Preface to the 2016 English Edition



Part One. Factual


Chapter 1.1.     Andrei’s Family

Chapter 1.2.     The Place and Time of the Murder

Chapter 1.3.     The Deeds of Mishchuk

Chapter 1.4.     Brazul-Brushkovsky and the Trip to Kharkov

Chapter 1.5.     Krasovsky and the Dyakonova Sisters

Chapter 1.6.     Makhalin and Karayev

Chapter 1.7.     The Thieves

Chapter 1.8.     The Cheberyakov Family

Chapter 1.9.     Lukyanovka

Chapter 1.10.   The Zaitsev Factory

Chapter 1.11.   Fayvel Shneyerson


Part Two. Medical Expert Examinations


Chapter 2.1.     General Description

Chapter 2.2.     The Expert Opinion of Professors Kosorotov and Tufanov

Chapter 2.3.     The Expert Opinion of Professors Pavlov and Kadyan

Chapter 2.4.     The Objections of Professor Kosorotov

Chapter 2.5.     The Expert Opinion of Professors Bekhterev and Karpinsky

Chapter 2.6.     The Expert Opinion of Professor Sikorsky


Part Three. The Rite


Chapter 3.1.     The Talmud and the Kabbalah

Chapter 3.2.     The Frankists

Chapter 3.3.     The Hasidim

Chapter 3.4.     The Expert Opinion of Priest Pranaitis

Chapter 3.5.     The Expert Opinions of Professors Troitsky, Kokovtsov and Tikhomirov, and Rabbi Maze

Chapter 3.6.     The Velizh and Saratov Cases

Chapter 3.7.     The “Blood Libel”





Appendix 1.     The Speech of G.G. Zamyslovsky at the Beilis Trial

Appendix 2.     The Autopsy Reports

Appendix 3.     Statement of Russian Rabbis

Appendix 4.     Appeal to Russian Society Concerning the Blood Libel Against the Jews