1. Abou Al-Afieh's Report after his Conversion to Islam.


2. A Document in Dr. Michael Mashaqah's Papers.


3. Survey of the Wealth of the Jews who took part in the slaying of Father Thomas and his servant.


4. The Jews Attempt to Declare their Innocence.


5. Chubli Ayub's Response to the Jews.


6. The Jews Permit the Killing of Christians.





1 - Abou Al-Afieh's Report after his Conversion to Islam


I herewith submit to your Honorable Court, in accordance with the Governor's Order, as to what I know regarding the Priest Thomas' slaying, which caused me to become a Muslim. Being a believer in God, the Most High, and in our Prophet Mohammad, Peace be upon Him, I herewith give a written confession, which is rightfully true.

The Chief Rabbi, Jacob Intabi, spoke with us before the incident, which was between ten to fifteen days prior to the event. He told us that he needed human blood in order to comply with the teachings of our religion. He advised us that David Harari and his brothers were to commit this act of duty in one of their houses, and that he had obtained their solemn oath of commitment to fulfill what was required under all circumstances. I was obligated to be present, in order to take the blood to him. I said I cannot stand the sight of blood. He replied that, "You may stand outside, but you must come with Moussa and Joseph Lifyado." We agreed to his request in the belief that the Harari Family would refuse to commit this act in their house. When Wednesday, March 1st, arrived (according to the Hebrew Calendar), we left the house on our way to the Synagogue for prayer. We saw David Harari standing nearby. He said to me, "I need you; come with me to the house." I responded, "What do you want? Allow me [to] pray, then I will come to you." He then said, "Let us go now and I will tell you." I walked with him. He continued talking to me until he finally told me that the Priest was in his house, and that he was to be slain after dark.

I said to him, "Did the Rabbi request this or does he only want blood?" He replied, "This is what is to take place, do not be afraid, we will do the slaying." When we entered the house, we saw them sitting in a newly furnished room. The Priest, Thomas was bound. Later on, between sunset and Isha time, we moved to the second room, a deserted and unfurnished room. David walked toward him and slew him. He was assisted by his brothers Aaron and Isaac Harari. Together they drained his blood in the basin. When the blood had completely drained from the body, they put the blood in a white glass bottle, then they instructed me to take it to Rabbi Jacob immediately. I took the bottle and went to Rabbi Jacob's house. I found him waiting for me in the garden, outside the house. When he saw me he entered the library right away, and we followed after him. I said to him, "It is very late, please take what you have requested." He took the bottle and put it behind the desk, and we returned, each of us to his own house. In regard to the matter of the clothes, and the body of the Priest, we left them in the house. They had not done anything with them yet. I had told the Harari brothers, earlier, that this will be followed up by very careful investigation, and there will be many headaches too!, that it was mandatory that they should avoid this act. They replied, "There is to be no mention of this. No one is to know about it. There is to be no trace of it. We have decided to burn his clothes until all traces of them are lost. As for the body, we will cut it to pieces and throw it in the river tunnels. There will be no traces left of it either. I have a large hiding place under the stairway, where we can place it until we get rid of it piece by piece. Do not be afraid. And please do not bring fear to our hearts." As to the question of the Priest's servant, Ibrahim Amarah, God knows that I knew absolutely nothing at all about his slaying until just before noon on Thursday. I learned about it from David, Isaac and Joseph Harari as they were talking in front of a small wine store, at that time. Isaac was speaking with David about what had been taking place, and they were whispering to each other. After that, each of us left for his business. We have no close relation with the 'grandees,' and those of the Harari house are 'grandees.' Thus we don't have much contact with them. They have parties, send invitations, and organize singing celebrations, which we do not attend, nor are we invited. As to the question of the blood, and the Jews need for it to make unleavened bread for the evening of their feast, it is exactly as we have stated earlier. They have requested this often, and those who were involved were arrested and delivered to the court. The Jews have a book called 'Sirf Hodovot.' It contains many incidents in which court cases have been brought against the Jews, and they always claim that these cases are nothing but lies and accusations. In their book they present the details of the cases against the Jews over the matter of the blood. This is all that I know about the Priest's case. Now, I am your servant, who is taking refuge in God, the Most High, and His Prophet-Messenger, our Prophet Mohammad, who has been a guide for us to the truth in the Muslim Religion. I plead for your Excellency's kindness and forgiveness. The Command is for He who has the Command.



Muhammad Al-Muslimani


The Patriarchate Magazine, VII, Vol. 1, January 15, 1933, pp. 113-115, states that Moussa Abou Al-Afieh threw his headdress at the feet of the Minister and said, "Because the Jewish Religion is like this, I renounce it and will accept Islam and become a Muslim." He was received with respect and was given a white turban.




2 - A Document in Dr. Michael Mashaqah's Papers



{NOTE: These documents were found in Dr. Michael Mashaqah's Papers, in his own hand-writing, and were copied by his son Dr. Ibrahim Mashaqah in Damascus.}

I was among those invited to perform the examination of Father Thomas' remains, in the interest of the French Consul, and the Austrian Consul Mr. Merlato. When the examination of the bones was performed, animal bones were found among the human bones. I separated what was judged to be of human type and found a piece of an upper jaw with a lock of hair from the beard. After the completion of this examination, another examination was conducted to determine the type of clothes found; a piece of Father Thomas' black cap was found. Mr. Merlato wrote his witnessed statement, that he was sure that this was of the Priest's cap. Then a wool piece from the Priest's robe was found. When I took a look at it I was certain that this too was of the Priest's robe. Also, I found another piece of the same material, from the shoulder part, with a part of conical shape used by the priests as a head cover, to protect him from cold weather. This made me even more certain of the reason that I remembered, since months before the disappearance of Father Thomas I had stopped at a wool clothing store and bought what my family and myself needed for winter. The salesman showed me a thick piece of wool, as thick as felt, saying that it came with the wool material he had received lately. Because he did not want to buy it, he thought of returning it. But he indicated to me that he would reduce the price if I wanted it. I thought it was good for traveling in cold and snowy weather conditions, so I bought a piece, large enough to make trousers and a jacket for me. During this time, Priest Thomas came by, he asked me what I was doing, and I told him. Then he said, "This material suits me well for the winter season." He took the rest of the material and asked if there was more of it. The salesman said no. And since there was nothing like this in Damascus, he made a winter robe from it. Therefore, the two pieces of wool which were found with the bones should have been of the material which we both bought and which could be found nowhere else in Damascus.

Among the papers the following document was also found:

The Jews remained under detention for months until Montefiore, the famous Israeli, came from England to Alexandria. He obtained a Proclamation Order from Muhammad Ali Pasha to Sharif Pasha, to pardon the convicted Jews, and to declare them not guilty. It [is] said that the cost was sixty thousand bags of gold paid to Muhammad Ali Pasha, an equivalent to 300,000 golden liras, in addition to three thousand bags for his administration. We could not discover the truth of the matter. The convicted murderers of the Priest and his servant were set free.


3 - Survey of the Wealth of the Jews who took part in the slaying of Father Thomas and his servant

Name                                Number of bags

Murad Farhi                                5,000
David Farhi                                  500
Isaac Harari                                 500
Aaron Harari                               5,000
Joseph Harari                                300
Joseph Lifyado                               100
Moussa Abou Al-Afieh                          50
Moussa Salayankhi                            500
Aslan Farhi                                   50
Joseph Farhi                               2,000
Yehya Meyer Farhi                            300
Jacob Abou Al-Afieh                          100
Aaron Islambouli                           2,000
Jacob Intabi (The Rabbi has no wealth of his own.

He lives on the contributions of his

One bag equals five gold liras, or five hundred Turkish piasters; or 125 gold francs. This shows that these men were among the wealthiest in Damascus at that time.




4 - The Jews Attempt to Declare their Innocence


A Report submitted by Isaac Barouch and Leon Seedi, in their own names and in the name of some members of the Jewish community in Izmir, on April 17, 1840. This was published in Izmir Gazette; it contains the following:

We were very surprised upon reading the report of our Chief Rabbi, our spiritual leader, which was published in your magazine on March 28, 1840, [that] he decided, by his own diligence, that "our religion is based on the Torah." Mistakes of this kind are the cause of our misery. What they themselves (our spiritual leaders) decided is the reason of our oppression. Because they prevent us from opening our eyes to the truth, and seeing the light. We believe that it is our duty to inform the world about the practice of our religion, which they force us to do unwillingly. This is true, in the example of what our Rabbi just did. All that we want from every person, who knows the Torah is to appreciate the intention of our Rabbi Benhas Skourah, who published his above mentioned report. In fact, with the acknowledgement that the Jewish Religion is based on the Torah, as stated by our Chief Rabbi, but he did not show or point [out] to us the added corrections and commentaries in the Torah that provide adequate support for the following acts:

"First. Where is the proof which makes it unlawful to eat beef, goat, and sheep meat unless slain by the hand of a Rabbi?"

"Second. From what source does the following derive, the forbidding of the wine if it is made or touched by a person other than a Jew?"

"Third. In what chapter or book of our Law is this contained, which prevents an Israeli from walking on Saturday while carrying a key, a watch, two handkerchiefs, a needle, or anything that is not necessary to have?"

"Fourth. In what chapter of the Torah is there a specific reference relating to the protection of the most able and wealthiest of the any profession from the losses of the community, or of making the poor pay for them, providing for the security and freedom of the Talmudic reciters, as well as for many other things of this type which we do not have enough time to explain. And if there was not a trace of reason for such a Commandment in the Mosaic Law, how then could our respected Chief Rabbi confirm that all the Commandments of the Mosaic Law are based on the Torah? Is it not better for him to admit that the Diligence Association publishes lies and deception of the rich? Do you want to know what would happen to us, the poorer of the Jews, if we refused these myths of our Rabbis? If we have little money, they steal it; if we do not have money, they excommunicate us or deliver us to the rulers to be tortured like criminals. Let us take our case to the Court. We know that they have organized committees of witnesses to testify against us; that the Rabbinic Law permits acts of deception, cheating, and persecution until death for any person who objects to the acts of the Rabbis, which they call the "Jewish Religion." We remember an incident of these religious acts, which were designed by our master Rabbi Benhas. One day, it was Saturday, it happened that he met a Jew who forgot his shop key in his pocket. He tortured him until he opened his money bag and he stole what he had. There are a great many miserable people who have been subjected to similar punishment for this "grave sin." We asked those righteous ones, "Are these real religious acts?" "Is this a Divine Law?" Are these Rabbis too ignorant to see that these actions are contrary to the policies of our masters, and contrary to the honorable way of our country? How long will Rabbis be able to continue violating our rights against the will of our master, who wants equality for his subjects without discrimination, as to status or difference of religion. We ask the Royal Court to put an end to this situation. They are myths prescribed by our Rabbis, who make lawful the killing of human beings.



5 - Chubli Ayub's Response to the Jews


{NOTE:  Chubli Ayub, Hadaya Al-Massarrah, Historical Documents of the Royal Patriarchate, St. Paul Printing Press, 1937, pp. 73-84. This also covers the next section.}

Some Jews in Izmir came forward and presented a report to be published and distributed throughout the world. Probably, this action has two sides, either an alarming truth, formulated by them to tell what they have learned about their Rabbinic Law, or it may be based on deception and cheating, as they themselves have testified against their Rabbinic Law. It is possible that the frank tone of this report was the result of the ignorance of those who wrote the report in Izmir, about the truth. This truth is that the secrets of their religion are not contained in the books, but are kept with the Rabbis and the notables of their religion, inherited by them through tradition. This is one side. On the other side, it is quite possible that the report is based on deception and cheating. Because, in spite of what they have introduced of the Commandments, these are of secondary importance compared to the others. This criticism of their Rabbis is uglier than what has been revealed of the Jewish Religion in Syria. It is possible that the Jews in Izmir did what was planned by their Rabbis to deceive and misguide world opinion, and to indicate that their report in the magazine is a true report. Due to what it contained of criticism of their Rabbis, so the people may believe it. Their aim from this is to record the case of the murder, which has revealed their secret, and their inclusion in the book (Sid Hedrout), which includes all their characteristics, and to say that these characteristics are accusations. But the clear testimony of Rabbi Moussa Abou Al-Afieh has unveiled them.

We asked Isaac Barouch and his friends, who presented this report in Izmir to be published and circulated throughout the world, this question: "If the Torah does not contain any of these ugly commandments, and if this is for certain, did you look into all Rabbinic Laws and their preserved documents?" We are now certain that it is impossible to unveil these laws to the public. No one can reach this knowledge except those who have achieved the highest degree from the Rabbis of this law. If you have achieved this level, it is impossible to believe what you presented of criticism against them. Because if you have reached the Rabbinic status, you are bound to behave as they do, otherwise you will be declared to be a deserter of your religion. Then they would have issued a legitimate call to kill you in any way, as it has been confirmed regarding those who cause harm to a Jew or to the Jewish Religion. But because you are a 'poor Jew', as you have indicated, it may be due to your ignorance of the secret, as to the lawful killing of human beings, because it was disclosed from your Rabbinic law that: "The non-Jewish nations are not humans in the same way the Jews are. But they belong to the animal type, and must be treated as such." We give you proof of the factual existence of this secret with your Rabbis and your religious notables in what now has become clear. Because it is a solid belief, it cannot be negated by lies and deception, like the slaying of the Priest Thomas and his servant in Damascus. [If it is] your statement that the Torah does not permit such acts, acts not appropriate as religious acts, then by what law did you kill John and Zakariah before? It is a known fact that they were Prophets. Explain this to us. Otherwise, you are all deceivers, and I conclude this by saying "peace".




6 - The Jews Permit the Killing of Christians


I had hoped to review the Report of Rabbi Benhas Seeklorah, The Grand Rabbi of the Jews, in order to be able to think and respond to the contents, within the scope of my limited knowledge of the Jewish Religion and their basic beliefs. Now that I have been able to take a look at the report, I find myself obligated to respond, especially since no one else has took the initiative to do so. It is the duty of every informed person because of the horrors contained in the Jewish Religion to respond in order for people to know especially the evils of their beliefs so that they will no longer be hidden from those who have the intellect to understand, and those who were not provided the means [by] which [to] search for these beliefs.

I was in Damascus during the incident of the slaying of the Priest and his servant. Through the investigation into the causes of the crime, I learned what will be stated later on, as to their false beliefs. I wonder about the community itself, and those who grew up studying these deceptions and secrets as to whether they were among those who have read the Talmud. Their report which was mentioned earlier, which contained these unworthy and ridiculous views, is subject to their own evils, and will ultimately concive [sic; deceive?] and encircle its own makers. They have displayed to the whole world some of their less harmful deception while leaving the great horrors hidden. How plentiful are the horrors committed against other nations, which are part of the Talmud? If they are not among those who have read the Talmud, and do not know its source, they are obliged to inform us as to the manner in which they have responded to their Rabbi in regard to these utterance, which they presented to him in the form of a question. How could they state, at the end of their report, that they have not read, and that they have never heard of their religion permitting the killing of human beings? In addition to that, if they read the Talmud, the proofs which we are going to state, would reveal their aim as conniving and deception as mentioned in the report. However, if they were not informed of it, why? According to the Jews, people of the earth are people. As stated by Ruby Aliazar in Sameem's book of the Talmud, which states of them "people of the earth" regarding their sacrifice at Yum Kipper, the day of forgiveness. It is the first of the New Year when the Jews fast for twenty-four hours, even if it occurs on a Saturday. He was asked by his students, "You said their sacrifice, why did you not say their slaying?" He said, "The slaying requires a blessing, but the sacrifice does not need a blessing." Later on other Rabbis adopted his version and completed their saying, "It is permissible to split open the people of the earth, in the same way you split open the fish." If this is their concept, it is permissible to execute those who do not read the Talmud, to allow them to be sacrificed and split them open. It [is] imperative upon those who submitted the report to ask of their Rabbi, Benhas Seeklorah, where this law came from. And if this is to be applied to these who do not read the Talmud, I wonder what law they have reserved for the rest of the nations of the world?

Rabbi Benhas Seeklorah is the one who is responsible for a reply to those who have the report in order to convince them. I am not obligated to reply to them, even though what is about to occur shortly will explain it. But I did find it imperative for me to reply to some of what was in their report. For instance, "If they have a small amount of money, their Rabbi will steal it from them, and if they had none they would be excommunicated or delivered to the rulers to be tortured like the criminals." This statement has no foundation at all, as it is stated in their religious teaching, nor according to those who prepared the report. But the basic truth of their religious teaching does state that, "If a person collaborated with the government against another Jew, or other than a Jew, and causes physical harm to the Jew, then it is lawful to kill the collaborator," such a person is regarded by them as an enemy, as mentioned in the Talmud, and the interpretations of the saying. One of these interpretations, according to Rabbi Soliman Rashi, who is recognized by the Jews for his sayings and interpretations in the book "Kamarat Abbourah Zadah," on page 26. Also Hassan Mishbat's book, "Shalha and A'roukh," page number 380 of the "Awani" is interpreted as follows, "I mean the one who causes his Jewish friend to pay money to someone other than a Jew, or identified him to the governor, which would expose him, causing him to pay money for a beating or even a murder. Even if his Jewish friend had committed my sins, or was hated by him, or had caused him many injustices, in spite of all that, if he collaborated, the collaborator must be killed, and he would have no chance of entering heaven in the next life. And if he did not cooperate except within the sphere of the use of words against his Jewish brother, in order to obtain some personal gains, or to win money, regardless of how that came about, then this person has justified his own murder. It is to be enjoined on any person who hears his voice to attempt to kill him. The person who is the first to succeed in the act will have great rewards. If he needs money in order to kill him, the Jewish community of that town are obligated to pay the expenses, each according to his share.

It is clear, that their contention that their Rabbis steal their money and hand them over to the rulers to be tortured like criminals, are false and baseless claims. This has been stated in their books in addition to what they know. However, we have no knowledge of it ourselves. This proves a single fact, which is to say, "How easy it is for them to kill a human being."

Second. They have stated in their above mentioned report that hundreds of witnesses are ready to testify that the Rabbinic Laws justify deception, cheating, discrimination, and even death to every human being who opposes the Rabbinic Laws and their actions, which they call the Jewish Religion, according to their sayings, "Do not conclude from this that it justifies the killing of human beings, because this accusation is void;" yet now they say that there is no such thing, and that they never heard of it!

The comparison of these two statements in a clear report shows the facts which they themselves are trying to refute. According to their religion, they believe that the human race is only the People of Israel, and all others, from all nations, are merely animals. In the book "Aboura Wudah", page 35 we find stated that the Torah does not forbid the Jews from marrying women from other nations. However, it forbids the Jewish women from marrying men from other nations. It appears that these learned men have little respect for Jewish women. Do they think that they (the men) are the only ones capable of knowing the difference between the animal nations and the human Jews? This is one point. The other is stated in the book of "Aroubeen" that it is not permissible for a Jew to reside in a house with a person from other nations, and that the Jew must strive to evict such a person. It says that the homes of the other nations are like animal stables, and that they are not homes at all.

Third. It states in the book "Barakhout," the first part of the Talmud, on page 53, in reference to what happened to one of their learned men in Egypt, who struck a Jew because he met with an Egyptian woman. The Jew went to the governor complaining, "There are learned Jews who legislate law contrary to the laws of the government." The governor summoned the learned man and asked him the reason for beating the man. He answered that he has beaten him because he met with a female donkey. The governor asked him to produce witnesses. And Behold! The Khodr, peace be upon him, appeared and testified against the man. Then the governor asked him, "Why did you not kill him?" He replied, "When we left our country, we left with no permission to kill." On leaving the governor's office, the Jew said to the learned man, "You lied to me, may God take you for your lie." The learned man responded, "You cursed one! This is not their name. To us, their names are donkeys, and their flesh is the flesh of a donkey." The Jews wanted to go back to the governor to complain against the learned man. Then the learned man raised his stick and struck and killed him.

Fourth. It is stated in Article six of the book "Biamout," that the Torah states that whoever sits by a grave will be fouled by impurity and become unclean. This is true for the graves of the Jews because their name is Adam, and that the rest of the nations are not of Adam, therefore, the impurity does not befall on whoever touches their graves.

Fifth. It also states on page 25 of the book "Rafout," that a learned man states that if a person of another nation is naked, it is not lawful for a Jew to pray in front of him. This [is] because it [is] permissible to liken their flesh to the flesh of [the] donkey. Because this is indecent exposure, as stated in the Torah in regard to Noah's sons when they saw their father's indecent exposure. These proofs clarify what has been stated by those who made the report. Because in their eyes only the Jews are from the human race, since the people of other nations are like animals, and are not a part of the human race. It is possible for me after this to explain the proofs, which I have learned regarding the lawful killing of people from other nations, the non-Jews. Whoever reads the Talmud will discern a wide and spacious field of treasury and horror, which the Jews use in the name of their religion.


Article seven, page 58 of the book "Sinhareen," states, "Every idol worshipper must be killed if he strikes anyone from the people of Israel." This is based on the statement, "When the Prophet Moses saw an Egyptian quarrelling with an Israelite he struck the Egyptian and killed him."

This is one. The second is, "If an idol worshipper wanted to rest on Saturday, he must be killed, because God says, "They are not to rest night or day." If an idol worshipper reads the Torah, he must be killed, because the Torah is only for the People of Israel. The third is stated in Article 158 of the book "Tourboudah dasah," that "It is not permissible for a good Jewish doctor to treat anyone from the other nations, even for paid services. But if the Jewish doctor is not good in the medical practice, he must learn by treating only people of other nations. It is forbidden for him to treat any Jew as long as he remained unskilled."

Also, it states likewise on page 26 of the book "Abour Zadah".

The Fourth. It is stated in Rabbi Soliman Rashi's book, on interpreting the Torah, "When the People of Israel decided to leave Egypt, Moses asked his God to bring cold weather over Egypt in order to destroy all the animals. God responded to his request. Then the People of Israel asked the permission of the Pharaoh to leave Egypt, and he granted them his permission. Afterwards he was sorry, and he readied his horses, took his people, and all the horsemen of Egypt, and tried to follow them to bring them back." The interpreter wonders by asking, "From where did the Pharaoh bring these horses, since the cold weather had already killed all the animals of Egypt?" He replied to himself, "These horses belong to the Egyptians who fear God, who heard the words of Moses. They hid their horses until the cold waves passed by, and their horses were not affected." As for Pharaoh and his men, we saw how they entered the sea, and God drowned them and their horses, killing all of them. According to what Rabbi Shamoun has said, "The one who is good, virtuous of other nations you kill, and the nice one from the snakes, you crush his head."

What is stated above is only some of the multitudes of their teachings. But this is enough to move towards some stated information regarding the murder investigation of the Priest Thomas and his servant, and what accompanied the investigation of the argument with Rabbi Jacob Intabi, the Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community in Syria, with Rabbi Moussa Abou Al-Afieh, and Khawaja Meyer Farhi.

The Investigator began by saying, "The murder of the Priest and his servant was not a personal act of yourself, but one in accordance with the religion. You executed your act, not required by the commandment of your religion. This is in line with what Mohammad Afandi Al-Muslimani (previously Rabbi Moussa Abou Al-Afieh) translated from your books, when he explained that, "the permission to kill, according to the Talmud, is applicable to the idol worshippers and nations of the past, and not of those who are Muslims or Christians." And so it was said to him that the nations of the past were subject to killing because they were idol worshippers. I wonder if you now believe in what our Master Jesus brought forth and of the Most Noble Bible, and of what our Master Mohammad and the Most Noble Quran brought forth. If you believe in that and acknowledge it, then the words of the Talmud would be accurate about those nations of the ancient past. But if you do not believe these Prophets, and their Books, this means that you regard them the same as the rest of the nations. What is your opinion? Rabbi Moussa answered, "What is stated in the Talmud applies to the idol worshippers. As far as the Christians and Muslims, they are not idol worshippers, because they renounced idol worship."

The Investigator asked, "We suppose that all Christians deserted idol worship, in spite of the fact, that some of them were Jews and some were idol worshippers. You must make clear to us, which of your books forbids their killing, because they deserted idol worship and became Christians or Muslims?"

Meyer Farhi responded, "I do not have an answer." Rabbi Moussa said, "I do not have an answer." The Investigator then said, "If you do not have an answer, this means that you permit the killing of all, without separating the Christians and the Muslims from the idol worshippers."

Meyer said, "This question is for the Chief Rabbi of Religion." Thus, Rabbi Jacob, the Chief Rabbi was called, and was asked about that, and they read to him what was lawful. He replied, "I cannot answer now. I need to consult the books and the sources." They said to him, "Request the books which you need, and we will bring them to you." He said, "I do not remember any particular book now. When I return to my house, I will search and give the needed answer." Then Rabbi Moussa Abou Al-Afieh asked, "if this was applicable to the idol worshippers, why do whom [sic] you destroy for [sic] the wine of a Jew if it has been touched by a Christian or a Muslim[?]. Why is it forbidden for a Jew to eat bread or any food from the house of a Christian or a Muslim? The Talmud forbade the[m] regarding idol worshippers. It is clearly shown what the Talmud has forbidden regarding idol worshippers. This is still applicable to all nations also."

Rabbi Jacob replied, "If we know that a Christian or a Muslim really and truthfully knew God as we know Him, to eat or drink with him would be lawful. However, our knowledge of the nations, which are mixed together, makes it necessary for us to forbid eating and drinking with them." Then Rabbi Jacob was addressed as follows, "Look at the Muslims and the Christians living all over Syria, they believe in God and know Him as you do. Is it lawful to eat and drink with them in accordance with the requirements of your religion?"

Rabbi Jacob answered, "There are many of them. Also among them are Druzes, Nussiriyeh, and Tayamnih. Therefore, we cannot separate those who believe in God from those who do not."

Then they addressed him accordingly, "In Syria there are many learned men, well known Muslim sheiks, who are true believers of Islam and who hold true belief of God. They are very far apart in their beliefs from the Druzes, Nussiriyeh, or Tayamnih; would you eat and drink with them?" Rabbi Jacob answered, "If we ate with some of them, and refused to eat with others, this would cause hate and animosity between us. For this reason we are forbidden to eat with all of them." Then it was said to him, "Therefore, by this view you are seeking justice (for all) through your enmity towards all and not towards some."

These sayings require much observation and serious thought from us. The answers of this Rabbi indicate that they want to convert all to Judaism. We must all become like them, in order to lawfully participate in all their affairs. Also what he has said is that there are among the other nations Druzes, Nussiriyeh, and Tayamnih which would indicate that the Jewish law would permit the lawful killing of those in the same way that is lawful for idol worshippers. Because they state that what has been mentioned in the Talmud is applicable to the idol worshippers and to the followers of ancient religions and beliefs. It has become clear during the trial of Father Thomas and his servant how they (the Jews) feel regarding these crimes. They would not have denied their justification for the killing of all Christians or Muslims.