By Arnold Leese


By slow, almost imperceptible degrees, the British people have been accustomed, by the Jewish and Judaic Press, Cinema and Radio, to pass as matters of little concern, public and private actions which a generation or two ago would have aroused a national outcry.

But we believe that no Patriot, not even excepting those who have been deluded by the "benevolence" of the Craft into becoming Masons, will view without astonishment the unparalleled insolence of the Freemasonic Order or rather its hidden Grand Masters investiture of HIS MAJESTY THE KING at the hands of one of his subjects, noble as that subject may be. Only the Archbishop of Canterbury as Head of the Established Church has the right to invest the King, and that with Kingship itself.

To the general astonishment which must be felt by all Britons of true blood, is added in our own case consternation for the future of our country and its beloved and revered Monarchy, and a deep and lasting indignation against the unworthy perpetrators of this latest attack upon the functions and prestige of our Sovereign, and upon the Established Church with which they appear to claim, for the United Grand Lodge, equality.

The Monarch only deserves its name while the King is himself the Chief Personage of the State, in all the functions of Government; not merely do we contend that this should be so in fact, but even under our present "democratic" Constitution, it is fully recognized that the Sovereign is still, as throughout our history, the "Fountain of all Honor;" even if he dispenses honors at the advice of a party politician, he still does so in virtue of his own exclusive power; we believe that since the Revolution of 1688 there has been no case of overt usurpation of the Royal Prerogative within the Realm.

Two Sovereigns of Great Britain have in the recent past been Freemasons, but in both cases their working membership was terminated immediately on their accession; obviously membership of the Order (unless, indeed, as Grand Master) was, and is, incompatible with Sovereignty; in spite of their antecedents, it is somewhat remarkable that His Majesty's Constitutional Advisers should not have had something to say to this most unconstitutional action, which might well be expected to raise questions of even greater public importance than those which shook the Empire last December, and which is an affront to every non-Mason, Protestant or Catholic.

It cannot be claimed that this usurpation is but a quibble, for His Majesty, in replying to the Pro-Grand Master, stated, "Today, the pinnacle of my Masonic Life has been reached by my investiture at your hands on behalf of Grand Master."

If the Grand Master can be separated from the remembrance of his existence, why not other lives as well? Are we to see our King reigning as Monarch of Buckingham Palace, like some Pope in the Vatican, while a mob waits to lynch him if he steps outside to take up his "public" life?

The evil wrought by secret societies and "Masonry" has been witnessed before in this country; mobs have howled, pillaged and burned in the streets of Westminster; a King has been foully murdered while civilized Europe looked on; his children hunted like wild animals; through the same bestial agencies the once glorious land of France was stripped of almost all that made life worth living, its Royal Family butchered in cold blood; the World War followed the Masons assassination of the Archduke at Sarajevo; King Carlos and his eldest son were butchered through Masonry in Portugal; Masonry compelled King Alfonso of Spain to fly the country "to prevent bloodshed;" yes, to prevent bloodshed!

We know you love your people; the histories of a century hence may have forgotten that; will they say that your unhappy ignorance of the traps laid for your feet brought down in blood not only yourself and your family, but your Nation and Empire too; or will your Royal hand have steered Britain safely through the greatest crisis in her history, and have earned you a Crown of lasting Remembrance in the hearts of Posterity?


(The Fascist, August, 1937)


Liberals Accuse Arch-Duke of


The majority in the Hungarian Parliament, which is most liberal in its tendencies, has accused the Arch-Duke Francis Ferdinand, the heir apparent to the throne of Austria Hungary, of being under clerical influence and having anti-Semitic views.

This attitude is altogether opposed to the wise policy pursued by the Emperor Francis Joseph, who knows no distinction of religion.

On the contrary, he has recently ennobled several Hungarian Jews, including B. Weiss, who has been created a baron; Gottlieb Frankl, who has received the hereditary rank of magnate; and Mr Lanczy, the director of the Hungarian Escompte Bank, who has been created a life member of the House of Magnates.

From the Jewish Chronicle issue of April 14, 1905