No. 103 - December, 1937 - Editor: A. S. LEESE

Why Fascism is Feared

Summing up 1937, none of our readers can deny that we have a remarkable Government. So remarkable do its members feel themselves that, without consulting the electors, they have approved and accepted the raising of their salaries from £400 to £600 a year (to which must be added all the little perquisites such as Committee fees and free railway travel); and, further, they consider their positions so secure that they are debating among themselves as to how pensions can be guaranteed after a few years as Members of Parliament.

The Government is remarkable in other ways, too. Elected as National, to represent the British people at home and in the Empire, its main attention has been directed toward guaranteeing assistance for Republican Spain by means—by way of a joke—of supposed "non-Intervention," and, latterly, to throwing aside the vital friendship of Japan because of financial interests in China; in so doing, Britain has been definitely tied up with communist France and bolshevist Russia, and the leading and most virile White powers, Germany and Italy have been placed among potential and perhaps probable enemies in a threatened war.

As a climax, we have the new anti-Comintern Pact between Germany, Italy and Japan, to which in due course, other countries in Europe and South America will also lend their names; and the best we have to hope for as a counterblast is the worthless promises by individuals—not by Congress—in the United States that they are with us and on the side of sacred Democracy in spirit.....

A pretty mess, to be sure; and an unholy alliance, of Britain, unsupported by any of the Dominions and without a mandate from the people, with France, whose politics have been for centuries governed by a blind hatred of Germany irrespective of whether that country's rulers were Militarists, Liberals or Nazis, and with Soviet Russia—now blessed with a "democratic" constitution under which only those known to be firm supporters of the regime and the existing Government are to be allowed to vote at all, and where the fate of critics or opponents is torture or the firing squad.

Reverting a little, perhaps it is understandable that the Government pay so little attention to Home Affairs, since for all their social legislation—which has resulted in the number of Civil Servants (who have to be borne on the back of industry) rising from 57,706 in 1914 and 116,241 in 1930 to the appalling figure of 356,339 in 1937—we still have nearly a million-and-a-half officially unemployed, and probably twice as many on the scrap heap but not on the books; we "enjoy" a state where half the population, unable to save, are always with a week of the pawnshop, and a chronic decay of agriculture which has placed us at the tender mercy of foreign producers so that War, such as we may have to wage on the side of France and Russia, would at its outset see us six weeks from starvation.

Small wonder that the Government is doing all it can, with the full backing of Jewry and Freemasonry, to keep Fascism from making headway; because for all the sham fights and fooling at W[missing text] face any real publicity. That is why it takes every opportunity of bringing about prosecutions of Fascist speakers and writers on the flimsiest of charges, carrying out to the letter the injunction contained in No. 19 of the much disputed "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion," as we have shown in "The Fascist Outlook" on another page.

How long we are able to remain in the present morass, is partly in our hands but chiefly in yours. But so long as the public is satisfied with doles and football pools, just so long will Britain sink and decay, and our "heritage"—which the Government has made a political pawn and the bait for a Jewish War Minister to attract new recruits—be whittled away.


Free Speech is Dead

On 12th November, at Old Street, our speaker P. J. Ridout was charged again with using insulting language liable to cause a breach of the peace.

This was said to have happened at a meeting in Finsbury Square, on 28th Oct.

The insulting language apparently consisted of saying that the League of Nations was a League of Nathans, and in giving particulars of the Jews behind the Bolshevik Revolutions in Russia, Hungary, Spain and China, and in saying that the Jews should be sent to live in a National Home of their own.

Three policemen gave evidence, all making the same mistakes when trying to quote what Ridout had said. They garbled it in a ridiculous way. Two Jews also gave evidence.

On our side, five witnesses gave evidence, of whom three were members of the I.F.L.

Our case was ably fought by Miss Greenwood, barrister-at-law.

Ridout was fined £2 with the costs of prosecution £10. 10s.

The Magistrate was Mr. F. C. Langley, a lawyer whose post is worth £1500 a year.

The case lasted all morning, but received no attention from the Press which had evidently received orders to prevent any publicity for this outrage against Free Speech.

Free Speech is now dead; the Jews are sacrosanct and must not be referred to in public without danger of police proceedings. Or perhaps we should say that the Imperial Fascist League alone incurs that danger.

Free Speech can be restored by the action of the public; but they are afraid. It can also be restored by the I.F.L., which is not afraid, in the same way that other outrages against reasonable liberty have been dealt with, through absolute defiance by the few, of unjust laws, pitting their courage and endurance against all the Kings's horses and all the Jews' men. In this alone is leadership. Hitler won in that way. And the Arabs will win in that way, too.

Meanwhile, with reference to the monetary burden imposed upon us by the Magistrate and by our own legal defence, we are pleased to inform our readers that it was quickly taken from our shoulders by a party of City men.


the Plot Thickens

Six months ago (in our May issue to be precise), we drew the attention of our readers to the fact that a Jewish weekly had addressed an "open letter" to the Duke of Windsor, inviting him to become a sort of socialist leader, "Edward the Crusader;" and we pointed to the analogy, as far as the technique went, in the idea of using Edward (lately the VIII.) as Philippe of Orleans was used in France to assist the Jewish Revolution.

Events have shown that we were on the right track. The Duke of Windsor who seems rarely to be out of the company of Jews, and often accepts their hospitality, is, according the the Jewish Daily Express destined to become a "Welfare Leader." We know exactly what that means. Israel Moses Sieff is a Welfare Leader, chief of P.E.P., the organisation which is slowly Sovietising the industries of Britain.

We cannot believe that the Duke is "on his own." We believe that he is being pushed. Like some others we wot of.

Are we to be regaled with the spectacle of the Duke of Windsor in alliance with the Rothschilds and perhaps with Sir Oswald Mosley, dedicating himself with their kind assistance to better the lot of the poor down-trodden British working-man, their efforts superintended by the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite of Masonry?

We now give warning of a propaganda effort which has made itself plain to those wise to the methods of the Jew. At certain cinemas, during the showing of the News Reel, our King George is depicted at some function or other; immediately after, a picture of the Duke of Windsor is shown, and an artificial applause begins, led by a few propagandists, and followed in the true democratic manner by the majority of the audience, who behave, as crowds always do, like a flock of silly sheep. Thus, the idea gets around that the Duke of Windsor is popular, perhaps more so than our King. An "atmosphere" is created. Is this idea, which is false, about to be exploited?

Let us add our voice to that of others who have already spoken. We implore the Duke to retire into private life. We want no Edward Egalité here; the public men we shall welcome will be those who are not Freemasons, who do not dine with Jews and who have not married aliens.

No Edward Egalité for us!

God save the King from Masonry!


Founded March, 1929.
Editor: A. S. Leese.

Imperial Fascist League

At their Offices :

1/6 per annum, post free, Home & Abroad.
U.S.A., 40 cents.

Telephone—Whitehall 2475.


We have come to the conclusion that the Professional Lawyer does not make a good Judge. It would be better to have all-round men of experience on the Bench, not people who have led the life of a Lawyer; they should of course have Professional Lawyers to advise them; but the decisions should remain with the laymen.

There is the matter of the Jew. Is he an alien or is he not? The Lawyer says, no, he is not, if he was born here or has been naturalised. The Realist says, yes, he is always an alien, for he has instincts, customs, and standards which are not those of the native Britons. So much so, that the Jews have asked for a National Home somewhere else.

Now if a cat has kittens in a fish basket, they remain kittens, not kippers. But the mind of the lawyer leads him to say that the kittens are kippers, and that they must be treated as kippers. Anyone who does not treat them as kippers is liable to be charged by a Policeman with Seditious Libel, Public Mischief, or insulting language liable to cause a breach of the peace.

The law has not realised that its dictum cannot make a Jew a Briton; it can only create the pretense that he is one.

In more than one case against Fascist writers or speakers lately, the Judge or the Stipendiary Magistrate, always a Professional Lawyer, has defended the Jews against statements made against them, by asking the accused or the jury "How would you like it said about you?"

The accused may have said that kittens would not look well on a fishmonger's slab. What would be the good of asking a jury of kippers how they would like it said about them? The jury would of course be indignant at such a statement. But it does not follow that kittens would.

Or the accused may have said that a Jewish sailor is unusual and would "look funny." What was the good of the Magistrate asking hom how he, a Briton, would like such a statement made about him? He might reply "I am a Briton, and a British sailor is neither unusual nor funny; my feelings would be those of indignation." But it would not follow that Jews would feel indignant, because no one can deny that sailoring is not a typical Jewish profession.

The kink in the legal mind is due to its inability to see that the Law cannot alter Reality. And it is not wise to let legal minds decide or advise juries to decide on the guilt or innocence of the accused where alleged libels on or alleged insults to Jews are concerned.



The important duty which has been laid upon this nobleman makes it necessary to investigate his contacts in the public interest.

One naturally looks for Rothschild contacts.

One does not have far to search.

His son and heir is married to the granddaughter of a Rothschild.

One does not search further.

A Hint to Animal Protection Societies

How to Stop the Jewish Method of Cattle Slaughter

UNDER the Slaughter of Animals Act, 1933, all cattle destined for Gentile food in this country must be stunned, before they are bled, by means of a mechanically operated instrument. The only cattle exempted from this law are those slaughtered by the Jewish method for the food of Jews, or by the Mahomedan method for the food of Mahomedans.

The Jewish and Mahomedan methods are practically identical; put crudely, the beast gets its throat cut from ear to ear and bleeds to death, without either first being stunned or anaesthetised. The method has been condemned for its unnecessary cruelty by a Government commission which enquired into it in 1904, and, although it is now illegal in Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Finland, it is still practised on a large scale in this country; at Islington, about 70 to 80 per cent of bullocks slaughtered are done to death by this brutal Jewish method!

There seems to be no reason why the anti-cruelty societies should any longer remain quiescent about this outrageous business. In very many cases, the hindquarters of beasts killed by the Jewish method or the carcases of cattle rejected by Jews on certain grounds after slaughter by the Jewish method, are sold for Gentile food; Gentiles thus help to pay for the religious education of Jews which is partly carried out by means of funds obtained from fees charged by Jewish slaughterers. But the law, now represented in this matter by the 1933 Act, does not sanction any killing of cattle by the Jewish method for Gentile food!

Any Jewish slaughterer, therefore, who kills a beast by the Jewish method, knowing that some parts of it are, or may be, going to be used for Gentile food, as is generally the case, (sometimes even hindquarter meat is permissible to Jews if "porged") is liable to the fines and penalties which the Act provides for those people who transgress its provisions. It only requires a strong Society to start a series of prosecutions. What is the Royal Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals doing about it? Nothing, as usual! Write to its Secretary and ask him to tell you why?


To Our Judaised Aristocracy

THE reformer, William Cobbett, who was Jew-wise and knew about the fraud of the Gold Standard, as shown in his Rural Rides, once addressed an open letter to the Nobility of his day (the eighteen-twenties) which is worth repeating for the benefit of what remains of that Nobility in 1937:—

"You feel...that you are not the men your grandfathers were; but you have come into your present state by slow degrees, and therefore you cannot tell, even to yourselves, not only how the change has come about, but you cannot tell what sort of change it really is. You may know what it is, however,...when you reflect that your grandfathers would as soon thought, aye, and sooner thought of dining with a chimney-sweep than of dining with a Jew, or with any huckstering reptile who has amassed money by watching the turn of the market; that those grandfathers would have thought it no dishonour at all to sit at table with farmers, or even with labourers, but that they would have shunned the usurious tribe of loan-jobbers, and other notorious changers of money, as they would have shunned the whirlwind or the pestilance."

This, from Cobbett's Letter to the Nobility of England.


We note that the Rt. Hon. W. G. A. Ormsby-Gore, Secretary-of-State for the Colonies is first cousin to the Hon. Lady Faudel-Phillips.

* * * *

The Times, 18th November, reported that Epstein's sculpture "Day," over a side-entrance to the London Transport headquarters at Westminster was "found disfigured" by an oily substance.

We never thought of calling Epstein "an oily substance;" distinctly good, Times.

We are surprised that The Times should go in for Jew-baiting.

* * * *

The pressure of Divorce is now so strong in our Judaic "civilisation" that two more Judges are going to be appointed to deal with the rush.

Whilst the authorities are about it, they might appoint a number of special magistrates to deal with the outbreak of crime in the Imperialist Fascist League, many members of which are in constant danger of prosecution for saying "Jew" out loud. The necessary qualification for these new Judges would be a number of years' experience as Knights Kadosch in Masonry.

* * * *

In reply to many enquiries as to the pedigree and Masonic Lodge (if any) of the Magistrate Basis Watson, we are unable to find out anything about this official as yet.

* * * *

In our War against that accursed Jewish Maffia, Freemasonry, which turns Gentile minds into Jewish ones and corrupts the political and business life of the whole Empire, we rely a good deal on the efforts of people who have been forced into the Craft on pain of losing their livelihood. Such people are not heard by Masonic [missing text] their intense hatred of the wretched farce in which they have been compelled to take part, is, perhaps, only known to the one Mason-free political organisation in Britain, the Imperial Fascist League. It is true that "forced" Masons would never go beyond the first or second degrees of Blue Masonry, and would not reach the giddy heights of the international "Scottish Rite," but they can do a great deal all the same, working in the Lodges for Racial Fascism.

It is questionable whether Britannia now "rules the waves;" but there is no question at all that under Masonry, Britons not only shall be, but are, slaves.

The recently-formed three-power alliance against Communism is actually Masonry. Every Mason who supports the "harmless" Blue Grand Lodge of England is, by his very membership in it, acting as a foundation for the subversive Jewish superstructure which has been reared upon that foundation.

* * * *

Masonic "secrets," in so far as passwords and sign are concerned, are usually more childish than amusing, so that we hesitate to waste valuable space in revealing them. We feel sure, however, that the Christmas festivities might be enlivened by a perusal, or recital, of the meaning of the Masonic Apron, as given in The Meaning of Masonry;

"The Apron is the symbol of the corporeal vesture and condition of the soul (not so much of the temporal physical body, as of its permanent invisible corporiety, which will survive the death of the mortal part)."

Take away the number you first thought of...

* * * *

The Government of Brazil has closed down all Masonic Lodges in the country and has set up concentration camps for the Communist leaders and labour camps for their misguided followers.

* * * *

Those of our readers who lost relatives or sweethearts in the butchery of the Dardanelles landlings, may be aroused a little by the following from The Diary of Lord Bertie, 1914-18, edited by Lady A.G. Lennox, 1924, Vol. 1, p.134:—

"The Dardenelles Expedition was known only to the Inner Ring; Louis Mallet heard of it at a dinner from Leo de Rothschild, who had learned it from Alfred de Rothschild, who may have picked up the information in the course of his daily visits to Kitchener at the War Office and 10 Downing St. There is no such thing as a secret nowadays." (Our Italics.)

Perhaps there were other Jews besides Sir S. Low who (to quote his biographer in The Lost Historian) had "the unique privilege of walking into the sanctums of Cabinet Ministers and receiving the fullest permission to make what extracts he thought fit from their private diaries."

Anyhow, the Turks were ready for our men, and no other nation's army could ever have made the landing at all.

* * * *

On 20th October, the Evening Standard made what is called in Judaised journalism a "scoop" over Mussolini's decision to accept the British plan put forward at the Spanish Non-Intervention Meeting in London.

The paper was selling on the street with an edition outlining the Italian case before it had been officially announced at the meeting itself.

This scoop is credited in World's Press News to the Jew V. Poliakoff.

We ourselves would regard such a scoop as a debit rather than a credit, because it must have involved a breach of faith of some sort.

* * * *

The Catholic Times of 22nd October, in a well-informed article "Behind the Lines" discusses the reasons for the collapses of Stock Markets which happen, not when there is any danger of War, but when there is prospect of peace. It incriminates what it calls a "Third Power" as being responsible for these collapses, a Power which it says is "against the Christian order" and is "fighting for existence against peoples or governments everywhere."

But why, oh, why, does the Catholic Times not name the World Enemy? To blazes with this mysterious talk of Hidden Hands and Third Powers!

The world enemy is the Jew, and nothing but the Jew, with Masonry as his tool. Do you hear us, Catholic Times? The JEW!

* * * *

One of the prophecies of the Protocols has received insufficient notice from us. Protocol 19 says:— "In order to destroy the prestige of heroism for political crime, we shall send it for trial in the category of thieving, murder and every kind of abominable and filthy crime. Public opinion will then confuse in its conception this category of crime with the disgrace attaching to every other and will brand it with the same contempt."

The Editor of The Fascist was sentenced last year for the political crime of exposing the Jewish Menace; the Judge was a 31st degree Scottish Rite Mason, and he sentenced the Editor to six months' imprisonment among thieves, murderers and sexual criminals.

Not very long ago, political "crime" such as seditious libel, could only be rewarded by imprisonment in the first division. The new Public Order Act was clearly foreseen and determined by Jewish agency.

* * * *

Sir Frank Sanderson, M.P., is trying to bring in a measure to force people to vote in Parliamentary elections; he proposes that those who do not vote should be fined. He seems to imagine that people do not register their votes because they are apathetic towards the affairs of the State.

Well, we do not vote ourselves; not because of apathy but because we are far too well-informed on political matters to have the slightest faith in any of the present democratic political parties.

A Conservatism which conserves nothing but the Jew Money Power; a Liberalism which is only Liberal in distributing the privileges of Britons among Jews; a Labour Party which labours only to destroy all that we hold dear; a Fascist Party which says that only a lunatic would try to have the Jews expelled from these shores; these parties are not worth the shoe-leather that a patriot would expend in walking to the polling station.

A Bill such as Sir F. Sanderson contemplates will do no good to anyone; if we are ever forced to the polls we shall "spoil" our voting-paper. We will not love Sir F. Sanderson any the more because he introduced a measure which forces us to waste our time. Surely such a man as Sir F. Sanderson can find something to do for the public weal which is worth doing?

* * * *

Jewish Arithmetic is always shaky, but particularly so when it comes to questions of population or of War Service.

One Jew lie is that 12 per cent of he Jews in the British Empire served in the War; this lie is based upon such figures as 300,000 to 400,000 for the number of Jews in Britain. The real number of course is ten times the amount, which brings the number of Jews who served in the War down to 1 or 2 percent.

The Jew Arnold Zweig says in his book (according to The Times) that the Jews obtained about 1500 Iron Crosses of the First Class in fighting for Germany during the War. The Jewish Chronicle (5th Nov. 1937), quoting from a Jewish paper in Germany, Schild, says that the figure was 900. What do a few hundreds matter, anyhow?

A safe rule where Jewish propaganda is concerned is to multiply or divide their figures by ten, at least, before accepting them as the basis for discussion.

* * * *

The Balfour forest in Palestine has been greatly damaged by incendiarism. This is a waste, and we don't like waste. But we cannot regard the destruction as inappropriate in another sense.

The Balfour forest was planted as a memorial to the man who issued the Balfour Declaration making a National Home for the Jews in Palestine. As this scheme has proved an utter failure, we can see no reason why any memorial to its author should be allowed to persist.

From this point of view, we would therefore ask for bigger and better incendiarism as no memorial to Balfour is desirable. Let us forget him.

But the sensible thing to do is to stop incendiarism and give the forest another name.

* * * *

The Jew Baron Southwood (formerly J. S. Elias) as Chairman of Odhams Press, Ltd., controls the following publications: Daily Herald, The People, John Bull, Kinematograph Weekly, The Picturegoer, The Ideal Home, Sporting Life, Passing Show, Film Weekly, Broadcaster, 20 Story Magazine, Melody Maker, Rhythm, Mother, Debrett's Peerage, Dean's Toy Books, Electrical Trading, Everywoman, Woman's Fair, Weekly Illustrated, Feathered World, Mickey-Mouse Weekly, Zoo.

* * * *

If anyone doubts that Bolshevism is Jewish, let him consider the attitude of the Communists toward the situation in Palestine. Everywhere else but in Palestine, you will find the Communists opposing Nationalism; but not a word do they ever utter in support of the Arabs against the insolent and unreal "Nationalism" of Zionism! That is because Bolshevism is Jewish!

* * * *

In a case reported in the papers on 10th November, the jury put a stop to a breach of promise action, considering that it was a plot upon the part of three women to get money out of a man. The question arises to our mind: Was it honourable for a King's Counsel to appear for the plaintiffs in this case, hiring out his talents and special knowledge of the law on their behalf?

We say No! The legal profession should be required to pull itself together; it is a very necessary profession, but it is so Judaised that its name stinks in the nostrils of the public. All the more honour to those of the profession who stick to Aryan standards in their work.

* * * *

On 10th November, the papers were full of eulogies of the deceased Mr. Ramsay Macdonald, who, in the middle of the war, in 1917, exhorted this country to follow Russa into Bolshevism, behind the backs of the men in the trenches.

On 11th November, it was Remembrance Day, when the whole nation pays a respectful tribute to the memory of those who fell in the War...for us.

It took only 24 hours to achieve this change of front. Such is democracy.

* * * *

The Haig statue is not a success. The Field-Marshal was a cavalry officer; he would not have been seen alive on such a mount as that created by the sculptor; nor would he have sat on its back unmoved, pulling at its mouth, when it was so obviously suffering from the conditions known as dysuria, even though the sculptor evidently expected the steed to find relief, having hygienically provided the necessary slope for drainage. (We can't stop to explain; go and have a look).

It is, therefore, perhaps not inappropriate the the Jew Hore-Belisha should accompany H.R.H. the Duke of Gloucester who performed the unveiling ceremony and that the sculptor would be introduced to the Duke by the Jew Sir Philip Sassoon. An inappropriate statue can appropriately be unveiled in the presence of a number of inappropriate official Jews.

* * * *

"History was made, when Jewish Freemasonry, and not British Justice, prevailed at the Old Bailey." From the Bulletin, No. 1, of Maidenhead Branch, I.F.L.

* * * *

The new Elephant House in the Zoo is, we understand, designed by a "Russian," B. Luberkin. Are there no British architects who could have had the work? And why are the refreshment contracts at Regent's Park and at Whipsnade in the hands of people with names like Melero and Schorno?

* * * *

Just suppose—we have not the slightest idea it will happen—but suppose that Franco lost in Spain, and the Red rabble overran the country and proceeded to invade Portugal. Under our 500-year-old Treaty with Portugal, would our Judaised Government order its Jew-commanded Army to defend our ally? and what would our dear Jew-run other ally and her Bolshevist friend Soviet Russia have to say about it?

Just for fun, ask your M.P. about it.

"Le Fasciste Canadien"
Monthly Organ of the
du Canada

Annual subscription 40 cents.
P.O. Box 2290


The "Old Firm" Gets to Work

WE recently gave a few notes on Insurance Companies in Germany, demonstrating the peculiar, and entirely beneficial, effects which had followed the clearance of Jews from that country. By way of contrast, we now give a resumé of the position in Palestine.

Of the many British companies operating, two alone have put £1,750,000 of good British money into Palestine, largely in land speculation.

The Marine Companies have suffered so many losses of goods in transit, which they put down definitely to "arranged" losses involving collusion between consignor and consignee, that some are proposing to exclude loss by robbery in the future.

In 1935 one local company lost one-third of its capital owing to motor losses and inadequate rates—"price-cutting" is prevalent. Another had 47 per cent of its capital invested in a foreign subsidiary.

One office had 87 per cent of its assets invested in land—a practice which can only be described as gambling. Others gambled in advances for house-purchases, or for machinery (where often the money was loaned for a longer period than the machinery would normally last); whilst there were numerous cases of ignorant dupes being tricked into taking out policies with non-existent companies.

Add to that, that the Jewish "Phoenix" Company of Vienna (not to be confused with the "Phoenix" of London), left, as a result of its bankruptcy a deficit of nearly £100,000 in Palestine, and you have a state typical of Jewish finance which sets a pattern for every other Jewish centre in the world.

Failure in Palestine
Two Sides to a Picture

WHEN, early in September, 28 Jews were arrested and jailed in Acre, the Jewish Press, without examining the charges against them (they were sentenced on the grounds that they were a menace to public security) said it was a "slur" on British Justice that they should be allowed to remain in jail without due trial and enquiry.

A few weeks later, six Arab leaders were summarily arrested and, without trial, deported to the Seychelles Islands.

No protests in the official Jewish press or, for that matter, in any of the daily papers they control; these Arabs were potentially dangerous to Jewish aims, and their removal whether it be legal or not (and, since Palestine is still operating under a Mandate, we have some doubts in the matter) was hailed as a "triumph for sanity."

That the British Government can hope to solve anything by acting in this way is a thing we cannot understand. If, on the other hand, they wish to so inflame Arab feeling that the League of Nations will be forced to relieve them on the impossible task of ruling the country, then they are going the best way about it.

Incidentally, there was recorded in a recent Times report the measure of compensation afforded to those who are being killed whilst on Police or other official duty in Palestine. An Arab constable, murdered on duty, left a widow who is to receive a pension of a few pounds a year. The widow of a British constable, with a child, is to have £24 annually. The widow of Mr. Andrew—a man in a responsible post and who had most excellent prospects before him—with her three children, is eligible for only a year's pay and £240 a year pension.

That, we suppose, should encourage other Arabs and Englishmen to rush forward to defend Jewish interests in Palestine!



ASK any Jew-lover, and he will tell you that in the world of culture and art the Jew stands right at the forefront. Since these Jew-lovers are singularly reluctant to argue about their beliefs, we suggest that readers should examine what the Jews say about themselves in relation to this subject, as set out in articles in the Jewish Chronicle's "New Year Number" published on 3rd September.

In the preceding twelve months, they said, only one play of Jewish interest was produced in the whole country, and that played for a single Sunday night. There were also produced three plays about Jews written by non-Jews; one was another single Sunday-night affair; the second ran for a few nights in a small country theater; and the third was "Boy David," featuring Elizabeth Bergner, which failed at His Majesty's and, to quote the paper, "brought its author's grey hairs in sorrow to the grave."

Three plays written by Jews produced in London had mediocre success.

A single outstanding performance by a Jew was recorded, and that is another one-night show.

In the field of Art, the paper deplored that Jews apparently had no cultural pride whatever. Claimed as the greatest patrons of Art, inasmuch as they are prominent buyers of artistic works and frequenters of concert halls, theaters, art galleries and cinemas, they can, at the same time, only find for Jewish contemporary art a room in a side street, borrowed from a social club, and open for a bare eight hours a week.

If you like, we will make them a free present of Mr. Epstein!

We are told we "owe so much to the Jews." It is not, evidently, in the sphere of Art. Perhpas, as we have long suspected, the "owing" has something to do with War Loans and other things for which we have to pay interest.


The Jew, Nathan Straus, has become Administrator of the United States Housing Authority.

The Jew, Baron Southwood, has been elected President of the British Advertising Association, and is to preside next June over the International Advertising Convention at Glasgow.

The two Jews, G. Jeger and J. Abrahams, have been elected respectively as Mayor and Deputy-Mayor of Shoreditch.

The Jew, B. Janner has been accepted as Labour Candidate for West Leicester.

Count Folke Bernadotte has been made Chief Scout for Sweden; he married a Jewish Manville.

His Honour Judge Sir Reginald M. Banks was guest of Honour at a dinner held 13th Oct., at Powolny's Restaurant under the auspices of B'nai B'rith (Benno Pearlman) Lodge. The Judge, who spoke on this occasion the usual tripe about the wonderfulness in general of Jews, is married to the widow of E. Epstein of Kentucky.


A new Book of Cartoons is now ready, price 6d. (post free 7d). It is entitled "More Public Mischief," and consists of Cartoons published in The Fascist during the years 1936-7. "The Hidden Hand Revealed" is now nearly sold out. Prepaid orders can be sent now, as the new book will be ready long before Christmas.

The pamphlet Our Jewish Aristocracy has now gone into its third edition, revised to date and enlarged. It is now ready, price 6d. to all, whether members or not.

"THE FASCIST" for JAN., 1938, will be a double-number. It is only want of funds wherewith to fight which prevents us making permanent this doubling of our space.

Imperial Fascist League

An Organisation consecrated in the service of the British race and Empire in every sphere of national activity.

THE aim of the League is to replace the present outworn "democratic" method of government by the adoption of a Fascist Constitution headed by the Monarchy, with an Executive of selected men of character and of service, aided and advised by an Industrial House of Commons representative of the organised productive forces of the country.

The first principles of Statecraft demand the following policy, which cannot be obtained under a system of counting heads, regardless of their contents:—

1. Provision of adequate protective forces to secure the safety of the Empire.
2. Preservation of the National Character, particularly of the priceless and world-wide reputation of the BRITON for Honesty.
3. Elimination of evil alien influences, especially that of the Jews.
4. Deliverance from the fraud of the Gold Standard; adoption of a Scientific Monetary System.
5. Upholding Agriculture, for the Nation's sake.
6. Federation of the Empire's foreign policy.
7. Protection of our Industries, as requisite.
8. Compulsory Arbitration in industrial disputes and cessation of industrial civil war.

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BED No. 16

THE great Insurance Companies recently announced that they could not undertake the Insurance of war risks. They did so rightly, because, with the examples of Madrid and Shanghai before them, they knew that if they had been covering these risks, such catastrophes would have ruined them; thus they would have been in the position of lulling the public into a false sense of security, under false pretences, and rather than do such a thing they have backed out altogether.

The point of all this, however, is in the reaction, which has taken the form of demands by the Property-Owners associations and others interested in building on a large scale that the Government should forthwith guarantee them against loss in cae of war, culminating in requests by two Jewish Members of Parliament, Lt. Col. Nathan and Mr. D. Joel for a scheme to be drawn up.

* * * *

In the hospital ward where the writer recently spent a brief spell, Bed No. 16, had for a time earned an unhappy reputation: the two last occupants had died, in agony; we wondered who would be next....

One day they brought him; call him "Fred"—his other name doesn't matter. In France, in 1917, a shell blew his hip to pieces; on that moment, so far as physical happiness was concerned, that man died; what was left was a wreck, possessed of a gallant spirit which has kept him alive for twenty years, while his poor body has been in and out of hospital as time after time his wound, patched up with all the care and skill that medical science can provide, broke down; but the spirit was breaking—a worn creased face belied his bare forty years; the strength that had sustained him for so long was going [missing word] as he told me when the delirium that followed his latest operation had passed (in which his mind, carried back over the years, made him cry out "Look out! Here's another pea-souper!" as he might have done just before he was laid low) "I can't stand it as well as I used to." ...

He told me too, this English gentleman, of others in worse plight than himself; of the horrors that lie hidden in the Military Hospitals—torn wrecks that are dead to their relatives but still linger on, without limbs, and wish too often that their misery could be peacefully ended.

"Fred" had a pension, it is true; possibly, to some, it might have seemed a generous one; but when I saw his wife I knew what bitter hardship she, as well as himself, had to endure....

He lived; to that extent Bed No. 16 had lost its reputation; and, patched up once more, he was gone out again to face a world that, with the memories of its one time heroes growing dim, passes him by.

* * * *

We have bought our Poppies once again; spent our pennies or shillings or five-pound notes as an annual balm to our consciences, seldom going to such an extent that we missed the mite we put in the box.

Now, the great property owners are demanding, in as many words, that whilst, in any future war, other men like "Fred" should be torn and shattered, at least their sacred property shall be protected by the guarantee of the Government.

The Fascist suggests that the Government should make no move in the matter. Just as these gentry were able, a few month's back, to scotch the Chancellor's "N.D.C." proposals which were designed to tax directly those who stood to make many millions out of re-armament, so they may be able to bring great pressure on the Prime Minister to-day. If that is their power, then we say that in the national interest they should be brought to realise that in their own sphere they must fight day by day to keep us from the war that the hidden Powers are plotting; and the only thing that can apparently waken them to the peril is to put their own pockets in danger; leave their property in the same danger of destruction as will be the bodies of the youths we should have to send to the front, and they may, even in this base way, be brought to a sense of responsibility.


The Damascus Ritual Murder Case

It is high time that the Jewish lie be exposed concerning the attitude of the Khedive of Egypt over this case in 1840.

The Evening Standard, 9th Nov., 1937, in its early edition printed an article about Sir Moses Montefiore, in which it is stated that this Jew convinced the Khedive of the innocence of the condemned Jews.

This is a repetition of the same lie which recurs from time to time; as for instance, in the Jewish Encyclopedia (1903, Vol. IV., p. 420).

The fact is, as a converted Rabbi, Chevalier P. L. B. Drach wrote, concerning the affair, in his The Harmony between the Church and the Synogogue, (1844, Paris, p. 79), "Money played a great part in this business."

Here is the Khedive's firman ordering the release of the Jewish prisoners :—

"From the account and demand of Messrs. Montefiore and Cremieux, who came to us as delegates of all Europeans (sic) professing the religion of Moses, we have recognized that they desire the liberation and safety for the Jews who have been detained or have taken flight in the case of the examination of the affair of Father Thomas, monk, missing in Damascus; he and his servant, Ibrahim.

"And as, because of their numerous population, it would not be convenient to refuse their demand and request, we order that the Jew prisoners shall be released and that the fugitives be given safety for their return. And you will take all possible measures that none are badly treated and that they are left undisturbed everywhere. Such is our will. Mehemet Ali."

No suggestion of the culprits' innocence; no re-trial; simply a contemptuous and contemptible release of the prisoners for cash received, because it was "convenient." The French word thus translated is "convenable," which may mean suitable, fit, proper, convenient or becoming.

But we really must be careful in discussing this historic event, or it will be another Public Mischief and another job for a Masonic Judge.


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Jerry Abbott's note, appended 7 December 2001. This newspaper, printed 64 years ago, shortly before Germany went to war to feed its hungry people, was part of Dr. Pierce's collection of old papers at the National Alliance's main office in Hillsboro, WV. It was most likely donated to the National Alliance by one of our loyal contributors of National Socialist artifacts. I noticed that this particular newspaper was aged to the point of crumbling at the barest touch, and that if the content of the paper was to survive, it had to be recorded immediately in a medium that was not brittle. So I undertook to type the entire issue and set it in HTML. The result is this page.

As best as I was able, what you see here is exactly what was printed in the December 1937 issue of THE FASCIST, with some minor changes for example of fractions to decimal equivalents for the presentation of sums of money and except for the omission of several swastika images. The British copyright on the material herein expired 14 years ago, I believe. If it was copyrighted also in America, which lasts 75 years, then I do hope that Mr. Leese understands the need to preserve this important record of National Socialist history.

The addresses and advertisements herein are obsolete and most probably non-valid, due to the age of the document being coded. Readers of this webpage should not send any of their money to advertisers herein simply because of an offer made herein. (If by chance some of the enterprises are still in operation and the goods offered for sale are still available, this should be ascertained by independent and reliable means.)