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  The Jewish Mafia: The Great International Predators

This is the most comprehensive and fast-paced book ever written on the crimes of the Jewish mafia from ancient times until today. Meticulously documented, largely from Jewish sources, this book is an examination of organized criminality in all parts of the world. Hervé Ryssen details sex slavery, global organ trafficking, organ transplant industry, “Torah Nostra,” Murder Inc., Meyer Lansky, “invisible” mafia, pillage of Russia, fall of the Oligarchs, crime from Berlin to Marbella, Organizatsiya, crime in Antwerp, Vilnius, Bangkok and Bogota, Israeli mafia, diamond scams, revolutionary funding, illegal drug trade, porn industry, illegal immigrant trafficking, Atlantic African slave trade, Christian slaves of the Middle Ages, aesthetic surgery racket, Claude Lipsky’s swindles, Jacques Crozmarie and the ARC scandal, horse racing and garage rip-offs, the VAT fraud, Samuel Flatto-Sharon, crime in England, the U.S. and France, Seams and Co., the pillaging of vanquished countries and more.








History of Anti-Semitism

The history of Judaism is that of a people or sect constantly at war with the rest of humanity. According to prophecy, after the great war against the last enemies of Israel, the Messianic times will be a blessed time for the Jews. All the Earth will be unified, and the Jews will be recognized by all as God’s chosen people. The Pesachim and Sanhedrin treatises of the Babylonian Talmud assure us that, in the times of the Messiah, the treasures of the Jews will be so immense that “it will take 300 she-asses to carry the keys.” To succeed in reaching this universal peace (pax Judaica), and “hasten the coming of the Messiah,” fanatical Jewish sects must therefore work unceasingly to destroy all the differences between men—nations, races, religions and local customs. It is this messianic tension which motivates their acts and multiplies their energy. It is on the ruins of the nations that the long-awaited world government will be erected, imposing a definitive peace upon humanity. But what is the real truth, sans the religious prophecy? Is anti-Semitism created simply because of the supremacist teachings of Judaism? Find out.


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Understanding the Jews, Understanding Anti-Semitism 

Understanding the Jews, Understanding Anti-Semitism is the perfect companion to the much larger book by Hervé Ryssen entitled History of Anti-Semitism.

Everyone talks about the Jews, but very few people really know them. Who are they? What makes them different from everyone else? These questions are of increasingly vital importance since the Jewish people play a central role in the evolution of humanity. Marx, Freud and Einstein are often cited, who long personified the genius of Judaism.

Today, the Jewish contribution to world culture is an extraordinarily rich one. Their love of equality and tolerance and their untiring struggle for human rights make them the world’s foremost defenders of democratic ideals. How then, can one explain anti-Semitism?

This book is a summary of six books written by Ryssen, published between 2005 and 2010, constituting the most important study on the Jewish mind ever published. All the quotations that you will read are precisely referenced in at least one of these books. The number of references is nevertheless sufficient to enable the reader to observe the extraordinary homogeneity of Jewish cosmopolitan thought, over the centuries and across all borders.

The Jews have always avoided mixing with the goyim. This is how they have always managed to survive over the centuries and persist where other civilizations have disappeared. The struggle against assimilation, in particular, is a constant priority. Former Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir, declared: “The greatest danger threatening Jewish life comes not from anti-Semitism . . . but from assimilation and mixed marriages.” Rabbis never tire of warning young Jews against this plague.

Read on for more of these telling quotes compiled by Ryssen!

  Israel's Billions: Jewish Swindlers and International Financiers

Jews have been expelled from every country they have ever lived in, at all periods of history, even when they were not massacred. They have been booted out by the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, Romans, Christians and Muslims; always and everywhere. Every time, the principal reason invoked was usury, that is, lending at abusive interest rates, ruining peasants and tradesmen while disproportionately enriching the Jewish communities in all the cities. The receiving of stolen goods is another accusation frequently mentioned in the texts, as well as their manifest hatred of the church and the goyim in general. All over Europe, they engaged in smuggling, debasing the coinage, washing ducats in acid, using yellow arsenic to give brass the color of gold, to swindle and deceive the Christians in a thousand ways. Very little has changed in this regard, except that these swindles have acquired a scope unprecedented in history since the turn of the 20th century.

In Israel’s Billions: Jewish Swindlers and International Financiers, author Hervé Ryssen details just how Jewish bankers, businessmen and powerbrokers are stealing the wealth of the people of the world. Included are chapters on the biggest financial rip-offs in history, the VAT frauds, the CO2 swindle, advertising and insert frauds, fake bank transfers, the Talmud, pyramid rackets, Bernie Madoff’s flimflams, insider trading swindles, today’s super-predators, the Cosmopolitan Project—and even more. All together, this book comprises the most complete and precise source for exactly how the Jewish community—from its earliest incarnations—has worked to fleece the goyim amongst whom they dwell.





Psychoanalysis of Judaism

The Jews are possibly the most successful religious and cultural group on the planet. In America, they are the kings of media, Hollywood, the music industry and Wall Street. They have the most powerful and determined lobbies in the world, working not only for their own national interests, but the interests of the state of Israel. Israeli leaders have openly admitted that they “own” the U.S. Congress—and nobody can argue against that with a straight face.

So what makes Jews so successful? How have they been able to wield such influence over the generally non-Jewish nations in which they dwell? How have they managed to convince so many that their suffering over the centuries is worse than that of other ethnic and religious groups? How have powerful Jewish organizations managed to get the world’s biggest and most lucrative companies to restrict discussion of these very topics on the Internet? If we all can agree that Jews have had a great impact on history, would it behoove us to understand what it is about their religion and culture that makes them so resilient and so unified? What makes the Jewish mind tick?

In Psychoanalysis of Judaism, author Hervé Ryssen delves into this subject in a book unlike any other you have ever read on the Jewish psyche. Some of the questions answered include:

•  Do Jews still believe a Messiah will come to raise them up to global preeminence?
•  How do they maintain such amazing racial and religious solidarity?
•  What makes them laugh and cry?
•  What of their powerful revolutionary spirit?
•  What do they think of Christians and Muslims?
•  How did their cosmopolitan mentality evolve?
•  Do some have anti-Semitic paranoia, and why?
•  Why do they love communism and leftism?
•  Are claims of codified incest factual?
•  What is contained in the Talmud?
•  What is the Kabbalah?
•  What about the “art” of psychoanalysis itself?

This and much more are discussed openly in this book. By the end of the book, you will have a greater understanding of the Jewish mindset and why so many Jews have achieved such an impressive level of status, wealth and power despite dogged resistance from the peoples among whom they have dwelt over the centuries.




End Times Warfare: The Eschatological Beliefs of the Great Religions

Eschatology is the study of “End Times” doctrines. All three of the great monotheistic religions, i.e., Judaism, Christianity and Islam, contain a belief that the world as we know it was created by God, and that this same world must sooner or later come to an end. This theme of the end times and the coming of the Messiah are also found in Judaism—the “Mother Religion”—as well as Islam, which also draws its inspiration from the Old Testament. And yet, these three religions are completely incompatible with each other. Why? For the pure and simple reason that their vision of the future diverges on this fundamental point: At the end of time, one—and only one—religion is to triumph. In the end, the religion whose goals are the clearest and whose faith the most ardent will bear away the victory. Which will it be?









Satan in Hollywood: Anti-Christian Propaganda in Film

On television and in film, Christians are most frequently depicted as narrow-minded, intolerant racists and bigots, if not actually rapists or murderers. The Catholic clergy is almost always depicted as a place of concealment for sadists and mental defectives. Hundreds of films contain anti-Christian smears, and the list gets longer every year. Ryssen identifies a large number of these films and details their anti-Christian messages and imagery. These vile themes even appear in children’s cartoons! The evidence speaks for itself: Christianity—and most particularly the Catholic Church—is under attack in the Hollywood film industry in ways that have never been used against Islam or Judaism or any other community in history. Decade after decade, these messages have been growing in intensity, becoming increasingly explicit and evermore aggressive. It is as if the weakening of Christianity in the West were merely exacerbating a revengeful, explosive hatred too long contained. Since 2005, Hervé Ryssen has published 10 books, each containing hundreds of footnotes and references, on matters of crucial importance to an understanding of the 20th and 21st centuries: the religious origins of globalism; the cosmopolitan ideal in literature and film; the origins of psychoanalysis; the prevalence of hysteria, homosexuality and feminism; the hidden face of communism; the history of anti-Semitism; the causes of World War II; the great transnational mafias and swindlers; and the vision of the "End Times" in the great religions, etc.  





Jewish Fanaticism


Jewish Fanaticism

Judaism, as this book demonstrates, is essentially a universalistic political project with the objective of world unification, the prelude to global pacification. It is a long-term project, but the Jews are absolutely convinced that they can succeed in its realization, steeped as they are in this “mission,” assigned to them by God. The aim is not simply to convert the world to Judaism, but rather to incite the other peoples to abandon their racial, national and religious identities so as to favor the spirit of “tolerance” between men.

The Jews thus feel compelled to engage in perpetual agitation intended to convince the world to adopt their project. They are a people of propagandists. It is not by chance that they are so influential in the mass media of all democratic societies. The incessant guilt-tripping campaigns directed at Europeans of all stripes and for all crimes, whether real or imagined, relating to slavery, colonialism, pillaging the Third World or Auschwitz, have no other aim, when all is said and done, than to eradicate all sense of collective identity.

When the Jews are the only people on Earth who have retained their faith and traditions, they will at last be recognized by all as “God’s Chosen People.” Israel’s Messiah, whose coming has been awaited every day for 2,000 years, will then re-establish David’s kingdom and give the Jews a stranglehold over the universe. This book discusses their goals, methods, projects—and also their perversions. It is uncensored throughout. Thus, we warn sensitive readers that some of the material contained within is shocking and written for a mature audience.



Mirror of Judaism (finished)
Anti-Semitism with a Clear Conscience (finished)

Last two titles not yet published.
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Also:  Globalist Utopia (under construction) 

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