Norma Cox






Who is the guiltier, the President and members of Congress and Senate who, for a big slice of prestige and heaping ladle of wealth, betray us and our country? Is it the Jew who by his cunning has garnered the world's money and is thus able to pick the men who sell us out after we vote them into high public office? Or is it the so-called "Men-of-God" who, knowing little of and caring nothing for the Book they preach, plead for our money and not our souls?


The politicians and money-changers have jurisdiction over that which concerns our bodies, which last only some seventy years, while so-called Men-of-God are entrusted with the welfare of our souls which are for eternity.


For the sake of that part of us that never dies, now we should scorn as never before that which is false and seek the truths that are deliberately kept from us.


Who is the guiltier?




Published by Norma Cox, writer and

publisher of "SECRETS" 1987











Were they honest and sincere and earnestly filled with the desire to lead the souls of mankind to the God who created all things, they would be allowed on television no more than would I with my expose of the Jews who control television.


Fakirs, phonies, vampires all, the images of these strutting rogues - their syrupy voices preaching for dollars and not souls - are received in millions upon millions of American homes. And millions upon millions of suckered white Christians shell out generously. And thus are the most lavish desires of these performing rascals gratified - including sexual encounters of varied kind in plush hotel rooms.


Hypocrites and parasites, these nauseating "men-of-God" present themselves in a way reminiscent of old-time vaudeville, the days when the followers of the saintly-faced "evangelist," Amy McPherson, were whipped into such a frenzy of religious fervor that they gladly reached into their lean pocketbooks to provide the funds for the extravagances indulged in by the rip-snorting, free-loving con-artist with the flowing white robes and blond marcelled tresses.


Clothed expensively, their demeanor pious, their religious posturing affected for the purpose of ripping off blinded Christians sadly in need of a sound rock on which to place their faith, today's Billys and Amys work on a much wider and grander scale than did their old-time religion hawking predecessors.


Betraying the souls of the millions of decent white men and women providing the astronomical sums needed to buy television and radio stations, to build universities, hotels, resorts, amusement parks and fine homes in scenic areas, these bogus shepherds are anathema to the people of my race.


Coercing with threats of a revengeful God if sins are committed, and a God who does good to those who tithe generously, these ravening wolves seal the doom of their victims by concealing from them - that is if they know - the mysteries of the Book. . . Essential to survival, it will be the knowledge of the Mysteries that will set the Elect apart from all other peoples.


The tragedy of this denial cannot be measured, it is so great. Good people hooked and put into a mesmerized state by the world's most shabby-minded villains: T.V. preachers who use the Book for the sole purpose of enriching themselves - and to hell with everything else.


How can it be otherwise, and how can one be ladylike when telling of these cruddy people. . . It is, or should be, obvious - disgustingly so. It is pure theatrics, and nothing is gained by those who pay for putting on the show and providing the actors money to squander. Yet the millions of conned are unable to see that they are caught in a trap - one of which they will escape only if they are willing to open their eyes.


Sleazy money-grabbers, these TV hucksters peddling a false Christianity play a dominant role in the conspiracy to eradicate all knowledge and thought of the Father of all. During the time of the end, this will culminate in the martyrdom of a countless number of white Christians who, either unaware of the truths of the Book or unwilling to accept these truths will, nevertheless, refuse to renounce or deny the existence of the Creator and His Son.


Handling the political left of the abomination parading as "The Christian Religion" is Protestantism. The elite at the head of this opposition created hundreds of years ago to counter the political might wielded by rightwing Catholicism are aware of the secrets concealed in the warp of Scripture's fabric. Therefore, like the hierarchy of Catholicism, they cannot but know that by denying Christians the secrets of the Book they cannot be other than a dominant factor in the pulling off of the Conspiracy.


By necessity, Catholicism operates behind a facade of goodness and purity which, by necessity, stem from scriptural laws and commandments. Until the present time, the mask worn by Catholicism has prevented penetration by the most suspicious and persistent. Clothing the pagan gods and goddesses they serve with the identity of the Holy Ones of Scripture, the enormity of the evil resulting from the successful masquerade of this hellish cult headquartered in Rome is beyond measure. Rendering its millions of followers incapable of piercing the fraud because of the fear and superstition which arises out of symbolism, garb, chants, pomp, austerity - and the confession of sins, Catholics, despite the looseness of this day and time, are prone to take heed to the wishes of their church, at least enough to ensure its continued existence.


Over the centuries, this instrument of the political right has remained a single cell mighty enough to be sufficient unto itself. Not so Protestantism. Its true structure hidden from the beginning, this spurious order terming itself Christian has continually heightened its power by dividing into cells. Many of these cells survived to flourish and spread all over the world. Others, however, died as they were being born. While there is occasional incompatibility, bickering, and even severe clashes among the members of the cells which after all are as alike as peas in a pod, there has always been enough cohesion to prevent irreparable damage.


Then, some one hundred and fifty years ago there appeared in the midst of these healthy and not so healthy cells one that was pure renegade. Alone and aloof, it was/is estranged from the others, but not divorced. Instead of a hindrance, the differences of this sect - cult would be a more proper term - have led to the acquirement of many millions of adherents and holdings valued in the billions.


From 1883 to 1890, Billy Sunday played baseball. He must have been good at it for in turn he was a member of the Chicago, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia teams of the National League.


For some reason he gave up the great national pastime - after all, in those days an outfielder wasn't paid a million a season just because he was hitting the ball at a 325 clip. At any rate, he switched to preaching, becoming a Presbyterian minister. A few years after committing himself, he began his evangelistic work.


An itinerant preacher, when Billy pitched his tabernacle, sawdust heavily carpeted the bare earth. A most colorful personality, he drew large crowds wherever he went. There was nothing restrained about his style. On the contrary, it was the thunder of his fire and brimstone messages that excited the people and got them to their feet to "hit the sawdust trail!" for salvation and the redemption of sins.



[pic: William Ashley "Billy" Sunday (1863-1935)]



Billy Sunday was the forerunner of a countless number of migrant preachers whose tabernacles are tents usually set up just off the business districts of small towns. Tents carpeted with sawdust, there are usually two rows of benches, a platform with a piano and vase of flowers, and an altar with a doily and Bible. Outside the tent is a sign which reads something like this: "THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH. AWAKEN BEFORE IT's TOO LATE. REVIVAL NOW GOING ON. SERVICES CONDUCTED BY PASTOR. . . EVERYONE WELCOME".





Researching Joseph Smith and the cult that is Mormonism turned out to be a tedious but intriguing task. Fascinated by the man's extraordinary imagination, his power of persuasion and scope of drive, I was shocked by his utter disregard for truth and callous violation of the sanctity of the Maker's words.


Twisting Scripture about to fit into his scheme, he extended the fabrication necessary to implement the scheme by writing the Book of Mormon. Accepted as a selected prophet of God, and with his books ranking alongside the Bible, the result was all he could have hoped for, at least as far as those he had mesmerized were concerned.


The fact that the idiom of his works so closely resembles that of the King James Version of the Bible testifies to the cleverness and resourcefulness of this one-of-a-kind individual. That at the time he got by with what he did is not as remarkable as the fact that his chicanery and the fraud he perpetrated has survived to this day, and all the while flourishing in an unbelievable way!


There has to be a reason for the continued growth of an operation so liberally studded with flaws. The fact that Mormonism has survived its glaring imperfections can be attributed to only one thing: protection from a source far more powerful than Mormonism per se. . . A power that one hundred and fifty years ago discovered a character exactly suited to a particular need: a nimble-witted, magnetic and exceedingly greedy and ambitious farm-boy. Setting the youth upon his feet, and working through him, this invisible force saw to it that lies were concocted, a following acquired and settlements established. . . that a massive organization was formed which had at its head a few carefully selected men - men who would see to the establishment of groups of zealous, hard-working people in specific areas scattered all over the face of the globe. . . small geographic points packed with the elements necessary to reach into space and the inner-earth.


Despite the objections raised by concerned citizens during the early years - many of the objections are still around today, but in a much subdued way - Mormonism has grown in strength, substance and splendor. The reason for this is protection, protection from the same source that shields the truth of Catholicism and Protestantism from those who frequent the churches and give tithes. It is a conspiracy so tightly entrenched, and of such dimension that it cannot be dislodged; it is a conspiracy which by the very depth of its evil evades the prying of the most inquisitive minds.


Deceiving its followers with prophesies that never materialize, with a doctrine which, seemingly Christian, is structured with a latitude that permits the performance of the most base of pagan acts, Mormonism is in no way related to the religion established by the Son of God.


Call him Moroni, or any other name, the "angel" Joseph Smith said gave him the Gold Plates was not one sent by the Maker of all things. Whether the momentous event occurred according to the account given by Smith or whether it was in large part constructed by his fertile imagination, the point is that the figure he called Moroni did not represent to him an angel of the Lord but one that opposed the Lord: the chief god of the ancient Egyptians, the sungod, Ammon-ra!


Going to my encyclopedia, and other reference books dating back to 1907 - which I trust far more than their counterparts of today - I came up with the following information regarding the farm-boy who, turning entrepreneur in an extraordinary way, did parlay an abstract idea into an operation which, concealing its real purpose, is a formidable power in the world today, and in more ways than one!


Smith, Joseph, the founder of the Mormons; born in Sharon, Windsor Co., Vt., Dec. 23, 1805. He was revered as a prophet by his followers. His parents were poor farmers who went to Palmyra, N.Y., in the hope of bettering their condition, taking Joseph with them, about 1815. Later the family removed to Manchester in the same State. According to his own story regarding his earlier years, he worked hard on his father's farm. But the oldest settlers reported that the family had an aversion to hard toil of any kind and seemed inclined to lead thriftless lives, spending much time IN DIGGING FOR POSSIBLE HIDDEN TREASURE. About 1820, Joseph claimed to be a constant witness of supernatural visions and to be gifted with a supernatural sight. He PRETENDED that he received in 1828 a divine revelation inscribed in mysterious hieroglyphics on golden plates which were delivered to him by an angel, and that the "Book of Mormon" which he published in 1830 was translated from these golden plates. The translation was dictated by him while he sat behind a curtain as if in the society of mysterious spiritual companions. He gathered a number of converts, and as a prophet went with them first to Kirtland, Ohio, and afterward to Independence Missouri. . .



[pic: Joseph Smith (1805-1844)]



Book of Mormon: a book forming the authoritative scriptures of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Joseph Smith of Manchester, N.Y., PROFESSED to have heard in 1823 the angel Moroni reveal to him in a vision that the Bible of the Western Continent was buried in a box near his residence. This, according to his own account, he at length found - a volume six inches thick, with leaves of thin gold plate, eight inches long by seven broad together with three gold rings, on which leaves was a mystic writing that he characterized as reformed Egyptian. With the book he PROFESSED to have found a pair of magic spectacles, by means of which he was able to read the contents, which he dictated to an amanuensis (copyist - ed). This book consists of an ALLEGED history of America from 600 B.C. when Lehi and his family (descended from the dispersion after the building of the Babel tower) landed in CHILE. Between the descendants of Nephi, Lehi's youngest son, and the offspring of his older brothers, who are the North American Indians, long conflicts were waged; the Nephites finally being almost annihilated. There remained a fragment, among whom were Mormon and his son Moroni. They collected the records of their people and buried them in the hill of Cumorah, on the Divine assurance that they would be found by the Lord's prophet. (according to Smith, he was that prophet - ed). Besides this history, the book as it finally was received has various moral and religious teachings. Smith's father, two brothers and eight others claimed to have seen the original plates. After that they were returned to the angel from whom Smith said he had received them (how convenient - ed!) The real story of it is as follows: Solomon Spalding, an eccentric preacher, wrote a historical romance in 1812, which a compositor, into whose hands it fell, sold to Smith. This was, for substance, the "Book of Mormon," which Smith issued, and to which various additions have since been made.


Spaulding, Solomon, an American clergyman and writer, born in Ashford, Conn., in 1761. A Revolutionary soldier and Congregational minister, while living in Conneaut, Pa., (1811-1812) Spaulding wrote a romance, "The Manuscript Found." purporting to have been DISCOVERED IN AN ANCIENT MOUND. This work was said to have furnished the basis for the "Book of Mormon."


Young, Brigham, an American Mormon; born in Whitingham, Vt., June 1, 1801. Early in life he joined the Baptists, but when about the age of 30 was converted to Mormonism, and openly joined the sect at Kirtland, Ohio, in 1832. In 1835 he was ordained an elder and sent forth among the twelve apostles. On the death of Joseph Smith, in 1844, he was unanimously chosen President and Prophet, though he had three competitors for this, one of whom, Sidney Rigdon, he soon afterward excommunicated. On the forcible expulsion of the sect from Nauvoo, Illinois, President Young led them through toils and dangers, and over the plains and tableland and onto the splendid valley in the heart of the Rocky Mountains where, between the Watsches and the Great Salt Lake, he founded Salt Lake City (July, 1847).





[pic: Brigham Young]



Young had 15 to 18 actual wives, besides numerous SPIRITUAL WIVES WHO WERE FORMALLY SEALED TO HIM. He was twice indicted for polygamy but each time the case fell through. His 15th wife sued for a divorce The barbarous Mountain Meadow Massacre of 1858 was brought to the notice of the law in 1875. In it a train of 136 immigrants, who had come into collision with the Mormon settlers, was practically exterminated, only a few children being allowed to escape. The court exonerated Young from complicity in the affair, though the suspicion was never satisfactorily cleared away. When Young died, HE LEFT AN ESTATE OF MORE THAN $1,000,000 AND CHILDREN IN THE NUMBER OF 56 OR MORE.


Salt Lake City (Utah capital) is situated at the foot of the Watasche Mountains with the Great Salt Lake only some fifteen miles to the West. ALL THE STREETS IN THE CITY RUN DIRECTLY NORTH AND SOUTH OR DIRECTLY EAST AND WEST. MOST OF THE PAVED STREETS HAVE A SMALL STREAM OF PURE WATER RUNNING UPON EACH SIDE, NEXT TO THE CURB, A NOVEL FEATURE SEEN IN NO OTHER CITY. The city centers about Mormon Square. . . which covers an area of about 10 acres and includes the Tabernacle, the Mormon Temple and the Assembly Hall. The Temple is the most prominent structure in the city. It is of Utah granite, and in its finishing and furnishings the interior is said to be richer than the famous Temple of Solomon. The HIGHEST SPIRE SUPPORTS A FIGURE OF THE MORMON ANGEL MORONI. SINCE ITS DEDICATION THE TEMPLE HAS BEEN CLOSED TO ALL EXCEPT MORMONS WHO HAVE LIVED ACCORDING TO THE RULES OF THE CHURCH. . .


. . . So, with the preliminary out of the way - which I accentuated with capitals at the points I wanted stressed - I will get to the deeper stuff.



[pic: Mormon Tabernacle and Great Temple]






During the time of Joseph Smith the American lifestyle was vastly different from what it is today - I mean aside from all the inventions which, over the past one hundred years have changed us into a nation of wretched, State-controlled ultra-sophisticates.


Back then the Bible exerted a sobering influence on the lives of most white Americans. Back then the pulpits were manned with shouting, exhorting men who condemned to the eternal fires of hell those who dared to sin. The congregations listened, believed somewhat, and took heed to some extent.


In those days - just as today - only the "elite" at the top of the heap knew of the secrets hidden within the wording of the Book, secrets which happened to be the same "as those of the secret societies to which they belonged. Back a hundred and more years ago distractions and influences for evil did not abound; therefore, back then, the words of the circuit-rider preacher - as well as those who stayed put - did have considerable impact. It was the punch which, related to the unknown, causes the queasiness that comes through fear. And that was good for it kept most of the folks in step, in line, and out of trouble.


From innocence to jaded and worldly-wise, today's average white American is almost the exact opposite of his nineteenth century forebears. Today many white Americans disdain the Bible, and on television jokes are made about it, and the people laugh. And when the Holy Name - Jesus Christ - is used as an ejaculation, almost no one is shocked!


But despite the wicked attacks, the Holy Book survives. Why? There can only be one reason and that is because, despite their seeming disregard for the Bible, most Gentile-Aryans have a built-in reverence for its words, though they understand little of their actual meaning. Thus, since the first printing, it has survived all attempts to bury it, whereas other tomes of a theological nature have not fared so well. Lacking substance or proven false, most have found their way into oblivion via a lack of interest. Its contents unproven, unfulfilled, and decidedly far-out; not so the Book of Mormon. People outside the cult that is Mormonism saw Joseph Smith, who claimed to have communication with his Maker simply by calling out the name of His Son, as a liar, a psychopath, and an extremely dangerous man.


But those who were drawn to him never questioned his veracity or sanity. They took him at his word no matter how preposterous the claims he made. You see, Joseph Smith possessed the one quality imperative to the successful launching of a sect of the Christian religion as monstrously fraudulent as Mormonism: personal magnetism, animal magnetism, if you will. It was that, and only that, that caused the most insignificant of his utterances to the most elaborate of his lies to be accepted without question or doubt.


Whatever possessed this Jim Jones of the last century to seize upon an idea and single-handedly develop it into a highly profitable religion despite its sleaziness is hard to say. But for certain, somewhere along the line - and at a very early age - he happened upon the Secrets. Perhaps some knowledgeable person recognized the imaginative youth as different and revealed to him at least some of the truth of the Mysteries just for the pleasure of seeing his eyes light up. Or perhaps he stumbled upon some of the marvelous truths as he was searching for treasure in some abandoned mine, or in a cave. . . Then, again, he could have perceived some of the Secrets when reading the Bible.





Can anyone actually believe an angel called Moroni came down from out of heaven to direct a New York farm-boy to the side of a hill in which were hidden a stack of gold plates, after which the angel accommodatingly presented to the youth a pair of "magic spectacles" which, when placed over the hieroglyphs would translate the strange looking figures and markings into words of the English language? Not hardly. But something of an extraordinary nature that was akin to the story told by the youth did occur. And it occurred because of the place where the boy lived.


Needless to say, the "angel" didn't allow Joseph to keep the plates. Of the reality of their existence and Joseph's possession of them for a short time, there was the word of the eleven people who claimed to have seen them: the three members of Joseph's family, and eight of his "apostles."


According to the "prophet," the translation of the symbols on the Plates made up the composition that became the "Book of Mormon." This book became the basis for the bizarre religion called Mormonism after Mormon, the "father of the angel" who had chosen the New York farm-boy as the one to lead a new order of Christianity - one destined to become the mightiest of all (Mormonism is also called "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). The later books, the "Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price," which were also written by Joseph Smith via "revelations," added necessary depth and substance to the first book. So believing were Mormons, that they regarded the "Book of Mormon" as a truth as authentic and as divine as the Holy Bible.


Smith had his converts believing that not only was he God's appointed prophet but that he was His only one as well: "Thou (Joseph Smith) shalt be called a seer, a translator, a prophet, an apostle of Jesus Christ," according to one of his "revelations" recorded in "Doctrine and Covenants." By claiming to have access to God anytime he wanted, he put the Creator on the level with Man, and Man on the level with God. In the liberties he took with the Holy Scriptures, he twisted biblical characters about to suit his taste and need and he added to them to glorify himself.


Because of his outrageous claims, it is no wonder that Christians of his day failing to fall under his spell considered him a menace not only to Christianity but to the public at large. As for the "Book of Mormon," these Christians considered it the theft of another man's work, the book of Solomon Spaulding, which the "translation of the Egyptian hieroglyphs on the gold plates" too closely resembled not to be plagiarism.


A glaring bit of Smith's fabrications - his utter disregard for truth - shows up in the "Book of Abraham." According to Smith, this work, which is a part of "Pearl of Great Price," is a "translation of some ancient record, that have fallen into our hands from the catacombs of Egypt - the writing of Abraham while he was in Egypt, called the Book of Abraham, written by his own hand upon papyri."


But more realistic was the charge that Smith bought an Egyptian mummy - supposedly that of the daughter of an ancient pharaoh - from a traveling showman. That on this mummy was papyri which Smith took liberties with - as was his custom - and the result was the "Book of Abraham." (that aside, one thing is for certain, Smith was enamored of everything pertaining to ancient Egyptians)


Actually, who was right and who wrong doesn't matter a great deal. The point is that the books served the purpose for which they were written (translated, revealed, stolen, whatever). They served to launch the grand scheme of a young man who no doubt was guided by an invisible force - but not that of God. An unscrupulous young man, he was also exceedingly clever and persistent. Beyond doubt, he knew a great deal about matters that other people knew nothing at all about" And he meant to profit from his knowledge in every way he could. First a new kind of religious order had to be structured, one that by its bizarre difference would draw thousand upon thousands of followers. . . People who would become zealots; people from whom he could extract everything of value. . . It was going to take a lot of money to establish Mormon settlements, particularly because they would have to be in specific areas. . . Land with flowing water and caves; land with a particular kind of rock; land on which to build temples.





He claimed he was God's inspired prophet. He claimed that at age fourteen he was visited by God, the Creator, and His Son, Jesus Christ. He claimed that he was taught by many angels and that it was shown to him that God had special work for him to do. He claimed that he and his associate, Oliver Cowdery, were ordained in the Aaronic Priesthood by none other than John the Baptist, after which they were ordained to the Melchizedek Priesthood by the ancient apostles, Peter, James and Paul!! To round out these wild assertions, he claimed that Moses, Elijah and Elias conferred upon him a special Priesthood.


Besides his claim of personal contact with God and the Messiah, he also claimed to have communication with the Lord through the magic of the Urim and Thummin. . . "And if thou wilt inquire, thou shalt know mysteries which are great and marvelous: therefore thou shalt exercise thy gift, that thou mayest find out mysteries, that thou mayest bring many to the knowledge of the truth."


To the naive, and to those who preferred fantasy to reality, it must have sounded right, and as divine as Smith wanted it to sound. But to how many did he reveal the Mysteries? The answer is to no one other than those of the hierarchy of the cult. It was then just as it is in any church of today, regardless of the sect no one is allowed to know the Secrets except the all-powerful ones manipulating the strings of Christianity. Pity the victims, the church-goers. Whether via the living-room TV set or inside the buildings where the fakirs perform, they are doomed by reason of their blinded eyes.


No piker, everything this country boy turned "man-of-God" set his mind to do he did with gusto and all his might. That this dreamer dreamed of building a worldwide network of temples which would eventually see him ensconced as ruler of the world there should be no doubt. That he was immersed in the occult and as a result had contact with beings not of this world there should also be no doubt. But not with the one True God, His prophets, His Son or His Son's apostles. To have shredded truth as he did, to have switched biblical personages about the way he did, all for the purpose of aggrandizement and selfish gain is unforgivable.


Even today it would be difficult to find a man of Joseph Smith's eccentricity. Dead some one hundred and fifty years, the hurt, the harm, the damage he brought to Christianity has remained constant since the time of the first Mormon church. And it cannot be combated because the cult has grown too large and has become too entrenched. And those who could and should expose it as a hellish quagmire of lies and deceit which draws its victims ever deeper into the bog do not do so because they too are in league with the devil. Their gods - the ones they adore and serve - are the same as were those of Joseph Smith and those men who succeeded him as head of the Mormon Church.


Yes - somewhere along the line Smith acquired knowledge of worlds and beings that the rest of us know nothing about. Possibly in the beginning he thought of his God as the Eternal One. If so, somewhere along the line he slipped and became so fascinated with the gods of the heathen that he turned from his Maker and became their tool. This led to knowledge of the magnetic power lines which, because they are invisible have been used openly for millennia by those who dictate the politics and policies of the nations. And the masses of peoples have never become aware or even suspicious. There is this or that monument, cathedral, temple, courthouse or capital building; there is this or that spire or series of odd-looking antennae. Constructed in a way that is not quite ordinary, all are built of stone. All situated near running water, all are built over openings extending into earth.





Kirtland, Ohio, a community situated alongside the Chagrin River, was blessed with all the requirements necessary to the fulfillment of the scheme known only to the top men of the burgeoning Mormon church.


Sidney Rigdon, a top deputy and Smith's advance-man, went to Kirtland to set up a church and pave the way for the establishment of a Mormon settlement. Soon after, Mormons began arriving in wagons loaded with household furnishings.


This was in 1831 Brigham Young, who had switched his religious preference from Baptist to Mormonism, was now a pillar in the organization. Vigorous and forceful, he had become an invaluable aid to Smith, particularly in the recruiting of new converts.


A great deal of money was needed to carry out the scheme. Therefore the valuables of the recruits were extremely important to Smith and his apostles. Taking possession of them upon the entry of the recruits names in the Church register, whatever wasn't in the form of money was quickly converted into that medium of exchange. . . Vital was the purchase of land and the establishment of the business ventures that would earn the money with which to buy more land, build more banks, mills, factories and mercantile houses.


Kirtland was to have been the beginning of the Empire. The first of the power-bases, it was to have been one of the many Mormon cities to eventually be scattered all over the globe. First Smith opened a bank, after that came a tannery and a general store - the rudiments of progress.


With a beginning securely in place, the great Stone Temple was erected. The most important piece in the Mormon Mosaic, no doubt there was great celebration at its completion - after all, the Temple was the rudder without which there could be no Scheme. At the time the Mormon leader must have felt exultant. With all of the new converts and the parts being put in place without a great many obstructions, it seemed the good dream was finally beginning to come to life.


Then it began to happen. The natives of Kirtland became hostile and abusive. And they began to exercise a disruptive influence among members of the Church, after which more than a few became wary and suspicious to the point of disassociating themselves from the Church and everything that smacked of Mormonism.


No doubt about it, the persecution, for whatever reasons, that had started in New York State shortly after the Church had been formed had found its way into Kirtland. Whatever it was that outsiders found so objectionable about the religion and its leaders must have been of a highly volatile nature.


There was so much at stake; but the battle to over-ride the hostility of the townspeople was a losing one. So, with violence of a physical kind in the offing, Smith and his followers packed up what they could carry of their belongings and departed Kirtland, the tremendous amount of work and the money expended a shattered dream.


Persistence was among Smith's top attributes. It appears that he had long before decided that MISSOURI WAS TO BE HIS MAIN BASE OF OPERATIONS. For this reason he had sent missionaries into the State. Failing to make converts of the Indians there (the Mormon leader taught that Indians were descended from the Children of Israel - more of his fantasizing), the missionaries had much better luck in persuading the white settlers to come around to their way of religious thinking. As a result, a number of Mormon communities had sprung up in the State. So, putting aside the bitterness of the loss he had suffered in Kirtland, Smith and his people pushed Westward, toward Missouri and a particular location in the State.




(Independence, Missouri)


Again, the stopping off place - the place where Smith and the main body of his religious zealots would build and revitalize their uprooted lives - was alongside a river, this time the great, the muddy Missouri. At the head of the ancient, mysterious and cavernous Ozarks, this place would become the city of Independence. It would be here that the 33rd President of the United States would live. A high and mighty mason, this President, Harry Solomon Truman, would have no feelings of pity or compunction when he would give the order to drop atom bombs of two large civilian-occupied Japanese cities during the final days of World War II.


It was on a particular spot of this stretch of land that Smith planned to build the greatest of the Mormon Temples. It would be to this place, Smith told his followers, that the ten lost tribes of Israel would come during the last days of the world of the present time. . . And where did Smith say that these tribes of people had become so lost that over the millennia no trace of them could be found? Their place of concealment, confided the "prophet" to his wide-eyed believers, was beyond the Arctic, in the sun-lit land of Eden, which was within the hollow interior of the planet!


No question about it, the mind of this dynamic man was well stocked with arcane knowledge. If only he had lifted the veil from the Mysteries and blessed his converts with knowledge of the truth; if only he had not proclaimed himself God's prophet and left prophesy to the rightful seers who truly spoke God's words in His Book; if only he had been honest with those who fell under the spell of his magic; if only his god had been the true God and not the one identified with the Sun; if only. . . !


His masquerade worked only with those he mesmerized. What was it that caused such hate and revulsion for Mormons wherever they settled down? Polygamy? I doubt it, for as near as I can tell there was none of that going on during the time Smith had charge of the Church. From what I have read, it was Brigham Young who instituted the practice of a multiple of wives for Mormon men - and that according to Emma, Smith's one and only wife.



According to Smith's "Book of Abraham," the cow in the center of these hieroglyphics is an Egyptian symbol meaning the Sun. Further, that the sun borrows its light from Kolob through the medium of Kae-e-vanrash, which is the grand Key or governing power, which governs fifteen other fixed planets or stars, as also Floese or the Moon, the Earth and the Sun in their annual revolutions. (concealed in this jumble of senseless words is the clue to the source of the Sun's heat)


The figure sitting on the chair on the left is supposed to be God sitting on His throne. The female figure holding out what appears to be a bouquet of flowers over the rump of the cow can only be that of the Moon-goddess. The identity of the four penguin-looking figures on the right is considered too dangerous to be "disclosed at the present time."


All in all, it appears that what Smith was doing here was revealing in a heavily veiled way the truth of the Sun and the hidden source that powers the energy that gives the sun the appearance of a ball of fire.


No, the reason for the condemnation of Smith and his top men was for something -far worse than a man having so many wives that he could be choosy of which he wanted for an evening of pleasure. . . For certain, it had something to do with his knowledge of the Mysteries, knowledge which he bent into a scheme aimed at eventual control of the world!


But, as always, his Nemesis was close at hand. Public outrage descended upon the Church and its leaders before much could be accomplished in the new-found Zion alongside the Missouri. In those days the law didn't rush in to break up trouble and protect the guilty, and in Missouri strife between Mormons and non-mormons became the order of the day. This culminated in a fight that came to be called the "Massacre of Haun's Mill." About twenty Mormons were killed in the bloody melee. After that the law must have stepped in because Smith and his people were ordered out of the State.





Again, with all they could pack ok their belongings, Smith, his apostles and about 15,000 Mormons hit the trail and began slogging their way into the adjoining state. There alongside the wide waters of the Illinois portion of the Mississippi, Smith found the right place for the pursuance of the Scheme. Although it was swampland, there was no problem. If there was only one tribute to be paid those early Mormons, it was the way they pitched in to do a job for Joseph Smith - no matter how back-breaking. Draining the bog, they terraced and planted it, and it became a thing of living beauty. It was for this reason that it was called Nauvoo, meaning "City Beautiful."


It appeared that his god was finally smiling upon him, for it was here that the "prophet" hit his stride. New converts were being snagged and brought into the Church easily, a thing that brought joy to Smith's heart. No doubt it was because of this additional strength, as well as for the reason that by now he and his apostles were well ensconced as Masons that there was received from the Illinois State Legislature a charter giving the city almost unlimited power. This enabled the wheeling, dealing prophet, now aglow with triumph, to establish a military organization which he called the "Nauvoo Legion," and in which he gave himself the rank of Lieutenant General.


It seemed the rough road that had caused continuous breakdowns had at last become smooth. In an amazingly short time, Nauvoo had become a city of prosperity and rapid growth. Schools had been set up; a Mormon University was planned and, most important, the foundation for a great Temple had been laid. All was in readiness and going according to the plan. But a paradox was occurring, as Smith gained in power, his church lost credibility and respect. There was more to it now than outrage over discovered immoralities and other shocking misdeeds. . . There was fear as well. Because of the large number of Mormons in the State, theirs was the balance of power at voting time. It was the reason politicians catered to them. And Smith himself had become such a figure in politics that he had stated his intention of running for President of the United States!


This posed an intolerable threat to non-mormons in the State. The thought that someday they might be subject to the commands of the egotistic and abominable Mormon leader sent them into action. Strangely, the action against the man and the Church was precipitated by members of the Church, extremely disturbed Mormons who, upon seeing the truth of what was going on, immediately began to disengage themselves from the trap they had fallen into.


With hostility on the loose again, the disenchanted ex-mormons set up a newspaper. The articles that appeared must have stripped the cover from the Mormon leader and exposed everything he and his apostles had ever been accused of. In print, the attack was far more damaging then when it had been made by word-of-mouth.


Obviously, the sole purpose of the paper was to expose Mormonism as a satanic cult. Smith was furious over the disclosures. Disregarding the fact that although politicians were fawning upon him he could not do altogether as he pleased he, along with some of his more devout followers, marched upon the printing plant. Destroying it, they then proceeded to run the editors out of town.


When that happened, the non-mormons became inflamed and took to the streets. It was evident that shots were about to be fired and heads bashed in. Reluctantly, but to prevent a localized civil war, Smith and his brother, Hyrum, were taken into custody. As a measure of safety, they were placed in the jail at Carthage, a few miles of Nauvoo.


But the precaution wasn't enough. A mob formed in Nauvoo and took off for Carthage. There were too many to control, so they broke into the jail and, without further ado, shot Smith and his brother to death.


One can well imagine the ranting and raving of the now rudderless Mormons. However, as though waiting in the wings, Brigham Young quickly filled in the breach. Hurriedly taking over the reins of the organization, he saw to it that he became its President, the leader of the "twelve apostles," and the new and "true prophet" to whom would be given the revelations that would guide Mormons everywhere.


Brigham Young led the exodus from the city Joseph Smith built. With many thousands of followers in the party - the main body of the Church - the heads of the horses were pointed West, and the journey began.


In 1847, the long train of livestock, men on horseback and rigged wagons carrying the rejected settlers and their possessions found its way into the valley of the Salt Lake. Young, who knew exactly what he was looking for, quickly sized up the mountains and the lake and pronounced the location as the place where the city and the Temple would be built.


The lowly Mormons again went to work to fulfill the desires of their leader. Backs ached, and muscles and bodies became hard and lean with work, but the results stilled every thought of complaint. Moist with water, the dry, bare valley had become alive with grass and trees, and the crops that were grown satisfied souls as well as bodies.


The names of new converts were being added to the roster of Church membership continually, and with nice, new homes beginning to spring up everywhere the



[pic: Mormons in wagons]

With their furnishings piled high upon the wagons, Mormons again felt the bitterness of rejection. Heading further west this time, they crossed the country with the hope of finding security and acceptance in the valley of the Great Salt Lake.



valley began to grow into a city. With streets running directly north and south, and east and west, with little rivers of clear water flowing along paved curbing, Salt Lake City, with its great Temple and Temple Square, was as unique as it was beautiful.


Mormon missionaries were sent out all over America and the world, and the Church grew enormously. And Brigham Young's power grew enormously, and politicians did what they could to please him because of the Mormon vote. Therefore, they put off for as long as possible the demand that the practice of polygamy among Mormon men be declared illegal.


But despite the rapid growth of the Church, Salt Lake City and Brigham Young's influence on things political, the old hostility among outsiders remained. So, again, there were reasons. for the continued harassment other than the one of a man having a multiple of wives. . . dark, evil, carefully concealed reasons, secrets so abominable that one wanted not to believe them. And there also was the "Mountain Meadows Massacre" in which top Mormons set-up to be killed well over a hundred innocent men, women and children.





The atrocity occurred in Utah in September of 1857. A wagon train of emigrants from Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois had been slowly inching over the rough and dusty trail leading to California. The hearts of the pioneers were light, despite the hardships: they were on their way to search for the gold that would make their every dream come true.


They had been some six months on the trail when their wagons began the reach into Utah. Father, mother, old and young - and the beasts too - were exhausted. The fight to endure the relentless heat, the swarms of insects, the miserable food, the water dipped out of rivers and ponds, the clouds of dust arising from beneath the groaning, swaying wheels had been constant.


With the greater part of their journey behind them, they eagerly looked forward to Mountain Meadows. With its lush grass, spring of cold water and shade trees to rest and dream under, Mountain Meadows was a bit of earned paradise longed for by travelers wearing the deep marks of the battle to cross a land resisting the encroachment of progress. So, it was with sighs of relief and gratitude that the adventurers moved onto the inviting oasis.


The time spent in the Meadows was rewarding. As their bodies and spirits were being rejuvenated, they dreamed again the good dreams. Remaining provisions were checked and apportioned to last out the journey, and the barrels rinsed and filled with the good water from the spring.


When the time came for them to be on their way, the people of the caravan prepared to depart the Meadows with both reluctance and the joy of great expectation. Starting at the desert abutting the mountains rimming the Meadows, they planned to resume their journey westward on the following day.


Hundreds of slow, tortuous miles had been covered without a major mishap. Then it happened. An explosion of shots ripped into the still, hot air. Then figures came sliding and tumbling down the hill nearest the camp. A horrible nightmare was about to come to life. There were no more than a few minutes in which to prepare for it.


The figures turned out to be Indians - Paiute Indians. Letting loose with the most terrifying yells, they ran to the corral and cut loose the caravan's milling stock. With wildly beating hearts, the men of the wagon train sized up the situation. Grabbing hold of the schooners and carriages, they quickly formed them into a circle and chained the wheels. Then grabbing picks and shovels, they hastily threw up a low wall of dirt. Grabbing the long guns the women held out to them, they looked down the barrels.


There wasn't time for anything else. Suddenly upon the mountain top there appeared a large band of Indians on ponies. For a few moments they looked toward the circled wagons. Then, thrusting forward their rifles, they yelled their war-cry, dug their heels into the sides. of the horses and came skidding and stumbling down the steep slope. Firing wilding, they raced around the wagons. Aiming carefully - only a precious little of the ammunition remained - the white men returned the fire. This continued until the Paiutes decided to pick up their wounded. Calling off the attack temporarily, they took off for the mountain from which they had come. This gave the emigrants a chance to organize, care for the wounded and prepare for the next assault.


For four days the Indians kept it up. Without changing tactics, they raced around the wagons and without taking aim fired into their midst. After a while they would retreat. Taking their wounded with them, they would go to the other side of the mountain to lick their wounds and regroup.


It was senseless, unprovoked savagery. The attacks had become a sport to the Indians, a game to see if the emigrants had the guts to hold out until they wearied of the game. If that happened, they would ride away, the wagon train forgotten.


The plight of the besieged people was desperate. There had been hope of rescue by travelers passing by; but none had come. Their ammunition was almost gone and so was their dream of a life made fine by all the gold they had expected to find in California. Little remained of the food that had been rationed even before the Indians appeared. Worst of all was the water. The little that remained had grown brackish in the barrels. It was the time of year for the sky to be cloudless and for the sun to relentlessly beam down its heat. The stink arising from out of the dead bodies rotting in the sun was the kind of horror that could never be erased from the mind. Begging for water, the wounded were dying of thirst, and those still able to move about and put up a defense would soon die of dehydration and their aching throats.


At first they thought they had become delirious. It had to be a mirage; but it didn't fade away. Instead, the two white men on horseback kept moving toward them. When they were up close, the man who carried the white flag dismounted. Handing the flag to his companion, he walked to the captain of the band of travelers who had stepped forward. Holding out his hand, he said, "I'm John D. Lee, the Indian Commissioner for this district."


A spark of hope came to life, and the members of the caravan moved close to listen. The Paiutes were always difficult to handle, Lee explained, and at the time they were in a particularly rebellious mood. . . But he thought he could handle them.


The man's appearance, his firm voice inspired confidence. To those who were preparing themselves to die, he seemed so concerned, so anxious to put an end to the terrible situation. A feeling of relief was beginning to possess them.





It couldn't have been other than the work of Satan himself. The plot was hatched when the wagon train of families gathered out of the states of Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois rumbled through Cedar City (Utah) on the way to Mountain Meadows.


Mormons, who were well established in the area, watched the caravan with uneasiness. Four high-ranking Mormons - Colonel William H. Dame, Isaac Height, John Higbee, and Philip Klingonsmith, had also watched; but with feelings more pronounced.


These men were Mormon fanatics. Their hatred of Gentiles, as they scathingly called those white persons who opposed their church, was deep and constant. They firmly believed that Joseph Smith had been a prophet of the Lord, and that upon his demise, the saintly calling had forthwith descended upon his successor, Brigham Young. They believed that God had revealed to these two men the most secret of the Mysteries, while guiding them in the way He wanted all Mormons to go. So embedded was the belief that these men had been selected by God to be His special agents that they thought of the two as Divine, as sacred as the Being who created Man!


Because of those outspoken white people who had discovered reasons to believe Mormonism satanic in origin and substance, they had become paranoid. As a result they had come to speak of all Caucasians as Gentiles - a hateful appellation only in that it has been interpreted by Jews as meaning Goyim - Cattle.


They plotted with great anger and never considered for a moment the fact that the emigrants were on their way to California to search for gold and not Mormons to torment. Recounting the injuries inflicted in the past, they worked themselves into a murderous rage. Convincing themselves that the wagon train had been sent their way purposely by God, they schemed. This was to be God's vengeance, His way of seeking atonement. A great amount of blood would be spilled. Only by extreme sacrifice could there be purification.


They sent for John D. Lee, the Indian Agent, and a Mormon. When Lee arrived, they told him that the emigrating Gentiles were cattle thieves; that they had been insulting Mormon women; that they were threatening to burn down every Mormon town in Utah - and - that in their possession was the very gun that had killed Joseph Smith! Lee listened, he believed, and, like the others, became possessed of white-hot anger. Agreeing to their plan, he pitched in to perfect it. He would bribe the Indians. . . A pledge was made to kill everyone in the caravan. Then the pious Mormons prayed until dawn. In his hideaway, Satan heard and smiled contentedly.





Lee wasn't long in returning to the pinned down and besieged people in the meadow. They gathered around him holding to a faint hope. He looked at them with narrowed eyes. "The Indians have agreed to let you go," he told them, "provided you surrender your arms." Despite their sun-seared skin, the men turned pale. They turned to their wives and children who looked no better than scarecrows. The decision was not long in coming; there was no other way out. Slowly they walked to the wagon that had accompanied Lee and dropped in their guns and ammunition. As they looked down at their empty hands, Lee smiled tightly and nodded to the driver to take off. As the. wagon moved in the direction from which it had come, Lee turned toward the nearby hill, lifted his arms, and with flushed face and wild eyes, shouted "DO YOUR DUTY!" The people of the wagon train stood stunned with shock. Running, tumbling and sliding down the hill came screaming savages holding high over their heads knives and axes and clubs.


In a few minutes they were upon the grouped schooners and carriages. There was no place for the trapped people to run, no place for them to hide. With a cry of "FOR JEHOVAH," the attackers grabbed their victims. Clubbing them down, they began to hack them with the axes and to stab them with the knives. The blood that drained from the butchered bodies was received eagerly by the dry earth. Kicking at the fallen, crumpled figures; the killers looked for signs of life, an excuse to again plunge in the knife and rip open the flesh.


By the fury of the attack, the massacre took only some five minutes to complete. Escapees? Yes, by a miracle some of the children managed to crawl under the wagons and hide. From between the spokes of the wheels they had watched the scene of indescribable horror. When the killers had finished their work they moved off to the spring. The children had seen them wash from their bodies not only blood but the paint that had made them look like the Paiutes. Later, after their rescue, and after there had been time for some of the terror to wear off, these orphaned children gave a first-hand account of the mass butcher killing at Mountain Meadows.


Rescue of the people of the wagon train should have happened; but it didn't. News of the attack had reached the Mormons living near Mountain Meadows. But they had preferred to look the other way and let the Indians have their way with the hated Gentiles. The irony was that the caravan was about to be set free. Growing tired of the game and the losses they were sustaining, more and more of the Paiutes were departing the Meadows to return to their villages. By that time news of the revenge-massacre plotted by the four top-Mormons had raced all over the Mormon settlement. Upon learning that many of the Indians were deserting the attack, 52 warped-minded "saints" of the Church stepped up to offer themselves as replacements! A deal was made with the Indians. When they were finished with the emigrants, they could have what was left. . . After all, the thought of lifting a scalp was repugnant to them!


In March of 1877, twenty years after the heinous crime, John D. Lee was convicted for his part in the killings. To this day the Mormon Church has ignored the Massacre as though it never happened.





The cloak of Christianity worn by the Mormon Church becomes transparent upon close scrutiny of the beliefs and teachings of the Church. With the realization that its framework is not Christian, one can explore the matter without compunction. For example, remove the letter "o" from Mormon and replace it with the letter "a" and you have Marman - Mar-man, meaning "man of war," or wargod, the being from the Planet Mars who can be identified with the sungod, Apollo.


The killings at Mountain Meadows were for more than vengeance on people who were guilty only of being of the same kind as those who, in the past, had objected violently to what they knew of Mormon misdeeds and immorality. It was an excuse to perform a super Sacrifice, the draining of the blood from the bodies of one hundred and twenty innocent Gentiles: a tribute to Marman, the wargod! (in the minds of depraved pagans, to be effective the victims of Sacrifice should be the innocent. For this reason, children and virgin women are usually chosen).


The refusal of Mormons to face their accusers and prove them wrong of the charges made against them, and to instead avenge themselves upon their accusers by killing scores of innocent people, in a sense convicts them of the charges. In a series of very important letters received from a reader regarding these "pious" people, there is this telling of a vindictive sacrifice carried out in the Temple by a high-ranking member of the Church:


"I well remember hearing the lady tell the story of her grandparents experiences in Salt Lake City. The other day I asked her about it again and she told me just as she has over the years. Her grandparents were among a group of people from Denmark who chartered a boat to come to America to be with the Mormons in Salt Lake. When they arrived they became greatly disillusioned, just as my great grandparents were. Part of this was due to the extravagant lifestyle of Brigham Young and the hierarchy as contrasted with the desperate conditions endured by some of the "saints." There were five sisters in the family, all of whom were beautiful. And they created a sensation in Salt Lake. One sister was really a stunner, and a high Mormon official fell madly in love with her. I don't know whether he wanted her for his wife or just to be "one of his wives." They were all dangerously outspoken against Brigham Young and the particularly beautiful sister, who was warned several times that she was endangering the whole family, was unable to hide her contempt.


And one day she disappeared. Her family waited, and when it became certain they would never see her again, they moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa, taking considerable risk in doing so. This lady said that when she was a little girl she remembers one night there was a knock on the door, and there stood the high Mormon official who had wanted to marry the beautiful sister. He said she had been beheaded in the Temple, and that he had gone into hiding. He said he just wanted to see someone bearing her family resemblance. He stayed a few minutes, then left.


Several years ago when visiting my cousin in San Francisco, I was in his locksmith shop, and the top Mason in that area used to come in about every day for a visit. He told me that a Mormon accused his bishop of pocketing tithe money and it became an embarrassment to the Church. One day three Danites knocked on his door and said, "we understand you've got something against the Bishop." He replied, "I do, and I can prove his dishonesty." They said, "you'll have to make your accusations in Salt Lake and you've got 15 minutes to pack." As the train was going across the desert, one of the Danites suggested they go to the dining car. Those were the days when there was an open space between the cars. The three Danites made it to the dining car but the man in their custody didn't. The mason told me there never was an investigation into his death.


I believe I told you that there is no love lost between Mormons and Masons. At the time Joseph Smith and the twelve apostles, including Brigham Young, were Masons. I read an article by the Mormon stating that Brigham Young was never a mason; but in his most famous picture, he's wearing the Masonic pin. A good friend in New Zealand who was head of the genealogy department at the Temple said temple garments are worn during all Temple activities, and on the left breast is the Masonic emblem of the square and compass. Also, on occasion they wear a mason-like apron. She said they don't like for Mormons to join the Masons because then they would find out how many of the Temple Rites originated in Masonry. . . . . " (end of quote)


And there is this from issue #13 of "Conspiracy Tracker." (see ad on the inside of back cover):


MORMON MYSTERIES. (from the book "Fifty Years Among the Mormons" by Mrs. Mary Ettie V. Smith, written in 1858). The widow of Jesse Hartly told Mrs. Smith: "I married Jesse Hartly knowing he was a "Gentile" in fact, but he passed for a Mormon. . . By being my husband he was brought into closer contact with the members of the Church, and was thus soon enabled to lean many things about us, and about the heads of the Church that he did no approve. . . I do not understand all he discovered, or all he did, but they found he had written against the Church, and he was cut off, and the Prophet required as an atonement for his sins that he should lay down his life. That he should be sacrificed in the endowment room where human sacrifices are sometimes made in this way. This I never knew until my husband told me, but it is true. They kill those there who have committed sins too great to be atoned for in any other way." . . . (end quote)







In 1815 Joseph Smith Senior moved his family from Windsor county in Vermont to Palmyra in Wayne county of the state of New York. Joseph Smith Junior was ten years old at the time. Four years later the family moved to Manchester, also in Wayne county. Both Palmyra and Manchester, which were in close proximity, were near a river.


Many of the people living in the county were highly religious, which was not unusual for that day and time. A mixture of several denominations, they were very emotional where the Bible was concerned, and to question their interpretation of Scripture was to invite their anger.


Listening to the quarreling Christians must have sent young Joseph's impressionable mind into a state of excitement. It was during this time that, according to the youth, "a pillar of light as bright as the sun appeared over my head, and I saw two Personages, bright and glorious, standing-above me in the air. And one of the Personages pointed to the other and said, This is my beloved Son, hear Him!"


Wayne county is of the Lake Plains region which stretches along the Lake Ontario and Lake Erie coastlines. Once the edge of ancient lakes, the Plains are dotted with thousands of drumlins, which are oval-shaped, round-topped hills from 50 to 200 feet high.


Some years ago there appeared in a Woodstock, New York Journal an article which told of an area known as the "Devil's Tombstone." About this place was a circle of stones similar to the circle of stones surrounding Stonehenge in England.


Along about the time the article appeared, a team of scientists began digging in the area. Trying to keep their work secret, they were elated when they began uncovering articrafts of a time that could only be millennia ago. Among the Find was a gold tablet discovered on a huge block of granite of the second strata.


Unfortunately, thieves learned of the project. Sneaking in they made off with much of the priceless treasure. Members of the expedition felt that what they had uncovered could well have belonged to the lost continent of Atlantis. . .


The point being made is that it was in this exact location that Joseph Smith claimed he found the stack of gold plates - a find that caused him to put together the strange sect of Christianity called Mormonism.


Who can honestly know if some one hundred and seventy years ago a poor farm-boy named Joseph Smith was favored with a visit from a being from another world and dimension, and as a result came into temporary possession of golden plates bearing symbols relating to gods worshipped by the ancient Egyptians.


But one thing is for sure, he was living in a spot that once was holy ground. He was living in the place that during the long ago had been essential to the "flying dragons" descent to Earth. It was a place where, by the paradox of the collision of diverse elements, magic ensues. The ancient who had lived there in that distant past had vibrated with the energy of the electromagnetic flow. Because they wanted to hold fast to what they had seen with their own eyes, and to what in later generations they had been told, they had made articles of the finest metals and gems. Into the craft they had worked motifs, reminders of the gods who had brought their ships down from out of the clouds and into the circle of stones. It was the place where towers had been built and where the gods who had come to Earth spoke over strange looking instruments to gods away out in the cosmos somewhere. No doubt about it, a being from somewhere other than Earth made Joseph Smith privy to the truth hiding behind the Mysteries.





Quoting again from the letter received from the reader regarding Mormonism:


"Many years ago when visiting a friend in Independence, Missouri, he showed me where he stored his construction forms for pouring basements. They were in vast underground limestone caverns that seemed to meander for miles. I was really astounded!"


Joseph Smith knew what was beneath the land he and his followers settled on in Missouri (Independence); and although he called the settlement Zion, he knew that Zion was actually within Earth.


At that time he must have been in possession of vast knowledge of the hidden world of this planet. In my mind there is no doubt that this was the reason Masonry broke with him. It wasn't so much that he knew too much as it was that he was using what he knew not for the benefit of Masonry but to place himself in a position where ultimately he could subjugate those who rule the secret society from behind, a blind of "good will toward all men."


How incredible it is! How marvelously have the super-beings hidden their presence from us! Spelunkers searching out the eerie black caverns of stalactites and stalagmites, of puddles of water and hills of guano, never stumble upon entranceways to the hidden world. As for those knowing ones who search for a way into the forbidden land, they either fail in the attempt or are lost forever in a world of total darkness.


Although I know the futility of such a venture, one cannot fault the efforts of those who seek first-hand knowledge of this habitation that goes back to before the time of Atlantis. . . It could not be other than a luminous fairyland of exquisite beauty; a world made up in a splendor borrowed from other worlds. Cities and nations and kingdoms, just as on the surface, it is the dwelling place of the elite of this planet; it is the place from which have come all of the advancements which have so changed the lives and characters of surface dwellers over the past one hundred and fifty years. . . Yes, Joseph Smith not only knew of the existence of this world, it is quite probable that he had direct contact with it!


This first leader of the Mormons must have possessed a tremendous personality. His power of persuasion must have been such that he convinced himself that much - if not all - of his fabrications were true, even something as ridiculous as the American Indian being descended from Jews immigrating- to this country from Jerusalem. Can you imagine the American Indians being in the deplorable state they've been in since the time the white man took over if they were part Jew?! Great Day, NO! They would instead be rolling in riches; they would instead be running the Federal Reserve and lowering and raising interest rates to squeeze out for themselves whatever remains of Goyim wealth!!


A welter of imaginings, his "revelations" were, however, mixed with some pretty good channeling - but not from the Supreme Being. For example, some thirty years before it came about, he knew there would be a civil war, and he knew it would commence in South Carolina (Fort Sumter). Hardly a hit or miss prophesy, the following are his words:


(Doctrine and Covenants) "I prophesy, in the name of the Lord God that the commencement of the difficulties which will cause much bloodshed previous to the coming of the Son of Man will be in South Carolina". . . "I was once praying very earnestly to know the time of the coming of the Son of Man when I heard a voice repeat the following: Joseph, my son, if thou livest until thou art eighty five years old, thou shalt see the face of the Son of Man (the return of the Son during the Final Days. Had the revelation been true, it would have been both cruel and false since Smith had only a few years remaining, and had he lived to age eighty five he still would not have seen the return of the Son of God).


(History of the Church) "And now I am prepared to say by the authority of Jesus Christ that not many years shall pass away before the United States shall present such a scene of bloodshed as has not a parallel in the history of our nation: pestilence, hail, famine and earthquake will sweep the wicked of this generation from off the face of the land to open and prepare the way for the return of the lost tribes of Israel from the north country."

Joseph Smith knew there would be war between the north and south of this country, and he believed that war would bring on the end of time.- He believed that because he was grossly presumptuous. He had been able to piece together enough of Scripture's mysteries to know that some of the members of the tribes of Israel had gone into Earth after Israel's defeat in the war with Assyria. He said that during the time when the peoples of this world will writhe in the agony of the last days, the lost tribes of Israel would leave their sanctuary to go to Zion (Independence, Mo). Because he had been able to unravel some of Scripture's riddles, he knew of the great void in the center of Earth. He believed it was into this sunlit interior that the Tribes had gone millennia ago, and that it would be from here that they would depart to come to the surface.



[pic: Sungod; same as on cover]

This stone figure representing the Sungod was a part of Joseph Smith's temple at Nauvoo, Ill. There should be no doubt in anybody's mind that the god of the first leader and all subsequent leaders of the Mormons were followers of Apollo. Often confused with Zeus, this god was worshipped by ancient Egyptians as the sungod, Ammon-ra.



(The Inhabitants of the Moon by O.B. Huntington) "Nearly all the great discoveries of men of the last century had, in one way or another, either directly or indirectly, contributed to prove Joseph Smith to be a Prophet. . . As far back as 1837, I know that he said the moon was inhabited by men and women the same as the earth, and that they lived to a greater age than we do - that they live generally to near the age of a thousand years. . . He described the men as averaging near six feet in height, and dressing quite uniformly in something near the Quaker style. In my Patriarchal Blessing, given by the father of Joseph the Prophet, in Kirtland, 1837, I was told that I should preach the gospel before I was 21 years of age, that I should preach the gospel to the inhabitants upon the islands of the sea, (meaning planets - ed) and to the inhabitants of the moon, even the planet you can now behold with your eyes. . . The inspiration of God caused men to hunt for a new continent until Columbus discovered it. Men have lost millions of dollars, and hundreds of lives to find a country beyond the north pole; and they will yet find that country - a warm, fruitful country, inhabited by the ten tribes of Israel, a country divided by a river, on one side of which lives the half tribe of Manasseh, which is more numerous than all the others. So said the Prophet. At the same time he described the shape of the earth at the poles as being a rounded elongation, and drew a diagram of it which anyone can readily see will allow the sun's rays to fall so near perpendicular to the center that that part of the earth may be warmed and made fruitful. . ."


(Journal of Discourse, Joseph Smith) "Who can tell us of the inhabitants of this little planet that shines of an evening called the moon? When we view its face we may see what is termed "the man in the moon," and what some philosophers declare are the shadows of mountains. But these sayings are very vague, and amount to nothing, and when you inquire about the inhabitants of the sphere you find that the most learned are as ignorant in regard to them as the most ignorant of their fellows. So it is with regard to the inhabitants of the Sun. Do you think it is inhabited? No question of it. . ."


Joseph Smith believed the sun, the moon, and the stars (planets) were inhabited. Today we have good reason to believe Earth is only one of perhaps billions of inhabited worlds. But then, one hundred and fifty years ago there were no flying machines, no NASA, no American astronauts taking off for the Moon, no space probes of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. To have said the sun and moon were inhabited one hundred and fifty years ago was like asking for a one-way ticket to the insane asylum.


From where, from whom did the Mormon leader receive such dynamic information?


Again, it wasn't from his Creator, for the Eternal God despised the ancient Egyptians and warned His people to stay away from them.


To have lumped the one True God - and His Son - with the beings who came down upon Earth for the purpose of mating with the daughters of men was gross. It was impudent, it was the ultimate insult, and it was unforgivable.


Joseph Smith did not remain long in this life; unfortunately, his crass fabrications have continued to this day.



[pic: Masonic Temple]

This old picture of a Masonic Temple of the turn of the century is loaded with occult symbols. Most prominent is the Tau Cross (Ankh, which in this case is upside down), which is associated with the moon-goddess, Artemis. the meaning is the union of male and female, and fertility.






I quote again from a letter received from my knowledgeable reader:


"Bruce Cathie was a pilot for NAC, one of New Zealand's two Airlines. From a friend I learned that Bruce was flying a load of freight up the west cost of Dargaville when he saw a silver disk. He very clearly saw it splash down in about 30 feet of water just off the coast, and circled the area several times, observing it as it rested on the sea floor. That was the first sighting. The pattern of subsequent sightings gave him the information that in New Zealand are three magnetic vortexes, which aid in the powering of UFO's.


TO first vortex of magnetic power: When I was in New Zealand, I was visited by two young men who were Mormons. . . They told me that hundreds of years before the white man came to New Zealand the site where the Mormon Temple now stands was considered to be the spiritual center of the land. . . They said that in digging the foundation for the Temple, many sacred Maorie artifacts were uncovered.


The second vortex of magnetic power attracting UFO's is at Mt. Edgecumbe. Early in March, 1987, the Bay of Plenty suffered an earthquake so severe as to make news headlines around the world. The quake originated a few miles off the coast of Whakatane, but the severest shaking occurred at Mt. Edgecumbe which is about 10 miles inland.


The third vortex of magnetic power attracting UFO's is at a point overlooking Mercury Bay. These three points of power form a triangle roughly 120 miles per side, with the Mormon Temple forming the southwest corner, Mt. Edgecumbe forming the southeast corner, and the point overlooking Mercury Bay on the northeast coast of the Coromandel peninsula forming the northern corner.


I next received information that the Mormon Church had purchased the land at Mercury Bay which forms the northern corner of the Pyramid of Power. This land has been fenced off and no trespassing is allowed.


Shortly after this I met a Mormon elder visitor on the street in downtown Hamilton and told him the foregoing story, hoping to get his honest opinion. He replied that the UFO information was completely new to him, but went on to say that he didn't doubt but what it was true - that there is nothing of importance, UFO's included, that the Church isn't in on. He added that the Mormon prophet and twelve apostles RECEIVE THEIR ORDERS DIRECTLY, "FACE TO FACE" FROM JESUS HIMSELF, so it would behoove me, to become a member of the Latter Day Saint Church, and as quickly as possible!


Only recently (1986), I read that the C.I.A. is recruiting predominately in Mormon colleges. Mormon young men are above average in character, health, and intelligence. Perhaps more importantly, they have had experience in working with people of other lands, knowing their language, customs, etc. It is little wonder then that over the years, THE MORMONS HAVE GAINED THE ASCENDENCY IN THE C.I.A.!


One other thing, the Mormon Church, which is the wealthiest church, per capita, in the world, has been investing so heavily in radio and television that they have become known as "media barons." They own and operate the satellite tracking station at Workworth. Often when New Zealand is supposed to get satellite pictures of the Olympics, or some other important event, the station is shut down; but when no important news is to be received the tracking station is a beehive of activity. . . Strange. . ." (end of quote)


The hidden knowledge amassed by church hierarchy is now enormous. By the power exerted it can be a danger to everyone of us. We believe what we see, what we are told, and what we read. The heads of the Church know this, so they have invested heavily in television and radio stations and newspapers all across the country.


In 1984, the broadcast industry was deregulated after Mormons were placed on the Federal Communications Commission. Now the number of television and radio stations a church, for example, can own depends only on how many they can afford.


There has to be a reason, other than the profit of-investment, for this extraordinary expenditure on communications. Stepping up this action, the Church is now the owner of a satellite. To enhance the investment it placed in one order 500 satellite receiver dish antennas, thereby establishing the world's largest television network using a satellite. . . There is much, much more to it, but sufficient for this time is the fact that a Mormon Apostle is now head of the Public broadcasting Service.


The astounding thing about all this is that nothing of this pseudo Christian religion has changed other than the practice of polygamy, and that, supposedly, was abolished many years ago. As for its tenets, Mormon teaching is proof that the religion is as pagan as were the symbols on the gold plates that the New York farm-boy said were given to him by an angel named Moroni.


As for the CIA connection - one that seems to place the Mormon Church in a position of authority in that sinister Intelligence operation - that is something that can be searched out only in piecemeal fashion, it is so secret, so twisted, so evil.





TOLTEC - The Toltec were a mighty and highly civilized Indian people who occupied the valley of Mexico before the Aztec came. The Toltec city of Tollan had great pyramids built of broken rocks faced with stone and topped by temples. These were built in honor of the chief god of the Toltec, Quetzalcoatl and called the Plumed Serpent, who was honored also as a ruler and teacher. The Toltec had only stone tools, but they decorated their temples with carved stone panels with columns in the shape of serpents or of gigantic human figures.


Aztec - The Aztec settled in Mexico early in the 14th century. They quickly extended their dominion over a wide territory, and were still widening their supremacy at the time of the arrival of the Spaniards, by whom they were quickly subjugated. Spanish writers termed their political structure as an absolute monarchy. Slavery and polygamy were both legitimate, but the children of slaves were regarded as free. They had good knowledge of agriculture, and were skilled in metal work, feather work, weaving and making pottery. They recorded events by use of unsolved hieroglyphic writing and their lunar calendars were unusually accurate. Considering him the beneficent giver of light and air, Quetzalcoatl was their chief god.


MAYA - The Maya were a remarkable race of Indians. They once lived in the lowlands of Guatemala, parts of Honduras and the coast of the state of Tobasco in Mexico. Studies show that the Mayan civilization was flourishing in the jungles of Central America at the time Christ was born. The Maya were peace-loving and made their living by farming. They wore cotton and made paper from the fibers of the fig tree. They developed a system of writing which was partly phonetic. They were astronomers, and studied the movements of the heavenly bodies. They KNEW and worshipped Quetzalcoatl, the famous White God of the Toltec. The Maya called him Kuekulcan. The most famous of their cities was Chichen Itza.


INCA - The Inca lived in the mountains of Peru. Ruled over by a succession of wise and powerful leaders, they built a great empire. The authority of the ruling Inca was absolute. The Inca Empire was a perfect example of state socialism. The life of every citizen was regulated from the time he was born until he died. The Inca government provided great prosperity but it prevented the average citizen from developing self-reliance. The High Priest and Oracle of Religion was considered as the son of the Sun (Sungod - - Quetzalcoatl)



[pic: Quetzal and Quetzal coin of Guatemala]

Named after the god Quetzalcoatl, this bird is one of the most beautiful in Central America



The foregoing is a bit of background on the Indians who lived in Mexico, Central America and Peru before the Spaniards came to kill them and rob them of their gold and silver and priceless works of art. The purpose is to acquaint the reader with the fact that the chief god of these primitive, yet cultured tribes of aborigines was the god of the Sun. Their teacher and adored deity, they. called him Quetzalcoatl, though he is best known as Apollo (the Sungod).


While it is written that this super-being did much good for the early Indians of the lower Americas, it is also written that Quetzalcoatl is/was a phallic god, and that while he showed them the benefits of living in a stone house and of raising their food, he also caused them to offer human sacrifice to him. As a result, thousands upon thousands of young men and women were put to death, their bodies cut so the blood would flow copiously. In fact, it has been written that this god taught the Indians the correct way of tearing out the human heart!


From the time of the beginning of his teaching, the Indians associated him-with feathers. Because of his ability to fly, they named him the "Feathered Serpent." Actually the serpent is a bird. While in the northern regions the bird of this god is the Raven, below the Border it is the Quetzal (Phoenix). Poetically, the Quetzal hovers in the above to receive a bloody sacrifice, the last of which will be the killing off of this civilization.


The son of the Morning (Sun), this bringer of culture and civilization, this builder of cities and empires, is about to immolate himself, meaning he is about to destroy the world so he can again begin a new world - a new culture, a new society, new cities, new empires different, yet much like those of the past.


But this time it won't work, for he is now condemned by the Eternal God. As it is stated in the 14th chapter of the Book of Isaiah: "Prepare slaughter for his children for the iniquity of their fathers; that they do not rise, nor possess the land, NOR FILL THE FACE OF THE WORLD WITH CITIES. For I will rise up against them, saith the Lord of hosts, and cut off from Babylon (the U.S.) the name, the remnant, the son, and nephew, saith the Lord. I will also make it a possession for the bittern, and pools of water; and I will sweep it with the besom of destruction, saith the Lord."


. . . "HOW ART THOU FALLEN FROM HEAVEN, O Lucifer, son of the morning! (Sun)


How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations. . ." (Isa. 14:12) The King of the South, this Lucifer, this sungod, this guardian of the vast opening at the Antarctic, has weakened the nations in his struggle to possess the land of his rival, WITH WHOM HE SPEAKS LIES AT ONE TABLE - the King of the North, the god of the Nordics, Zeus, the guardian of the vast opening at the Arctic. Yes, he will be cut down, meaning his ships over Earth will be destroyed and fall to the ground.


What has all this to do with the Mormon Church and the CIA? As we all know, at the present time there is guerrilla warfare going on in Central America, particularly Nicaragua. As we all know, the United States is responsible for the continuation of the war there - war which would fall flat on its face were it not for the CIA.


Why is this sadly undeveloped country of rugged mountains and dense vegetation of such importance to the Zionist-controlled Reagan Administration? I can tell you positively that it is not because of what is on the surface It is instead because of what is hidden from sight within the mountains and beneath the floor of the impenetrable forests that keeps the President in hot water as he betrays the American people and sells arms to Iran to get money to keep the Contras going At any cost, the entranceways to the cavern cities built by the Lumerians and Atlanteans must be protected from falling into the hands of the enemy of the North!


The CIA and the Mormon Church? Of course! For both are entangled in the same kind of intrigue involving a world of which the general public knows nothing. Joseph Smith knew about this world. The secrets uncovered in Secrets publications are the same as the ones he knew. He knew and he had contact with those beings who are the secrets. There is the possibility that had he lived he would have ruled the world. In Nauvoo he had acquired a great deal of political power; so much that he announced his intention of running for the office of President of the United States! Unfortunate for him, but fortunate for the country, he was removed from the competition when the mob stormed the jail at Carthage.


The power of the Mormon Church has been on a rapid increase since the time Brigham Young built his stone temple for Sacrifice and Communication in Salt Lake City. When Joseph Smith died, his desire to rule the world was transferred to those men who succeeded him as head of the Church.


The old hostility toward Mormons no longer exists, although occasionally there does come to light stories of misdeeds committed by high Mormon officials that are so atrocious that one hesitates to believe them. But there is subtlety now, and refinement, and the acts that non-mormons found so repulsive and intolerable in the early years of the Church are now kept under close guard.


The Church and an Intelligence organization that operates as it pleases by sanction of the U.S. Government? Of course! That way the wool can be pulled over the people's eyes as the final run is made to reach the goal.





It was during the time when the whole of Earth enjoyed a virginity as unflawed as the minds of early men were untainted with the knowledge that destroys.


Openly, and without any authority to tell them that what they were seeing doesn't exist, the people of Earth stood transfixed with wonder at a performance in the sky that no bird could duplicate These "birds" were huge, and quite often round, and they were made of a strange kind of metal. Streaking across the heaven, they often made sharp turns, and in the night sky their blinking colored lights made them appear as sparkling jewels cavorting against a field of black velvet. Oftentimes they stood still, as though pondering their next move. And when they descended from out of the sky, it was like stars falling. Quietly, settling down, the spots of earth that received them seemed to throb with anticipation.


The beings that flew the great birds must have been good to the child-like beings of Earth. While no doubt earthlings stood at a distance as they watched the wonderful ones perform the tasks for which they had come to Earth, there was no fear of them, only awe and consuming adoration.


When their missions were completed, the birdmen flew away to return to the stars from which they had come. Watching them disappear into the heavens, earthlings looked into the empty sky with aching hearts. They were different from what they had been before. Some of the rough had been honed away. Now they could grow maize; now they could make the bowls they ate their food from; now they had a language and could converse intelligently; now they could make marks that had meaning; now they could make a record of the birdmen who - on the very spot where they stood forlorn - had listened to voices coming from out of a strange box aglow with small lights.



[pic: Egyptian Deity]

Note globe (Sun) and antenna. Also bird (Raven, identified with Apollo)



Because they yearned for the birdmen, they wanted to become the way they remembered them to be. So, many of them learned the meaning and the movements of the islands in the heavens, and by what they had seen of the magic resulting from the work of the wonderful ones, they learned to be magicians of a sort.


They had learned that by chiseling lines into the ground at specific points they could come into direct contact with Earth's electro-magnetic energy. At these places they had built mounds, piled rocks into pillars, planted vegetation, all laid out to follow the lines of invisible power.


When Catholicism became a ruling force, cathedrals were built over these spots of pulsing energy. Over the past century and a half, Mormonism has sealed off for the Church these places where the wonderful ones. brought their ships down by building stone temples over them. These are the places where kings come to be crowned, where evil deeds are contrived and evil rituals performed. With the masses completely unaware, it is in these places that communication is carried on between the evil ones of religion and the pagan gods they serve and worship.


In Salt Lake City clear water runs alongside the curbing of streets which run directly north and south, east and west. In Temple Square every curve, every plant that is planted conforms to a pattern of lines. Atop the Temple, which sits astride a stream of water, are six spires - antennae - the tallest of which supports a figure of Moroni.


All over the globe thousands of Mormon missionaries are persuading people of all races and religions to become members of their church. As for Mormon leaders, they are eagerly looking forward to the return to Earth of their superman - not the Holy Messiah, but the one who is pictured with rays of the sun springing from his head. Ammon-ra, he is the sungod worshipped by the ancient Egyptians.



[pic: Mt. Nebo]

This picture is reduced from a color snapshot I took of Mt. Nebo several months ago. Although it doesn't come out good on the copier, it will give you an idea.

This Mt. Nebo, which is in the Ozarks of northwest Arkansas, seems to have much in common with the Mt. Nebo of Holy Scripture, not only because of the name but also because it is believed by many Christians to be the mountain in which is hidden the famed "Ark of the Covenant."

Some hour and a half drive from where I live (Morning Star), this Mt. Nebo, which is on the Arkansas River and by the town of Danville (again biblical), is controlled and carefully watched over by the State of Arkansas.

The reader from whose letters I quote in this booklet sends me this additional bit of information:

"It's interesting to say the least to consider the implications of your location as relates to magnetic centers and the Ark in Mt. Nebo. Considering that the Ark was to be the center of His people, just for fun I drew the dimensions of the New Jerusalem (12000 furlongs or 1500 miles) over the U.S. with Mt. Nebo in the center. Does this represent the Camp of the Saints? (Rev. 20:9)"

Interesting indeed! Move over to Morning Star or Government-controlled Blanchard Springs Caverns and up to Joseph Smith's Zion (Independence, Mo) and . . . could it be possible!! There is no question of the extraordinary amount of energy in the atmosphere here. . . . I know because I am assailed by it daily! (ed)



Isn't it time you learn the truth about the world you live on? Isn't it time you learn the truth of why your government deceives you? Isn't it time you learn that Earth has a subterranean world and that within its caverns are ancient cities. Isn't it time you learn that Earth is hollow and that this is the place of Eden and Creation? Isn't it time you learn the truth about UFOs and the extraterrestrials who have been coming to this planet since before the time of Creation?



Isn't it time you learn that the real gods of our political and church leaders - and the ones they serve - are the same as those that were worshipped by the ancient heathen: the Skygod Zeus, the Sungod Apollo, and the Moon-goddess Artemis (Diana)? Isn't it time you learn the real reason why wars are fought, and who the Statue of Liberty really represents, and her real purpose for being in New York harbor? Time is running out, so isn't it time for you to open your eyes . . . . ?

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