By Arnold Leese

The Institute of Medical Psychology and the organization for the Scientific Treatment of Delinquency are both simply bursting with Jews. It is no exaggeration to say that Jewish influence dominates both institutions.

The first named Institute's social functions at which funds are raised are generally presided over by Mrs. Israel Moses Sief and Mrs. H. Sacher, and attended by people called Cohen, Abrahams, Marks, Lebus, Laski, Braham, Walston, Szarvasy, Erleigh, Montefiore, etc., in the proportion of something like fifty percent.

The list of Vice-Presidents of the Institute for the scientific Treatment of Delinquency included (in 1937) the Jews A. Adler, R.D. Blumenfield, S. Freud, Rabbi Hertz, E. Miller, C.S. Myers, H. Sacher, Professor C.G. Seligman, and others; while on its Council are the Jews P. Quass, Marjorie Franklin, etc., and among the Lay Psychologists of the staff are the Jewish Duschinsky and Barbara Low.

David Eder, Jew, recently deceased, was one of the first supporters of the Institute; has wife's niece is Madame Litvinoff. Under the Probation of Offenders' Act, 1907, a criminal offender may be dealt with under a probation order placing him under supervision and this supervision is sometimes exercised by the Institute. Thus, there is in such cases a degree of compulsion involved, with treatment by the Institute as one of the conditions of escape from punishment.

319 cases from all sources were treated in the three years previous to 1937, and over one fifth were sexual cases.

Now it does not seem right to us that Jews should have even the slightest influence in Institutions purporting to give psychological treatment to Aryan patients. A Jew, whatever the Law may say, is entirely alien in mentality and instinct to the true Briton, and being a Jew should disqualify him as a psychologist from dealing with. anyone but Jews.

Take the case of Freud himself, obsessed all his life by his inferiority complex as a Jew. What could he know of Aryan psychology? Did he actually give to the world a key to Psychological treatment or simply a confession of the base instincts which govern Jews? What Freud taught is doubtless true of Jews; but the student who comes under the influence of Freud with such perceptions as to the harmlessness of immorality and the superfluous ness of virtue is not long in concluding that, besides being innocuous, sexual indulgence is essential to health and nervous stability; and that besides being superfluous, continence is actually pernicious to health! What is happening under Freudian doctrines in Universities of the U.S.A. is starkly described in Christ crucified in our Colleges by Dan Gilbert, of Los Angeles. Under Freudism, students are extinguishing their aspirations, deadening their intellects, stifling their moral senses, in short, bringing themselves down to the level of the Jew.

Prof. A. Adler, a Vice-President of the Institute, who died last year, was thus described in The Times, 29th May, 1937: "To him the struggle against the feeling of inferiority was the most powerful force in human life." He was opposed to Freud's sex theories, but we maintain, he should never have been allowed to exercise. his profession on anyone but Jews, yet, he was founder and President of the International Society of Industrial Psychology and the editor of its Journal, and specialized in teaching parents how to develop their children on "satisfactory" (Jewish?) lines!

From Freud to the British Edda, the oldest epic poem of the early Britons, may appear a long step; but if Aryans accept Freudian doctrine, civilization itself must die, because civilization is founded upon the permanence of the marriage tie, not upon any particular religion; and the permanence of the marriage tie is an institution founded and practiced by the ancient Aryans who conquered the matriarchal Chaldeans and destroyed their barbarism; and the nature of these ancestors of the Jews is contemptuously portrayed in the British Edda: "Soul had they none, nor lineage; Nor wit, nor headmen, Nor crafts, nor letters, Nor e'en a glimpse of God."

The wheel has turned nearly full circle. When the revolution is complete, these quoted words will apply to us, because Jewish teaching leads straight through tolerated immorality, and promiscuity, to matriarchy, a state in which no man knows his own father. There is only one thing to do: that is, to remove the bestial influence of the Jew from every branch of our culture, whether it be the debased pseudo-science of Freud's psycho-analysis, the abominable stone-men of Epstein, the degenerate cults of the Cubists and their fellow felons, or the printed Jewish dirt from which under democracy there is no escape.

"We have fooled, bemused and corrupted the youth of the goyim (Gentiles) by rearing them in principles and theories which are known to us to be false although it is by us that they have been inculcated." (Protocol No. 9 of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion).

The Jews are attacking through the children now; we know where it is going on, under the camouflage of "coeducation" or the "New Education;" and we know of influential people whose own children have been ruined by it, but who do not come forward and denounce it to save the children of others!

To these people we must apply the exhortation: "Dishonor not your mothers; now attest that those whom you called fathers did beget you. Be copied now to men of grosser blood. And teach them how to war."