Fascism and Jewry




First published 1933

FASCISM in Britain had advanced but a little way when it was assailed by forces of whose existence the Leader, despite his great political experiences, had not dreamed when he set out on the Crusade. The greatest of these forces, never arraigned against the old parties, was found to be the power of organized Jewry to-day mobilized against Fascism, which has long refused subservience to it.


Because Fascism has known how to resist this alien menace in the people's midst, the Jews have raised throughout the land the cry of religious and racial persecution. Yet, in the thousands of Fascist speeches it has been made clear that the Movement recognizes and will observe the principles of complete religious liberty; whilst the racial diversity of the Empire renders absurd the suggestion that the concept of persecution on racial grounds should be entertained by the Fascists. This Movement does not attack Jews by reason of what they are, it resists them by reason of what they do. They have dared, in their great folly, to challenge a conquering force of the modern age, and their challenge must be answered. The Jews have attacked us physically where there have been six Jews to one Blackshirt. Wherever organized opposition manifests itself at our outdoor meetings, there can be seen behind a row of policemen, in security, a mass of bestial Jewish faces contorted into hideous and obscene grimaces.

Apart from actual observation, the records of the Law Courts have irrefutable proof of our charge. In the whole population only six in every thousand are Jewish, and yet of the persons convicted during 1934-35 of offenses against Fascists at Fascist meetings, or on their way home after the meetings, over 20 per cent. are Jewish. The only possible inference is that within Jewry there is a ferocious, inflammable propaganda against Fascism. The Law Courts provide ample evidence that the attack on the Movement is led by Jewry and, be it noted, before we retaliated we had proof of this fact. During the five months prior to the Leader's answer to Jewry at the Albert Hall on October 28th, 1934, fifty per cent. of the persons convicted of attacks on Fascists were Jews. There can be little doubt but that the remaining fifty per cent. were subject to Jewish influence.

Nor has the attack of the Jewish sub-men been merely physical. They do not hesitate to employ the grossest and foulest devices of libel and slander against our members. Only a few months ago one of the leading propagandists of the Movement was the victim of the monstrous accusation in print that he had appropriated to his own use funds subscribed for an association of ex-service men of which he had been the Chairman.

Needless to say, the Fascist Officer was completely vindicated in court, the Jews not even offering evidence or appearing. He was awarded 700 damages and costs, but the Jewish mechanism for avoiding obligations of this kind is so thorough that he has not received a penny.

Likewise we have stated and proved, uncontested, case after case of the victimization of Fascists by Jewish employers. Long before we had joined issue with the Jews, Hebrew employers had dismissed British workers for no better reason than that they were Blackshirts, and it is not widely enough realised how often in this land an Oriental merchant can sentence a British man or woman to starvation. The very center of the Jewish attack, however, is the blackmailing and coercion of British business men whose names cannot he revealed because the revelation would ruin them. They have frequently come to the Leader and assured him of their agreement with the Movement's Policy and their desire to help, but have almost uniformly added that their business would be ruined by Jewish influence if their sympathies became known.

If this immoral influence prevents the ordinary business man from acting in accordance with his political convictions, how much greater must be the influence of Jewish finance upon the politicians who are supposed to govern the country. The little Jew in the gutter who insults the Crown and the Flag is an impertinent anomaly to be removed as soon as possible, but the great Jewish financier who dictates to Government and Industry alike, constitutes by far the greatest danger to our land. In Italy there are only 30,000 Jews; in Germany there are 600,000 Jews; and in Britain 300,000. Because the Germans have twice as many Jews as we have, they have been in a better position to apprehend the danger since they encounter Jews everywhere. In Britain the danger is more insidious because the operations of Jewry are so carefully masked. Some newspapers are openly controlled by Jewish owners, but others which are apparently free from Jewish control are, nevertheless, compelled to accept the dictates of the Hebrews through fear of losing the advertisements which the Jew provides, and upon which their revenue so largely depends.

No National movement can tolerate a menace of this kind. Organized Jewry, on the other hand, is bound to fight any National movement which teaches that the people have a perfect right to use to the fullest extent the resources of their own land, because the full use of National and Imperial wealth is possible only where the people are freed from the tyranny of International Jewish Finance, which deliberately restricts the production of wealth on the assumption that the fruits of the earth are intended for a small parasitical class consisting mainly of Orientals who have no sense of obligation to the West and no sense of kinship with the Western peoples. A small but important example of this attitude is shown in the progressive ruin of British traders by the Jewish chain store proprietors in this country.

The Jew grants his allegiance to his own people and is generally quite incapable of bestowing it otherwise, hence he must be regarded and treated as a foreigner who gives first and last consideration to the interests of his own invisible, intangible, but, nevertheless, real and very powerful state; nor can this secret but mighty state be permitted to exist within the boundaries of any other state which claims to call itself National or free. Never has the danger of this state within a state been clearer than in recent tunes. The organized power of Jewry, in a racial interest, has consistently striven for more than two years to foster the policy of War. Because the Jews have lost their power in Germany, they seek to recover it by the slaughter of British men and women in war. Through the Jewish boycott in Germany, Lancashire has suffered heavy losses. Herring fleets are idle because the Jews have been partially successful in preventing Germany from buying abroad. From every platform and in every paper which they control, they have striven to arouse in this country the feelings and passions of war against a nation with whom we made peace in 1918.

They must be made to learn through iron experience that, having fought Germany once in a British quarrel, our people will not fight Germany again in a Jewish quarrel. British prestige has been ruined and our nation has been brought to the verge of war, because, under the presidency of the Jew Litvinoff (alias Finkelstein), the Social Democrats at Geneva have tried to intimidate Italy by threats of armed violence, caring nothing of Halie Selassie, but much of Abyssinian potash, secretly scoffing at the myth of Collective Security, but intensely anxious to establish by action against Italy, the precedent for action against Germany on the day when her people feel no longer able to tolerate the persistent Bolshevik attempts to plunge them into Red Revolution and Civil War.

The Jewish Bankers have financed Soviet Russia for two reasons; first, because of the 500 controlling officials in Russia, more than 400 are Jews and, secondly, because the Hebrews having no army of their own are determined to use the vast military forces of Russia to destroy the Nationalism and the spirit of freedom which revoked against the tyranny of Jewish International starvation finance.

Such is the grim truth of the European situation to-day. The Jews control and actuate alike the decadent democratic capitalism and the hideous fratricidal Communism. Using both instruments they hope to prevent every white people from achieving the freedom to work out the fullness of their own economic destiny. Only through the defeat of Jewry can Britain be free.

The Press has been habitually characterizing physical attacks upon Fascists in the streets as spontaneous uprising of Englishmen against Fascism. Lest we may be tempted to think that the homes of our workers and the Halls of our old Country families have greatly changed character, let us survey a typical list of the "Englishmen" who have been convicted through excessive zeal in these "spontaneous uprisings."

Levitas, Rigotsky, Schaeffer, Fenelblom, Aarons, Saposnick, Goldberg, Santi, Kraforski, Elderman, Distelmann, Fergenbaum, Goldstein, Faber, Ziff, Kerstein, Sternlight, Minskey, Jalsberg, Georgiads, Silverman, Brenden, Freeman, together with various Cohens and Becows.

These little sub-men are a nuisance to be eliminated, but their wealthy instigators and controllers, well known to us, are, in sum, a criminal monstrosity, for which not all the gold of Jewry can pay the just compensation which we will demand and obtain.