has recently been given in the English Parliament by the government. The opposite opinion is held in some quarters, especially by American experts, who believe that political reasons more than geological and economic considerations hinder borings in Palestine. Quite recently the Palestine Petroleum Corporation has been formed, to which Arabs and Jews belong.”


The whole damned plot is laid bare in the South African Jewish Chronicle, 14th January, 1938, in the following words:—“It is the hope of many that neither oil nor any other valuable natural resource will be found in Palestine before its political future is settled. If important oil or gold deposits were found, further serious obstacles would undoubtedly be put in the way of the establishment of a Jewish National Home.”


To enable the Jews to exploit this oil at some hypothetical date when they may get control over the country, the very existence of the British Empire, the oil‑supplies of which are likely to be most precarious in war, is made the subject of a gamble.




Major Brock, the British Government expert, of the Canadian Geological Survey, has estimated the amount of salts in solution in the Dead Sea as follows:—


Potash   ...          ...           ...         2,000 million tons.

Common Salt      ...           ...       11,900           

Magnesium         ...           ...       22,000           

Calcium Chloride            ...         6,000           

Bromine ...         ...           ...            980           


From the waters of the Dead Sea alone, there is enough Potash to supply the world with a million tons a year for over 2,000 years! If these supplies in the Dead Sea were reasonably worked, the world price of potash could be reduced by one‑half!


Until the Nazi Revolution in 1933 the Jewish plan was to obtain control over the Dead Sea salts by concessions, and then to allow them to be practically undeveloped so that the prevailing monopoly prices for Potash, which they controlled by possession of the deposits in Stassfurt (Germany) and in Alsace might remain undisturbed; the price was the thing that mattered, not the world’s need.


Potash, we may remind our readers, is a Key Chemical, used as a fertiliser, especially in intensive agriculture, and in Industry it is used in making lens glasses, and in the manufacture of aniline dyes, soap, shrapnel-powder, hand‑grenades, fuses, matches and in bleaching and weaving.


The three principal groups of artificial fertilisers are Phosphates, Nitrogen and Potash; of these, the only constituent that can be manipu­lated by Trusts so as to increase the cost of manures to the farmer, is potash. Thus, a basic need of the British farmer could have been met by reasonable exploitation of the Dead Sea Potash.


What happened?


British groups of patriots tendered for the Dead Sea Salts concession many times between 1918 and 1925; as a result of political and financial intrigue they were all turned down in favour of a Jew from Russia called Novoimesky. This Jew with a Major Tulloch, formed the Palestine Potash Co. Ltd. to work the concession; the Directorate of the Company is Jewish with the exceptions of Major Tulloch, Mr. Tennant, and the inevitable titled Gentile “front” Lord Lytton, whilst an Arab has been added “to save face.” The output of Potash was 23,000 tons in 1937, and must, in accordance with the contract, exceed 40,000 tons in 1940. In 1931, before the Nazi revolution, only from 2,000 to 2,500 tons were extracted and the Cape Argus of 17th December, 1932, quoting the New York Times, says definitely that “production was limited in order to maintain prices in the world market.”


We have already quoted Major Tulloch as stating that the Dead Sea is “the most valuable spot in the whole world.” The potential value of the Dead Sea Salts is estimated by a chemical merchant on the quantitative figures already quoted, at the staggering figure of 273 thousand million pounds! A slightly more conservative estimate was given by the Daily Telegraph, 26th January, 1934, which came to 240 thousand million pounds!


The chemists Dr. Homer and Professor Claude also estimate that there is available gold in the Dead Sea worth 5,000 million pounds or more!


This makes our “war‑debt” to the United States of America seem extraordinarily small, does it not? In the Advent Herald, 15th December, 1929, is an account of a speech made by the Jew M. Ettinger at the Zionist Federation Conference at Sydney, Australia, in May, 1929. He says “Capitalists of all countries have been turning heaven and earth in order to get this concession. In time to come, particulars about the fight over the Dead Sea Concession may become public, and they will probably read like a most exciting detective story, with intrigues, political and financial, covering all countries . . . Had we lost this Concession, our whole future might have been endangered.”


Now, in contrast to this, let us quote a speech of the late Lord Melchett (Jew). In the house of Lords, 20th March, 1929, he said:—


“I think it is a very dangerous thing that statements should be made in this House . . . to lure unwary investors into the idea that there is a Golden Fortune in the Dead Sea Potash . . . I know Mr. Novoimesky, and I have discussed the matter with German, French and English experts. None of them recommend that large financial groups should invest in the Dead Sea Potash . . . in what I must describe as a somewhat speculative enterprise.”


To this, Lord Thomson sarcastically replied:—“To hear the noble Lord, Lord Melchett, one would think that only a born fool would develop the Dead Sea, and yet we have seen reports upon the Dead Sea which show that it contains not only Potash, but other substances of very great value . . . We want to safeguard ourselves against a possible repetition of what happened in the early part of the War, when Potash went up—however valueless it may be in the eyes of the noble Lord, Lord Melchett—to the fabulous price of £80 per ton.”


The half‑Jew Amery, who is now a Director of the Jew firm Marks & Spencer, also tried to minimise the importance of the Dead Sea Con­cession in the eyes of the Gentile. In answer to a question by Mr. Erskine in the House of Commons, he said he did not consider the Concession of great value; it was “purely speculative.”


It is obvious that no stone was left unturned to keep the Briton out of the Concession and to place it in the hands of the Jews.




The enormous potential wealth in Palestine, the Oil just where the Navy wants it, and the many other advantages to be gained by a real British occupation of Palestine do not seem to have impressed Sir Oswald Mosley. Although in Action, Mr. R. G. Canning admitted that “Pales­tine is a vital point in Empire air communications,” the attitude of the British Union of Fascists towards the problem appears to be frivolous. Listen to them:—


26th September, 1936. A. Cutmore in the Blackshirt: “If Palestine is the Jew’s home, let him fight for it.”


28th August, 1937. W. Risdon in the Blackshirt: “Give Germans the Palestine Mandate.”


Lord Rothermere, wrote in the Evening News, 4th May, 1934, when he was supporting Mosley, that Britain ought to give the mandate away to Italy, and hinted that the Mosleyites would give it away quickly enough if they were in power.


Well, of course they would! But it is not “putting Britain first”!




A concession for the development of the water and electrical power of Palestine was given to a Jew from Russia called Rutenberg. It is monopolistic, and by its terms, no other installation for providing and supplying electric energy is to be permitted in Palestine for 77 years! Such wide powers as these could, in an emergency, paralyse any Administration. No Arab had any share in framing the policy of the companies operating the concession. Rutenberg’s Palestine Electric Corporation has an all‑Jewish Directorate, and in 1935 included the Marquess of Reading (late), Lord Hirst, Lord Melchett (late) and James de Rothschild.


Now we shall let the Jew M. Ettinger describe a few other “wangles” in his own words. He was speaking to the Zionist Federation Con­ference at Sydney in May, 1929 (reported in Advent Herald, 15th December, 1929):—


Customs Regulations. The Jews of Palestine are the only section interested in industry and claiming protective tariffs. For many years the Zionist Organisation has been trying to induce the Government to give way to this demand . . . Protection means an increase in the cost of living, and the Arab Population of Palestine objected to protective tariffs. In spite of these difficulties our efforts have succeeded, and practically all of the important industries are already protected against competition from outside.”


Thus the Arab pays for the establishment of Jewish industry in Palestine!




Land. Zionists often enquire why the Government is not supply­ing us with Crown lands free of charge. Lately, considerable tracts have been put at our disposal by the Government . . . We prefer not to give too much publicity to such grants so as to avoid unnecessary excitement amongst our Arab neighbours in Palestine. You will also remember that five or six years ago the Jewish world was upset by the fact that Sir Herbert Samuel offered to the Arabs a valuable area of Government land in the Beisan District. The British Government has come to an understanding with the Zionist Organisation enabling us to obtain the larger part of this land on conditions more favourable than those offered to the Arabs. This is not known in Australia and is confidential. The fact that Palestine Arab papers have no representatives in Australia enables us to make this statement.”


The Arabs were given terms less favourable than the Jews, and the latter did not want it known, but Ettinger thought he was safe in telling his Jew fellows in Australia about it because he was out of ear‑shot of the robbed Arabs! Then he goes on:—


“We shall keep on asking for more.”


Now read this:—


Tiberias Hot Springs. These springs were the property of the Tiberias Municipality, leased to Arabs . . . . After lengthy negotiations in London and Jerusalem the Zionist Organisation has been successful in arranging for a Jewish concern to obtain the right of developing this source of wealth.”


Atlit Salt Concession. This important monopoly has been in Jewish hands for the last five or six years. Recently the Government intended to abolish this monopoly and to open the salt market for outside competition. We succeeded in avoiding this danger.”




So far we have hardly touched the matter of how the Arab majority in Palestine is affected by the Jewish influx. Our outlook is pro‑British rather than pro‑Arab. But we think we can cut the story short by simply pointing to the fact that the injustices done to the Arab population have aroused them to oppose any further Judaisation of their country by force; and so desperate are they that they pit their puny strength against the might of the British Empire rather than submit. It may be said that they are receiving help from foreign powers; even if they are, the fact is of no more importance than the British and French assistance given to the Chinese against Japan.


The fact remains, and cannot be gainsaid, that it has been left to the Arab community in Palestine, Christian and Moslem, to be an exception to the application of the principle of self‑determination which is supposed to govern the world’s politics since the War. Of course, the reasons are that the Jew controls the world’s politics, except in certain countries whose inhabitants have found a Leader, and that, where Jew interests are concerned, all laws, regulations, principles and traditions are set aside; their money ensures that.


Jewish usury has taken its normal course in Palestine, except that, as it is backed by British soldiery, it has taken charge more quickly than elsewhere. It must be remembered that the Jewish system is particularly repugnant to the Muslim, whose religion prohibits usury altogether. Never was a deeper stain upon the Union Jack than when Britain became the tool of Jewry by inflicting upon a defenceless people a scourge from which enlightened nations are struggling to free themselves, the scourge of Jewish Usury allied with Jewish Bolshevism.


As to the Jews themselves, consider the all‑Jewish city of Tel Aviv in Palestine. The Jewish Chronicle, 4th November, 1932, describes “sanguin­ary collisions,” “a policy of terror,” “unheard‑of attacks and assaults” between different types of workers; the 1935 British Government Report on the Administration of Palestine says that in Tel Aviv the people “are indulging in crimes almost unknown in Palestine until a few years ago, such as counterfeiting, scientific safe‑breaking, passport and visa forgeries, and bank frauds.” Commander Bodilly, a Tel Aviv magistrate described the town early in May, 1934, as “one of the worst towns on the Mediter­ranean as regards public order, and worse than a city ten times its size.”


The Times, 24th November, 1932, says that licenses for the sale of liquor in Palestine have increased ten‑fold since the war, and Muslims are said to be suffering from deterioration therefrom; we remind our readers that to Muslims, alcoholic liquors are banned by their religion.


Jewish influence dispossessed large numbers of Arabs of their land by closing down the Agricultural Bank which was formed to assist them, and foreclosing on them.


The immigration of large numbers of Jews into Palestine has once again demonstrated that they are not capable of supporting anything that can truly be called civilisation; whilst the Arabs find themselves enslaved by them just as they did in the last century when Sir Richard Burton, Consul at Damascus, lost his appointment by protesting, as a British Officer, against the enslavement of Arabs by Jewish usury in Syria.




So pleased with his work was this irresponsible trifler with the destinies of Britain, that he had his speeches on Zionism published in a little book, edited by Israel Cohen, and published by Arrowsmith in 1928. And this book ends with a Retrospect which is worthy of reproduction here:—


“Ten years have elapsed since the Declaration on Zionism made by me on behalf of the British Government in 1917. Nothing has occurred during that period to suggest the least doubt as to the wisdom of this new departure. The experiment was admittedly a bold one, dealing with a unique situation in a manner wholly without precedent in history.


“I am, however, convinced that, if it be supported by Jewish communities throughout the world, its success is assured, and that a Home will be secured for the Jewish race in the land which is immemorially associated with their name.—Balfour.”


Good men won the War; people like Balfour lost the Peace.




Here are the chief frauds and acts of bad faith that have accompanied the attempt to make Palestine a Jewish National Home:—


1. Hypocritical abandonment of the policy of self-determination in the case of the Arabs.


2. Betrayal of the promise made by Sir H. MacMahon to the Arabs that Palestine should be in their territory.


3. Betrayal for four years of the Arabs who were fighting for Palestine as our Allies.


4. Betrayal of the British soldiers fighting in Palestine, who were sold by their Government in return for Jewish “money for loans.”


5. Demand of the Jews for a National Home in which they never intended to go and live, and could not have done if they had so intended.


6. Betrayal of the British Empire and its Navy by deliberate and continued silence about the Oil‑field which exists there.


7. Granting of concessions for the principle monopolies in Palestine to immigrant Jews, with deliberate ousting of British patriots and Arabs from competition.


8. Attempts to deceive the Gentile into a belief that the Dead Sea is of little practical value.




At the time of writing (October, 1938) Britain is conducting, on behalf of the Jews, a shameful war on the Arabs, who, because they will not submit to the spiritual and material degradation involved by Jewish immigration, are, like the anti-Bolsheviks of Spain, termed “rebels.”


Nothing but the Fear of War in general prevents the whole Muslim world from rising against us in righteous indignation of Judæo‑British policy.


British soldiers are dying every week in a shameful cause.


Peace could be secured tomorrow, merely by doing justice to the Arabs by repudiating the idiotic Balfourian idea of a Jewish National Home in Palestine. Not a voice, however, is raised by any Pacifist society to bring peace to Palestine in this way. The Earl of Lytton talks peace at the League of Nations Union meetings; but it does not seem to apply to Palestine; he is the Chairman of the Palestine Potash Co. Ltd.!


Palestine was conquered by the force of British arms, assisted by the Arabs, and should be proclaimed forthwith a British Colony. A National Home for the Jews must be found; the best place is Madagascar. For this, France and the displaced natives should receive full compensation from Jewish funds. Once in Madagascar, or, if that island cannot be made partly available to them, in a National Home elsewhere, no Jew should be allowed outside it on pain of death. There is no other way. Hedge how you like, there is no other way.


Under our Colonial Office, Palestine should be nursed until the Arabs can stand alone. Every Jew should be cleared out of the country.


Under the Treaty of Peace with Turkey, Palestine was recognised as an independent State to be administered by a Mandatory Power to be approved by the League of Nations. America had no part in this Treaty, and the League of Nations is comatose and dead for all practical purposes. Let us stop fooling. The world needs cheap Potash and the British Navy needs Oil; above all, the Arab needs justice. We are told that the Versailles Treaty is now “torn up.” The treaty with Turkey should be cancelled as far as Palestine is concerned by the mutual assent of the parties to it, which could be obtained. There is no need for any “tearing up.” And let America mind her own business, for she was never at war with Turkey and will find herself plenty to do before long in attempting to defend the unjustifiable Monroe Doctrine.


Our best friends in India are the Muslims; the British Empire has the greatest Muslim population of any other Power in the world. There always used to be mutual respect between Briton and Muslim, and if there is one thing that the Muslim admires, it is justice. We shall lose nothing in prestige if we admit to the Muslim world that under Democracy, Britain has been the prey of the Jew, and has been entrapped into using her power to enforce Jewish injustice upon the Arabs of Palestine. Unless we admit the error, and repair it to the full, the Muslims of the world will look elsewhere for justice. Let us be big enough to do it.