By Arnold Leese


LEON GAMBETTA was Minister for the Interior in France after the Commune of 1870 and was later Dictator for three months in 1877.

In his lying propaganda book, The Jewish Contribution to Civilization, the Jew Cecil Roth says (p. 269) there is no ground whatever for believing that Gambetta was a Jew, "as is so often said."

In The Fascist, April 1938, p. 3, we pointed out that the accurate Lady Queenborough had definitely pronounced Gambetta as a Jew in her Occult Theocracy. The leading Jew Adolph Cremieux employed him as private secretary and treated him as an adopted son; whilst Gambetta himself had the Jew Joseph Reinach as his private secretary.

However, further evidence has now come to light of which the authority seems unimpeachable. It is found in a letter from the Archduke Albrecht, uncle of the Emperor of Austria, dated 5th Jan., 1883 quoted by the liberal Crown Prince Rudolph in a letter from him to the political Jew Morris Szeps, dated the 13th of the same month. This, in turn, is quoted in a new book My Life and History by Berta Szeps, daughter of Morris Szeps, published 1938, p. 52.

The letter runs thus about Gambetta "That he owes the fact that he became a dictator at once to his high position as a Freemason, to his Jewish origin, and to his will power, all of which secured him the allegiance of all Freemasons, all Republicans, all Jews, and all those who do not know how to help themselves. But he always remained a Jew through and through. Nearly destitute in 1870, a year later he [was] a multi-millionaire, for he gambled and stole wherever he could."

Further on: "His death freed Europe from the fate of a Franco-Russian alliance and we must thank God for it. The adoration for Gambetta which practically all Liberal and all the Democratic papers of the monarchy openly proposed, after having published bulletins for months about the state of his health as if he were their monarch, would seem very odd indeed unless one knew that practically all journalists are Jews, christened or unchristened, Jews who stick together all over the world, and who are in addition Freemasons."

Note that the Crown Prince Rudolph was notoriously associated with political Jews; that he was addressing one, in fact; that the Archduke Albrecht, whom he was quoting, was a political Jesuit, head of a Union for the Catholicisation of Bosnia, and therefore thoroughly acquainted with the political notables of the time; and that the author of the book from which we obtained the extract is a political Jewess, connected through her sister's marriage with the Clemenceau family. None of these suggest that there is the slightest doubt as to the Jewishness of Gambetta, and they may be considered as four of the highest political (contemporary) authorities in Europe on the origin of Gambetta here: "We are confident Russian Jewry are ready for the greatest sacrifices in support of the present democratic government as the only hope for the future of Russia and all its people. American Jewry holds itself ready to cooperate with their Russian brethren in this great movement: Marshall, Morgenthau, Schiff, Strauss, Rosenwald.

Addressee: Miliukov, Petrograd (or Baron Gunzburg). If sent to Baron Gunzburg, add: May we ask you to submit this to your government.

Signed: Lansing."

As to the individuals mentioned in the above, we remind our readers that Mr. Lansing was U.S. Secretary of State; and that Schiff & Strauss (mentioned in the telegram) were members of the Jewish banking firm Kuhn Loeb & Co. of New York. "The present democratic government" of Russia referred to in the telegram was of course Kerensky's. When Trotsky was arrested by the British on his way from the U.S.A. to Russia, it was by the request of Miliukov, Russian Foreign Minister, that he was released.

Baron Gunzburg was a Jew.