Virginia: A Centennial Story


William H. G. Kingston

(Boston: D. Lothrop Co., 1876)


The basic Capt. Smith, Harry Rolfe and Pocahontas story, part of the folklore of the USA.

Much of the book is very kind to Indians, in the fawning, egalitarian way that Twain exposed in "The Noble Red Man".  I will leave it to the reader as to whether this is just typical 19th-C hack writing, or a classic telling of a great story (it also told the "savage" side).  In any case, it is indicative of what young children were reading in 19th-C grade schools.  Today, many high schoolers would not be exposed to it.

So far, I only have three contiguous chapters:


Ch. VI:  Indian Treachery

Ch. VII:  Rolfe Finds Capt. Smith

Ch. VIII:  The Indian Princess