By A. S. Leese.


THE object of this pamphlet is to prove that Bolshevism is Jewish. Bolshevism represents one of the final stages in the deliberate Jewish programme for World Domination. It is not in the scope of this pamphlet to describe the earlier stages of the programme, in which Liberalism, Masonry and Marxism prepared the ground for Bolshevism; that part of the subject is dealt with in our pamphlet, “The Era of Democracy: the Era of World Ruin,” price 2½d, post free.




Communism is not Bolshevism. In Bolshevik Russia, there is no common ownership of land, goods and money; nor is there equal pay for all. These two utterly impracticable ideals have, under the name Communism, been the means through which the Russian people have been duped into accepting something quite different, i.e., Bolshevism.


Then what is Bolshevism?


It is State Capitalism, run by Jews in the Jewish interests. The Jews being a non‑creative and unproductive nation have failed utterly in the grand farce of the Five‑Year‑Plan, because it was never in them to create but only to exploit what has been created by the work of others; in this case, they tried to create, and of course, failed.


The seemingly strange predilection for Bolshevism which is notice­able in unexpected places in Britain to‑day, is explained at once when it is realised that Bolshevism is a Jewish weapon; for the idea of Com­munism which prepares the “underdog” for Bolshevism, is backed by the Jewish Money Power itself, the existence of which as a political power is now becoming known even to the most unsuspecting Briton.





In exposing this alliance, we will quote the Jew Disraeli, in his work of history, “The Life of Lord George Bentinck,” written in 1852, at a time when revolutionary upheavals were convulsing Europe. “The influence of the Jews,” he writes, “may be traced in the last outbreak of the destructive principle in Europe. An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and property. Destruc­tion of the Semitic principle, extirpation of the Jewish religion, whether in the Mosaic or the Christian form, the natural equality of men and the abrogation of property are proclaimed by the Secret Societies which form Provisional Governments, and men of Jewish Race are found at the head of every one of them. The people of God co‑operate with atheists; the most skilful accumulators of property ally themselves with Communists; the peculiar and chosen Race touch the hand of all the scum and low castes of Europe; and all this because they wish to destroy that ungrateful Christendom which owes to them even its name, and whose tyranny they can no longer endure.”


Surely, no higher authority is possible; what was true in 1852 is true to‑day.




The first victim was Russia. The reason she was chosen was that she was the only country which defended herself by laws framed to prevent the Jew from contaminating and controlling her. Bolshevism is revenge on the part of the Jewish nation on Russia, actuated by Asiatic hate and tyranny.


The Jews, chose their ground well. The Slav is by nature not individualistic; he is patient, inured to hardship and fatalistic. He accepted the idea of Communism; and he got the fact of Bolshevism. He accepted the idea of equal wages for all and property held in common; and he got a toll of 20 million lives, double the blood‑bill of the Great War, as the price of his own starvation and slavery under Jews.


The first direct blow was organised by the Jew Parvus, alias Helphand, in conjunction with the German General Staff; the “Sisson Report,” published by the American Committee on Public Information, 1918, conclusively establishes the connection between the Jew Bankers of Germany and the financing of Lenin and Trotsky for the Revolution. Among other items printed in documents published by the U.S.A. Government, is the following letter:—


Stockholm, 21st Sept., 1917.


Mr. Raphael Scholan. Haparanda.


Dear Comrade,


The office of the Banking House M. Warburg has opened in accord­ance with telegram from president of Rheinish‑Westphalian Syndicate an account for the undertaking of Comrade Trotsky. The attorney (agent) purchased arms and has organised their transportation and delivery up to Luleo & Varde. Name to the office of Essen & Son in Luleo, receivers, and a person authorised to receive the money demanded by Comrade Trotsky.


J. Furstenberg.


(Furstenberg was a Jew and later, under the name Ganetsky became a prominent member of the Soviet Government.)


This proves the Bolshevik connections of the Jew Banker, Max Warburg, brother of Paul Warburg, of Kuhn Loeb & Co., New York, who was the brother‑in‑law of Jacob Schiff, the head of that all‑Jewish firm, who hated Russia so virulently that he would not render the Allies any help in raising loans, until Russia was out of the war.


If any further proof of the interworking of Jewish finance with the Bolsheviks is needed, the case of the Bolshevik non‑Jew Krassin (married to a Jewess), can be cited. Krassin had been involved in a revolutionary plot in 1907; he was then employed by Siemens Schuckert which is affiliated to the A.E.G., the big electrical combine, of which the Jew Rathenau was President. In 1909, Krassin became director of the St. Petersburg Branch. In 1917, he was in Stockholm with the Jew Furstenberg (signatory of the letter quoted above) and travelled with him to Berlin, and when the Bolshevik Revolution broke out, he took up his old job with Siemens Schuckert, whilst at the same time, Lenin placed him at the head of five Soviet Government Departments, including transport and food supply. The intermingling of this Soviet official with Jewish financiers outside Russia is thus proved up to the hilt.


So highly did the Soviet Government prize the assistance of Kuhn Loeb & Co., the Jewish Bankers of New York, that they gave royal welcomes to the super‑capitalist representatives of that firm when Felix Warburg visited Russia in 1927, and Mrs. Otto Kahn in 1931. The alliance of Jewish Finance with Bolshevism was as complete as it was when Disraeli wrote in 1852, as above quoted.


A significant statement was made by Lord Apsley in the House of Commons on 23rd March, 1938; after pointing out that Russia was now the second greatest gold‑exporting country in the world, he went on:—


       “The shortage of gold of a few years ago had been overtaken and with the dismissal from office and power of M. Trotsky, who always kept in close co‑operation with those who were interested in the production of gold, Russia reversed her policy of keeping her gold‑mines out of employment, and became a great producer of gold.”                


Who are “those interested in the production of gold”? The answer must be RICH JEW BANKERS. (Trotsky is a Jew, of course.)


Not only was this Bolshevik Jew, then, “in close co‑operation” with rich Jews, but he had acted as a brake upon Russian production of gold to maintain the virtual monopoly of production of that metal under their control.




On 4th April, 1919, this was admitted in “The Jewish Chronicle,” which stated, “There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism.”


Israel Zangwill, in an address praised “the race which has produced a Beaconsfield, a Reading, a Montagu, a Klotz, a Kurt Eisner, a Trotsky.”




In Russia, “anti‑semitism” is a crime punishable by death.


On 9th August, 1918, Lenin signed an order of the Council of People's Commissars instructing “all Soviet Deputies to take uncom­promising measures to tear the anti‑Semitic movement out by the roots. Pogromists and pogrom‑agitators are to be placed outside the law.”


All that is because Bolshevism is Jewish.


The Jews, trying to prevent the recognition of this elementary fact, have from time to time published false stories about the hardships endured by the Jews at the hands of the Soviet. Chief Rabbi Gluskin and five other Rabbis, however, denied these tales in an appeal to Jews throughout the world not to support foreign agitation against the Soviet Government of Russia; this appeal was published at Moscow, on 27th February, 1930, and contained the following statements:—“The Soviet Government is the only one conducting an open fight against anti‑semitism”; “it abolished the shameful laws which limited Jewish rights.” The reader is reminded of the Christian persecutions in Russia under the Soviet.


Huge areas in the Crimea and Biro Bidjan have been allotted for exclusive settlement by Jews; these new “Homes for the Jews” have been failures, because the Jew cannot work; but, nevertheless, the intention of the Soviet is clear. The Jews have been specially favoured.


1n February, 1932, the Jew I. Montagu spoke in Manchester on “Russia” under the auspices of the “Friends of Soviet Russia.” He stated that the alleged oppression of the Jews there by the Soviet was an offensive lie. The Soviet had liberated all Jews from the disabilities imposed under the Tsar. Again, speaking before the Jewish Literary Society, 14th October, 1934, he said that Jews were given priority in employment on new works in the Soviet Union.




Every Russian soldier under the Soviet, bears upon his cap the Jewish symbol of control, the five‑pointed star. The same emblem has now replaced the double‑headed eagles on the pinnacles of the towers of the Kremlin at Moscow.




The Secret Council of War of the Bolsheviks, October 1917, con­sisted of seven Jews and five others, and the Jew Sverdlov presided over it. The “others” included Lenin, whose origin is doubtful although Russian authorities consider him to be a Jew.


“The power of the Government lies in the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party and its composition in 1918 was nine Jews and three Russians.” (R. Wilton, Times correspondent, in Les derniers jours des Romanof, Paris 1921, p. 136.)


By 1920, the Government of the Soviet Russia was made up as follows:—­


Council of Commissaries

    of the people                                               22       of     which       17    were     Jews

Commissariat of War                                      43                            33                 

Foreign Affairs                                                16                            13                 

Finance                                                            30                            24                 

Justice                                                             21                            20                 

Public Instruction                                            53                            42                 

Social Assistance                                              6                            all                 

Commissariat of Work                                      8                              7                 

Commissaries of the Provinces                       23                            21                 

Journalists                                                       41                            all                 


Among the best‑known Jews of the Soviet Government were Sverdlov, Trotsky, Kamenev, Sokolnikoff, Uritsky, Litvinoff, Zinoviev, Radek and Kaganovitch. Stalin's wife is a Jewess.


In no Department of Government was the proportion of Jews less than 76 per cent., and generally it was much more. This state of things has continued until 1938; Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Commerce, Traffic Control, Food (i.e., the absence of it), and Finance, were entirely under Jewish mis‑management. At the time of writing (Feb. 1939) it is evident that a gradual change is taking place; a large number of Jewish officials have been “liquidated” (executed) and the situation is obscure; the Jew Litvinoff remains at the Foreign Office and the Jew Kaganovitch (Stalin's father‑in‑law) at Stalin's right‑hand. Meanwhile it is obvious that the Red Army has deteriorate to the extent that it can no longer be regarded seriously as a fighting‑force. However, there are plenty of Jewish officials working up front below.


The representatives of the Soviet Government abroad are always Jews; we in Britain have been treated to a succession of these Jews, and at the time of writing the Soviet Ambassador is the Jew Maiski. (1939).


As the Daily Telegraph remarked on 9th April, 1937:—“Since M. Litvinoff ousted Chicherin, no Russian has ever held a high post in the Commissariat for Foreign Affairs.” The newspaper seems to he unaware that, according to the late Russian General Netchvolodow, Chicherin's mother was a Jewess!


When the Soviet Government ceases to be Jewish, it will cease to be Bolshevik!




How is it then, that this plain fact has not been generally known to the British public? Because the Jews have the money to suppress the truth, as they are doing to‑day (1939) about Hitler in Germany.


Judge the extent of this power, and the evil of it, froth the following authoritative statements which have passed the Jewish censorship:—


(1) A British Government White Paper, entitled “Russia. No. 1. A Collection of Reports on Bolshevism in Russia,” was published in April, 1919. This contained a Report from M. Oudendyk, the Netherlands Minister at Petrograd during the Bolshevik revolution. This report was dated 6th September, 1918, and was sent by M. Oudendyk to our Minister in Norway, Sir M. Findlay, who passed it on to Mr. Balfour. The report contained these words:—“I consider that the immediate suppression of Bolshevism is the greatest issue now before the world, not even excluding the War, which is still raging, and unless as above stated, Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread in one form or another over Europe and the whole world, as it is organised and worked by Jews who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things.” (Our Italics).


So the Foreign Office knew in 1918 that Bolshevism is Jewish; M. Oudendyk at the time of writing his report was acting officially for the protection of British interests, as our own man had been murdered by the Bolsheviks.


But that is not the whole story. There is more.


This White Paper speedily became unobtainable; and an abridged edition was issued in which the passage above quoted, but very little else, was eliminated from the Netherlands Minister's Report. Photo­stats of the page in question can be supplied to order from the I.F.L. at 2s. 6d. post free.


(2) The Jew M. Cohen, writing in “The Communist,” Kharkoff, 12th April, 1919:—“Without exaggeration, it may be said that the great Russian revolution was indeed accomplished by the hands of Jews——It is true that there are no Jews in the ranks of the Red Army as far as Privates are concerned, but in the committees and in the Soviet organisations, as Commissars, the Jews are gallantly leading the masses of the Russian proletariat to victory—the symbol of Jewry has become also the symbol of the Russian proletariat which can be seen in the fact of the adoption of the Red five‑pointed star, which in former times was the symbol of Zionism and Jewry.”


(3) W. Ramsbotham, writing in “The Morning Post,” 24th Sept., 1919, from Odessa, states:—“Some two hundred Bolshevist Commissaries were tried by Court‑martial (by the White Russians, A.S.L.). All of them were Jews.”


(4) Mr. R. Wilton, Russian correspondent of “The Times,” for 17 years, and living in Russia through the revolutionary period, wrote “The Jewish domination is supported by certain Russians. They are all mere screens and dummies behind which the Sverdlovs and the thousand and one Jews of Sovdepia continue their work of destruction.” (The Last Days of the Romanovs, p. 148.)


(5) Quisling, in “Russia and Ourselves,” p. 56, 1931, states “ordinary people in Russia, look upon Jews and Bolshevists as practically synonymous.”


(6) “One of the facts we marked very soon in our adventurous career was the large number of Jews who occupy positions of trust and influence in the Revolutionary Administration.” (Mrs. Philip Snowden in Through Bolshevik Russia, p. 27.)


(7) The “Jewish Chronicle,” 6th January, 1933, p. 19, says:­—“Over one‑third of the Jews (in Russia) have become officials.”


(8) The following are extracts from an address by Major M. Schuyler on 11th January, 1920 at the Church of St. John the Evangelist, New York City, he having just returned from service in the U.S.A. Army in Siberia, where it was supposed to be assisting the White Russian Admiral Kolchak against the Red Army of Revolution:—“The Govern­ment of Russia is almost entirely Jewish, and our U.S.A. Army in Siberia was full of Bolshevist Jews straight from Moscow. They lead entered the U.S. and enlisted in the U.S. Army going to Siberia. General Graves the Commander, had a staff that was almost entirely Jewish.” “Owing to the Bolshevist Jews in our army, all information that should have reached Kolchak went straight to Moscow.” (Major Schuyler was three times Consul‑General for the U.S. during the old regime.)


(9) John Pollock says in his The Bolshevik Adventure (Constable, 1919), p. 27: “The Bolsheviks are for the most part not Russians at all, but Jews who had suffered persecution at the hands of the Russian Government.”


p. 104: “By such means (Bolshevism), the Russian nation has been reduced to a condition of complete subservience to the rule of a com­paratively small number of men of almost exclusively Jewish extraction; aliens, that is, in blood, in education, in ideals, and supported by alien force. The extent to which this is generally recognised is shown by the common gibe in Petrograd: ‘Are you a Commissar, or do you belong to the orthodox religion?’”


(10) “No less than 82 per cent. of the Bolshevik Commissars were known to be Jews.” (Daily Express correspondent, J. E. Hodgson, in With Denikin's Armies, p. 55.)


(11) “When one lives in contact with the officials who are employed by the Bolshevik Government, a remarkable fact strikes one: they are all, or nearly all, Jews. I am far from being an anti‑semite, but I must state what I notice everywhere in Petrograd, in Moscow, in the Provinces, in all the commissariats, in the district offices, at Smolny, in the former ministries, in the soviets, I have met Jews and yet again Jews. The more one studies this second revolution, the more one is convinced that Bolshevism is a Jewish movement . . . “ (L'Enfer Bolchevik à Petrograd, 1919, Paris, by R. Vaucher, correspondent of L'Illustration.)




In the German Marxist Revolutions of 1918, the Jews were the directors and strategists; the Soviet Republic of Munich was led by the Jews Liebknecht, Luxembourg and Eisner; the German Cabinet was dominated by the Jews Haase and Landsberg, assisted by the Jews Kautski, Alzech, Kohn and Hertzfeld, with the Jews Schiffer and Bernstein in charge of Finance, and the Jews Preuss and Freund occupying the Secretariat of the Interior. In Prussia, the Ministry of Justice was all Jewish, headed by Rosenfeld; the Interior and Finance Ministries were held respectively by the Jews Hirsch and Simm. In Saxony, the leading lights of the Government were the Jews Lipinski and Schwartz; in Wurttemberg, the Jews Talheimer and Heimann; in Hesse, the Jew Fulda. The Jew Kurt Eisner boasted that he and ten other Jews had made the revolution; Lowenberg, Rosenfeld, Wollheim, Rothschild, Arnold, Kranold, Rosenhek, Birenbaum, Reis and Kaiser. The chiefs of Police of Berlin, Frankfort, Munich and Essen, and the heads of most of the Soldiers' and Workmen's Councils were Jews.


That is why Hitler cleanses Germany of Jews; but you cannot learn that from our Jew‑controlled Press.




The Hungarian Bolshevik Revolution, too, was Jewish. There were only 1½ million Jews in the population of 22 millions, but 18 out of the 26 Commissaries of the Soviet Government in Hungary were Jews. Bela Kun (Cohen) was the Jewish beast who led them.




The Chinaman is not built for “Communism.” The brigandage which masqueraded under the name of Communism in China, was run from Moscow and the principal agents were the Jews Borodin and Abraham Cohen. Japan will stamp it out; that is why the Jew‑run Press of the world does all it can to discredit Japan in the minds of its readers.




The Spaniard, too, is not built for “Communism.” But the ground for it was prepared under the Republic by the Jews Zamora, Maura and De los Rios, who controlled the Government just as Kerensky, another Jew, prepared the way, financed by Jacob Schiff, head of the Jew banking firm of Kuhn Loeb & Co. of New York, for the Lenin Government in Russia. It was the Jew Bela Kun, already mentioned above in connection with Hungary, that directed the beheading of priests and the raping of young girls in the streets of Madrid; he and other Jews sent from Russia instigated the outrages that made the great patriot General Franco take up arms to save his country's civilisation. The full story will come out when Franco has won all Spain. Hitler, in his speech on 14th September, 1937, said:—“The great Russian Empire fell a victim to a handful of Jews who in Spain are directing the civil war through the Valencia Government usurpers.” Red Spain has been armed by inter­national Jewry, and even the International Brigade Command has been Jewish, General Kleber's real name being Lazar Fekete‑Schwartz. A very large proportion of the Brigade itself is Jewish, and the American Hebrew, 7th January, 1938, admits that there were 3,000 Jews in it and that one‑third of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade on the Madrid front consists of Jews. The Red Government is nicknamed in Spain the “Committee of Wandering Jews.” Finally, the reason why the British reader is hardly ever able to hear a good word about Franco, and why he hears nothing of the Bolshevik bestiality of the Jewish Reds, is itself Jewish; the Jews govern the Press, the ships that Franco bombs are chiefly Jewish, not British, and even our Consuls in Franco's Spain are Jewish as the names connected with the Consular Bag affair indicate. (See our pam­phlet, Jewish Press Control, 2½d. post free.)





That is why Hungary, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Poland and other countries have stamped out Masonry. See our pamphlets, Freemasonry (3½d. post free) and The Growing Menace of Freemasonry (4½d. post free).




Bolshevism is Jewish. Its object is to gain world control for Jews, through the combined and allied forces of Jewish Finance and Jewish Marxism. In Russia, revenge has been the moving factor.